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Tags: Penniavas,  Merilind,  Broddur

Short Summary: The young Elf Penniavas attempts to 'help' the grouchy Dwarven miner Broddur and his friendlier apprentice, along the way getting hints of the Dwarves' mission.
Date (real-life): 2010-11-15
Scene Location: Imladris: Dwarven camp
Date (in-game): June 3051
Time of Day: Night?
Front Yard

Despite your not possessing a light, the scene here is far from dark. Lights within the Last Homely House twinkle out through many windows and give a gentle glow to the scene like starlight intensified. The grass near the house is not very high, perhaps because of being trodden on so often, but some higher tufts grow around the nearby trees. Hosts of flickering fireflies in the meadow to the north and west seem to be trying to replace the temporarily hidden stars. You can make out some trees standing nearby, and two paths can be seen leading away from the house, one southwest and one north. Down the steep bank to the south you can hear the chuckling of the Bruinen.

Obvious exits:
North leads to Open Meadow - Crossroads.
Front Porch leads to Front Porch.
Real time is: Mon Nov 15 2010
Game time is: Nighttime in June (Summer) 3051

[Penniavas(#24815)] As always, there is excitement when there are visitors to the valley. A friendly people indeed when one comes in peace. Penniavas himself was hanging around near the camp, having watched it diligently as it was set up, practically hoping from foot to foot. The young elf pushed hair from his eyes as he watched anxiously. One would have thought he'd never seen Dwarves before

The reactions of the Dwarves to their hosts are rather more mixed. Some of the younger ones stare at the elves with almost the same interest as Penniavas. The majority go about their business with nary a glance for any elf who might be watching. And others, like the scarred and grouchy Broddur, simply grumble. "-we have to come here? Told ye, there's no call to be involving folk like elves in our business. Should have passed on by. Look at them all, gawping like birdlings waiting to be fed. That one, say-" he jerks a thumb in Penniavas' direction. "Reckon I should pop a worm in his mouth?" And over he stomps, to demand brusquely, "Needing something, Master Elf?"

At the front porch is an elleth, sitting on one of the ledges. She holds a thick sheaf of bound paper in her hands. Her quill moves busily, even as her eyes flick up, and then down, and back up. A smile appears at the corner of her lips as she watches Penniavas's enthusiasm... but it disappears, replaced by a small frown, as the grumpy dwarf stomps up to the young elf.

[Penniavas(#24815)] A slight pause from PEnniavas, his eyes widening in delight - delight much more suitable for younger 'children' elves for the blue bedecked Ellon. His Westron is carefully crafted and enunciated, but still comes almost rapid-fire at the shorter dwarf as he bows in respect

"Oh! Nothing in specific! I was just waiting until you were done setting up camp to say hello, and greet you all. I am Penniavas - it means Little autumn in our tongue, I was not sure if you spoke it I must admit, henceforth the translation! Did you wish a tour of the Valley later perhaps? I would be quite honored to show you around if you have not been here before Master Dwarf... by the way, forgive me, I did not catch your name sir? "

He finally paused for breath and answer, but looked about to continue at a mere guesture.

Broddur listens to Penniavas' flowery speech, grunting in amazement. "Sounds like ye've said a good deal more than 'hello'," he answers. "And no, I don't speak the Elf tongue. No call for fripperies like that. I'm a miner, spend my time digging and delving, not ..." He waves a hand in the air, gesturing toward the seated elleth and her parchment.

"An' we're not planning to stay here long, see, just-" The words fade as he notices some of his compatriots frowning at him - one of them actually chuckles. "Well," he relents, "suppose it wouldn't hurt to know where the forges are. Master Elrond set you to act as servant?"

The movement catches the elleth's eye, and she shuts her book, stows her quill, and strides to the dwarf encampment. "Good day, Master Dwarf," she says, quite pleasantly. "Good day, Penniavas. I am Merilind. Were you in need of any assistance?"

   A hand comes up to rub the back of Penniavas' head. "Err, not so much 'sent', but I volunteered." Explains Penniavas with a smile as he puts his hands behind his back, standing politely. "I can show you where the forges are of course! I am sure our own smiths would not mind it at all. And many people stop for a short time, then continue on." he admits, tones going sad for a moment "Some come back again, and sometimes we go visit. I do wish many more folk could come to stay longer though. Your name, sir...? " he asks again, this time pausing longer.

He turns and waves to Merilind, bowing to her respectfully as she questions the dwarf.

Broddur turns his gaze on Merilind. "Good day, lass," he mutters rather more grudgingly in return. "And to my mind the Dwarves don't need any assistance." This last is said very firmly."

At the reminder about his name, he grunts and tugs on his lopsided-looking beard. "Broddur son of Brandur ..." there is quite the pause before he completes the sentence in the usual way, "at your service. Like as not we'll be moving on soon," he tells Penniavas hastily. "Once we've bought in provisions and the like. It's a long road north."

One of those younger Dwarves who had been viewing the elves with interest comes up to stand behind Broddur, black eyes bright with curiosity.

[Penniavas(#24815)] Penniavas repeats the bow, giving his own father's name as well with that warm smile he always seemed to have. He smiles at the other dwarf "Well, I'm sure we can arrange something with our storemans. That would be truly Lord Elronds' doings though, not mine. But for a tour and a few conversations I will be more than satisfied. Where are you going to the North? " he asks, tilting his head now inquisitively as he looks to the younger dwarf "And what is your name?"

One of Merilind's eyebrows quirk up at the grouchy dwarf's words, and she smiles. Dwarves and all their grouchiness. "If you say so, Master Broddur," she replies, "then I shall be off. But we may yet meet again." And with that, she turns and is gone, as quickly as she had arrived.

Broddur watches Merilind go with a satisfied expression on his face. One rid of, only one more to go ...

His younger countryman looks up at Penniavis with a pleased expression on his face (what can be seen of it, for much is covered by a fiery red beard). "Halli son of Haldur at your service," he responds with a gruffness that no whit masks his eagerness to impart information. "And it was Gandalf's doing. He told us about a relic of-"

"Hsst," Broddur cuts in, scowling blackly as he turns back to the pair and muttering something under his breath about 'pesky apprentices'. "That's quite enough."

[Penniavas(#24815)] "What, relic? " asks PEnniavas curiously "Ah, so you're going to retrive something lost that is important to the Dwarves." he was quick at least, and nods "I wish you luck with that then, wherever your searches may lead you. And GAndalf! I have yet to meet this famous man, butI have heard so much about him. What is he like? As wise and clever as they say? " he asks, eyes darting from one dwarf to another.

Broddur's scowl only deepens at Penniavas' deductions. "Next time, keep yon tongue where it belongs," he growls at his younger companion in what's probably supposed to be a whisper. For one with sharp ears, it's not hard to overhear though. "Poking your nose in. Not as if it's even the Firebeards' property ..." He glances up as the elf prattles on. "I didn't see him," he states at last, after a long uncomfortable silence (during which the younger Dwarf fidgets). "I was out guard duty that night."

"He-" the younger Dwarf begins, and subsides at the quelling look from beneath Broddur's bristling brows.

Penniavas looks at the younger Dwarf with insistent curiousity, then back to Broddur "Oh come, we can speak of a man who we both met couldnt we? " he asked, almost pleading "I would like to hear about him. YOu need not speak of WHAT he spoke about - I have little interest in treasure myself, much less that which belongs to another."

"He was very polite," manages the younger Dwarf at last. "And he liked the stew. Not everyone can stomach Oskar's cooking." (At this point, a rumbling noise sounds in Broddur's throat. Almost, one might think the elder Dwarf were laughing.) "He didn't have any fireworks, though."

"An' I should think not!" Broddur butts in sharply. "This is a travelling caravan, not a hobbit-picnic." Then something occurs to him. "If he came to us from the east," he says slowly, "oughtn't he have passed through here first?" Almost, he forgets to glare at Penniavas.

[Penniavas(#24815)] THe younger elf actually falls silent to think then shakes his head 'If he was here, then I have heard nothing of his passage. He may have come through quietly though - he is often subtle I am told, and doesnt always want a big fuss. I have not heard of him coming through here in the past few months." he looks from one to the other, frowning as he thinks on that too. How puzzling indeed. "MAybe he did not have time to stop."

"Mmmph." Broddur sounds unconvinced. "Never meddle in the affairs of wizards, they say. What's this whole business if not meddling? Maybe we should-" But he's a Dwarf, and Dwarves' love for gold and jewels, not to mention a fight or two into the bargain, is legendary. He does not complete the sentence.

The silence is filled by the younger Halli, asking eagerly of Penniavas, "Is there any news from over the Mountains?"

[Penniavas(#24815)] "Should what? " asks PEnniavas, his own curiosity perhaps not his best friend. He ohs then and shakes his head 'The usual. Orks, Goblins, Worgs. I hear Mirkwood is beset by more creatures than usual. The mountains are quiet as normal save for the raids. The way WEst is relatively quiet though." he informs them, going down the list.

Broddur considers that. "Best let the rest of them know," he comments quietly to his companion - and then, gruffly, "Thank ye, Master Elf." Why, could it be that Elves have their uses - even ones with flowery unpronounceable names?

"The road to Bree's clear too," pipes up Halli. "After we took on the bandits-"

"What's this 'we'?" Broddur demands, his old scowl returning. "Seem to remember it wasn't young whippersnappers like you among the fighters." Absently, he rubs at one shoulder as though mere memory had woke an ache.

[Penniavas(#24815)] "... Penny works just fine, and you are very welcome." notes Penniavas "I am no Master yet." he smiles, glancing to Halli with a blink of surprise "Bandits as well! I will make sure others going that way will know. When did you want to see the Forges? " he asks next, putting a slender hand on his hip.

Broddur grunts at that. "Was a nest of bandits plaguing the Breelands," he tells Penniavas, rather less grudgingly than most of his speech - but then, it's hard to be grudging when one is singing one's own praises. "Some of us sorted them out." His chest puffs out a little. "And as to the forges, might as well-"

At that moment he is interrupted by a call from camp. He turns round, fixing his own kinsmen with the same scowl he'd turned on the elves earlier. "Never a moment's peace!" he complains. "Halli, you go with him, see where yon forges are. But no tongue-wagging, mind!"

The younger red-bearded Dwarf nods almost too eagerly, and prepares to trot off.

Penniavas smilse at Broddur "I will show him where it is and promise not to ask him too much." he grinned, eyes glittering at that as he turns to the red-headed Dwarf, moving to guide him along, describing everything there was in the Valley

"Hrrmph." This time there's no doubt that Broddur is unconvinced. He watches the pair suspiciously for a moment, then turns back to whatever task he'd been summoned for. "Elves!" he mutters sourly under his breath. "Never use one word when a dozen will do ...""

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