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Northern Archive (1/- )


Deadman's Dike

Short Summary: At Deadman's Dike, on the cusp of the frozen wastes of Angmar, the dwarves and Rangers meet their foes for a last time.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-27

An old man in the woods

Short Summary: As dwarves and men rest from their retreat from Weathertop, an old man with a staff enters the wood and brings much needed healing.
Date (real-life): 2008-03-12

[Archive] The Raven Victorious.

Short Summary: Harad, lead by Lord Steward Alphros of Farside, drives the Gondorian forces north of the Poros.

Players: Agladar, Alphros, Azradi, Ceredir, Eben, Gurtir, Laegtiri, Melkizidek (Indri), Rabazgar (lid), Slik'koo, Su'ad, Thaladel and Yildirim

Date (real-life): 2009-01-28

A Night's Strole with Mithrandir (Part 2 of 2)

Short Summary: Second half of log - see first part.
Date (real-life): 1998-06-13

A Night's Strole with Mithrandir (Part 1 of 2)

Short Summary: Young Rhiforath (Rhifaroth) takes a walk with the elderly wizard and discusses many things. Two part log.
Date (real-life): 1998-06-13
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