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Gears of War

Tags: yak,  Ssamori,  Kalyrua

Short Summary: Orcish plots grow bigger, holes deeper, forests smaller; will they survive themselves?
Date (real-life): 2011-12-19
Scene Location: Dale: Southlands
Date (in-game): 3054-9-20
Time of Day: Dawn
Weather: Partly Cloudy, End of Summer


11:08 PM
Logfile from Elendor.

West side of the Bridge
You are standing near the west bank of the river Celduin. You can see the menacing forest of Mirkwood just a few miles distant. To the east is the river and past it the lands of the famous vintners of Dorwinion Wine. A road seems to run south along the river, and by its side stands a large signpost.
Uruk Leader
Orc Scouts

Dale-lands Forest
Obvious exits:
Small House, West, South, and East over the Bridge

The sun rises above surviving rim of forest, early shadows cast long lines from the growing works of Isengard engineering and Morian savagery. Each day without a full onslaught of human resistence the relentless work of many cave-born hands expands the list of devices of war: a dozen war-towers reaching defiantly to the sky, a score of catapults, and endless deep trenches. The diverse functions of the Isengard have matched well with the eager and endless hands of the Morian Horde's brimming wrath. Chop and crash fall the trees westward, ever expanding this field readied for battle, and ever granting more raw material for the construction of more Orc machinery. The wall of forest to the east is preserved as cover for their operation - and as yet untested by any would be scouts from Dale.
    In the clear light of summer morning, the Morians take cover beneath the walls dug deep into the earth, covering the gaps with camouflage. When the fury is unleashed across the bridge to Iach Celduin, should retreat be a necessary move or a gambit strategy for the Orcs, they have readied this place to be one where men shall find no victory. At the western-most edge of the wide clearing, the Engineers are testing their finds from conquered villages, with no small chance they may yet add explosives to the list of their readied weapons. With drool of lustful approval wet on his fangs, the Raven Captain Bal'Dyak watches the night's experiments continue into the light of day.

Standing but a few paces from Bal'dyak, the uruk-hai female disguised as a male to keep her presence from the Morians shadows the captain as she often does. Yellowed eyes rimmed with red flash between tendrils of lanky black hair styled like the other warriors. Ssamori's hissing voice comes from behind him, "So which bit of this is makin' ya most happy, captain?"

[Kalyrua(#27724)] Among the mess of engineering, stands one orc a bit off from the others. That's not the only thing off about him though. Kalyrua stands with two concoctions of metal and taps them together in a manner more ape-like than anything as the two pieces obviously do not go together in any way. Least, not to anyone else anyways. Nonetheless, the orc mumbles to himself strategic plans for some device or another before turning to another orc nearby, "Yer put the metal in the rut......an' ya blow the humans up! That'sa how ya be doin' it."

  The Captain catches Kalyrua's eye and wiping a hand across his mouth, he sets down the contraption in his hands and heads toward that direction.


Staring long and hard at the captain as he fails to actually respond in any reasonable way, Ssamori snorts loudly and tugs sharply on one of the leather straps on the ill fitting armor she was assigned for this little outing. Prominent incisors gnash together, and she steps forward to stand alongside the captain, crossing armored gloves across her chest as she looks the approaching Kalyrua over.


The age in Kalyrua's face does nothing for his stance and the stride in which he approaches the Captain and the other Orc is no less tainted by the fact. He eyes the orc following his movements and when he's within spitting distance, he does just that. His long tongue flicks at the air as if tasting something there before he speaks, "Ya think 'ere's somethin' a see 'ere? 'R ya just got 'urself one 'f those starin' problems?"

Sniffing the air with her stunted noise, the female shaman's cracked lips part in a flash of yellow teeth and a sudden snap as her teeth come together. "Just trying to decide iffen I should bother lookin' a bit harder old one. The rocks. What be they?" She uses the bottom of her chin to gesture to where Kalyrua had just stood moments before.


At the orc's voice, the smile shatters the old man's features as the lips part, the glimpse of teeth dulling for only a moment in the light. "Well, I'a don' think I mind a second glance 'ver now 'n' again." Kalyrua pauses, "Rocks?" He stands for a moment, mouth gaping open, a little puddle of drool forming just in the edges. The blood eyes drift off into some distant though before he turns back to the orc. He eyes her as if he's just realized she's standing there before taking a step forward with a renewed grip of enthusiam. "Rocks? Whatcha talkin' 'bout rocks fer?" He points back to the place where he was standing. "Those 'r' some deadly devices we be makin' 'ver there. Why I got an idea for a ...a ...just wait a sec."

 Kalyrua rushes over to a nearby pile of resources and picks a shiny piece off the top before coming back over with it. "Ya see this. Whatcha think it is?"

"Ain't much fer that kinda thinkin, mate," Bal'Dyak speaks, returning from battle plans drawing within slow mind, and he notes Kalyrua's own ideas. "Do tell, whats ya got next fer me to slobber at?" he questions the Engineer, smiling with jagged pleasure aside to the disguised shaman.


Eyeing the shiny bit of rock with a dubious frown the shaman shakes her head and glances at Bal'dyak with a snort and a rumbling chuckle, "Well, I'd be guessin' old one that it be a shiny rock, but I be guessin' somehow it's also for men folk whackings. You good at throwin' them?"


 Kalyrua sputters at the Orc's statement. "Shiny rocks? Why I never... You need to listen to what I'm sayin'." He points at the piece in his hand. "What 'is is now, doesn't matter. But what it /could/ be? That's a completely different topic." He wanders away just a little bit holding the object in his hands. He lifts it up to his eye closing one to look down the length of it like one would a periscope. He turns it over in his knarly fingers running his hands down the length of it, caressing like one might a lover. Then with renewed vigor far beyond his years, "Ya know what I'mma do wit' 'is? I'mma turn it 'nto a machine that'll rip the flesh clean off 'em humans. Save me a lot of work gettin' to my dinner."

The orc captain bellows with approval in rumbling waves of foul laughter as meaty fingered paws burst in applause, one mimicked by the circle of onlooking subordinates. "Seems tongues get forked by age AND the temple," he finds words at last, shaking off his humor filled approval. "Gets that nice bits of cookin, just on the edges - fresh and rare, and still stinkin' of battle. Now THATS the good eatin," Bal'dyak speaks fist pumping and fat legs stomping with excitement.
    And in his rambling fervor he turns to the She Shaman, "You'll bless battle even better once'n ya seen what all we're unleashin, finest work i dun seen by the Fighting Uruk-Hai!"


The shaman's not familiar with whatever shiny rock thing this is, and she runs her tongue against her teeth as she watches the older orc with red rimmed eyes. "Flesh rippin?" Ssamori's eyes settle on the captain, "Seems you've got some idea of what this is, barber."

"Old one! Show us how it works! So I be knowing how to best bless it." With that she kicks a rock away from the ground and flops down with her thickly armored legs stretched out before her. So she settles in to see what will happen.


 Kalyrua pauses in his marveling of the would be object. He pauses with the piece held in the air like a trophy that's just won first place. He glances out the corner of his eye at the Orc next to the captain and squints, "Test it, ya say? Well, it ain't nothin' /yet/, stupid." He eyes the Captain though and runs his tongue over his cracked lips a flick of something settling in his eyes. "But I can... wait a second."

  He runs back over to the pile where the piece came from and looks around a bit. He picks a few pieces up here and there and gathers them in his arms before making his way back over to where the two are standings. In his hands he holds the following: a large piece of metal (which he'd been inspecting before), a longer piece with a jagged ridge at the top a, a coil, a leather piece of string, and a sharpened claw. He flops himself down near the Orc and goes to work mumbling to himself, "Tie that there. Fasten that there." Snap. Snap. "Yes, 'at'll work nicely."

  After a few long moments, the Orc stands up and holds the item out in front of him with an, "aha!" He pauses then and turns himself in a circle kind of like a dog chasing his tail before his eyes fall on a slave behind him. He points a gnarled finger at him before then bending it in a beckoning motion, "here. Now." The slave hestitates but slowly takes a step towards Kalyrua. Kalyrua turns the man to face away from him and then steps back. With one swift motion, he sticks the tip of the jagged piece of metal into the man's flesh, the coil at the top of the contraction allowing the other metal piece to bear in, like a pair of tongs, and grasp the skin of the slave. As the slave lets out a blood curtling yell, Kalyrua makes a swift motion that jabs the jagged tooth into the flesh wound fastening itself deep. With a yank, the slave's flesh is pulled from his bones as a sea of black blood comes pooling at Kalyrua's feet. He lets out a laugh, jumping up and down at his creation. "See! Try doing that with yer fancy knives 'n' 'orks!"

"S'a dandy show you always done put on, why since I weren't but knee high to a Wargie," considers the Raven Captain, wet and hot with open-mouthed interest, "I remember watchin' yer spectacles. Now's for stupid, well, that's somethin what one DOES and I know you ain't breakin none mah boneses with words, ya stanky old coot. Bigger things, smarty-pantsed things, fine, I'll take it. I gots my sword and my brutes, Temple kind gots their curses and blessin's and spells, you wiley Engineerin' types? Well thats a whole kinda crazy I don't look to fight."

     Speaking as he nears the seasoned orc, and his unworldly flesh catching device, he plants a slapping palm of camaraderie on Kalyrua's shoulder, stupidly without regard to such a risk, "Think ya dun't proved THAT point mate. So yer boys found all the right ingredientses in the villages for them blabloombs? I gets the idea here - if ya DO gets the recipe cooked up right, a bunch of smaller boomers could be really nasty." Again he drools with approval, fantasizing new strategies if a long studied project of the cave's maddest scientist should finally find fruition.


The orc moves his head to stare at the Captain's hand on his shoulder out of the corner of his eye. He raises a gnarled hand and lifts the Captain's finger and removes the orc's hand placing it by it's owner's side. He gives it a tap as if for safe keeping before wandering a little bit away, trailing the blood from the puddle he was standing in behind him. He steps over the body of the slave and reaches for a pile of something. "Well, ya see it's like 'is Captain. There's small boomers and big boomers and itty bitty boomers." He holds a round circle up near his eye and nods with approval before moving back over to the slave. He moves the dripping corpse into a intricate position, laying him on his back. He then moves the limp hands and places them on the slave's chest in a somewhat reverant position. In the corpse's hands he places the little round ball, like the blood off his fingers. He smacks his lips and then lets out a little 'hmm' before he then moves to the captain. Placing his hands on either side of the orc's shoulders he says, "'xcuse me, Captain, but ya might wanna step back just a bit." Then he makes his way over to a fire pit and lits a stick on fire. With the tip burning hot, he lights the ball and takes off running. About two foot away, he drops and waits for the POOF that follows.

  When the sound comes, Kalyrua raises and lets one eye peek out between his fingers. A thin mmist of smoke covers the body and Kalyrua raises to one knee and inspects the situation. He walks over to the corpse and examines the damage. The corpse is missing a hand but nothing more. Turning to the Captain, he lets out in a loud bark, "Answer yer question! Does mine! Not enough boom!" He walks over to a bunch of engineers working, "We need more boom, I tell ya!"


 Thoroughly amused with the ongoing spectacle, the Captain follows the suggestion, backpeddling a number of paces; following the cues of the engineering lads, he too covers his ears. In doing so, he hears nothing, but sees the puff of smoke, puzzles. His tilted head and ragged maw fall with confused wits, "More? Look'ns like SOME would do. Though's I gots my respectin's yer way, all proper like, we wouldn't got all them towers.. and I never seen catapults come together so quick and pretty-like. Right clean and nasty they is, the twe.. twel.. well the whole LOT of them. We'll keep sharpenin our swords, yer boys, keep biggining up your booms."


Kalyrua nods all thoughtful-like. "That 'll do. That 'll do. Not enough destruction in these 'ere boomers. I get you a boomer, 'll make ya proud 'ere, Captain. Ya just wait 'n' see now. It'a comin', fellas. Just wait. I'll make 'em big boomers yet 'r my name's not Kalyrua." He pauses a moment considering, as if verifying that is in fact his name and then nods right, "You'll see."

"No doubts mate, no doubts. Thought it be makin' me quite confuzled. Er punfused? One of them words, I means, it don't make no sense. I want ya ta have plenty time, but I don't be gettin what keeps us waiting," responds the Captain, crossing his arms as he join Kalyrua's side. He stomps a pair of earthworms into slime and adds, "I smell 'em. Plenty of 'em. But not enough to spring the traps yet. If'ns we're gonna claim this valley, they's gotta show up in force right?"

    His voice lowers, as an elder to another amidst many with the wrong questions and better ears, "We could rush right on over and find us red clover, but we'll get far more meat if'n we can makes them run towards us.. towards all this. Have it laid out? Lines and towers and catapults with yer kibbles n bits sprayin every which whar? Get all their men dead 'n burnt, cept some weaklings. Their women and the soft wobbly kids.. make 'em ALL slaves. Yeah, we could just 'bout breed 'em like a horse-lord on a pig farm."


Kalyrua nods slow letting the Captain's words wash over him, "I understan' ya, Captain. And don't you worry yerself 'bout it. We'll have 'em rearing and ready to blow when the timin' comes. That's a fact, Captain."

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