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Rohirrim Archive (25/- )


Warnings and Advice (Three Horses and Ass TP)

Short Summary: The Gondorian and Rohir camp is visit by a stranger ...
Date (real-life): 2009-10-02

Departure from Edoras (Three Horses and an Ass TP)

Short Summary: Swansmen from Dol Amroth depart for the north, accompanied by the Riders of Rohan.
Date (real-life): 2009-09-29

Questions (The Horses and an Ass TP)

Short Summary: A series of questions are exchanged between the young squire Menelglir, the Eorling Hraefengar, and the Knight Arathis
Date (real-life): 2009-09-20

Of Kings and Princes (Three Horses and an Ass TP)

Short Summary: The King Theoden and his former adviser Faestred hold embassy with a group of Swansmen from Dol Amroth
Date (real-life): 2009-09-16

How to RP a Rohir

Short Summary: OOC RP class on how to play a Rohir
Date (real-life): 2009-08-30

(Archive) Post-Dragon Depression

Short Summary: OK, after the chaos we have here some sort of healing scene. Enjoy.
Date (real-life): 2000-08-02

Stag's wolf hunt

Short Summary: Coenred's Stag patrol (of Rohan) smoke out some wolves
Date (real-life): 2009-03-14

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 9 - Counsel at Helm's Deep

Short Summary: Indilzar Bragollach and Arnafel Isilrim debate the course the company should take. Indilzar, seems convinced to go straightways to Imladris, but Arnafel suggests the Golden Wood.
Date (real-life): 2000-11-22

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 8 - Having a Few at Stjernholm

Short Summary: Thorondur and Indilzar find an inn at Stjernholm and discuss how to woo women, family problems, and the quest. Very good RP log if I must say. Very readable.
Date (real-life): 2000-11-21

(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 7 - Rohan and Numenor

Short Summary: As the party enters into Rohan, Indilzar discusses Belfalas and the origins of the House Bragollach with Faengor and Morrandir
Date (real-life): 2000-11-21

(Archive) Theodred

Short Summary: A family heirloom of House Eorl is presented to Lady Aearwen
Date (real-life): 1999-11-11

(Archive) Koribeorne

Short Summary: A shape changer and friend discuss the shapechanging ability, much to the embarassment of Lady Aearwen
Date (real-life): 1999-11-04

(Archive) Peaceful Times in Rohan

Short Summary: After war, the Gondorians make their way back to pleasant lands
Date (real-life): 1999-11-02

(Archive) Erinhaim

Short Summary: More with Erinhaim and the Gondorians
Date (real-life): 1999-11-01

(Archive) Rorgan and the Wolf's Fleece Part XVII

Short Summary: This is a big battle. I am not sure if it is part of the TP but it was in Rohan and involves several cultures.
Date (real-life): 1999-10-30

(Archive) Rorgan and the Wolf's Fleece Part XVI

Short Summary: The endless quest and its aftermath continues
Date (real-life): 1999-10-23

(Archive) Training with Indilzar Bragollach

Short Summary: Indilzar figures he'll give a special training session while in Rohan.
Date (real-life): 1999-10-23

(Archive) Rorgan and the Wolf's Fleece Part XV

Short Summary: Back at camp...
Date (real-life): 1999-10-21

(Archive) Rorgan and the Wolf's Fleece Part 14 Meanwhile... near Moria

Short Summary: Meanwhile...
Date (real-life): 1999-10-20

(Archive) Rorgan and the Wolf's Fleece Part XIII - Enter the Amarthion

Short Summary: Amarthion stops by for the Warg TP
Date (real-life): 1999-10-20
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