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Dunland Archive (-/- )


Dying for aid

Short Summary: There is plague in Kierkgard, and the locals are desperate for the Chieftains' aid. Not a good time to visit
Date (real-life): 2010-05-25

Show and tell

Short Summary: Wounds are compared, poultices exchanged and the delicate subject of 'uruk-hai' skirted round
Date (real-life): 2010-05-25

Troubles come in twos

Short Summary: Brev is reminded that there are other reasons than trolls for which to avoid the Shaws
Date (real-life): 2010-05-23


Short Summary: Toby Appledore encounters a stranger slinking round Bree's cemetery.
Date (real-life): 2010-05-11

Cat and mouse

Short Summary: Or why herbs can be dangerous, in many ways. Mint sauce, anyone?
Date (real-life): 2010-05-05

Broken Beams

Short Summary: One of the rebuilt houses in the Shepherding Village collapses.
Date (real-life): 2010-04-29


Short Summary: Sulgirion persuades a reluctant human out beyond the walls to inspect orc-tracks
Date (real-life): 2010-04-27

On the mend

Short Summary: Nurenhir, feeling a little better, is subjected to more human 'healing', this time of the gentler sort. Gidon asks questions.
Date (real-life): 2010-04-22


Short Summary: Brev, with the help of Gidon, treats a patient.
Date (real-life): 2010-04-20

Coming up roses

Short Summary: Why Elven shirts (and bandages) are whiter than white. (Takes place a few days before the 'Good dog' scene)
Date (real-life): 2010-04-18

Spear Suspicions

Short Summary: Hraefengar returns from a hunt, and is tended by Nurenhir for his hurts. Meanwhile, Brev heals the Eagle's spear-wound. Was not the Rohir hunting with a spear? Naturally, some suspicions arise..
Date (real-life): 2010-04-15

When Pigs Fly

Short Summary: A dead boar falls from the sky, and Sulgirion sends Brev's pony into fright. Catching and calming the poor animal is easier said than done.
Date (real-life): 2010-04-15

Wood vs Stone

Short Summary: Brev and a Dwarf converse over the advantages and disadvantages of building with wood, and stone.
Date (real-life): 2010-04-01

Something stinks

Short Summary: A power-packed scene: the Luin Dwarves agree to help the Shaws villagers rebuild, Talbinor and Brev rid the Gathering House of a pair of polecats and then Talbinor joins Tirloth and Broddur in despatching a couple of runtish goblins, aided by his new scent ...
Date (real-life): 2010-03-28

Of girls and pigs

Short Summary: Brev and Gidon chat on the aforementioned subject, and prepare for a trip east
Date (real-life): 2010-03-23

Glaring daggers?

Short Summary: On a hot summer's day, Polly the Prude is horrified to find someone bathing in Staddle Pond. With no clothes on! What's a girl to do but stare? Oh, and this blond chap with a spear turns up to complicate things, too
Date (real-life): 2010-03-22

A spirit in the woods

Short Summary: It's a fine moonlit night for hunting, but Brev finds something other than deer
Date (real-life): 2010-03-16

Nice evening for carrots

Short Summary: Brev's pony reveals itself as well-mannered as its owner, and a stranger-woman breaks her journey in Bree
Date (real-life): 2010-03-14

Splinters at the store

Short Summary: Lodobrus tries to place a grocery order, hampered by a mannerless foreigner with an agenda of his own
Date (real-life): 2010-03-13

Chaos at the Barber's

Short Summary: See title
Date (real-life): 2010-03-07
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