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Bathing in Words of Wisdom

Tags: Aurfaen,  Menelglir,  Avanag

Short Summary: The Ranger Aurfaen speaks with the Eagle, Avanag, about her feelings for Menelglir. Are those words of wisdom after the tidal wave and awkwardness?
Date (real-life): 2009-12-18
Scene Location: river in Troll Shaws
Date (in-game): September 20
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: clear

[Aurfaen(#16622)] At the wide, shallow bend of the stream, a lone female figure stands in the sunlight, knee-deep in the water. The bright light gleams off her long raven braids; it's the Ranger Bunny, come alone here. And just why has the girl parted ways with her company? It is, after all, a beautifully warm September afternoon, when all should be riding together. Aurfaen has removed her cloak, tunic and breeches; stripped down to undergarments, she's taking the rare chance to actually wash some of the mud and grime of this journey off her skin. A clean Ranger- who ever heard of such a thing? Happily, Bunny's hands scoop up the cool, clear water, and pour it over her own head.
On a brilliant afternoon with the sun warming the land, most of her kind would be suspected to be soaring high above on warm thermals of air. However, the one called Avanag has chosen to barely skim above the treetops to the west. Large amber eyes are moving, and the tilt of tail feathers changing as the great Eagle follows the path of the stream. Her soaring is quick to bring her beyond the reaches of the pines and to the mud flats. She angles herself

closer to the bare land, still following the river as she suddenly draws her wings partially in...

...and dives. No sound or screech is uttered as she free-falls towards the bend in with the Ranger Bunny occupies - though her shadow might be seem skipping over the water's surface. Falling, falling...and then Avanag spreads her wings again, hitting the shallow water and skidding across it.

The landing is a controlled one, all save for the huge spray of water that's sent in the batheing Ranger's direction.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] The lithe young woman continues with her happy splashing, pausing only when a vast bird-shaped shadow spreads itself rapidly over the clear water before her. She stops scooping up water, and her cheeks become a little pink- no doubt she feels rather exposed, clad in next to nothing- and she turns to call over her shoulder, "Catching up with me already, Sulg--" this is all she gets out before an unfamiliar giant eagle begins to skim across the water's shallow surface.

"Aaaaarggghhh," is akin to the noise that Aurfaen makes, mouth open wide- that is, until her mouth is filled with water from the eagle's spray. In fact, Bunny gets entirely drenched, water dripping off her chin, off the tip of her nose. She blinks water out of her eyes. "What- the- what?" she stammers, shocked and trying to look at the bird through her blurred vision.

The great Eagle seems to take a moment to recover herself from the landing, her wings still half outspread. While she is not as soaked as the poor young woman, droplets of water cover a great deal of her own feathers. When Bunny's voice reaches her ears, Avanag shifts her stance as she stands talon-deep in the water. It must make for quite an awkward sight, the two of them staring each other down in the middle of a water source.

With a quick *thwap* of her wings outward, Avanag clears as must moisture as possible from them before tucking them close. Her head tilts, eyes focusing sharply on Bunny for a long, quiet moment. A low bit of chirping rises from her, before her head angles quickly in the other direction. "What about what, little human?" she asks carefully, the words rising in Westron.

Yet the Ranger is not alone here. A bit further down the bank of the river, at another bend in the bank, a young man sits, boots on the shore, bare feet in the river, legs of his trousers rolled up to his knees. Menelglir is thoughtful, quiet, withdrawn--as he has been since he and Gwendion went off for a walk early the previous morning.

Not so lost in thought is the Squire, though, that he does not hear the sound of a woman screaming. And so he is up and running, sword in hand, boots on the shore, splashing through the river bank.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Bunny lifts her hands to each of her dark braids, the young Ranger slowly wringing them out over the water and back into the stream. As she does this, her wide grey eyes stare back at the great eagle. "What are you?" Aurfaen gripes, her voice showing her youth as she whines, and also perhaps betraying a certain familiarity with these birds, "The watcher of the waters?" She gives herself a shake the way an animal would, water droplets flying in all directions from her bare skin. At least it feels good in the late summer heat.

"Menelglir!" Aurfaen squeals when that young man comes into view, running with his sword in hand. It's a few moments into his approach that she realizes she is nearly naked. In fact, she's already started running toward him through the shallow water, though the sword gives her pause. She blinks in surprise at it, and explains quickly, "I was just- my bath- it was interrupted." And her cheeks turn red while she makes casual but poor attempts to cover herself a bit better. "D'you- want to swim? This is, ah- well, the eagle who isn't Sulgirion.." she points to Avanag, the girl's speech rather awkward at this point.

A single blink is quickly followed by two turns of her head, until Avanag has managed to nearly twist it upside down as she considers Bunny. When she rights her field of vision again, it is accompanied by a clap of her beak. "I am not a fish, if that is what you are asking," she replies simply, eyes squinting a little, "Though I may ask the same of you. Human at first guess, but...perhaps a mudpuppy as a second?" The Ranger is considered even more as Avanag dips her head closer, curiousity clear in her voice.

Her response to Aurfaen's next question is slow to arrive: "Quite a smart young creature...how did you know?" And then she pulls away, wings outstretching again as the other approaches with the sword. Avanag shifts her stance, a screech-hiss escaping her as she watches Menelglir warily.

"Aur-Bun! Are you all right?!" Menelglir calls as he nears. Then he is round the river bend and in sight of not only yet another huge eagle, but also a wet, mostly naked young woman. He stumbles to a sudden stop in the river, nearly falling over in his astonishment. He stares at both sights, though the girl in her underclothes makes his cheeks burn red, so instead he stares at the eagle. There is still that sword in his hand, but he has lowered it, point down now.

"Are you...a companion of Sulgirion?" he asks once he gains his tongue again.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] "Mud-puppy?" Aurfaen asks incredulously, pointing at herself as she turns to regard the great eagle again. "Do I look like a mudpuppy?" she wonders in a soft high voice, this also asked to Menelglir, as though entertaining the possibility that this could be true. Bunny nearly loses her balance in the water as Avanag stretches out her wide wingspan, throwing up her hands and asking, "Are you trying to give me another bath so soon?"

"I'm fine!" Aurfaen assures Menelglir, assuming a smile though she blushes still, her cheeks bright. "C'mon, Menelglir...the water's great.." and the pretty girl extends both her hands in invitation, arms outstretched. "No need for the sword," she adds quickly, with a glance back to Avanag. "But the water...it's so nice and cool.."

Once the sword is lower, the avian seems to relax, ruffled golden feathers settling back into place. "Ah, you are a companion of this...'Aur-Bun', then?" Avanag inquires, tucking her wings back to her body. Looking to Aurfaen, she adds, "Aur-Bun, is that your name? It's a rather peculiar one." A pause, then: "Another bath? From the look of you, you've preened enough for one day. I don't think another splash will do much more good."

Carefully, the bird moves along the bottom of the stream, eyeing the mud along the bank. After a moment of consideration, she seems to settle on staying in the water. "Sulgirion? My memory does not know the name, but I take it he is one of my kind? And pardon my manners, I am Avanag." She seems to take Bunny's invitation more readily than her human friend, and seats herself in the middle of the stream - and blocking half of the water flow in the process.

"You are both as red as a summer sunrise. Have you eaten something that does not agree with you?"

"For what other purpose would you brave the cold water than to bathe?" Menelglir answers the Ranger. He takes a half step forward toward her open arms, then checks, reddening further at the eagle's note of his color.

"Tis just that...well, Sir Gwendion comes this way to the river and ...I should go stop him at least for the moment." This said with a pointed look at the nearly naked girl.

"But your pardon," he bows slightly toward the eagle. "I am Menelglir and yes, we have had the companionship and protection of one of your kind--an eagle named Sulgirion. He cannot be too far, though he takes to the skies again now he is healed."

"But...I must intercept Sir Gwendion. You will find our camp later and join us?" Menelglir asks this even as he scurries out of the river, heading toward his abandoned boots, presumably.

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Calling the young Ranger 'Aur-Bun' does nothing to diminish the glowing color of her face, a nice contrast to skin that otherwise doesn't look as though it sees much sun. "I- no- I'm called Bunny. Nothing else," she quickly adds at the end, regarding Avanag with a bemused smile. She blinks sunlight from her eyes, and water droplets. "You're quite right, one bath was more than enough, thank you," she hastily agrees. And as the eagle's name is given, the half-naked girl gives a neat bow from the waist. "It is an honor to know you, Avanag," Aurfaen says solemnly. The avian's question, however, leaves the girl looking as though she's just swallowed a very large bug; her grey eyes widen.

"Because it feels good on such a hot day!" Aurfaen then answers Menelglir. "Oh, Sir Gwendion can just avert his eyes," the girl attempts to protest, arms held out longingly still. "Menelglir..." the girl sighs as she says the name, and then her gaze returns to her new companion, the watcher of the rivers as she has made herself known. Does the eagle understand the sigh of a lovesick girl?

Once introductions have been made all around, Avanag bows her great head to the others. "It is an honor to meet you both, as well." A glance to the water in afterthought, and she freezes. Quick as lightning to a tree, her beak snaps below the water level. When she lifts it again she is in possession of a rather decent-sized fish, which disappears with a small *crunch*. "Aye, perhaps I will venture towards your camp in a few days time. You are a curious lot of travelers."

As Menelglir turns to leave, the Eagle looks toward Bunny. "Is he such a bright red because he is frightened of you?" Avanag asks suddenly. Innocence in the understanding of the goings-on of humans is clear in her tone - she truly has no idea what these two-legged creatures are about. And then? "Is averting your eyes when you come upon come another a common habit for your kind?"

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Innocence is something that Aurfaen wears as well, though not in the same ways as Avanag. With her long braided pigtails and her big grey eyes, her sweet face is reminiscent of youth, perhaps belying her true age. She skips through the water, approaching the eagle, though she slows the closer she comes. She bends her head in low, as though she is about to confide in a very close friend- and perhaps, to this girl, the great eagles are understood to be such. "Well, you see.." Bunny begins, her red color returning. "I'm afraid I am in love with him." Swallowing nervously, she continues, "But he's so pigheaded! He makes me think he likes me, and then he acts like he's never said he likes me at all. He kissed me in front of our -whole- -camp-!" Here Bunny puts emphasis on each word and spreads her arms wide in exaggeration. "And now he won't even come over here and play in the water! And when I tried to like his fellow squire instead- well, he didn't like that either!"

Aurfaen at last has to stop all this rambling for a breath. "So you see," she mutters, looking utterly lost and perplexed, "I don't know what to make of him!" And she gives a hasty look to ensure that Menelglir is far away by now.

After the success of catching one fish, Avanag seems to be on the watch for another, questions forgotten as she watches the streambed. She chirps a little at the unexpected proximity of the strange Aur-Bun girl when she gets close enough. Any element of shown surprise is quickly suppressed, to the point of actually dipped her head back into the water to flatten semi-ruffled feathers. Her head lowers to add to the illusion of the sharing of a secret, and the eagle takes in a great breath...
...and blinks.

"You are in love with him, and have told him this? And he has shared his feelings as such?" she repeats, as if trying to get the story straight. "I would assume you both have courted each other before this...if so, I do not understand why you would go and court another. Is your heart not truly set on that strange man with the metal stick?"

"What in the name of the wind is a kiss? Is that your way of preening those you care about?"

[Aurfaen(#16622)] The majestic avians known as eagles are revered for their wisdom; it would seem the girl called Bunny is well aware of this, and is ready to receive whatever counsel Avanag is willing to share. She waits, biting her lower lip in anticipation while the eagle searches for another fish, and then listening with rapt attention. She shakes her head, and at last mutters with a shamed face, "No, I haven't told him...sometimes I think he'll care, and other times I think he'd be happier if he didn't know me at all. He makes me hope, and then he pushes me away...I..." Aurfaen blinks in surprise. "Strange man with the metal- oh, yes," she says, realizing what the eagle meant. "Yes, that's him. My heart is set on him. Yet I fear he is careless, and he'll break it."

Aurfaen continues, as though pouring her feelings out and receiving romantic advice from the eagle is the most normal thing to do on a sunny September afternoon, half naked and in the river besides. "Kissing is...well, you put your mouths together. And just sort of sit there. It's nice." If the girl's face had been red before, that is nothing compared to the crimson color it turns while she tries to explain this. "I think...erm, preening, yes, that's nice too..." Finally, Bunny is at a loss for words.

"He will break your heart, or the stick?" The questions is quiet, almost halfhearted, for Avanag seems to settle on the answer without help. "If your heart is set on him, then perhaps it would be best to make your feelings known. Simply tell him and leave the decision of what to do next to him. Perhaps his male mind will enjoy something to ponder over, and to hunt." The great predator shifts then, stretching out a wing before gently bringing it over Aurfaen as a gesture of comfort...or maybe to help block the sun.

"I think you are red because you have spent too long in the sunlight," she suddenly adds. After what finally might be finally considered words of wisdom, the young Eagle has to open her mouth again with something absurd. If Avanag's face at the range of motion of a human's, certainly it would be furrowed in confusion. Instead, she can simply squint. "How do you manage not to bite each other?"

[Aurfaen(#16622)] Aurfaen mouths the words, "My heart," and simply points at her chest. "Really?" she murmurs, accepting the eagle's help eagerly. "I...oh, but he might just laugh at me! The men whom I guide...sometimes I fear they find me young and foolish. Perhaps, to Menelglir.." Bunny chances another look up at the avian, and decides it then, as Avanag puts that comforting wing near her, "Okay, I'll just tell him!" Determined, she has a fierce, lively new look about her.

"Oh. Right. My skin. Sure, it's the sun.." Aurfaen murmurs quietly, though this is not at all the case. "I'd better go get out of the sun, th.." Bunny pauses, and blinks once more at Avanag's question. "Bite? Who, Menelglir? We, ah...see, it's more with the lips, and less with the teeth.." Wincing at her own explanation, it is at last time for Aurfaen to exit the water.

"If they are looking to you as a knowledgable guide, Aur-Bun, then they must have some measure of respect for you," the Eagle says - completely serious even with the addition of the mistaken name. "If they seem as otherwise, I would not let them forget it. You are a young one, as I am, but I don't think we're both so young that we are not valued by those we know."

With one wing outstretched, why not the other? Avanag unfolds the second, letting the sun begin to dry the feathers as she stands from the water. With a slightly amused chirp, she backwings, sending a spray of water at Aurfaen again. "I am an Eagle, little human - I have a beak, not teeth. But I will take your word for it on this matter of kissing. I think I will stick to what I know, though, and that is not one of them."

[Aurfaen(#16622)] With a huge grin, and her face now dripping water again, Aurfaen steps back from that eagle's confidences. "Oh, that is perhaps for the best, dear Avanag.." Bunny says with affection. The young Ranger touches two fingers to her fair brow in a sort of salute, then turns from the water to find her clothes. After dressing, she regards the avian once more, telling her, "Until we meet again- and soon," with one of her warm, sunny smiles. Then the girl heads on to rejoin her camp.


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