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Wedding at Combe!

Tags: Toby,  Lucille,  Hector,  Rhifaroth,  Giliath,  Caelwen,  Gildor

Short Summary: Toby and Lucille finally tie the knot.
Date (real-life): 2008-06-21
Scene Location: Hector and Holly Appledore's
Date (in-game): April 26,1444 (Shire)
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Clear

Hector and Holly Appledore's

    On the southern side of the stream, nestled comfortably into the corner of the village sits Holly and Hector Appledore's modest home. The winter had been kind to the home, and now the spring has already invited the bright buds of flowers and trees to blossom. The front walk of cobblestone has been swept clean, and the shrubs have been trimmed to perfection.

    A small worn path continues around the home to a spacious backyard. The tall trees that surround the village serves as a natural border, and just beyond the sounds of the stream can be heard. Today the yard is looking especially festive. A garden lattice has been set near the edge of the trees, and two small rows of chairs sit on either side of a partitioned walkway that leads to the lattice. The walkway is marked every two feet by a small basket of fruit and flowers and leads from the house to the arch.

    To one side, two large tables have been set out with a white cloth. Beverages and plates are set, with spaces left to allow for the meal to be served. In the center of the table is a larger basket of fruits and flowers.

Obvious exits:

Nob has connected.

Giliath has arrived.

Aunt Holly is in her element! There are people milling about, and the elder points and gives orders.. pulls freshly baked food from the oven as she directs and re-directs the few people who have offered to help on this special day. Despite the bustling downstairs, distinct footsteps can be heard from up above. Several quick steps.. a pause.. more quick movements, a crash, another pause.

Lucille is getting ready.

Holly's eyes glance up as she wipes hands against her apron, muttering to no one in particular. "That poor girl is going to put herself into a fit if she sit down and catch her breath.. been runnin round all mornin' like that.."

[Nob(#16122)] Toby comes outside, rubs the palms of his hands down his pants - they look new, and he looks very uncomfortable. He slides a finger inside the collar of his shirt - it is too tight. Then he walks across the lawn, gives the decorations a very leery glance and pauses by a tree. He is only there for a few minutes, when he turns and walks back again. What /is/ a man supposed to do with himself? He casts a harried glance at the upstairs window.

[Lucille(#1660)] From the upstairs window, more muffled sounds.. flashes of bodies rushing past.. and what looks like material flailing around

[Nob(#16122)] A man walks up, claps the boy on the shoulder and chuckles. "It'll soon be over, lad," he says. "And then..." He gives Toby a wink; and both of them start at the sound of a crash from inside. Toby looks up, his eyes wild.

[Hector] The lady of the house may be in her element - and who could deny that - but that other neglected occupant of the Appldore house knows well enough to steer clear of interfering with the women. Uncle Hector is dressed in a fresh shirt and his old trousers and waistcoat are as clean and pressed as might possible to do. He lingers at the bottom of the stairs, darting furtive glances up every now and again and wringing his hands in silence.

But the frequent threat of dangerously busy ladies eventually drives the modest old man out of doors. He glances behind, worrying over the bushes and the cobbled path as if they might need more sprucing up, which of course they don't. Weddings are not run by men, and old Hector seems more than aware of it. "Well then, well then," he says, wringing his hands some more as he spots Toby's restless movement.

[Nob(#16122)] Toby's eyes rest on the window for a minute, then drop. He moves away from his well-wisher - a kindly neighbor of Hector and Holly's, no doubt. Or possibly an extra-hungry one... Holly's cooking is well-famed. Along the path, pause under the tree, turn... he sees Hector and changes his path to go towards him. "Ain't they ever goin' t'be ready?" he asks his uncle, and under his voice is a thread of tautness. Every muscle in his body is wound tight as a bowstring, and he looks like nothing more than a young stag that might leap into flight at any unusual noise or movement.

[Lucille(#1660)] From inside the house - the upstairs grows eerily quiet. For several minutes, there's no sound of movement. Then, a quiet creaking as a door is opened. "Aunt Holly?" comes a voice, tight and a little breathy. Lucille clears her throat and tries again, "Aunt Holly?? Co.. uhm...help?"

"Im comin' honey.. don't you worry 'bout a thing.." Holly's easy tone continues as she points more silent directions as she makes her way up the stairs. Murmured chatter at the top of the stairs, then the creaking again as the door is shut.

[Hector] "Oh, em..." Uncle Hector falters, glancing nervously at the upstairs window as well. The occasional crashes are less than reassuring. "Well, sure. Sure, I s'pose they will, sure." The sound of Lucille's voice, then Holly going up stairs, and Hector gives Toby a sidelong glance. "Eh, see? Your Aunt Holly's got it all figured out, see."

[Nob(#16122)] Toby nods, jerkily. Then he takes a deep breath, fiddles with his collar again.

Rhifaroth has arrived.

[Nob(#16122)] Guests are arriving - both the invited, and the uninvited. The crowd grows still larger, and with each additional (very cheerful - and getting even more so as they spy the spread laid out by Holly) guest, Toby grows a little more uncomfortable. He shuffles in his new shoes, lifting first one foot and then the other, then darts a glance at the upstairs window. Whatever can they be /doing/ up there?

    Three more... no, FIVE more guests have arrived. A tall, scarred and tattooed man, a woman with long blonde hair carrying a small child, and a dark haired young girl of perhaps 12 years of age also carrying a small child. All of them are dressed in simple clothes but some attempt has been made to clean up and make themselves presentable. Both the woman and the young girl wear a few spring flowers in their hair but nothing fancy. Nothing that might outdue a blushing bride on her happy day, to be certain.

    The man himself is Seeker. No cloak, no bow or quiver, but he is armed as usual with a long blade scabbarded at his left side. Pausing behind those already gathered here, the man's pale eyes skim over the guests to see if he knows anyone here.

    In a low voice the Dunadan says something to the blonde woman with him.

[Giliath(#9838)] A few paces behind Rhifaroth comes Giliath and his wife. And with them comes a certain shine - a glow that falls from their persons and seems almost to make everything around them look moon-touched. Whether they wish it or no, they will outshine any human bride. The general chatter of the crowd in the yard stills as one after another, people turn to gawk.

[Lucille(#1660)] The upstairs window is opened in a swift movement, and there stands Holly. She pushes her head and shoulders out of the small opening and looks down to the yard where people are gathering. She speaks quietly to the girl behind her in the room, then looks out again. With a large smile she waves to Hector and Toby, offering a silent 'a-ok' sign before disappearing back into the house and closing the window.

[Hector] "Aheh," Uncle Hector makes an attempt at laughter when Holly gives the a-ok sign from above, but when he turns about on his heal, his nervous doubt of the happenings upstairs turns to surprise at the arrival of five new guests, especially two rather...bright ones. Knobbly fingers scratch a cheek for once devoid of stubble as Hector approaches Seeker and the others. "Welcome, welcome," he nods, waving them towards the rows of seats. He glances rather apprehensively at Giliath and his wife.

[Nob(#16122)] Toby's harried look passes right over the elves, first time around; then he does a double-take. What on earth...? His look up at the window is just in time to see Holly's signal, and he nods to her, a single jerk of his head, before looking back at the ... elves. At his wedding day. And.... his mouth gapes open even further, for there is Rhifaroth.

Caelwen's slim hand is laid upon Giliath's forearm as they walk. Even their footsteps are silent, their grace and height making them as fey dreams set to walk in the waking world. Her hair is sparked as sunset light and her eyes of vibrant green pass from one Breelander to another.

Caelwen is breathing quicker than the tall elf beside her, and one can faintly see her pulse racing quickly in her white throat. Briefly her gaze meets Hector's when it is turned to her.

    Alas, Rhifaroth is such a bastard. Muirgheal is wearing her blouse and breeches, with a lovely green cloak with a silver clasp of two horses leaping. Her golden hair streams down her back and she is lovely... but Rhifaroth would not let her wear her very lovely elvish gown here. No, he said she must keep it hidden away. The poor woman. But she is pretty no matter what she wears. Young Arabella on the other hand looks almost more like a boy in her simple attire, except for her well shaped feminine face. Those two break off to go to hang back and speak quietly in good humored voices, looking for a place where the two infants can play in the grass.

    For his part, the Dunadan nods to the two women as they vere off, catching site of Giliath and Caelwen coming up behind him. "Suiliad. It is good that could come." An apologetic look for Caelwen. 'Seeker' as some know him here, seems disinclined to speak Sindarin here among these folk.

[Lucille(#1660)] The noises from upstairs now seem to be on the move, down the stairs and into the large kitchen. Lucille remains out of sight, but Holly comes to the door. She holds it open as the last of the help files out and stands near. Holly remains in the doorway, essentially blocking all view in or out of the home. Glancing back to the girl she murmurs, 'Just a few more to be seated, child.. get a drink there. Go on.. your cheeks are already pink" The wise eyes of the older woman turn back toward the yard and those gathered. She tries to catch Hector's attention without calling out to him, to signal him that the girl is ready.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath watches Rhifaroth, notes his reluctance to speak the elven tongue, watches those around with a sort of distant interest. A small man comes up to them, waving his hands, and the elf bends his head courteously. "Our gratitude," he says, eyeing the hands rather warily. Then he bends his head and murmurs a liquid stream of syllables into Caelwen's ear. Upright again, the elf says to Hector, "I am Giliath Lothdaimoth, miruvaethor o nos Raavindonserke; this is my wife, Caelwen." His Common is strangely accented, but understandable enough.

Around them, the other guests have properly interpreted Hector's gestures, and are filing towards seats, sitting down, turning in their chairs to watch the house (and the elves) with great interest.

[Gildor(#30044)] There is another figure approaching the yard through the forest paths. Gildor looks on to the group which seems to grow even as he approaches. The sea-elfs figure is hidden a bit behind cloak and hood. The heru's steps are quickly coming to the garden and finding his way to the group of those he knows well enough. His gray eyes fall upon the ranger first in which he speaks in the common tongue "Greetings and well met."

[Hector] +"Em, please be seated, please," Hector stammers, blue eyes constantly flicking to the glowing guests. And the stream of nonsensical words to flow from Giliath's mouth bring a wooden smile of cordiality to the old man's face, as if the elvish title were completely comprehensible. "Ah, good, yes. Mister, eh, Gileth and Mrs, em, Calen. Yes, please make yourself comfortable."

More nervous glances towards them, then perhaps a desperate glance back towards the house and victory at last! His wife's meaningful glance is met with relief, then Uncle Hector is quickly and politely excusing his way through the gathering crowd. "Excuse me, yes thank you. Yes, excuse me, if I could just get by, thank you. Ahem! If everyone could please take their seats!"

    Hector... is not a man he knows. Nor does the Dunadan with the scarred and tattooed face seem inclined to sit. And if he did, his length of long blade would stick out behind him and trip other guests. So it may be better that he seems inclined to stand. Seeker nods his head politely to Hector, "Thank you, but I think I prefer to stand back here." A glance of his grey eyes going past the man to see where his wife and Arabella have settled with the two infants.

    Before he need say anything more, Hector is turning away and going back up between the chairs. A smile to Giliath and Caelwen, a bit of humor in the man's eyes.

[Giliath(#9838)] The tall elf's eyes flicker with humor, but he bows; the ambassadorial mantle firmly in place; and leads Caelwen aside to stand near Rhifaroth.

[Nob(#16122)] Toby cannot seem to tear his eyes away from Rhifaroth - it seems he cannot believe the man is actually present. He looks towards Muirgheal and the children, but this makes it no more real. Hector's sudden departure startles him out of his shock, and he looks up, then suddenly and abruptly hurries after his uncle.

    Shifting his weight more to his good leg, the Dunadan chuckles and says something very softly to the two elves, ""

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath's eyes move away from his wife, and meet Gildor's; and he nods in greeting and acknowledgement.

    Ah, a surprise to see Gildor here at the wedding. Rhifaroth inclines his head to the other and smiles, "Welcome, and well met." The man keeps his voice low, not wishing to disturb the guests who are taking their seats.

Caelwen's eyes tend to go distant as people speak. She takes a half-step back when Hector welcomes them, her lips briefly once though no words are given. She does not move as Giliath bows and moves silent where her husband guides her.

Bright green eyes glance briefly at Rhifaroth, but to Gildor a wide smile is given-- it is as a burst of sunset light, the relief and joy for the other elf. "" Her voice is heard for the first time, a melody formed into a question.

[Hector] Uncle Hector seems to grow more nervous as he nears the front of the gathering, but he is at least distanced now from the eye-drawing figures at the back. He stops abruptly, turning as if reminding himself of something, but ah yes! there is Toby, following right behind him. Goodness forbid that the wedding start without the groom. The old man comes to the head of the rows of chairs and begins waving those guests still standing to seat themselves. He fiddles absently with a polished, worn bronze button. "If we're all ready then...Eh...ready?"

[Nob(#16122)] Wedding start without the groom... Toby isn't getting any further from Hector than he can probably help - though he stands at the front and fidgets, every now and then running his finger around his collar again, then jerking it down.

[Lucille(#1660)] A pleased sigh comes from Aunt Holly, and the woman reaches up to wipe at her eyes with the small towel in her hand. The door is left open, and Holly comes forward to find a seat with the others. She turns, watching the doorway with a teary look, waiting as the others wait.

After several breaths of silence from the open doorway, a lone figure appears. Lucille pauses at the door, eyes immediately finding Toby. The young woman visably relaxes as she looks at him. Hands come to carefully lift the skirt as she takes the small step away from the stoop and onto the grass. She lets the skirt fall, and for a moment she does not seem to know what to do with her hands. At her side, folded together.. there is the briefest of moments when it appears as though she would cross her arms, but she forces them back to her side. She watches Toby again, and smiles sheepishly. She straightens, smoothes hands over her dress, and begins the slow walk toward the front to join Toby and Hector.

Gildor turns to each in the turn slipping off his hood at last golden hair freed into the light. He looks to each as they ackknowledge his coming here. "Thank you, I am glad for your and your families safety." the heru says first turning hearing the words in tongue of the firstborn. "I have, but it has been a very long time."

[Nob(#16122)] And Toby seems to forget everything, the uncomfortable clothing, the horde of people staring at him - but not at him any longer, for with eyes as one, they turn to rest on Luci - his new and very stiff shoes, his very great desire to be done with this and gone. His eyes meet the girl's and he grins back at her.

[Hector] When Holly appears in the doorway, Hector begins wringing his hands and gives a little smile. But when Lucille follows, the old man smooths out his waistcoat and forces his hands behind his back to clasp together in stillness. He sways just a little, as if possessing a sudden urge to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet. Blue eyes watch the young lady's approach with a twinkle.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath is about to respond to Gildor, when suddenly the yard is hushed. The sunlight lights the tops of the trees and falls to touch an early spring flower, and then lights on Lucille in her white dress, turning her suddenly to a shimmer of flame.

    There is a polite but formal inclination of his head in acknowledgement of Gildor's words. The Dunadan is about to say something to the elf in thanks for helping to make sure his family got here safely ... only, there is a stirring in the front and Lucille steps out. It is then that Rhifaroth sees her... and also notices Toby. Boy, does Toby look uncomfortable. But Lucille - she is lovely. Just as she should be on this day. Their wedding day.

Caelwen nods for Gildor. Her bright smile fades as a hush falls over the gathering. Her eyes rest for a moment on Lucille, and then her face turns, tipping up as she looks at her tall husband. The smile creeps back.

Gildor peers up through the crowd as one he assumes is the bride comes into view, he wears a kind smile something about two young people getting married helping him forget all the dark things out there. The sea-elf is quiet know finding a place to seat near the group he had spoke to and watching the event unfold.

Lucille continues forward, her gaze filled with the sight of Toby. She is smiling impossibly wide, and temporarily forgets that she is supposed to be nervous. She was supposed to be, wasnt she? She's never seen him so .. dressed up.. and finds herself somewhere between admiring him and wanting to rib him for being so uncomfortable. She has no doubt that he is. A warmth comes over her limbs, a tingling at the back of her neck. She knows that she is surrounded by people and faces that are familiar to her, and yet she does not seem to see them. Joining Toby and Hector now, she comes to stand in front of Toby.. head tilted back just a little so that her gaze meets the eyes of her taller counterpart.

    Still off to one side and behind the guests, Muirgheal and Arabella have settled with the two children. Elfaroth and little Caoimhe sit up and pluck handfulss of grass, spring clover, and flowers. These they try to repeatedly stick into their mouths, bright eyes curious about their world. Arabella keeps an eye on them as the tall blonde woman stands, turning her gaze back towards Rhifaroth... and looking towards where the bride and groom are. She may not be very social, but a wedding is a wedding...

[Nob(#16122)] The young man, surely he is not a boy any longer, is not that much taller than Luci, though made a little more so by the shoes. His eyes are caught by hers and a warmth flames in them as he watches her come near. Automatically, he reaches for her, then catches himself and looks guiltily at Hector. Isn't his uncle supposed to say something?

    Watching the wedding couple come together, Rhifaroth can't help but think of someone himself. His own gaze slips to where Muirgheal is with the children. A glance to the three elves and a nod of his head, voice very low, "Please excuse me..." and he eases past them. The man walks quietly around behind the gathered guests to join his wife with Arabella and his two children.

    Surely, he can see the ceremony just as well over with them.

[Hector] With a certain amount of aheming and some more smoothing of his waistcoat, Uncle Hector smiles between the two, still with that faint swaying. It is only Toby's guilty look towards him that seems to remind the old man that, yes, there is in fact a reason that he is standing up there in front of all those gawking faces. An awkward clearing of the throat, a hand run through his salt pepper hair, then Hector launches into his carefully prepared speech.

"Right, so, right. Ah, we're all here to see these two married! And, yes, so they're getting married. Right, Miss Lucille, do you take Toby here as your husband?"

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath watches and listens - a grave expression on his face, though there is something in his eyes... perhaps a memory. He glances down at Caelwen and smiles, then his eyes scan the crowd; most of whom have their eyes glued on Lucille. One or two women have brought out handkerchiefs and are sniffling into them already. A child fidgets, points towards the elves, and is sternly hushed. A few men are giving Toby commiserating glances; and one younger fellow looks as though he is remembering his own wedding day.

Lucille's nose wrinkles a little as she smiles, eyes squinting up to Toby. Why was he staring at her like that? A hand moves as if to poke him hard in the side, as she so often does.. but she remembers herself and catches it just in time. Uncle Hector speaks, and the young woman nearly jumps out of her skin. Question.. he asked a question! ..... what did he say? Luci gets wide-eyed as she looks from Hector, to Toby, and back to Hector. Hm.. They're smiling. A good question, right? So.. she takes a breath and answers.. "Yes.." quietly, and smiles - hoping that was the right answer to the unheard question.

[Hector] Uncle Hector's eyes widen for a moment in reflection of Lucille's, and his smile goes wooden, nervousness recreeping into his face. Ah, but then the young woman gives her affirmative and Hector scratches at his brow in relief. "Good, good!" Now turning to his nephew, Hector continues. "And Toby, do you take Miss Lucille here as your wife?"

[Nob(#16122)] Toby's smile grows wider, turns to a grin at Luci's aborted shove, and her sudden confusion as she misses part of Hector's speech. Then he looks abruptly worried. What if... she messes up and they have to do this again?!? But no, Lu says 'yes', and he relaxes abruptly; only to start himself as Uncle Hector addresses him. "Yes!" he says hurriedly. "Yeah, I do!"

Caelwen's eyes linger on Giliath's for as long as he looks at her, and then her gaze turns again to the couple. "" she asks in a low murmur. "" Her eyes move again to slowly drift over the crowd.

    Having come to stand with his own wife, Rhifaroth says something low to Muirgheal and puts an arm around the blonde's waist. She is happy to lean against him, watching the ceramony. It may seem like a life time ago that the woman was last in Toby and Lucille's house, a year ago, with her husband stabbed with a poisoned blade.

    Beside them, Arabella stands up on her tip toes trying to see. The girl holds one of the children in her arms, the smaller girl child, while the boy infant finally succeeds to stuff some flowers and grass into his mouth. Yuck, not tasty. They are spat out.

Gildor remains quiet still just listening and watching. The golden haired elf looks down a moment to his poutch though shaking it gently and listening hard for the sound of money in it, but quickly his gaze is back upon the two

[Hector] "Good!" Relief upon Uncle Hector's face, his hands again forced behind his back to hold together so as to keep still. So far, so good. But the old man falters for the barest moment, lips already beginning to form the words to pronounce the marriage, when again he reminds himself of something. He looks past Toby and Lucille. "Ah, is there anybody who, em, /doesn't/ agree with all this?"

[Nob(#16122)] From the other side of the house comes a thin, upright woman with a pinched face which looks as if it generally shows disapproval, but which now is beaming all over. Her eyes search for Toby, finding him almost at once. Beside her, pride vying with stiffness, is Bree's carpenter. He can't seem to decide if he should be frowning or smiling. And behind them is a girl carrying a small child; Tathar - Toby's twin sister.

They stand at the back, uncertainly, looking for seats - of which there are none. In the very front, wriggling excitedly, are Tessa and Dickon. But under Aunt Holly's watchful eye, even they dare not make any noise.

[Lucille(#1660)] Doesn't agree? Luci looks at Toby with wide-eyes, quietly asking - someone can DISAGREE?? and then what? The young woman fights the urge to glare out to those gathered here.

[Nob(#16122)] There is dead silence, save for a bit of rustling as people surreptitiously look around to see if anyone is going to object.

[Nob(#16122)] Toby shrugs slightly in answer to Luci's unspoken question, then he freezes. It is barely noticeable - he wasn't moving anyways - but he goes entirely still, and his mouth drops open a little; his eyes fixed on the man and woman who are standing at the back.

Caelwen looks startled by something, her eyes flying to Lucille. She rocks backwards a little and gives a quick glance to her husband and to Gildor as if for reassurance.

[Giliath(#9838)] A slight frown at the question - what an odd thing to ask. Giliath watches the crowd, but no one rises to object, and he dismisses the oddity with a small shrug.

[Nob(#16122)] There are murmurs, hissing whispers, a few pointed fingers - but no one stands up to object - and soon enough everyone is looking at Hector again, and the young couple waiting in front of him.

    There is, of course, no objection. Someone in the back laughs, then quiets down, embarassed.

[Hector] No reply and the relief seeps into Uncle Hector's face again as he looks again to Toby and Lucille. "Right then! Em..." The old man breaks off, his blue eyes finding the two new arrivals at the back about the same time that Toby spots them. He looks surprised as well, losing his train of thought as well. Without thinking his hands come around to the front again and begin wringing together. But before any further nervousness can set in, he has the good sense to move on in swift fashion.

"Yes, right then, that's done. So these two are married then." A pause, then another start and self reminder. "Eh, you may kiss the bride!"

Lucille follows Toby's gaze, and lets out a small gasp as she finds his parents. The smile brightens her face, and she reaches for Toby's hand.. giving it a reassuring squeeze. She knew they would come.. She knew they'd BETTER come. And here they are. Hector's voice barely registers .. it is the last that catches her attention:

" So these two are married then." "Eh, you may kiss the bride!"

 Luci freezes on the spot - it's done!


[Nob(#16122)] Warm fingers curl around Toby's hand, and Hector's voice filters into his ears, and at last he jerks his gaze away, back to Luci.
..."kiss the bride..."
There is a moment of obvious confusion on his face - bride? Who's this... oh. Then he glances sideways at all the people watching him avidly, and his neck begins to turn red. Kiss her? In front of EVERYONE?

[Giliath(#9838)] "Go on, kiss her!" shouts someone from the back.

Giliath's small shrug seems to be all that Caelwen is looking for. She glances back at Hector and makes no smile or other expression as he pronounces the couple wed. Her chin lifts a little-- she is the tallest woman in this crowd, standing in the back. Her bright gaze shifts to Toby and she frowns a little, her expression turning stern and concerned. "" she breathes, the sound hardly enough to be a whisper.

    Seeker has picked up his son and is holding Elfaroth as the young couple are pronounced as officially wed. Muirgheal smiles and speaks with Arabella, taking her daughter, Caoimhe, to give Bells a break. The young girl looks anxious to get on with the food part.

    All through the crowd there errupts cheering and congratulations! Many of the guests get to their feet to start forward to congratulate the newly weds. Quiet order breaks into confusion as the real celebration begins. There is more shouting for the groom to get on with and KISS his bride!

Gildor smiles more broadly and stands clapping his hands a few times together. The tall noldo looks towards the now wedded couple a moment as if trying to see where they will go. He side steps his chair moving forward with the crowed towards them sticking out as much as can be.

[Hector] Uncle Hector's awkward swaying continues, he even bounces back on his heels once before reminding himself of the formality of the occasion, for what it is worth. The odd smile on his face implies that he would very much like the two lovebirds to kiss and get it over with so that the far more socially-adept Aunt Holly can take over the pleasantries and get to feeding people. Nervous blue eyes dart between Toby and Lucille, a rubber smile on his face, and Hector even gives a urging on sort of gesture. Oh ye gods, please kiss her, please kiss her.

As people start to shout Caelwen's eyes go wide. The elven lady darts suddenly half behind her husband, a hand upon his back. She watches the crowd with no small measure of alarm on her fair, alien face.

Lucille blushes deeply, and laughs as she looks away from the group gathered there. The grip on Toby's hand tightens as she steps a little closer. Without looking to anyone but Toby, she tiptoes..one hand resting against his shoulder to steady herself as she kisses him chastely upon the lips. Quickly her heels find the ground again, and her laughing eyes remained turned away.

[Giliath(#9838)] The silence is broken and Giliath can speak again without offending any. Quietly and swiftly, he explains what is happening to Caelwen, the strange elven words flowing melodically from his tongue.

[Nob(#16122)] Toby's face is beet red, and he can't look anywhere but at the ground, while Lu kisses him. But his fingers are tangled tightly about hers, and he leads her hastily away from the front. Anywhere to get away from everyone staring at him and shouting for him to kiss her!

    There really are too many people here. And it makes Rhifaroth uncomfortable. Arabella is welcome to stay and eat her fill as payment for coming down here from Archet, and to hang out with some of her friends who are here. But, this boiterous crowd is a bit much - both for him and for his wife. A glance shared between them, then the Dunadan offers Muirgheal his left arm.

    Quietly, the couple, each with a small child, begin to slip away from the gathering. There will be time later to approach and speak with the happy couple another day. When there are far fewer folk about. Aleswyn may even have some of her people here.

[Hector] Finally! Hector's browned cheeks flush with colour at his relief and his shoulders sag as if stepping down from his invisible pulpit. The cheering crowd and Toby and Lucille's hasty departure from centre stage allows Uncle Hector to quietly slip away himself. He comes gratefully to Holly's side, again smoothing his waistcoat.

Caelwen's expression eases as Giliath quietly speaks to her. She even smiles a little, though her eyes dart from person to person in the crowd restlessly still. Her hand returns to Giliath's arm.

Gildor moves through the crowd quickly enough finally standing before the now married couple. The noldo still wears a kindly look to his face, he speaks in his accented tongue of the common speech. "I cannot remain here long I am afraid but wished to give what small present I could give before I continue on." The heru reaches into his poutch and offers out his hand to the bride and groom.

Gildor +gives a Gold Florin and 4 Silver Dimes to Lucille.

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath follows Gildor, sliding through the crowd like a fish through water. He bows to the girl, then to the boy, and silently presents them with an unopened bottle of deep-red wine. Then he says, "May you know great joy together. We are honored to attend your vows."

[Nob(#16122)] Toby's face is a study as two, no /three/ elves show up right in his path. His fingers tighten around Luci's and he barely recovers enough wits to stammer, "Uh... thanks."

Caelwen hesitates as the other elves walk so calmly through the crowd, but a moment later, left alone, she is swiftly weaving among the people to be nearer to Giliath. The lady says nothing while looking curiously at Toby. Her gaze flicks once to the bottle.

    And where is Rhifaroth? Well, Arabella is in the crowd, but there is no sign now that the Dunadan was even here at all aside from the girl from Archet. Muirgheal and the two children are no where to be seen either. Now that's strange...

[Lucille(#1660)] Holly is wiping away fresh tears from her red cheeks. Her eyes remain on the twins, though her steady and stern gaze had softened at the announcement of their union. As Hector approaches, she turns toward him on her seat. She takes his hand, and slowly gets to her feet. "Lovely.. simply lovely, Papa." Her free hand comes to the man's cheek as her lips touch the other. A gesture she has, no doubt, repeated on several occasions. The hand in his is squeezed gently as she looks on to the newly joined couple.

Luci is in a daze. It all seemed to happen so fast! She knows that the guests have come to congratulate them, offer gifts. Were those elves? Surely not! The young woman laughs happily again and looks up to Toby. She hasn't felt like this since the time she raided the ale at the Pony!

[Giliath(#9838)] Giliath takes Caelwen's hand and motions her towards the trees at the edge of the lawn. And the two elves fade through the crowd - reaching the sanctuary of shade and leaf-shadow.

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