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Strange Tongues

Tags: Buugoc,  Gunk,  Bal'Dyak

Short Summary: The Morian King and his Shaman speak with the Uruk-Hai Bal'Dyak - plans of man-meat and burnt elf, and ever the splatter of blood.
Date (real-life): 2011-10-31
Scene Location: Gladden River, South Bank
Date (in-game): 3054-4-26
Time of Day: Deep Night
Weather: Spring


07:48 PM
Logfile from Elendor.

Gladden River, South Bank
The area is dimly lit by the heavens, nightime shadows darkening everything around. The ford of the Gladden river lies to the north, this south bank deepening into the shallow gully though which it runs. The air is warm and humid in this spring night. The Misty mountains lay off to the west, blacker against the horizon than the shadows around you. The tree line runs the way of the river, traveling from the mountains to the east. The area is more fertile than those around you, scattered trees riding themselves of the frost. The Anduin valley rolls out to the east, while a path is dimly lit from above, traveling north and south in this region. A small path runs off to the east.
The rain continues to pour around you. The nighttime spring air is warm and humid around you. The moon is not visible.
Morian Orc Camp
Orcish Campsite
Obvious exits:
North, East, and South


     The night is pitch black here beneath the branches of the forest, what was once a beautiful forest with trees, undergrowth, and more is hardly recognizable. The undergrowth has all be stripped, the lowest branches of the trees have all been stripped with many of the trees themselves being chopped down.. Blood, feces, muck, and slop cover the landscape.
     Littering the area are makeshift tents that makeup what is the Morian Horde, small fires burn roasting small animals, snagas, and other random things above them. Near the center of the Horde is an oversized tent, the tent of the Gothshaka! Standing at each corner and at the entrance is a large oversize guard, but the flap to the tent is open that the Gothshaka sits upon a log outside his tent roasting the tonge of a poor snaga beside him, the poor whelp bleeds profusely and whimpers a gurgled sound.

A formation of Isengard's finest marches through the ragged camp of Morian goblins, snarling and jangling in vicious step. A dozen strong and finely armed, jagged blades and full quivers of black fletched oversized arrows, they near the King's tent with Raven Captain Bal'Dyak at the foremost point. A pair whisper towards the rear, "They ain't got no plans sides choppin and a hackin." The second responds, "Not like'n it take much more."

    The captain raises his hand for silence and formation. The warriors form a wall behind him as Bal'Yak regards the tongueless slave, belching the hiss of westron, "Little beasty get yer goat ther, mighty one?"


     Looking up from his roasted tongue the Gothshaka says "He forgot his place.." taking a bite of the tongue he chews a moment and then gestures for Bal'Dyak to take a seat next to him upon another log. Roasting the tongue some more he says "What aid can your rabble of archers give my Horde? What good will yous be in the sacking of villages."
     Looking directly at Bal'Dyak he says "I have many archers, and many trolls what good can you offer the Gothshaka of Moria?"

Quite aware of their status as out-numbered, but equally aware of their strength and brutal training, with confidence the Captain accepts the offered seat.

    Crash of metal upon wood as he sits sharply on fat haunches, his reply is measured in slow words of Westron, a poor attempt at humility in the horde leader's presence, "Trolls can't read no maps, but archers can always learns them a thing or three - and I bring you the finest. A hundred strong we come seeking man-flesh on orders - and I see none of yours what carry the weapons and armor we been blessed wit."


     Looking to Bal'Dyak with a sly grin the Gothshaka chews upon the tongue once again and says "Yes, trolls not be bright but they can crush many many men." With the tongue upon the end of his dagger he offers it to Yak and says "We will feast on Man Flesh Bal'Dyak, we will burn the forests, burn their villages, and raze their city to the ground!"
     Picking up a cup he drains its contents in one long swallow, then looking over his shoulder he shouts "Shatrauga!!! Your Gothshaka requires your skill."


The shaman Gunk enters the circle light created by a child of The Flame in front of Gothshaka's tent. Gunk gives Bal'Dyak a wary glance before coming forward and bowing to his king.

"Gothshaka, The Flame is pleased. How may I serve you this night?"

"Yo rituals, well.. you's all workt up'ns on them pointy ears right? Maybe's I'm thinkin, if we's all set on feastin' on man-flesh," Bal'Dyak suggests, motioning the proferred tongue away, "well maybe's we shud cut right on to them north-men. I ain't much for shootin' at somethin' I can't see."

    Silent, strong and sharp in their formation, the mighty Uruk-Hai stare forward blankly. If they have questions, at least they have enough brains to save them for later. Their leader continues, "Ya wantin' to burn down EVERY forest?" Puzzled with line of question is the Captain's brow, as he looks to the Shaman, hand crawling along leg but avoiding a blatant grasp of his blade. He adds, "Burn out the elves, smoke out the men. Run 'em up and hack 'em down. Thats the way of Sharku!"


     As if paying no attention to Yaks words the Gothshaka tosses the tongue into the fire and then uses his dagger to slit open his hand, making a fist he drains his dark life blood into the cup. Handing the cup to the Shaman he motions for him to do something and saying "Rituals Shatrauga.." Looking back to Yak he says "North we go, right for man-flesh!" his eyes seem to light up with the words 'Man Flesh'
     Waiting a moment he says "You and yours will take whatever plunder you find, your share of the riches." Thinking a moment he says "Every Forest? No, just the ones the leaf ears call their home.. burn them!!" Shouting at the top of his lungs "Death by Fire!!" as the shout is heard the camp returns the chant.


Gunk nods as he takes the cup. Stepping aside and facing The Flame, the shaman opens his medicine bundle to retrieve ingredients for something sinister. From a pouch on his belt, he retrieves something obviously taken from what once was alive. The ingredients go into the cup and from the organ is squeezed a foul fluid. All is mixed together with bone and then blessed with mumbled words. For a moment, the potion seems to come alive as the Gothshaka says the word "Fire." Gunk finishes his prayer and then waits.

Through the rising chant the Uruk-Hai remain transfixed upon some un-seen point with vacant eyes - yet muscles ripple instinctively in the excitement. Brutal and raw the ways of the Morians, and they are moved from within, despite no familiarity with this ceremony. One's gaze becomes unlocked, snarling with seething fury; the Captain sees his fallen posture and snarls wordless orders, and the rank's formality is renewed.

    "We fight with no fear, we fight with no end. Plunder you keep, if it be Sharku's will to returns ta our caves? Well, we won't be needing none of it," he offers as if the bargain is complete. Man-flesh, that will be plenty - and the Uruk-Hai fear not to claim that spoil un-hindered. To follow local custom, with his best Orc guess, Bal'Dyak looses a dagger from belt and cuts his own palm deeply. Blood rolls from uplifted hand to fall on his face hot; he holds it above lips to drink - and extends the hand towards the King.


     Lapping the blood up willingly the Gothshaka takes the cup from the shaman and raises it above Yak, pouring it over the Uruk-Hai face and towards his mouth. The Orcs that see this take up the chant, and Death By Fire can be heard shouted through the camp!


Carefully watching the fire in front of the Gothshaka's tent, there are only the normal licks of flame climbing into the night's sky. And then it happens! A sudden burst of coals spray up up up over the assembled orcs and lightly showers down upon them. Gunk smiles and nods and backs away from the fire.

"Sealed in blood, it shall be delivered! For Sharku! Death and fire! Death and fire!" Bal'dyak bellows, rising in the stench of steaming liquid cursing his face and fouling his gear. Stains form upon the his chain-mail, hot and red.

    "Death and fire! Man-flesh for all!" the Raven Captain continues his chant among strangers, goblin ways now welcomed. He strides to his company, and slaps each one fiercely across face. As each guard is struck, his voice rises to join in the chant, and his blade is brandished in rhythm - fire exploding across the metal.


     Lapping up whatever blood is left the Gothshaka gets to his feet and continues the chant "Death by Fire!! Death by Fire!!!" reaching his hand into the fire he picks up a smoldering rock and lets it melt his flesh, cauterizing the wound as he continues the chant!


"To the Guard-Master, Uruk-Hai!" the Captain orders, and his troop fans in guard behind him, chanting, flexing and displaying their might as they go. "Mighty in skill we be, and mighty in number they. Yes, alliance and feast to come." He drools in eager anticipation as they march southwards to their hidden camp.

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