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Into the Belly of the Beast Part 1 (Three Horses and an Ass TP)

Tags: Aurfaen,  Findon,  Menelglir,  Sulgirion,  Gwendion,  Elladan,  Tym

Short Summary: The Gondorians and Ranger attempt to rescue the eagle from Ollie's cave.
Date (real-life): 2009-12-15
Scene Location: East Shore of Mitheithel; Troll Cave

East Road - Eastern Shore of the Mitheithel
Looking westward toward the bridge, the river flows beneath three broad arches in its span.

The rolling plains crossed by the road beyond have little but grass and occasional rocky outcroppings. The Weather hills are visible in the distant northwest, though. Looking east, wild forest and thickets lie across steep and rugged hills, both north and south of the road. The greater heights seem to be on the north side. These are the infamous Trollshaws, where trolls lurk in wait for victims by night, and hide from the sun in the deep thickets by day.
Crude signpost
Obvious exits:
OOC DEtour, South, North, West, and East
Crude signpost

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Late Morning < About 12:47 AM >
IC day is:     Saturday
IC date is:    September 10
Moon phase:    Full  <VISIBLE>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3048
RL time:        Tue Dec 15 10:55:58 2009


The voice carries quietly. The wind comes up brisk from the south, driving before it clouds fleeting swiftly northward. And so it appears that shadows sweep the land, hunted by an onslaught of brightness, broken at the front but all the brighter for it. And so too the breeze harasses the foliage, hissing as it is stirred now and again by a sudden gust, and the grasses sway to and fro. But the wind is pleasant all the same; the air warm. Here, on the outskirts of the deep wild of the Trollshaws, it seems as though the day does not yet live up to the menace this land.

Not yet.

Findon stirs, dismounting upon the wayside, and trods a handfull paces off it, surveying the ground underneath. "Here, good Ranger," And he indicates pressed grass and dirt with a gesture. "Are these not marks of troll feet?"

The wagon is nowhere to be seen, presumably guarded by Hir Gwendion, for here is Menelglir, on a horse yet driving no wagon. He, too, dismounts, the horse left aside while he comes up behind the other Squire. "Is that the mark they make?" he asks, lookign to the Ranger for guidance, as well.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] The young Dunedain woman hastens over as she is called, crouching down to examine the marks in the earth. She kneels between the two men and, cheered by their finding something useful, Aurfaen grins broadly and answers them with the confirmation, "Unless you know of something else that makes tracks so large...that is a troll, and we are heading the right way."

And as if to conclude these statements, there comes an uneven rumbling noise, seeming to come from somewhere below the bridge. It is an odd sound, certainly, and the wind carries it upward toward the group standing upon the river's eastern shore. Is that snoring?

Unlike tongues, the southern iron sings little differently from the northern.

"They seem to go..." Sword in hand, the Telumehtar points towards the waters; but if he would say more, it is interrupted then by a sudden burst of quiet laughter. "Aye!" He manages, though quietly so, "It is as I thought. We have found them."

He turns his face to Menelglir, and Aurfaen next, the waning mirth fleeting slowly from it,


Helm is patted to his head to test its surety, then Menelglir, too, draws his sword. "Trolls sleep at daylight?"he asks the Ranger warily even as he makes to follow his fellow Squire.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] The Ranger is the last to draw her blade, giving the tracks a final look, grey eyes following the path they show. Sword in her hand, Aurfaen walks beside Menelglir. "They do," she assures him, though every dark space between trees is given a cautious glance. "They've nothing better to do, when they'd turn to stone beneath the sun." Aurfaen adds quickly, while glancing ahead to Findon, "Which isn't to say we shouldn't still be very, very careful."

Stillness seems to replace Findon's mirth as he trods in the relative quietness; winds stirring leaf and grass, and the waters lapping the shore. And the snores; aye, the snores too.

Well not stillness entirely, his glance shifts wary to the bridge now and again. "I had a mind to free Sulgirion, if he is still alive," He says grimly over the shoulder, scarce looking back. "Though I had not given thought to how. And now it occurs to me..." A pause, and a sigh; even as they come upon the shore, where the tracks turn into a path beaten by many trodding feet on the rocks and sands and dirt.

"...What if he can not fly?"

The thunderous snoring continues to drift through the morning air, oblivious to all else and the land above. It would sound as though it were coming from under the bridge, near the water's edge on the eastern side. Slowly, and steadily it drones on...

Another snore rattles earth and water and greenery; the younger Squire shudders, stumbling a step as fear and anticipation trip his feet.

"Cannot fly?" Menelglir breathes in a sharp breath, grip tightening on his sword. "The horses perhaps can bear him? Though we would have to walk if so. Or we hide him somehow in the hills?" A glance to the Ranger indicating this question is for her.

"Surely we will not leave him here to his death even if his wings are broken. Surely, if he is so poorly off that he dies, then death by quick blow from our sword is better?"

[Aurfaen(#16622)] "Well!" Aurfaen exclaims, her face grim and her voice firm, "We will not leave him to die. Of course he's alive; the dumb creatures like to debate about the best way to cook their victims for quite some time, or so the stories go." She shakes her head at both the men, her pace quickening as her frustration rises. "No, no," she answers them together. "If he cannot fly, we will find some way to bear him with us. If he is near death, I will take him...home." The Ranger says no more for a while, though finally she asks the squires, "How can we know the best way to free him until we've seen how he's being kept?"

"Home?" The quirked brow, and the sidelong long cast Aurfaen's way lingers a while; though Findon's stride remains sure all the same. The significance of the word, or the tone of it, seems sufficient to draw his regard.

Another matter, for a different time.

He shakes his head, near to the mouth of the crevice which gapes open just ahead, half hid behind blocks of stone and roots and such manner of things, but certainly large enough for two men abreast, and more besides. His voice is hushed to a whisper, "As you say, Buns, let us dwell on that when the deed is done. Best not agitate the creatures within. Quietly now..."

And he goes within, disappearing as if swallowed whole by the earth.

As for quietly, well... The snoring is enough to hide footsteps in the least; and his is no exception, though they are far from light.

The word 'home,' too, gains a look from Menelglir, this one with pressed lips and thoughtful gaze, a frown of sorts. This is relieved, briefly so, as the young man stifles a sudden laugh, gloved fist choking it off lest it wake sleeping beasts. Not daring to meet the Ranger's eyes, he instead hurries into the cave after Findon, at least going to his death, if that be so, in good humor.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] "Buns?!" The young Ranger declares, quite the sight with her stormy eyes and sword held high. "Buns? Oh, Findon, you big...stupid...nitwit!" After this falls rather flat, she mutters, "Well, I'll think of a better insult when I'm less distraught!" Yet there is a flash of affection in her gaze, for Findon and Menelglir both, the latter being the one she very quietly chases after when she spots him stifling a laugh behind his hand. "Later!" she mutters, as though she'll pay them back for it. She follows the men toward the cave, then, her mind back on her feathered friend.

Troll Cave
You seem to be a dark, damp and dreary cavern. You can't tell much about it, except that the walls are made of a clay-like dirt. A faint light shines in, showing the way out...
Battle Axe
Big Box
Obvious exits:

As the company enter the gaping mouth of the cave, they would be met by a dreary scene of darkness, for the morning sun's rays are stifled from entering far into the lair. The snoring noises are now very close at hand, and stir the ground slightly. There is a very large lump secluded somewhere in one corner, lying, though it remains unmoving - the troll, perhaps?

There is a second occupant hidden in the shadows here as well, although this one is far from sleep, or comfort for that matter. Propped up against the far wall of the cave, the big silhouette of something feathery can be made out, covered in a long twisting piece of rope from talons to lower chest. The only indication that the eagle is still awake - and indeed yet alive - is the gleam of amber that shines through the gloom. This light brightens more, as Sulgirion catches sight of the three that have slipped into the cavern, and those eyes peer onward in obvious happiness and relief; but his host is still nearby, and for now the avian only dips his head to acknowledge them, not daring to speak for fear of waking the monster.

Footsteps, two by three, echo dully against the walls. And metal gleams now and again in the opening yonder, now a glint, now shadow. A voice hisses in the light, even as it is obscured by a number of figures, barely even a whisper:


Findon, that, peering glance shifted between the two figures -- perhaps not well enough acquainted with the dark yet, faint light such as there is or no.

"Fire," a second voice hisses faintly in a sigh. "A torch that we might see our way," Menelglir whispers, turning slightly back toward where the Ranger should be in the gloom. "Or would it wake the beast?"


Footsteps from behind the trio, slow and careful, sound as Gwendion slowly catches up to the group, sword drawn.

"Be wary, he is not outside. I tracked him as best I could and it brought me back here," comes with the Knight's whispered words.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Aurfaen smiles into the gloom, now hopeful, and her eyes are upon the eagle's; the darkness does not provide so great a challenge to her. The Ranger whispers to the men, "No fire; it might wake him, reminding him that he's got a meal that needs cooking. I'll lead the way." And so she starts to make her way past Menelglir, then Findon, to get over to Sulgirion's side and see how the troll has kept him trapped. She pauses, looking back, at the sound of Gwendion's voice.

"Indeed, it is I," answers Sulgirion to Findon, and the great raptor tries his best to make his voice mirror the other's quiet whisper. Then, the gold head turns to regard the form of the second squire - or at least what he assumes is the younger man, for his own keen eyes do not see as well as they would in the daylight. A slight frown comes, likely not visible by the humans through the blackness. Evidently the mention of fire reminds the eagle of something rather unpleasant, and he quiets for now.

Unable to move under all the bindings, he remains observing, and Sulgirion's gaze flickers from time to time to the slumbering mass in the far corner.

A long slow breath, and a sigh released slowly. "Hold a moment," comes the answer, though perhaps the tone is not as assured as the words. "We shall get you out of this."

"It too is here, Hir," Findon says, voicing the answer even on the breath, and not much louder either. Unsure feet scrape the floor as he slowly makes his way then, inward; wary of the great black bulk of Oliver the troll, fast asleep in his corner. And then, in like tone:



"Free the bird. I will stand watch over the beast, blade at the ready," Gwendion says, a knuckle rubbing his nose as he thinks, "If he stirs, I will hold him back as best I can," he says, his words stronger perhaps than the conviction behind them.

"Do not take your time should that happen," and he ever so slowly steps towards the shadowed hunk of muscle and flesh.

"Stand with you here or aid Findon and the Ranger?" Menelglir asks, sparing words as much as he can, though they are whispered. He has not yet moved more than a few footsteps into the cave, halfway between Knight and other Squire.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] "I'm here," Aurfaen answers Findon, with a hand then placed on his arm as though he couldn't see her right there in the dark. A smile is given in Gwendion's direction, grateful for his presence to stand guard by the troll. "Come on," she mutters then to Findon, "Will you help me cut him free?" She nods to Sulgirion and begins to move toward the bound eagle.


"The bird," Gwendion says with a unseen nod, "Do what you must to save it."

No further directions are needed; Menelglir takes cautious steps forward to follow the other pair.

The eagle gives a nod to the reassurance Findon states, and his hazel eyes also look graciously down toward the Ranger as she edges forward. "Cut through them, but do so carefully and as noislessly as possible." The beak points at the ropes. "I dared not reach for them whilst the troll was awake, and now I cannot stoop low enough to do so myself; no doubt the olog put me in this awkward angle to prevent that." Sulgirion casts his gaze toward the later arrival, and although Gwendion is unknown to him, the bird's regard would indicate he is nevertheless appreciative of the Knight's bravery to guard the dangerous beast.


The hissing of iron rises, seemingly overloud in here, and the faint click as the crossguard meets the hem of the sheath. And a sheath of smaller make stirs, and Findon in part guided by the Ranger's touch and the proximity of Sulgirion's voice, and so feels his way


...Feathers! And rope. The cutting commences; with care.

"Be still," the Squire murmurs, intent on the work.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Separating from Findon, Aurfaen makes her way to the eagle's other side to begin the same, cutting away slowly and carefully at the bindings. With patience and skilled hands, the young Ranger works, making the process twice as quick by helping Findon.

"Did he harm your wings?" Bunny whispers to the eagle as she cuts at the ropes.

Behind the first Squire comes the second, stooping to try to cut the ropes down low. Menelglir shortens up on the blade of his sword, using it more like a small knife than sword. The ropes are tough and under his breath he hisses a curse that he heard of late from a certain Knight.


The work goes slowly, but luck is with the humans and eagle alike as the great beast before Gwendion stirs little during the work. His breath is measured and slow matching the rhythm of the troll's and the only evidence of his presence within the darkness.

Be still? There isn't much else Sulgirion /can/ do trapped as he is. The eagle spares another glance toward the corner to make sure Ollie's sleeping form has not begun to catch a hint of the proceedings. "Could you sever loose my talons, first?" the bird asks softly of Menelglir. "I will be able to assist that way once they are freed, for my head cannot reach."

No, he did not harm my wings," he says to Aurfaen. "Though he has instead claimed a few of my tail feathers for his friend who was present with him that night beyond the bridge. It seems he does not plan on sharing any more of me with her, otherwise..." the beak stops then, as the rest is rather obvious; no doubt the Ranger and Gondorians would now be trying to free half an eagle.

"Best not leave the coils," Findon offers, "Gather them up."

And indeed, he clutches with the one hand already a few lengths of cut cords. Whatever his plans for them are, however, he does not say; sawing only, endlessly it might seem.

"Talons first, yes," Menelglir nods, not even looking up to the bird as he works. It is only Findon's words that give him pause--he glances sideways. "What?" And then it is back to working once more, the ropes slowly yielding to blade.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Aurfaen continues her work, and she does follow Findon's instructions, picking up the pieces of rope with an occasional bewildered glance at that squire, wondering what their use might be when they are in such pieces.


As the Eagle is freed from its bonds, there is no helping the various scratches against stone, rocks shuffling underfoot and feathers ruffling. Gwendion cannot be seen, but a hushed voice angerly calls from the black, "Be better at being quiet!"

But perhaps it is too late, there is a snort from the troll, then a cough and the grunts of consciousness slowly taking hold.

His blade is raised overhead.

Onward the form of Sulgirion watches, and as the claws are cut lose, he goes to aid the removal of the cord as well. With the combination of sword, hand, and talon, already much of the rope has fallen to the dank ground of the cave. Then the monster in the corner stirs, and a wary and apprehensive look clouds the avian eyes, as the bird turns toward the distant form of Gwendion and the dark lump in front of him.

And freed he is, at long last.

"Quickly now. Get out!"

Findon whispers so, and does so. Well, near enough, anyway, replacing knife with sword as he goes, but halting by the entryway, awaiting the others.

No sooner are the last of the bird's talons free than Menelglir hastily backs up toward the cave's entrance, sword once more held properly. He hesitates, not exiting yet, looking toward the darkness and Gwendion and troll.

[Gwendion(#24427)] It is decided with more words of the common tongue. The time for stealth is over as the beast stirs and yawns, smacking it's gums. As it plants a fist into the ground to rise, the blade falls.

"...! ...! ... the Eagle ... ... and get ... wagon .... I ... ... ... ... ... meet ... ... ... road!"

The roar in the cave is deafening, drowning out Gwendion's words. Even the sound of steel deflecting off the creatures hide is difficult to hear beside Oliver's rage.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Bunny follows Menelglir toward the cave's entrance, though she looks back several times, wanting to be sure that Sulgirion, Findon, and Gwendion will all follow as well. She hesitates beside squire, but then she cringes at the sound of the troll's loud roar, and her gaze back to the others implores them to hurry now.

As the final pieces of accursed bindings vanishes, Sulgirion is able then to stretch the massive wings, now stiff from being held down for such a length. They are sore, and the feathers that adorn them are in a disordered mess - he shall have to preen them later for flight - but otherwise unmarred. He rises to his feet then, stooping low to avoid hitting golden head upon the mouth of the cave as he heads for it.

A moment's hesitation comes, and the bird glances a concerned look back at the Knight, and he opens the hooked mouth as if to speak; but then the horrid roar comes, and the eagle hastens after the retreating figures of Aurfean and the squires. The thought of attacking the troll and aiding the Knight is quickly abandoned: Gwendion would likely get hurt in the flailing limbs and claws. Outside, in the open air, is where Sulgirion is better suited for any sort of battle.

With a worried backward glance to Knight, Menelglir hurries out of the cave, sword still drawn, running into the relative safety of daylight.


No more a whisper. For a moment it would seem two ideals keep Findon firm in place; to obey and run, or stay and... what? Who can say? He hesitates a moment longer by the entryway.

And then he turns, and too runs.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] The young Ranger girl follows the men out of the cave, showing just how fast she can run until there is plenty of daylight shining down on her. Then Aurfaen pauses, and looks around to see that everyone is safe.

But even as Ollie awakens, his lovely pet is gone; the afternoon sun's rays shimmer upon bronze feathers as the Great Eagle follows suit after his rescuers, the blackened talons clicking and scrapping against the stones as he comes to a pause abreast the humans after they have hurried a suitably safe distance away from the gaping maw of the wretched troll abode.

[Elladan(#27059)] Outside the cave the sound of hoofbeats can be heard on the road above, a swift, single horse. Then the mount halts and there is silence. At last a grey-clad figure strides out of the shrubs on the banks of the river and makes his way to the mouth of the cave. And not a small amount of is set on this man's fair face as he gets aware of the wondrous gathering outside the cave.

Aye, for there first comes a woman of westernesse, and after young man clad in white, and too a great eagle, and last another man, all armed after their fashion, be it with sword or beak and claw.

Last, Findon turns at once, casting cut lengths of rope, stained and soiled, into the waters. And thus, if obscured by chance by the other three -- and it is likely enough at that -- he heeds none this stranger, backing away from the cave's mouth, sword held at the ready; wary grey eyes restlessly searching opening.

"To the wagon, Findon. You heard him as well as I did--thus we are ordered." These words from the Squire in a tunic once white, now travel-worn. "Still, not knowing where Sir Arathis here, we cannot abandon Hir Gwendion to the troll...despite orders.."

Not so obscured from a line of sight to the arriving stranger, Menelglir now turns quickly on his heels, sword raised defensively. He stares, open-mouthed.

[Elladan(#27059)] Hearing such names spoken in this land bewilders the newcomer even more. But now he hurries towards the group of strangers. There is no time for curteous greetings and so he calls: "A strange fellowship is yours but I heard you speak of trolls - it seems that the cave is then infested again. But tell me, is there still a companion of yours in there?" Long black hair frames his face as he speaks, a noble face it seems. A great strongbow is strung over his shoulder and he also carries a blade. This man is no simple merchant nor peasant.

"We should not linger here," agrees the eagle to the younger squire, but the great feathered creature seems likewise reluctant to leave the other Knight to his doom. The rope is silently observed as it drifts away upon the water; but then there comes a new noise from behind, and Sulgirion's head turns, cocking slightly to the side and fixing the new arrival with that keen-eyed avian stare. A look of recognition shines - though the bird has been gone from the Valley for some length, he has not forgotten those whom he met once on a time in its haven.

But, indeed, there is no time for pleasant greetings, and Sulgirion nods his gold-crowned head. "One of our group, yes," answers the voice, filled with the wild rasp of his race. "He strove to hold the beast at bay whilst we ourselves escaped."


"We can not!" The elder of the men answers the younger, though they differ not by many years in age, "We must go b-..." The word falls short of ever reaching fulfillment, voice urgently stressed or no. Findon pauses, looking over his shoulder, and so it is that he is brought pause; staring in bewildered a while at the half-elven.

"Back? But to what end?" Menelglir says, briefly distracted from staring at the stranger by Findon's response. More curiousity fills his expression as the stranger offers help--and the eagle answers. Menelglir vaguely gestures toward the cave with his sword, adding to the half-elven, "but we are ordered away..." And he stares again, questions writ on his face, but with no time for pleasantries.

Menelglir has disconnected.
Tym has arrived.

[Combat(#13388)] Tym wields Club.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] The young Ranger at Findon's side speaks up at last. "If you think we must go back," she says resignedly, "I shall help." Aurfaen, too, still watches the stranger- offering to him no more than a smile and her attention, in better spirits now that Sulgirion is safe.

[Elladan(#27059)] "I will go then and see if your companion can be saved," says the newly arrived traveller. "I have met their kind before and your friend must not be left in vain. Follow me if you will but we need torches."

And as the debating continues, the avian's beak lowers to quickly start preening a few of the disordered feathers, preparing and fixing them for flight. "I shall be here, if more help is needed," he pauses to say as the half-elven speaks. "It is the least I can do to repay Gwendion for his deed."

Trolls do nor lurk in the noonday sun. Yet the afternoon is drawing on, the shadows lengthening, and the brush by this cave thick and overgrown.


Such is the thunderous roar and pounding plod of steps that shake the ground, heralding the fact that one troll, at least, is not happy with its noisy neighbors. Tym approaches, crashing through brush.

"You speak as if it were a small matter," Findon says in turn, then, glance weighed on Elladan. "Though I agree. Wait a mo-..."

And pause.

Elladan shakes his head. "Not a small matter. I..." He pauses as the other olog roars in the thicket. "The matter has now become bigger. We must first deal with this one," he mutters. "Master Eagle, can you fly up and spot the beast out there? I wonder how it can even stand the sun!" Said that, his hand grasps the hilt of his sword.

Ear-splitting clamor from inside the cave is combined with the new trollish bellow that sounds, and the cleaning ceases altogether as Sulgirion rises his hazel eyes anew at the roar of the goliath's approach. A few of the shorter feathers lift on his head and neck, and his massive form tenses suddenly. The gaze smolders, and narrows as the eagle brings his wings to bear outward in a protective shield as he steps forward in front of the others.

Then he looks toward Elladan as he speaks. "Indeed I am able," he replies: the roughed up feathers will have to do their best to catch the wind for now, and as for the missing tail feathers..well, there are still some left to not cause a great problem. "The shadows lengthen, but I will see if I can lead the creature into the sun."

The wings beat again after so long away from the embrace of the sky. Sulgirion leaps into the air, and the earth is ripped asunder at the speed of his take off. He rises, keen eyes peering downward, searching for the new menace.

A combination of sheer luck and blind stupidity save this troll from the sun. It comes crashing through the greenery, half blind, stumbling somehow from one patch of shade to the next without ever finding sunlight. "Ollie!" it roars again! There is a loud, splintering crack as Tym smashes an oversized tree limb onto the ground.

And then it is into a patch of shade by Ollie's cave, its beady eyes staring wtih greed at the group there. "You Ollie food!! I want!" it roars. Angrily, the troll swipes with the tree stump, sweeping it forward and catching the younger Squire's legs so that Menelglir goes flying through the air to land in the water and be carried a little ways downstream.

A breath drawn through the nose.

"Very well."

This whispered through gritted teeth, as the eagle takes wing, and the troll comes lumbering up from within the treelines; tossing his brother aside as were he a ragdoll -- With a wordless roar to match to match the troll Tym's, Findon springs forward, hewing the troll where he may.

Findon attacks Tym with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

[Elladan(#27059)] "Then come and get us," calls Elladan as his hand abandons the blade for bow and arrow. Quickly a yard-long missile is nocked and aimed at the undergrowth whence the hungry beast called. But then Findon gets into his way and so the arrow is still kept at the string.

[Combat(#13388)] Elladan wields an elven longbow of fine making.

The first thing that summons the raptor's attention is the spectacle of the soaring squire; but Menelglir is quickly carried off by the river's current, and the matter of the new troll is a more pressing trouble. Seeing that the lad is washed up upon the distant shore and not in immediate danger, Sulgirion reverts to his search of the terrain below - and then Findon charges and he need search no longer.

The troll now spotted, the eagle's beak opens to let a shrill shriek ring forth. "Leave, miserable beast!" calls the massive avian. "Your friend does not wish to share his food with you. Nor will I let you have any of the land-dwellers." The talons are stretched wide, and he dives for the plodding shape of Tym hidden in the shade of the foliage.

You blindly attack Tym with your Eagle Claws...
Your attack against Tym lightly wounds her!

"Nasty men..playing in the sun!" the troll now shrieks, its large form wobbling as it sways to avoid the Squire's blade. "Sun go down soon..Tym eat!" it howls, and as it does so it brings its tree club down with a heavy swing. But though the troll is in the shade, the Squire is too close to the sun for its tastes, and the blow is half hearted, as if the troll is too afraid that a full blow will stumble him into the dreaded sunlight.

"Aieeeeee!!" Tym screams subsequently, humongous arm coming up to beat at the attacking bird.

Tym attacks Findon with her Club and mildly wounds him!

[Elladan(#27059)] And at last Elladan releases his arrow, aimed at the arm that raises the brute club into the air. The bow sings and the dart travels towards Tym! And already there is new arrow nocked.

Elladan launches an arrow...

Elladan's arrow flies wide, doing no harm.

 With a thunk, the arrow flies into a nearby tree, the troll's luck still holding. "Birds, birds!" it thunders in anger, finally bringing its club up skyward to try to knock said bird out of the sky and/or what passes for the troll's lair. "Ollie share! Stingy--keeping bird to himself."

Tym attacks you with her Club!...
...and she hits! Ouch!

The club catches this Squire then, about the shoulder blades. Half-hearted or no, the blow sends Findon tumbling forward until he a moment later collapses on the shore with grunt, unmoving; sword flown to the side, rasping as it settles, hilts up standing in the shallow waters.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] The Ranger has held back up until now- but when she sees the troll's club trying to knock the eagle from the sky, not to mention sending Findon falling, she hurries forward. "Hey!" she calls up to the troll loudly, her sword drawn to get its attention, "Hey stupid!" She stands in a patch of dappled sunlight, calling her insults while waving her blade. "How'd you get so fat? Eat too many birds lately?"

[Elladan(#27059)] Watching his arrow go astray, Elladan does not wait for the taunting to lure the troll out of his shelter and he shoots once more.

Then he decides again to draw his blade. And it is an angry blade, forged by masters of old: a bright white flame springs out of the sheath as the half-elven draws his weapon! A quick glance at the enemy and at his allies, then Elladan advances against the troll.

[Combat(#13388)] Findon sheathes his sword.

Elladan launches an arrow...
Elladan's bowshot hits Tym, mildly wounding her.

[Combat(#13388)] Elladan lowers his longbow.
[Combat(#13388)] Elladan draws his fell sword Nallaklaure ringing from its scabbard

There is a twist in the air as the bird swerves to avoid the incoming giant club, but the stony creature's weapon catches the raptor in the shoulder, earning another cry from the hooked mouth. Sulgirion wheels around in the air to come from the side, and this time the jagged claws are aimed for the troll's left leg, seeking to trip it into the sun. "Stone you are fashioned from, and it is to stone you shall return." He dives for the target.

You blindly attack Tym with your Eagle Claws...

Tym parries your attack with her Club!

"Girls....eats you too!" A wide crack opens on the troll's face, only it's a smile as it takes a lumbering but small (for a troll) step forward to the next patch of shade to get a better swing at the Ranger. "Pretty," it says, a rumbling sound that might pass for a low laugh emanating from its guts. "Pretty tasty, yes." It reaches a hand forward to try to grab at the Ranger, but two things happen at once: The elven arrow slices across the troll's massive thigh, and the bird overhead screech-dives.

"Aieee!" Jerking back, Tym howls, reflexively hitting upward with its club at the attacking eagle. "Scrawny bony bird! No meat on its bones!"

Tym attacks you with her Club!...
...and she hits! Ouch!

[Elladan(#27059)] "Watch your own meat for I shall slice it now," calls Elladan as he closes in the troll. Wielding the High-elven sword Nallaklaure with both hands, he approaches Tym from the left side and attempts an upward slash at the beast's flank.

Elladan attacks Tym with his Longsword, but he misses by an arm's length.

Again the huge wooden weapon makes contact, striking one of Sulgirion's outstretched talons. Withdrawing the claw, now throbbing after the heavy blow, the eagle takes a new tactic; there is a whirl in midflight as the bird changes direction swiftly, and the flapping of the wings sends gale-force winds toward the Ranger nearby - not hard enough to fling her into the water, but enough to push her further away from Tym's mighty grasp. "Forgive me, Bunny!" the large avian calls, hoping the lass doesn't suffer a hard fall. Sulgirion moves to turn then and face the olog once more, but the act has cost him time, and has left him vunerable to another hit from the troll's weapon.

You forego your chance to attack.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Something about that troll's smile makes Aurfaen scream, a high-pitched and girlish sound. Blade held ready, she's saved only by the arrows that make the troll move back, away from her. And then she's pushed, too, by a different force, a strong wind that does cause her to lose her footing. She ends up sitting on her backside, looking up at the sky, quite bewildered until she hears Sulgirion calling to her. The Ranger grins a little, then tries to get back to her feet; as she cannot get near the troll, she's going to check on Findon. She hurries toward him while keeping her sword ready, just in case the others should need her.

"Meeee-eeat! Eat meat!" The troll draws the word out into two syllables as it shuffles a step toward Elladan so that the sword misses only because the troll is now too close. "Girl...bird...meat!" As Tym says these words, his eyes settle on each in turn until they come to rest greedily on Elladan. "Nasty...arrows." One hand rubs his sore thigh, while with the other, Tym casually brings a club down to Elladan's head.

Tym attacks Elladan with her Club, but Elladan parries the attack with his Longsword!

And that squire certainly seems in need of much.

And yet also little. In a heap he lies graceless, lims spread this way and that, and tumbled about like so -- all attached, however, and seemingly unbroken -- eyes closed, chest stirring little, but enough. He lives, at least.

For now.

Elladan swiftly raises the blade over his head to parry the troll's strike. A step forward, bending his knee, makes him cope with the mighty blow and then steel scratches across wooden club as the half-elven pulls his blade free in order to slash across the troll's breast.

Elladan attacks Tym with his Longsword, but he misses by a long shot.

"Meat that you will not lay hands on, olog," answers the eagle to Tym's excited shouts. "Begone from here now, ere the sun passes higher and the shadows of your trees disappear."

Sulgirion swoops once more as he resumes his assault, but this time his beak comes jabbing out for the troll's large head - anything to distract the monster from the others below.

You blindly attack Tym with your Eagle Claws...

Tym parries your attack with her Club!

[Aurfaen(#16622)] A glance over her shoulder shows the troll occupied, and so Aurfaen kneels down- her blade set aside for the moment. Her cool hands immediately search for the squire's pulse, and finding that, she sets about trying to wake him up so that he is not helpless for the troll's taking. Gently, then more firmly, she pats his cheek, calling, "Findon! Findon! Nitwit...come on, wake up?" Her big grey eyes watch him, concerned.

"Food..." One of Tym's stump-like hands stretches out in the direction of the Ranger and fallen Squire, but not too far, for sun is in the way. And then the troll is roaring its annoyance again, plodding out of the way of Elladan's strike so that he threatens to topple on the half-elf at the same time his tree-club is waved wildly overhead toward the eagle.

But luck might be on the side of the defenders of Ollie's cave this day: A cloud passing over the sun clears suddenly, and a shaft of light shoots through the brush. With a howl, Tym stumbles backwards--only a sturdy tree in the way keeps him from falling over completely as he flees the sun.

As the cloud shifts, the bird's eyes gleam cunningly; then quickly spiraling higher to avoid Tym's reach, Sulgirion makes a low dive to skirt over the tips of the trees. The force of his passing is nothing short of a wind-storm, and the boughs of the foliage sway violently, threatening to expose more of that dreadful sunlight upon the troll.

[Elladan(#27059)] "Go back to the darkness and find yourself some other food," yells Elladan and he thrusts his blade forward at the stumbling troll just as the great avian sweeps down. Anger is written upon his brow and the blade flickers brightly as it reaches out for Tym.

Elladan attacks Tym with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

There is a look of longing or lust for food in the troll's eyes, at least momentarily, but panic at the sudden inexplicable (in the troll's mind) wind fills its tiny brain, spurring it to crash deep into the safety of the darkwoods and nearby caves along the bank. Thundering steps and piteous roars fill the woods, sending birds skyward in alarm.

And then it is quiet, at least of the noise from Tym, which likely drowned out sound or thought of Gwendion and Ollie.

A groan, then.

Findon's eyelids flicker open, and groggily the grey, red-rimmed and distant, fleet here and there. And then they focus on the Ranger's face. And waver towards the fading ruckus behind her.

"W-... what happened?" He manages faintly, brows creased and mien writ with confusion -- and too there is pain.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Aurfaen glances again over her shoulder, smiling briefly to see that the troll flees with the daylight. Findon's voice snares her attention again, and she smiles wider. "Welcome back to...well, this place." she crinkles her nose a bit as she grins.

"You'll be alright now," she murmurs, watching his face carefully. "The troll's gone- you took a really good knock with his club," the young Ranger explains. She even smoothes the squire's hair back while looking up to the sky, searching for Sulgirion.

Elladan glances into the darkness to ensure that the troll is in fact fleeing them, then he swirls around and leaps over to where Findon and the ranger are. "How fares he?" This is directed to the woman and then he takes a worried look at the cave. "And what of your companion?"

"Ah yes..."

"Companion?" Findon repeats then, as he untangles from himself, rising onto an arm, frowning in confusion. "Companions?" He mutters to himself again, faintly.

His eyes widen, downriver: "Menelglir, thither!" He points, with the one hand, steadying himself upon the sword that so neatly settled nearby as he comes to his feet. "Sulgirion!"

Yet, as the call leaves his uplifted face, his features are distorted and wry, and a hand goes to his head; and he remains thus for a while, bent.

A call of warning erupts from the raptor's beak as Tym flees, and though no Westron composes it, the message of 'do not return' is made clear in the tone.

The wings are lowered to bear him to the earth, and Sulgirion flies low above the group gathered below. The eagle's gaze falls upon the searching one of the Rangers. "I am here, Bunny," he reassures her. The head lifts at the cry of Findon, and the piercing eyes begin to scan the edges of the shore and the swirling water. "One squire is safe, aside from the blow of the club; but what has become of the second?" Sulgirion follows the older squire's pointing, and the faint form of the younger is spotted in the bird's sharp sight.

Ascending again into the sky and sunlight, the giant avian flies swiftly south along the riverbank, heading for the unmoving shape that lays there. The talons are lowered and clasp Menelglir about the arms, lifting the unconscious lad from the shore.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Aurfaen follows to where Findon points, and sees the form of Menelglir lying up on the shore of the river a short distance away. "Findon here will be alright, but Gwendion is yet inside the cave...with the other troll..." the girl is answering Elladan just as the squire, now on his feet, puts a hand to his head. Worried, Bunny slips an arm around him for support, and asks Findon, "Are you dizzy?" For a moment, she looks overwhelmed; so many places to be at once! Yet the appearence of Sulgirion is met with a grateful smile, and she watches as he takes to the sky again to bring Menelglir to them.

[Elladan(#27059)] "Such names as yours are seldom heard in this land," replies Elladan to Findon. "Many years have passed since men of the South travelled this road, but more of that later. This man named Gwendion needs relief!" Turning to the eagle, he calls: "Watch out, Master Eagle, for I will now seek the last one!"

A breath drawn then, and another hand added to the hilts. "Yea," Findon says, murmuring, gaze lifted to the Bunny-Ranger, yet dimmed, but lucid all the same. Likewise his voice, with a note of distance on it, sullen and low. "I shall be fine." With a nod towards the eagle and squire yonder south, he says: "Go to him."

Then, wrenching the weapon back from the sands, he takes a careful step, and another, in the wake of the half-elven.
And too, he ammends: "Indeed he does, lord. Let us aid him then!"

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Aurfaen frowns at Findon, muttering, "At least be careful, will you...?" Then she takes off to see to Menelglir, despite that Sulgirion has already reached him first. She is more than a decent runner, and she hurries to at least meet the eagle halfway and make sure that the youngest squire is still in one piece.

The flapping comes louder as the eagle returns, the limp body of the half-drowned Menelglir clutched safely in the large claws - not too tight, but holding him well enough to be certain he does not slip. The squire descends first, gently lowered to the earth nigh the sprinting Bunny. Then Sulgirion follows, alighting beside the soaked Gondorian, and prodding him a little with his beak.

Then a nod is yielded to Elladan as he speaks. "I wish you luck, kin of Hir Elrond," calls the avian, speaking now in his wild-toned native tongue. "I will help if I may, though doing so would mean stepping back into the belly of the beast. It is the least I can do, for Master Gwendion came as well to my aid with his companions."

Elladan replies with a brief bow and then urges the man Findon to follow him. "Let us go then and search your companion. I know this troll Ollie and I know a few of his weaknesses." Said that, he turns towards the cave.

Knowing a troll for its weaknesses might once have quirked his eyebrow. But for the nonce, Findon replies with a nod, and says curtly: "Likewise."

Thus, once more into Oliver's cave.

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