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Look out below!

Tags: Ban,  Bernar,  Brev,  Louse

Short Summary: Ban and his baby son Gwayne get in the way of Louse's 'sledding,' but instead of an earful, she gets her cloak mended.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-04
Scene Location: Dale-lands: Approach to Esgaroth
Date (in-game): February 10, 3058
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: Clear
[Dale-Lands Main Code Library(#28224)->Bernar] 
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Real Time: Mon Feb 04 14:43:10 2013 MST

Dale-Lands Time:
Mersday, midnight on a clear winter's night, February 10 of 3058
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Bernar (Ban), Brev (Louse)

A decently sized blanket is spread on the grass a few feet off the path leading from the bridge to the Stables, Thrush Hill Tower, and parts beyond. Sitting on the blanket incongruously, in his customary tailored coat and pants with red handkerchief for show, is Ban Rhinvan. He is currently bouncing a round-cheeked and plump, though small, child that can't be more than a year old, if that. The boy, dressed in a tiny robe and wrapped around with more blankets against the cold, can't make up his mind whether he's crying or not. His cheeks are red from the cold, but a frown and quivering lip are not yet matched with tears or screaming.

[Brev(#30997)] The sward by the Lake may be clear, but there's still a smattering of snow on the rises of land flanking it. At the top of one such gentle slope is a lone figure - a girl from the curved silhouette - who is currently shivering in a green shirt and ragged trews. Her cloak? That would be the piece of fabric folded underneath her into a rough 'saddle'. Who says a teenager is too old for childish pursuits? Grinning in anticipation, Louse grabs hold of the corners of her makeshift toboggan, wriggles a couple of times and then pushes off, sending a spray of snow downhill. It's not particularly fast, but she does her best to speed things up by leaning back.

At first the pair below aren't noticed; then, as snow changes to mud - equally good to slide on, if one's not fastidious - she spots them. "Oi! Watchit!" she hollers indistinctly.

His back to the hill, Ban is actually making silly faces at Gwayne in an effort to cheer him up. First he puffs his cheeks up, then he sticks his tongue out the left side of his mouth, raises his right eyebrow, and gives the boy another bounce. Gwayne, however, looks over the short man's shoulder as he is bounced, towards the general sound of noise.

And finally, the moneylender turns as well - to see Louse coming right at him at him, spraying snowy mud and muddy snow as she approaches. He crouches, twists, and dives to the side, landing on his back squarely in the mud, his arms carefully cradling Gwayne and supporting his head. He looks worriedly at Gwayne, but the boy is now giggling. He raises a head, to look in Louse's direction with narrowed eyes.

[Brev(#30997)] Louse clearly expects those human obstacles to get out of the way (what, does she plan to rinse off the mud with a water landing or something? More likely she hasn't /planned/ at all). When they're a little sluggish to respond, she digs her heels in hard: as Ban dives to one side she veers to the other, rolling over a couple of times and fetching up against a stone with a muffled "Ow!"

Louse, however, is quite indestructable, for there's only a brief silence before she sits up again to stare bewildered at flattened man and giggling baby. "Yer all right, Mister?" she asks innocently. "Not like I 'it yer or nothin'."

"I," Ban starts to say, then correctss: "We are fine." He pushes himself back up with one hand, in a grassy spot rather than a muddy spot, but some specks end up on the hand anyway, causing a distasteful expression. The other, leather-gloved hand holds Gwayne up to his shoulder - which he promptly spits on.

Ban's eyes roll skyward for a moment. Then he returns his attention to Louse. "Are you?" he counters, noticing the rock that ended Louse's adventure. "Mud is softer than stone." And is now dripping slightly from the back of his coat and trousers.

[Brev(#30997)] Louse considers the question for a moment, poking and prodding at herself before getting gingerly to her feet. She takes a few limping steps then asserts, "I'm jist dandy." Then her gaze drops back to the folded cloak she's left behind. "Bugger, it's got a rip." She picks up the mud-coated item and stares at it fiercely. "Reckon Missus Is'bel 'd stitch it up if I ask 'er real nice?" she wonders hopefully.

Then something seems to occur to the girl: "What're yer doin' out 'ere on yer own? Yer ain't tryin' ter- ter-" She glances meaningfully towards the Lake and then to the baby, words failing her.

"Lady Isobel might." Ban looks at the cloak more closely. "I'm going to have to get these clothes cleaned and possibly repaired," he says, with a deep breath. The breath makes his chest rise and fall, and Gwayne, pressed up against it, smiles a gap-toothed smile at the motion. "I can get it taken care of for you, Louse. Though you'll need a cloak until it's fixed..." He pauses again, this time for longer.

And full consideration of Louse's words come to him. "No!" he snaps, holding Gwayne closer as though Louse were offering to dump him in the Lake herself. "No. But he hadn't been out of the city before." With a doubtful look at Louse, he nevertheless asks, "Would you like to meet him?"

[Brev(#30997)] Louse is still looking suspicious - is 'Mister Money' dodging the question? But the infant doesn't appear to be maltreated and is clearly quite content. The Greenshirt regards the child curiously for a moment, until the offer registers. "Yer mean yer could get it cleaned up an' all?" she enquires hopefully. "That's real nice of yer, Mister. I can never get it lookin' right - tried ter wash it at the Wharf once, only it were still all brown after." An artless smile is sent Ban's way. "S'pose yer 'as lots of practice in washin' things," she suggests, with a glance at the baby.

The moneylender smiles tightly. "Yes, I have lots of experience with - getting things cleaned." He steps over to the blanket he had spread on the ground, and scoops it up with his free hand. "Here - I'll take it. But you best ask Lady Isobel for a spare cloak to borrow. I don't have any your size. And I will make sure it gets back to Lady Isobel as soon as I can."

"For now, I think I've had enough of outside. It's a terribly dirty place. Here we go, Gwayne - back into Laketown!"

[Brev(#30997)] Louse is not slow in passing Ban the heavy, soggy mass of grey-brown that was once a cloak. "Right good of yer an all, Mister Money," she tells the man ingratiatingly; then, in case more flattery is needed, she adds, "An' yer youngin looks right 'ealthy! 'E must be glad 'e 'as a rich Da." For a moment her face furrows.

Still, Louse is never pensive for long. "/I/ ain't goin' back yet," she states stoutly. "Everywhere's dirty - least out 'ere it's only mud. Down in the Decks it's mostly sh- eh, be seein' yer!" Cutting her monologue short, the girl waves a hand and dashes off along the shore before the moneylender can change his mind.

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