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Imrakhor's Challenge

Tags: Imrakhor,  Alimah

Short Summary: The Black Swan and the Variyah engage in battle, and Imrakhor gives Alimah a challenge and a message for her Captain, Azradi.
Date (real-life): 2009-11-20
Scene Location: Umbar Bay

The Bay of Umbar is no place for an enemy vessel; yet the sails of the Black Swan fly nonetheless, blood red, taunting and challenging.

A slight breeze runs through her Captain's hair as he blinks his eyes.

"Further into the Bay," commands Imrakhor.

The challenge does not go unheeded, one Southron ship of war sailing out to meet the Swan, its Farside colors proudly flying. Azradi, its Captain, is not at the helm today. Instead, another woman, Alimah, stands on the deck in command, eyeing and trying to gauge the enemy's movements.

"At last," says Imrakhor, espying the Southron ship.

He walks from the prow to the ship's center where he barks an order.

"Prepare for battle."

All the while, the Swan sails on, closer and closer to its adversary.

So, too, does the Variyah sail on, heading toward her enemy, maneuvering to get the advantage of the wind. But soon enough, the distances between the two ships close. On the Variyah, boarding parties assemble, weapons drawn. Alimah is at the head of the first party, waiting for the right moment. But the ships are within calling distance, and she calls across to the Swan. "Come to join your countrymen in our prisons, Stonelander?"

"Do not engage with the ballistae," says Imrakhor, holding up a hand. There about have gathered a cluster of Knights and Squires.

"I have a message for their Captain."

With that, he looks out across his ship to wink at the woman who challenges him. "Use the hooks," the Bragollach says, "Bring them close."

As fast as the hooks are thrown, the crew of the Variyah hacks at them. Some of the hooks fall into the dark seas, but this is a skeleton crew manning the Variyah, hastily thrown together of Corsairs on the docks who were available, and the ship is inexorably drawn toward the Swan.

"Prepare for battle!" Alimah shouts, hard eyes watching the Swan's captain. "And hack at those ropes all the while!"

Imrakhor frowns at the flurry of sliced hooks.

"Keep them close. We'll never catch her if she gets away," he remarks to the Master aside him. That is his last remark before the ships meet.

And then he is over the rail and onto the deck of the Variyah.

"Half of you--repel boarders! The rest: keep at those hooks no matter what!" Alimah snaps. That said, she draws the long scimitar at her side and hurries toward Imrakhor, the rest of the crew assigned to fighting scattering to take on other boarders, should they appear.

"Come to surrender?" Alimah sneers as she steps toward the Stonelander.

"Without so much as a fight before?" exclaims Imrakhor, laughing.

"Don't be daft, woman. I come with a message and a sword."

The message does not come first but, rather, the sword.

Imrakhor attacks you with his Longsword!...

Imrakhor attacks Alimah with his Longsword and badly wounds her!

...and he hits! Ouch!

Not as tall as the Variyah's usual captain, nor as fleet as foot nor skilled with the blade, Alimah is a hair slow at pivoting her feet and swinging her blade, which she aims low toward the Stonelander's legs. The Gondorian steel slices through the thick leather armor the Southron wears to protect her legs, and dark red blood wells up. She staggers backwards from the strike, trying to regroup, and the movement likely lessens the impact of her blade toward Imrakhor.

"Liar!" she hisses at him, teeth gritted in pain. "Always the Stonelanders say one thing and do another. No honor in your kind. None at all, ever."

You blindly attack Imrakhor with your Scimitar...

Alimah attacks Imrakhor with her Scimitar and moderately wounds him!

Imrakhor hardly spares time to consider the impact of his own blow, following through with another on its heels. This strike, however, is driven off course as Alimah cuts at his thigh. He grunts, but continues through.

"Tell your whore that I have something of interest to her."

Imrakhor attacks you with his Longsword!...
...and you parry his attack with your Scimitar!

There is the dull clang of steel on steel as the Southron woman meets the new blow with her blade. The force of the impact drawing a grunt of effort from her, though she lets her own blade slide off of the Gondorian's, putting the momentum into her next strike at him.

"Whores!" Alimah laughs, though it's still through gritted teeth. "Odd that the Stonelanders are so obsessed with our women. What could you possibly have of interest to the Captain?" she sneers. "Unless you offer to join as a slave and companion to her Ranger pet?"

You blindly attack Imrakhor with your Scimitar...

Alimah attacks Imrakhor with her Scimitar and moderately wounds him!

This time, the Knight-Captain is taken aback by the blow. He stutters a step before regaining his balance, his teeth gritting as he speaks.

"Quiet!" he barks at Alimah. "Tell her what you have seen."

And with that, he releases a chain with a gleaming ruby shard at its end.

"And tell her that I wait."

Blood drips from the woman's scimitar blade, but Alimah does not step forward to strike at her enemy. "Jewels?" she spits out, staring at the ruby and then the man. "We have no need of jewels in Umbar, lest it is to rip them from your corpse. Why would Lady Azradi concern herself with your pitiful pendant?'

"And if you call her a whore again, I will slice your belly open, Stonelander," she hisses. "Ware."

"I shall give you one final word," says the Gondorian, sheathing his sword.


And then the Captain flees from whence he came, with his brothers-in-arms doing the same, almost at the word. Ropes are cut as they disengage and the massive ballistae of the Swan are pointed imperiously at the Variyah. Imrakhor watches and waits for that Captain's move.

"Anaril..?" Alimah repeats the word, muttering to herself angrily. She does take limping steps after the Gondorian, as if to hold him on the Variyah, but Imrakhor is quicker and the sight of the ballistae stops any further movement toward attacking.

For a moment longer, Alimah stares angrily at the ballistae, then she nods toward her crew. "Make for the harbor and be quick about it." Glaring, she turns one more time to the Swan, cursing under her breath before calling across. "Your name and where to meet you, Stonelander."

"I am the Lord of the Bragollachs, and it is I that commands the Bay of Umbar. I have made my challenge and offered your Lady a prize," he says.

"Let her come and take it."

"Commander of the Bay? Not likely!" Wind puffs out the Variyah's sails and the ship already heads toward the safety of the harbor, so that Alimah's words and subsequent laugh are carried on the wind. "I'll tell her that a Gondorian Pretender awaits.."

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