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An Interview in the Tower

Tags: Elusul,  Farielle

Short Summary: The knight-admiral Elusul has Farielle brought to Pelargir for an interview.
Date (real-life): 2011-10-11
Scene Location: Pelargir: Ilmentirion - Observatory
Date (in-game): February 23, 3054
Time of Day: Early Night

Pelargir: Ilmentirion - Observatory
Obvious exits:
Down <D>

Weather:            Clear
Time:               Early Night <22:41:24 >
Season:             Winter
Date:               Ormenel - February 23, 3054
Real Time:          Mon Oct 10 18:13:48 2011

Elusul is waiting at a table in the observatory of Ilmentirion for a guest to arrive. The knight-admiral has before him a sheaf of documents and pen and paper at hand. He is busy reading and marking down notes as he waits.

         This Man is tall and fair. His hair is cut to around the shoulders and is dark. His grey eyes are rather deeply set and bear just a touch of blue. His face shows the firmness of full manhood, bearing a nobility greater than that of lesser Men. The nose is long and proud and the square chin is firm. Overall he stands over six feet (6'4") and is long of limb. He is strong of frame and lithe, muscles well-trained and movements swift and sure.
         He is dressed in a long midnight blue tunic that falls to his knees. Embroidered across the front of the tunic is the device of a silver four-rayed star. Over his left breast is an eight-pointed star, a compass, with the Sindarin letters of the directions inscribed in faint gold. A black belt is fastened around the waist and his knee-high riding boots and riding leathers are of the same leather. Completing his raiment is a cloak of white that when not pushed back offers great protection against wind and rain.


Booted steps can be heard on the stairs without, and then a heavy knock at the door. And Farielle is escorted into the room; looking somewhat nervous. With her is a man in the colors of Girithlin - a house servant or guardsman - as well as the head of whatever escort Sir Elusul had sent.

'Quite Pretty Indeed' has grown into 'Lovely', though she doesn't look exactly like many of the women of Gondor, born of nobility or not. Her eyes are the unusual blue-grey of many of the House of Girithlin, and her black hair has a blue sheen to it as well. It is perfectly straight, and falls past her knees when unbound.

There is no hint of brown in her skin, which is almost white, it is so pale - the only color is a faint blush of pink across her cheeks, which deepens when she is embarrassed or laughing. She is of medium height - 5'7" or 5'8" - and very slender. She is 20 years of age, and though her face still seems younger, her eyes, if one looks, bear a weight of many more years than those few.

Elusul puts aside his papers and rises swiftly. Going around his table, he comes over to nod to the guard to send him away and then he bows while extending a hand in greeting to Farielle. "Please, won't you come in and sit?"

Farielle hesitates a moment, then puts her hand out to his, and nods to her own man - who withdraws to the door, shutting it after him. "Thank you," she says politely to the admiral, seating herself. "But I confess I do not understand - your man said you wished to speak with me?"
"Indeed, but let us be comfortable first. Shall we?" Elusul motions to his own chair and the chair across from his at the table. "There is wine if you would care for some?" A tray holding a descanter and two goblets is on the table to one side.

"A small glass, please," Farielle answers, folding her hands together in her lap. The only outward sign of nervousness - how tightly her fingers are twined.
Elusul goes to the table and pours a cup for Farielle and hands it to her before returning to his own seat. He smiles slightly and then starts off with, "It would be fair to say you have some knowledge of the Southlands, would it not?"

The girl takes a sip of the wine before answering. "Yes," she says at last, reluctantly.
This is duly marked down on his paper. Elusul dips his pen in the ink and makes another notation before looking back up. "As I'm sure you've noticed, our gaze has turned once more to Harad now that the Prince Imrahil has returned. Your unique knowledge would be most useful for our proposes."

"I have told the Prince all that I know," Farielle says. "When I first ... returned. It is in his records." There is the smallest quiver in her voice, and she concentrates on taking another swallow of wine.
Elusul nods at the sheaf of documents in front of him. "Yes, I've seen some of what is in the records, but they are so dry. I like to hear things myself, have an opportunity to ask questions." He holds up his hand, the end of his pen pointed at his head as he swirls it around, "It helps my thinking."

"I see," Farielle says very quietly. She takes a breath and lifts her head. "You must forgive me; I - I gave my word not to speak of this, and although I understand that my loyalty to Gondor must supersede any promise made to one with other loyalties, it - it is still difficult for me." Her fingers are very white around the stem of the glass, but her voice is steady now.
"Well, for the moment, 'it' is not important. I am more interested in where you were while in Harad, who all was there with you, anything you noticed about men under arms, ships coming and going." Elusul waves his pen, "You get the idea, I'm sure."

"All that is in the reports," Farielle says, making one last attempt to avoid speaking about Umbar. "That is not enough for you?"
"Yes, I see..." Elusul smiles slightly again as he flips through some papers and then reads something, "Yes, yes... You wrote these things down, but don't wish to elaborate on them even though they are here for me to read?" He tilts his head first one way and then the other as if weighing this.

"I will tell you what you ask," Farielle answers, her voice low. She has set the glass of wine down only half-empty. "What I wish seems to have - to have as little import here as it did in Umbar." She tries to smile.
Elusul puts his pen in its place in the inkwell and sits back in his chair as he studies Farielle. "Maybe if you told me more about the nature of this oath you swore to reveal nothing else beyond what's in your report? I wish to understand the nature of your reluctance to aid your people in their fight against the Enemy."

"I - " Farielle hesitates, trying to think of how to explain. Finally, she continues, "I always thought that to break one's oath was a terrible thing. If I promise something, in order to get what I desire, and then as soon as I have what I want, my promise means nothing - is that not wrong? But Calimendil has told me that while men have gone to death to keep their vows, not many had to choose between two."

Her voice lowers still further, and her face reddens. "The - the man I was married to, in Umbar, he brought me back to Gondor at risk to himself. I do feel ... I don't wish Gondor to fall, but I - I do feel ... grateful. I asked him to set me free - of the marriage - and he said he would, if I would promise not to tell anyone anything of my time in Umbar, or of those I met there." She glances up, a fleeting look. "I see now that was foolish of me; but I thought - I had told the Prince all that I knew, and no one wanted to know any more; and it had been more than a year. And I so wished to be free of all that - to never need to think of it again."
Elusul listens to this story with a thoughtful expression. At its conclusion, he thinks a moment and then speaks. "So this man, your husband according to the customs of the South, divorced you and returned you to Gondor as you asked as long as you did not tell anyone anything. And yet we have this report of yours? I am not understanding the sequence of events that allowed you to write this report and yet make this promise..."

"When he brought me home, he only required that I promise to remain his wife," Farielle answers. "It was - the man who claims he is our King - Alkhaszor serves that man, and it was his will that we marry. He said he could not go against his king's orders. It was later - I had already told Prince Imrahil all that." She nods towards the papers. "I saw him later, only a few months ago, and that is when he said if I would promise never to speak of my time in the south again, he would set me free of the marriage bond."
"What made you enter into a marriage in the first place?" Elusul leans forward and rests his arms on the table, still watching Farielle very closely with keen Isilrim eyes. "Was your pledge given freely even while you were held captive? Was this marriage consummated?"

For a minute, the girl looks sick, and even when she has banished the immediacy of memory and is more herself, the shadow remains. "I had no choice," she says quietly. "I thought - They took me to offer me to that man. Lord Alphros. I thought I would be made to be his wife, whether I would or no. But he married me to his servant, though I refused to accept any bond made in - in /his/ name." She is shivering, and reaches to drink the last of her wine.

A shake of her head. "He did not touch me. I did not feel myself bound to him because of th-that ceremony, but because of his request." Her face is sad, a little bitter. "I would have promised almost anything to come home. It seemed a small thing then to say I would remain lawfully his wife."
Elusul studies Farielle as she goes on speaking, steepling his fingers before his face. The knight-admiral hmms to himself when she is finished and then answers, "That is understandable. Men may be expected to escape or die trying if their will is not broken first, but ladies in such straits must hope for other forms of succor. I see no deceit in you, Farielle. You say you made your pledge of marriage under duress and I believe you. You say he never touched you and I believe you. The latter has bearing as the Ancient Ways, such as they have survived from long ago, tell us a marriage only begins when Man and Wife have lain together."

"I tried to think of a way out of the tower," Farielle says. "I could have disguised myself as a boy; I had the things I needed. But I could not see how to evade my guards. They were always with me, or at my door. I - "

She stops, her eyes flying to his face, wide and shocked. "It - they do? I was - I made that promise for - for nothing?" Her face is stricken.
Elusul rises from where he sits and comes around the table to sit on its edge in front of Farielle. "Not for nothing. If this pledge you gave to say no more was made only a few months ago, he has obviously sought you out here in Gondor." The man presses a hand to Farielle's shoulder. "You were afraid and that is understandable as well. You acted as you thought best under the circumstances as you perceived them. But you have no need to fear this man now."

Farielle nods. "I saw him on the beach at Dol Amroth." His hand is warm and comforting on her shoulder as she admits, "I do not feel safe. Alkhaszor would not hurt me, but if he can come as he wills, what of others? I have always someone of our household with me."
Elusul removes his hand. "Do you think after learning all this, you might return to your rooms here in Pelargir and reconsider your pledge to remain silent?"

Farielle is silent a long time. At last, she says, "Yes. I - it is Alkhaszor. I will tell you what you wish to know, but I do not wish him to be hurt because of me." She looks up now, her face questioning; will this man understand? "He helped me at a cost to himself, because it was right. I know he serves the enemy, but I owe him a great debt."
Elusul weighs this and then answers, "That is acceptable, yes. I'm sure this Alkhaszor will find other ways to hang himself." The knight smiles grimly as he gets up off the edge of the table and returns to his chair. Retrieving his pen, Elusul looks at his list of questions and begins...


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