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Banging on the door [Gundabad Quest]

Tags: Oskar,  Graim,  Elladan,  Unnar,  Seregithil

Short Summary: Dwarves and Elves attempt to solve the problem of the door by force
Date (real-life): 2011-04-28
Scene Location: Gates of Gundabad
Date (in-game): October 3052
Time of Day: Night?
Gates of Gundabad

Here, the gates within the mount which were a second line of defense to Durin the Deathless and his sons, long since vanquished. Signs of Khazad ghosts linger about these near-depths of the peak, marking the passage of a broken cobble road which plunges still deeper into the face of Gundabad.

Into the rockface, two great statues have been graven in the likeness of dwarves; they stand as hosts with arms spread broad in kind reception on either side of a high arch which must once have been gated with doors of stone - their faces have been broken and marred, beards cleaved and shattered upon the ground. Beyond these are the secrets of the mountain, where orcs are known to dwell in the deep.

But see here! The way through this ancient doorway is barred by an ugly, formidable portcullis wrought of black iron, and it squats in the ruined archway as though daring invaders to attempt its breach.


Obvious exits:
Ruined Gates and Upward Slope

A monstrous, gargantuan lattice has been lowered from a groove high above to bar passage through the ruined gates of Gundabad. Great spikes of black iron gouge the rock of the ancient pathways, a grid of surly metalwork to deny those who would enter the goblin stronghold by force, and heavy chains vanish into tiny channels delved into the underside of the archway. A spindle inside, set high into the interior wall and reachable it seems only by a tiny cave beneath it, would seem to hold the key to raising this formidable barrier.

OOC NOTICE: The portcullis represents a very real and very tangible obstruction to anyone seeking to pass in or out of Gundabad. While it is lowered, the exits leading to and from the stronghold are blocked. The only way to remove this barrier is to persuade the hosts to raise it, or to try and destroy it by force.

[Ered-Luin ZMO(#9561)->Broddur] Real time is: Thu Apr 28 15:20:12 2011
Game time is: Nighttime <00:00:36> on Sterday, Day 15 of October (Autumn) 3052

[Ollie(#15066)] Outside, the setting sun glances off the mountain peaks and turns them to flame. But in here, no one knows. It is dark and no ray of sunlight filters in. The dwarves, silent and grim, but with an undercurrent of excitement now that they are so close, marched down the twisting halls and tunnels, until they were brought up short at an iron portcullis hammered into place and obstructing the way on. And here they still are, after a short night and day camped before it, arguing about the best way around. Or through.

[Graim(#20753)]     One of those dwarves, standing a little aside from the arguing parties and staring at the protcullis in question, is Graim of the Dhurenfel, from Erebor. The warrior-healer is absently running a hand through his beard, deep in thought, occasionally murmuring something or another to himself.

Elladan has come with them and here at the iron grid he can be seen leaning agains the rock walls. Grimly he looks at the portcullis as well. Eventually he resorts to lighting a torch for lack of any other ideas how to proceed into the mountain.

Flame kindles flame, as the flickering light of the torch glints on the twisted red strands of one young Dwarf's beard and the bright eagerness in his eyes. "What does the torch show?" he asks aloud. "Is there any form of keyhole? Or is the Elf looking to smoke the rats of the mountains out like badgers."

[Ollie(#15066)] "We'll have to ram our way through, I've no doubt," Oskar answers gloomily, peering at the iron lattice in the dim torchlight. "Or dig out around the sides." He seems intent on taking the most pessimistic view possible.

[Graim(#20753)]     Perhaps 'tis the lighting of the torch or perhaps 'tis words spoken in something other than argument that draws the Dhurenfal from his thoughts. "Defenses like this do not have keyholes, lad; chains or ropes are used to raise or lower," rumbles the dwarf in reply, gesturing at the obstructing construct.

    "Digging would take too long," continues Graim after moment, glancing briefly to Oskar. "Especially in dangerous territory. Through shall likely be the best way; have to cut a gap large enough for our purposes, I would think."

[Elladan(#27059)] "And it would make noise," mentions Elladan while he inspects the outer edges of the portcullis. "Noise that would surely alert those inhabitants of this place that are much greater than rats."

Lad. At that word the young red-bearded Dwarf (for he is, unmistakeably to his own kind if not to other races, younger than many here) lets his chin jut out belligerently. His youth lends sharpness to his gaze. "What's that up in that hole, then? Looks like some kind of mechanism to me. Could an archer reach it, maybe?"

The question turns to a look of disgust at Elladan's words. "Rats," he repeats. "Vermin. What did you think I meant, laddie?" He's not above using the 'l' word himself.

[Ollie(#15066)] "Or dissolve the metal away," Oskar adds. "But that would take quite a long time. And I haven't any of it on me, have you?" He glares at the other dwarves, accusingly.

[Graim(#20753)]     "I would be surprised if any was brought in sufficient quantity," muses Graim, "but I do not work with metal, so I could not say if we do or not. It would be interesting to see, though, how well if would fare if we have any at all."

    His gaze flicks upwards, narrowing slightly as he looks for the aforementioned hole and mechanism. "I am not sure if that would work in our favour, if we want it to go up rather than stay down... hm."

[Elladan(#27059)] The elf pokes the torch through the grid to light the corridor behind. "I could try the shoot an arrow at it," he replies to the redbeard. "For what it is worth." That said he takes his strongbow and picks an arrow from his quiver.

The young red-beard looks startled at Oskar's accusatory look, and shakes his head. "Not me," he answers the one-eyed cook, then mutters something under his breath about sitting around until they're all as old as Oskar before the gates are worn through.

At Graim's comment the prideful look that had lifted his chin fades away to naught, and he lets out a subdued, "Oh." It must sting that of the whole group, only an Elf is taking him seriously. To said Elf, he offers no more encouragement.

[Graim(#20753)]     The Dhurenfal shrugs, turning his back upon the portcullis. "I am hardly an engineer, so my musings are merely uninformed opinions. Besides, given that it's down, I doubt it could make things much worse for us." The warrior-healer's eyes flick to Elladan, and an eyebrow arches up slightly. "If nothing else, it will be interesting to see if it can be hit."

Elladan squeezes the torch between gate and rock to free his hands and then he nocks the arrow and releases it through the lattice.

[Elladan(#27059)] A sharp click can be heard as the arrow impacts at the remote wall but nothing happens.

The red-bearded Dwarf's head jerks up in hopeful expectation ... At the click of the arrowhead on stone, he claims aggrievedly, "You must have missed!"

[Graim(#20753)]     "Only to be expected," replies Graim quietly, "for the lighting in here is not given to archery and the target looks to be a difficult one." A brief pause. "Assuming the mechanism still works at all, that is; goblins do not seem to me to believe in caring for mechanisms..."

Elladan shakes his head. "They might as well have destroyed the mechanism. Either out of folly or in purpose. I fear that in the end we will not be able to avoid some noise. Are there any smiths among you?"

"The wretched vermin must have /some/ way out of their bolthole," the red-bearded Dwarf points out to Graim, scowling the meanwhile.

At Elladan's suggestion, he hesitates, glancing about him. "My family work at iron-smithing," he admits eventually, giving no reason for his reluctance. "I know something of it." He transfers his scowl to the criss-crossings of the bars.

[Graim(#20753)]     "Gundabad was once home to many of our people; naturally, there is more than one way out," the Dhurenfal replies blandly, "to say nothing of any other holes the goblins may have made in their time here. However, we know not the old ways nor their newer ones, so this will have to do."

    The eyes flick to Elladan. "You ask if there are smiths amongst dwarves?" The question is dry and rhetorical; as the red-bearded dwarf speaks, he falls silent, glancing at the portcullis himself once more.

[Elladan(#27059)] "Alas, it would have been too easy if we just could walk into the king's chambers." Elladan draws another arrow from the quiver and sends it at the obscure mechanism.

Elladan launches an arrow...
Elladan's bowshot hits Portcullis, mildly wounding it.

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Elladan strikes it!

The red-bearded Dwarf squints at the heavy lattice of iron, as though considering weaknesses. "There," he says at last, with a jerk of the chin. "Rust, see? The iron'll be wea-"

He breaks off with a start as Elladan's arrow flies past. For a moment he is silent. Then, "Reckon you did something," he concludes reluctantly. Another pause. "Thought not enough. Could be a good shake'll help rattle it loose." With no more ado, he reaches for the spiked hammer at his hip and strides forward to offer the offending speck of rust a heavy blow.

You attack Portcullis with your War Hammer...
Your attack against Portcullis mildly wounds it!

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Unnar strikes it!

[Graim(#20753)]     For the moment, Graim does not move; the Dhurenfal merely watches, though his hand slips down to his mace, fingers drumming upon the head of it.

[Elladan(#27059)] "Ah, now there's hope of defeating the iron beast!" Elladan puts the bow aside and tries to shake the gate but it is much too heavy to be moved with bare hands. "Time will be our friend," he excclaims then. "For this lattice is old indeed and as rusty as the remains of Angband beneath the Great Sea. We shall beat it to break our way through it. Hammers and maces are needed here!"

And as he is lacking such equipment Elladan takes up a piece of rock and begins to hit on the bars that lock the portcullis into the side walls.

[Combat(#13388)] Elladan lowers his longbow.

Elladan attacks Portcullis with his Bare Hands and mildly wounds it!

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Elladan strikes it!

At Elladan's words several of the younger Dwarves push their way to the forefront to join in attacking the resistant iron. Only for mutterings to begin behind them: "Hush that racket! Ye'll have every goblin in the mountain down on us, and us none the richer for it. Let heads set to work here."

The red-bearded Dwarf, Unnar, is having none of that. "It's shaking, I tell you! See." He aims another heavy-handed blow at the spot of his choice.

To Elladan, he comments, "You'll never open it with yon. Try an axe." At that suggestion one of the Dwarves wordlessly holds out a spare.

You attack Portcullis with your War Hammer...
Your attack against Portcullis mildly wounds it!

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Unnar strikes it!

[Graim(#20753)]     Moving closer to the portcullis, Graim takes a few moments to study the iron before he seems to find a spot to his liking. Ignoring the others for now, he pulls out his mace and strikes a sharp blow at the spot.

Graim attacks Portcullis with his Mace and mildly wounds it!

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Graim strikes it!

Elladan eyes his stone with discontent and then tosses it away. "I should borrow this one," he decides and picks up one dwarven axe that was leaning against the wall. "And I will whet out the shards after this." Obviously pleased with the new tool he swings it at the gate.

Elladan picks up a Battle Axe.
[Combat(#13388)] Elladan wields Battle Axe.

Elladan attacks Portcullis with his Battle Axe and mildly wounds it!

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Elladan strikes it!

Removed from the dwarves and standing some distance behind them in the darkness, a lone figure stands in contemplation of the gate. Seregithil squints through the torchlit cavern at the great portcullis as if trying to boar a hole in it with his eyes or learn it's deep secrets with vision alone.

Others have joined in the attack on the Gates now - and with so many axes and hammers ringing, what else could it be termed but attack? - but the red-bearded Unnar has little praise to spare for their efforts. Rather, he seems to take the fact that his own little rust-eaten patch of portcullis has not broken apart as a personal affront. He swings again, but this time (could it be he is distracted by the unpleasant feeling that Elven eyes are staring /his/ way?) the blow is poorly gauged.

You attack Portcullis with your War Hammer...
Your attack against Portcullis mildly wounds it!

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Unnar strikes it!

[Graim(#20753)]     Graim frowns at the portcullis at its resistance to the efforts of the party thus far, muttering something coarse beneath his breath. His mace is brought back once more and then snaps forward, striking at the metal again.

Graim attacks Portcullis with his Mace and mildly wounds it!

The lattice of the mighty portcullis shudders and a great clang is heard as Graim strikes it!

His eyes shifting down from the mighty portcullis as it continues to shutter and clang, the Mithlondhrim's eyes study the weapons being used by the Dwarves and Peredhel. "Surely there is no ram we might use, so as not to dull all of our weapons before more yrch arrive?!" Seregithil shouts, though who knows if his voice will carry over the racket.

[Elladan(#27059)] "You are right, Seregithil!" Elladan calls back and sets the axe down. "Let the dwarves continue with blunt weapons while we secure the corridor to the back with sharp blades. I believe this concert will not remain unattended!"

The red-bearded Unnar's latest effort against the hard iron of the portcullis is ill-wrought. His hammer strikes, it is true, but at the wrong angle - and worse, the spiked head of the hammer has caught behind the bars, so that it twists his arm in its socket as he tries to complete the swing. He barely manages to hold on to the weapon, and a cry of pain escapes his lips as he manages to jerk it free. At length he turns away from the unyielding gate, disgust writ plain across his features. "Perhaps you should build us one," he tells Seregithil bluntly before making a dignified withdrawal to the shadows, ostensibly to inspect his now-slightly-blunter hammer.

Likely, in time others will acknowledge Seregithil's wisdom, and the assault will pause ... for now.

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