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Winged Visitors

Tags: Faungrist,  Fuinross,  Ivrennin,  Bereth Elenath

Short Summary: A pair of Great Eagles arrive in the Valley for the festival Bereth Elenath.
Date (real-life): 2010-08-28
Scene Location: Open Meadow, Imladris

Dramatis Personae:

Ivrennin as festival host

Graim as Faungrist

Sulgirion as Fuinross

Open Meadow - Valley Path
This broad, open meadow continues off to the west, where it ends in forests. Toward the north the meadow gives way to the stables and the horse pastures, while to the south Elrond's House can be seen. Many of the House's windows face this way, and there is one door with a comfortable porch. Away to the west a huge old oak stands as a solitary sentinel against the sky. Beyond it, more forest, a birch wood, closes in at the foot of the cliffs.

The browns of late fall dominate the meadow, as the grasses and trees go dormant for the coming winter. Leaves are scattered thickly around the edge of the meadow, and blow across it, lofted to swirl around by the breezes.

Bereth Food Tables ('look food')
Obvious exits:
 South leads to Herunnur's Porch.
 West leads to Open Meadow - Crossroads.
 East leads to Crossroads: Valley Path and Forest Path.

Bereth Food Tables ('look food')
        There are several long wooden tables running parallel to each other. At the top, perpendicular to the others, is a single table. All are covered with white tableclothes.
        The table at the top is covered with drinks of all kinds including an almost clear liquid with a freshness surpassing fresh mountain snow.
        The tables in a row are laden with an assortment of food: meats, cheeses, breads, pastries, confections, sweets, dainties and delectables. All palates, both the subtle and the gross, will be satiated here. Tables include one dedicated to Orome where venison from the great hunt is served. Ulmo's realm is represented by the latest catch from Lake Ivrin.
        Finally, one table is dedicated to a series of cakes following a theme, a recreation of the Blessed Realm. There is a cake in the shape of Tol Eressea. Blue waves have been applied around it and a small arrangement of tiny candy houses and boats depicts the harbour of Avallone. Another cake rises very high, with purple icing all around except for the very top, which is in white and crowned with a small candy house, the house of Manwe and Varda.

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Before Dawn < About 5:19 AM >
IC day is:     Tuesday
IC date is:    October 18
Moon phase:    Full  <HIDDEN>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel shines very brightly above the horizon in the
               eastern sky.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Sun Aug 29 00:06:39 2010

The coming of dawn lightens the sky over the Valley. It is a chilly autumn morning, and fallen leaves rustle in the breeze that sails upon the wind. The fields and meadows have dulled and browned, and dead foliage from the trees adorns them here and there.

But high in the sky, the air is already warming at the coming of the day. A darkling shape coasts upon a current, the feathers of its silhouette tinted copper. Bright eyes peer downward toward the ground. "Do you think we are late in coming?" the avian's voice emerges as a series of warbles and screeches in the tongue of birds, and Fuinross turns his head to peer sideways as though to catch sight of another.

On the ground, the grand feast table awaits, though there are fewer Elves than normal. Perhaps it is the time of the day. The Bereth's main organizer, though, is present, bustling around the tables and sampling the foods. Indeed, there is so much food that it has taken a few days for her to move down the entire length of tables.

[Faungrist(#20753)]     Soaring off the wing of Fuinross is another Great Eagle, the raptor's eyes turned down to the ground. It is several long moments before his head tilts, returning the first's gaze. "Possible. We shall not know, however, until we land," replies Faungrist in the same tongue, head turning back to the ground.

        "Ah!" It comes out more like a screech than a word. "I see a table. Quite a large one. And movement. I would say we are right on time." That said, the rust and gold eagle begins a spiral towards the ground.

As the Eagles spread their large shadows on the ground, Ivrennin looks up. "Mae govannen," she calls, inviting the eagles to land with that one simple phrase.

"That is well," caws the copper avian with a dip of his head to Faungrist, and massive wings are tilted and tail angled to send Fuinross diving after his kinsman. Wingbeats blast the grass into wirling eddies as the eagle desends. "Well meet," Ivrennin's greeting is acknowledged with words in Westron.

Glittering talons reach for the earth, and swifly bite into it as the raptor alights nigh the assortment of tables. He cocks his copper head to give them a sweep with piercing amber eyes.

[Faungrist(#20753)]     Faungrist lands not too far from the other Eagle, eyes upon the table and the assorted food before they flick to Ivrennin, and he dips his head in greeting. "Aye, well met," says the avian, folding his wings back against his body. The eyes flick to Fuinross, head tilting slightly.

        "As I said. We appear to be on time."

"Welcome to the Bereth," says Ivrennin in Westron. "I see Sulgirion did spread the word - have I met you? I am Ivrennin." Stretching her arm behind her, she gestures to the amazing array of food and drink. "Pick what you like," she says, her lips curving into a gentle smile. "We have so much food that we could not possibly eat it all, I think."

The gaze shifts to regard the second great bird, and Fuinross nods anew, "Indeed. And from what we have heard tell, this is not a festival to miss." Then his attention returns to the Elf, and the beak clacks open and shut to form words as he tuckes his wings against his body. "Our brother did spread word. I am called Fuinross, Scout of the North." His copper head cants sideways to peer at the collection of food. "It is a great variety to be certain. Is there anything perhaps that you would recommend?"

[Faungrist(#20753)]     "Faungrist am I, Herald of the North," here, the Eagle's beak clacks sharply, "and Knight of the Ered Mithrin." He falls silent then, eyes flicking back to the table and food. "Variety is good," says he, "for nothing grows boring more quickly than the same food." The head then turns to look upon the Elf, an apparently curious look on the question of recommendations.

"There is so much here and all is good," says Ivrennin, a small frown marring her brow. "But there are some things in particular... these slow-roasted lambs were infused with a unique concoction of herbs and spices, I am told. And this fish, marinated with lemon, thyme and the essence of elanor. The cakes representing the Blessed Realm are delectable, too; though it seems like no one has had the heart to disturb the sculpturing. Instead, we eat from the bases. You might also want to try these fruit-studded breads made with a particular, rare strain of yeast."

She looks at the Eagles again, and then back to the food. "I can collect the foods you would like to savour into a large platter. So: what strikes your fancy today?"

[Faungrist(#20753)]     The rust and gold Eagle tilts his head as he gazes once more at the tables. "The lamb, I think, will be good. I feast too much on fish in the east," says the raptor after a few long moments of silence, returning his gaze to Ivrennin. "But a good lamb is rare, given their owners are rather loath to have them fed upon." A note of humour in the voice. "And maybe some of the bread. That could be interesting." He then tilts his head, gazing at the other Eagle.

Fuinross ruffles his copper feathers as Ivrennin lists some of the prepared choices, and the amber eyes seem to flash brighter with interest. "Aye, the lamb I shall try," he agrees with the second eagle. "Though I would be glad also to taste of the fish. And the bread...is that like your cakes? I believe I heard mention of the deliciousness of elven cakes from another of my kin, but I have never eaten one before."

"They are slightly different," replies Ivrennin. "The cakes are sweeter, while the bread is more... rich. I do not know how to describe it. And I have no idea how our cooks managed to procure the lambs, but obtain them they did, and we are so much the better for it." She goes to gather the food requested, placing the different dishes on a three large platters. "There," she says, a note of satisfaction in her voice. "But," she muses. "Will it be convenient for you to bend down and eat it? I tossed bread into the air the last time Sulgirion was here - but I have not the strength to toss lamb into the air."

[Faungrist(#20753)]     "There is no need for concern," says the Knight of the Ered Mithrin, leaning down to take a chunk of lamb from a platter before straightening back up, head tilted back as the meat goes down. Afterwards, he speaks again, a note of humour in his tone once more. "Tossed lamn. Now, there would be a thing to see, and an easy meal."

"It would save a great deal of trouble, verily. Many ground-dwellers are not too fond of our methods of..acquiring sheep from their fields." Likewise does the copper-hued raptor bend his great neck, stooping his body to snatch a his own piece from a platter, this of fish. Then, throwing back his head again and straightneing himself, Fuinross swallows the thing whole, no chewing to be seen.

Ivrennin laughs softly, a tinkering giggle. "Acquiring, indeed," she says, amusement coloring her voice. "So, how is the food? I could try to persuade some of the Tirith to toss the lamb for you, but somehow I doubt they would be fond of the idea."

[Faungrist(#20753)]     "The lamb is quite good," says Faungrist, leaning down to take another chunk; again he straightens and again his head is thrown back, swallowing it whole. "They should not let them wander so far," says he, apparently in defense of the usual 'methods' the Eagles use. Down he goes again, this time for bread.

Yet another helping of fish is stolen from the platter, followed by a sneak of bread, and the copper eagle clacks his beak open and shut as if in comtemplation. "Both fish and bread are wonderful. The former might even have fair competition with those from the Anduin's waters."

Fuinross ruffles his feathers once more, giving a bow of his head. "I thank you for your welcome and the food you have offered us. Now I shall take my leave, for I have flown long and far without sleep, and the boughs of your Great Oak seem a fair place to rest." The head then turns slighlty to Faungrist. "Thither shall you find me, brother. It is a mighty tree, with plenty of room for the both of us should you also seek its perch."

"I will pass your compliments on to the cooks," says Ivrennin, a smile lighting up her countenance again. "They will be delighted to hear your opinion. Until we meet again."

"Perhaps if you asked nicely, they would let you have a few," she then suggests to Faungrist, her eyes twinkling.

[Faungrist(#20753)]     A low series of squawks comes from Faungrist, perhaps a laugh. "They get nervous enough with their bows when they see us. I would not like to be on the end of their arrows by speaking," says the Herald, dipping his head to Fuinross. "I shall likely join you there, after I have finished."

        That said, he dips down once more for more lamb.


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