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Isendrim Archive (2/- )


Fear at the Ford

Short Summary: Three young and brash Dunlendings encounter a strange invader at the Fords of Isen.
Date (real-life): 2008-11-24

Fish and Fraud

Short Summary: Gollum encounters the orc Borf (Temp-alted by Elladan) fishing near the Northern edges of Isengard and tries to get information (and a meal) through fraud.
Date (real-life): 2008-11-21

(Archive) Dancing Along the Edge of Truth

Short Summary: Tough questions from two traveling companions are avoided, at least somewhat
Date (real-life): 2002-11-24

The Fighting Uruk-hai, Dunlendings, and Those of Unidentified Origins

Short Summary: A band of Uruk-hai, lead by Morcul, attack a traveling group of Dunlendings. Strangely, two unidentified men sweep down to aid the beset wild men.
Date (real-life): 2004-11-06

(Archive) From the Swamps of Enedwaith

Short Summary: Two arch enemies meet randomly after fifteen years apart.
Date (real-life): 2004-05-20

All eyes on Elfaron

Short Summary: The woman Cordelia pays a visit to the stables, where Frarin encounters her and finds her rather interested in the fine stallion housed there.
Date (real-life): 2008-04-23

A brief encounter

Short Summary: Frarin meets Rhifaroth for a short time just outside the Prancing Pony.
Date (real-life): 2008-04-15


Short Summary: Rhifaroth pays a last visit to Bree's Healing House before departing the town.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-30

Delivery of the wounded

Short Summary: Those wounded from the battle at Deadman's Dike begin to trickle into Bree and find their way to the Healing House.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-28

Searcher from Bree

Short Summary: Frarin and Rhifaroth meet as they both search for the company of dwarves and Rangers after the fire on the outskirts of Bree, and an unusual stranger soon joins them.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-27

Bree burning

Short Summary: Late night at the Bree summer faire is disturbed by a blaze in the distance.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-26

A welcome Stranger

Short Summary: Frarin receives a most unexpected and welcome visitor as he recovers at Bree's Healing House.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-25

Mushed raspberries

Short Summary: A hobbit barrels into the camp of dwarves, Rhifaroth is on his feet again, and Frarin can finally manage to say a few words.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-17

Frarin wakes

Short Summary: Frarin at last shows signs of recovery.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-16

Administering to the needy

Short Summary: Thari tends to the dwarves wounded by the troll several days before.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-16

Lucy's rampage

Short Summary: The troll Lucy wrecks havoc on the camp of wounded dwarves and men.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-15

The lost

Short Summary: Dwarves, men and elves begin to recover the battle at Amon Sul. Slowly the true measure of loss becomes apparent.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-13

An old man in the woods

Short Summary: As dwarves and men rest from their retreat from Weathertop, an old man with a staff enters the wood and brings much needed healing.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-12

Battle at Amon Sul

Short Summary: Amon Sul and its few defenders are attacked by the host of Moria.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-11

Scouting abroad

Short Summary: Frarin and a warder scout the land north of the Great East Road and come across the tattooed Stranger.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-11
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