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Of Herbs and Messages

Tags: Legarwin,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: The Knight-Elder Legarwin speaks to the feathered visitor in the branches. It seems many folk need healing after a skirmish into the dark of Mirkwood. There is concern also about the threat of wargs.
Date (real-life): 2010-09-14
Scene Location: Beorning Village Crossroads

Village Crossroads
You stand at the crossroads of the Beorning township that is situated in this part of Middle-Earth. To the east lies the forest of Mirkwood and all the wonders that lurk within. To the west lies the mighty Anduin River and beyond the soaring peaks of the Misty Mountains jut skyward.
Sunlight streams down upon the crossroads, although the immense Oak Tree that is situated in the centre casts lengthy shadows across the area. During the daylight hours much activity can be seen as people bustle about their duties. The Great Bear Inn is situated on one corner of the crossroads and as always, it is open for business. Opposite the Inn are the stables where one may keep their steeds and know that they are in safe hands. As you gaze to both the north and the south, you can see that much more of the town lies beyond where you stand at this moment.

It is snowing. The mid morning winter air is cold and dry around you. The moon is not visible.

Beorning Bedrolls
Shiny Door
Magnificent Oak Tree
Large Bear Statue
Obvious exits:
 Northeast leads to Stables.
 Southeast leads to Great Bear Inn - Entrance Hall.
 South leads to Southern Village.
 North leads to Northern Village.
 East leads to Anduin Road, East of Village.
 West leads to Anduin East Bank.

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Mid Morning < About 10:34 AM >
IC day is:     Wednesday
IC date is:    December 8
Moon phase:    First Quarter <VISIBLE>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Tue Sep 14 09:51:20 2010

        The Village Crossroads are abuzz with activity after the recent foray in the Mirkwood Forest. A great deal of herbs are being exchanged among the travelers through the area in order to assist those who were not so blessed by Eru during the skirmish. After finishing a small conversation with an herbalist, the Knight-Elder Legarwin begins to carry his newly acquired goods back to Galadhrim camp to the east of the area.


High up in the bare boughs of the massive oak tree that sits over the crossroads, is the ten foot-tall shape of an enormous Eagle. Snow drifts down from the heavens, and the bronze feathers are coated slightly in a small layer of white, which is currently brushed off with a ruffling of plumage. From his branch, Sulgirion tilts his golden head, peering down upon the busy figures below. And as the Elf passes underneath, the great avian lets a sharp caw slip forth from his hooked mouth, ere words greet in Common.

"Hail, Firstborn! In haste?" A bright amber eye peers curiously to the supplies Legarwin carries.

        As words come from the heavens, the sapphire eyes of the ellon gaze upward. Upon noticing the bird, he stops and lets a small grin curve his lips. Calling up to the creature in the same language, he replies, "Greetings, messenger of Manwe! There is much healing to be done, but supplies are short. This winter weather affects us in many ways."

"Healing from winter ailment, or have folk run into trouble with the monsters yonder?" The mighty bird inclines his head to the dark line of the forest that lies beyond the houses to the East. "And if you are short on supplies, perhaps I may be of aid, for the breath of Manwe can bear me far and swiftly to places that ground-dwellers may not reach. I do not know much about healing, but if you described the herbs maybe I could find them."

        "We had an encounter that did not end in our favor," says Legarwin, shadow of sadness passing over his visage for a moment. "But we shall press on. As for herbs, I am no skilled healer myself, but there are others among my kinsmen who may be of greater help. Though he is severely injured, the March Warden Haldir may be able to detail the needs of our group." There is then a change in subject as the Knight-Elder inquires, "Are there other lands that you have seen as of late that are also in combat with the East?"

Sulgirion offers a bob of his neck in an avian nod. "Then I shall seek out this Marchwarden." When the question comes, the eagle cants his head the other way, gazing down now with his second bright eye. "The people of Thranduil I do not doubt are the main target at the moment. A great horde of yrch has been assembled in the north of the forest, last I had seen. Not only goblins of the Unnamed Land, but also of the Mountains."

There is a small pause as he scratches at his feathered side with his beak, ere he speaks on. "A fearsome muster of wargs I have espied as well, heading Westward from Mirkwood. But that was some time passed, and I know not what happened to them."

        The brow of the Knight-Elder furrows in concern at hearing the news of the wargs. After some time in thought, he requests, "Could you please keep alert for what may be coming toward us from the east? I would fear what could happen if the enemy were to overtake this village." Legarwin then asks, "Could you possibly return word of these happenings to the Golden Wood? There may be need for our home border to be watched."

"I can most certainly do so, Master Elf," answers the raptor. "I will bring news. Ever is my keen gaze alert for the schemes of Shadow; more howling I have heard upon the border of the wood, though as I said, the most attention seems to be directed northward. I fear for the people of the Elven-King. The orcs appear more organized than is normal for their disorderly ilk." And it is the eagle's turn to frown, and his feathered brow creases as Sulgirion turns his eyes Eastward once more.

        Legarwin nods slowly as he digests the ill news. "Well, I may need to discuss with the others of my kin here what they wish to do in regard to the need of our distant cousins. This is sad news indeed." As the ellon begins to make his ways toward the Galadhrim camp, he looks up at the Eagle and says, "It was good speaking with you, Great one. Also, I am called Legarwin, Knight-Elder of Lothlorien." He then looks ahead and continues his treck.

"Well met, Master Legarwin of the Wood," returns the avian, dipping his neck anew. "You may know me as Sulgirion of the North. Farewell!" Watching the Knight-Elder depart for a moment, the great bird ruffles his feathers and returns to observing those who pass by upon the crossroads below.

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