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Gondor Archives (431/- )


Throwing stones

Short Summary: A memento is sent across the Poros, and the Scouts of Ithilien learn the fate of Amrundirn - or do they?
Date (real-life): 2009-07-27

Aearion is found, at last!

Short Summary: Ceredir and Daerthor finally find Aearion. The Master Scout is not pleased at all.
Date (real-life): 2009-07-13

Hunting for Aearion

Short Summary: Ceredir and the Ranger Gwatheryn meet as Ceredir hunts for the missing Aearion; instead they find a nest of orcs.
Date (real-life): 2009-07-12

Confrontation with orcs in South Ithilien

Short Summary: The soldiers of Ithilien are headed south, but they run into a band of orcs and are overwhelmed by them. Meanwhile, Aearion gets bloodlust and runs into the forest!
Date (real-life): 2009-07-12

Activities in Tirith Annun

Short Summary: Ceredir and Daerthor discuss recent happenings in Ithilien while Aearion looks on.
Date (real-life): 2009-07-07

Gwendion is "Welcomed" to Minas Tirith

Short Summary: Gwendion arrives in Minas Tirith, to a boisterous greeting from White Squire Menelglir, a polite conversation with Knight Arashen, and a Ranger-style welcome from Laeghen
Date (real-life): 2009-06-25

Stupid Pet Tricks

Short Summary: Menelglir asks Novice Healer Menawa for a remedy for a stomachache...for a goat
Date (real-life): 2009-06-19

Brawl in the Seven Stars

Short Summary: The scout, Hanomir, finds himself facing a different type of battle, but luckily a new acquaintance, Daerthor, comes to his rescue. However, his arrival marks the start of a brawl.
Date (real-life): 2009-07-01

A reuniting of old friends

Short Summary: Daerthor and Aearion create laughter in the Drover's Arms as the old classmates meet again.
Date (real-life): 2009-06-28

Rival houses, but a friendly discussion

Short Summary: Hanomir Cuthalion and Daerthor Carmayar meet at the Houses of Healing as Hanomir recovers from his wounds. Aearion drops in through the course of his work. A discussion follows with some painful memories brought up.
Date (real-life): 2009-06-29

The Pretender Chronicles: An Interesting Voyage Home

Short Summary: Captain Azradi sails Ceredir north to the Poros so that the Master Scout can go home, and the voyage gets interesting along the way, courtesy of Basmah (temped by Hugh)
Date (real-life): 2009-06-18

(Archive) Cutie and Indy's Characters meet!

Short Summary: Indilzar meets Ninvainiel
Date (real-life): 2000-10-12

(Archive) Bay of Belfalas Battle

Short Summary: Umbar v. Gondor Part Gazillion
Date (real-life): 2000-10-09

(Archive) The Song of Indilzar

Short Summary: OK, this Lay is hanging out in other logs, but briefly it is a poem I made up about a TP that occurred in the late 90s. A rather amateurish piece I might say, but here it is unaltered.
Date (real-life): 2000-10-08

(Archive) Banished!

Short Summary: Drenlyn visits Gweneth before her departure
Date (real-life): 2000-10-06

(Archive) Death in Dol Amroth

Short Summary: Cirthel, Meneliel, Elphir, Gweneth and Melethron
Date (real-life): 2000-10-05

(Archive) DA Roleplay

Short Summary: Some more DA RP
Date (real-life): 2000-10-03

(Archives) DA RP

Short Summary: Squires and such
Date (real-life): 2000-10-02

(Archive) Drenlyn's Tardiness

Short Summary: Oh Drenlyn....
Date (real-life): 2000-10-01

(Archive) Huan, the Wolf-Hound of Dol Amroth

Short Summary: Huan the Wolfhound: Indilzar's Best Friend
Date (real-life): 2000-10-01
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