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The Betrayal

Tags: Azradi,  Yildirim

Short Summary: Azradi returns to her Tower with the remainder of the Salkathorim refugees in tow only to find Farside in chaos. When one of Alphros’ pages delivers a letter, his betrayal is revealed and she states her intention to retake by force what had been given and then rescinded, a home for her displaced people – the Palace of the former Emperor Ajnabi, claimed by her brother.

Players: Azradi, Yildirim

Date (real-life): 2011-01-25
Scene Location: Umbar: Farside Tower
Date (in-game): January 11, 3052
Time of Day: Late Afternoon
Weather: Clear and cool.

Prologue: After Alphros returned to Umbar, he sought the Council’s permission to claim the old Palace of Emperor Ajnabi as a spoil of war. In separate meetings, both Azradi and Eruphel granted him this, each asking for something in return. The palace was large, fully five stories high and in bad shape. Alphros invested much of his money into its restoration and when it was completed, as part of his agreement with Azradi, he also allowed numerous displaced relatives to move in. Then perhaps nine months later, he surprised Azradi by granting it to her for the use of the Aglarramean refugees, or Salkathorim as they name themselves. This was a great boon for she was in the midst of rebuilding her fief of Caldur after the Gondorian invasion and her resources were stretched very thin. She had already spent a great deal of money settling a portion of the refugees before the war and in addition to rebuilding, she also had hundreds more to find homes for. The large palace was a perfect solution.


She summoned the remaining ships to Umbar, not knowing at that very moment, Alphros was reclaiming the palace and throwing his own family out into the street.  This scene begins when Azradi returns to her Tower with the latest refugees in tow.



Farside Tower Grounds


            A great green expanse of lawn greets you in the courtyard, with a wide stone walkway leading from the gates to the double doors of the Tower. Edging the walkway, and the two smaller paths that branch off to the barracks and the gardens, are well-manicured and amply watered shrubs. When the season is right, tiny flowers on these shrubs bloom, creating a vibrant distraction from the dullness of the surrounding desert.


Along the main walkway unlit lanterns line either side at frequent intervals. At the end of the path lies the Farside Tower: Robust, grand and colored purple--as if taken from the desert sunset. Upon closer inspection however, the individual stones seem nearly transparent.


Not all of the Tower grounds are devoted to aesthetics though. Near the barracks is training areas for the soldiers and benches have been placed here and there for the enjoyment of Farside's citizens when they have time off.


The day sky is clear with only slight wisps of clouds overhead. The late morning winter air is cool and dry around you.



It has been hours since the eviction of the refugees, sometimes called the Strangers, known to themselves as the Salkathorim. With nowhere to go, they have filed back into Farside. Throngs of people; families, corsairs and crying children fill the yard. Their expressions are confused, worried and angry.


These people are no strangers to the Tower, for each dwelled here until their new home, Alphros' Zadan Ulbar, was made ready for their resettlement. Most carry the surname of anAzulada.


And still the Tower's Lady, Azradi has not returned from the docks.


Yildirim stands before the large oaken doors that lead into the Tower, along with a few guards; none look particularly pleased.


His arms cross, a deep frown curling on his lips, "What damned nonsense is this."


He sighs, rubbing his eyes and then says to one of the guards, "Bring some barrels of water and some shade. Have some of the men dig out some trenches... deep trenches."


Then steps towards the crowd, "Good day," he says to none in particular, "I am Yildirim, Captain of Farside. You," he points to a woman of middling years, "Can you tell me what has happened?"


The middle-aged woman looks the Corsair Captain over coolly. She steps closer to him, her manner graceful and dignified. "I am more commonly known as Lady Zairana anAzulada than 'you'," she informs, with perhaps a subtle glint of humor in her dark eyes. "I am not entirely certain. My nephew, the Lord Alphros, arrived at the manor. He told us that because of circumstances beyond his control, we had to pack our things and leave."


"I am told my niece is away and I do not know if she made you privy to her plans this day, but I was to understand that she intended to meet the rest of our people at the docks and escort them to their new home, Zadan Ulbar."


A Page, wearing the livery of Alphros mills about the crowd, looking rather anxious himself. When Yildirim presents himself as some kind of authority, the boy runs to him - bearing a folded and sealed bit of parchment in his hand. "I am looking for Lady Azradi," he says, his voice not yet deepened. "I have an urgent message for her from my lord Alphros."


"She is not here. But at the docks," Yildirim says to the page, making a motion towards Zairana, "As she has plans this day to meet the rest of her people and escort them to their new home, Zadan Ulbar."


For Zairana, he rubs his eyes again, and then answers her, "I am having men bring water and some shelter for you. I am sure when the Lady returns, this can be sorted out. Until then, my apologies if I seem a bit rough. This is an unexpected event for an already busy day."


The boy hesitates, then turns heel to run towards the gates. Before he can pass beneath its arch, he is met by another crowd of folk - headed by the Lady Azradi. She enters the yard and stops to take in the chaos – until her assessment is interrupted by a tug on her sleeve. Looking down she finds the page and his proffered missive. Quickly she breaks the seal and unfolds it to read.


Even from a short distance it obvious her light features have flushed with anger. Crumpling the letter so tight her knuckles turn white, she closes the distance between her, Yildirim and her aunt.


"I believe it is about to become even more busy," Zairana observes dryly, watching her niece approach them.


"How long have they been here?" Azradi demands, addressing the Corsair Captain, "Have you taken charge of this situation?"


"Less than an hour, I'd say," Yildirim replies more delicately to Azradi than his responses to her aunt.


"As to the situation, I do not know what it is. There are people here and I am getting them water and some shade from the sun, but more than that, I think Lady Zairana and I share the same level of understanding of the situation."


"And he's ordered trenches dug in your garden, Azradi," chimes in Zairana, helpfully. "Deep ones."


"My brother has betrayed me," reveals Azradi bluntly, visibly controlling a mounting anger. "He gave me Zadan Ulbar so the rest of my people might have a place to live. Now he has taken it back and thrown our people to the street. Something forced this, but I do not know what."


Her aunt's words finally penetrate her burning mind and she offers Yildirim an exasperated look. "Let us wait to dig up my garden until we know for certain we need such a thing, yes?"


"Are they not his people as well?" Yildirim asks, seemingly confused at the situation.


"Should we, uh.. well, if we are not digging up the garden, then what is your wish for us?"


"They are his people. This will not stand," says Azradi, her mouth set firmly. "Gather fifty soldiers, Yildirim."


"I am taking the manor back. Be ready and waiting by half past the hour. I will speak to the Chamberlain and make sure the Aglarrameans are seen to in the meantime, he can decide if the trenches will be needed. Will you assist the Chamberlain, Aunt?"


"Of course, Azradi," Zairana replies, no hint of her early humor. She studies her niece for a moment, worry in her eyes. For a moment she seems on the verge of speaking, but she says naught and moves away to organize the chaos.


"Thirty minutes," she reminds and then strides off toward the Tower.


<fade to black>

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