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Muirgheal's Questions

Tags: Muirgheal,  Cordelia,  Conall,  Falamir,  Rhifaroth,  Rowynne,  Liuni

Short Summary: Muirgheal questions Cordelia; Conall is entranced by the elf Falamir, who asks after Rhifaroth
Date (real-life): 2008-07-03
Scene Location: Bree--Archet
Time of Day: Mid day
Weather: clear
The sun is still climbing high into the sky. Most folk in Archet have just finished a midday meal, and Muirgheal is among them. The lady has come outside, a trowel in hand, with the intention of working in the garden while Rhifaroth is out hunting in the Chetwood. Her children are nowhere to be found. No, there's just lovely Muirgheal, in breeches and a russet blouse, ready to get to work under the hot spring sun.

He can be heard from far off, and soon what looks like a moving pillar of smoke becomes a small hobbit with a pipe in his mouth. He is laughing and singing to himself, and a small scone can be seen in his right hand, which he takes a bite of every so often. He seems to be enjoying himself beyond measure.

"All right, but not too long." A young woman's voice drifts down the street here. Cordelia closes the door behind her to what is the house of Arabella's family--the house within sight and hearing distance of Muirgheal. She pauses in the front yard, nodding to Conall with what is certainly recognition of the hobbit, and then seeing Muirgheal she heads that way.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal sees the hobbit first, and gives a smile, should he look her way. It's a little strained; something heavy is on her mind. Then she sees a familiar dark-haired form coming her way, and the trowel falls out of her hand, forgotten. It's hard for her not to be immediately angry. As Cordelia comes closer, Muirgheal retrieves that same strained smile and says, "Good afternoon."

[Conall(#26314)] Pausing in his tracks, and dropping his scone on the ground, Conall's jaw drops as he sees Cordelia, and a scowl appears, but then he sees the smiling elf, and the scowl disappears and surprise appears on his face again. He then shakes his head, and mumbling angry things can be heard as Conall sees his scone on the ground, "Oh you've got to be kidding...seriously..."

"It's just a pastry," Cordelia smiles as her steps take her out to the road and Conall drops his scone. "Brush it off and eat it. Little dirt won't do any harm." She tilts her head as the hobbit scowls at her.

[Conall(#26314)] Looking up at Cordelia, "I'm not eating a pastry off the ground..." He then looks back as the new face's garden. He smiles to see a person working in a garden, as if forgetting his scone he walks over to look at the plants.

Cordelia follows after, seemingly equally interested in the gardening that Muirgheal is doing. "Guess you've never been truly hungry then," she says as she passes the pastry in the dirt--her gaze rueful.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "What are /you/ doing here?" Muirgheal demands of Cordelia, seeming unable to keep a sneer off her lips any longer. Her gaze is hard. Still, she offers another smile to Conall, who has come over to see her garden. She can only be so rude in front of strangers.

"I..." Cordelia blinks as Muirgheal snaps at her--it's not at all what she expected from the woman. "I came to thank you for the peach dumplings," she finishes, confused. "Muirgheal...has something changed since the other day?"

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Conall's politeness makes Muirgheal truly smile at last. She even laughs a little. "Why thank you!" She exclaims. "But most of the hard labor here has been done by my husband, Seeker. He's off hunting, just now." How quickly does her gaze darken when she looks at Cordelia again. "I hope Liuni enjoyed them," Muirgheal says, knowing Rhifaroth would want her to be polite. It pains her, but she tries. "Seeker...said you may pose a threat to our family. And I don't know how exactly he meant it, but if you're going to betray my friendship, I'll not have you traipsing through my garden." She's a hard one, that Muirgheal, to get along with at times.

Poor Archet. The village must have seen many a curious thing of late, and here comes yet another. Another elf -- tall, lean, dark haired and bright-eyed, emerges out of the forest into the town proper. He is clad in greens and greys, with such gear as is necessary for a journey, most noticably a longsword." He wanders down the road, by chance (or so it seems) happening upon the one that contains what he seeks. Drawing near to the little gathering in Muirgheal's garden, Falamir looks from the woman to the people of Bree standing nigh, and lifts a brow. His only word, directed at Muirgheal, is a question: "Rhifaroth?" Of course, it cannot sound particularly jarring or brief, uttered as it is in a fair, musical Elven tone.
[Conall(#26314)] "Seeker, your Seeker's wife. I met him the other day south of Bree, I was eating bread, cheese, and oh one of those sausages I got from the Pony. Oh what fun, I even gave him my wittled bottle and..." Conall stops speaking as he hears Seeker's acusation of Cordelia, his eye a light with anger, but before he can even utter anything, his mouth drops as a real elf stands before him.

"-Now- what did I do?!" Cordelia protests to Muirgheal--despite her best efforts, her voice grwos angry. "Barlok showing up wasn't my fault--and even your husband saw that he wasn't a threat to anyone at all. The man only wants coins. Since -when- have I posed a threat to your family lately? But... fine..." She starts to turn to storm away, but Falamir's appearance stops her--and she covers her mouth quickly with one hand and coughs--hiding a laugh--when the elf utters "Seeker's" real name.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal may come off a bit mean to these strangers, chasing Cordelia out of her garden like that. To her, however, she's just protecting what's most precious to her: twins, a boy and a girl, just now six months old, and her husband, Seeker, off somewhere in the woods. "Around here, we call him Seeker," Muirgheal says in answer to Falamir's question, and smiles. She remembers Falamir from the valley, and she hastens to meet him. "How have you been?" She asks, clearly happy to see the elf. She looks over when Cordelia makes a strange noise, and scowls.

Conall closes his mouth and blows two smoke rings, and he continues to look at the elf and the garden. He smiles and then looks at Cordelia and then looks back to what interests him, the elf.

Cordelia stays put right where she is--Muirgheal hasn't answered her question, and she suffers that woman's glare, interested now in this conversation between elf and woman.

All the gasping and mouth-covering does nothing to elicit the notice of the Elf. His business is with Muirgheal, and as she greets him he bows. "Hail, my lady, and well met! I hope I find you well, and your children?" Another quick glance is cast about, mayhap seeking some sign of the wee bairns, but finding them not his silver-gilt gaze returns to Muirgheal. "Alas that I could not travel with you! But I trust the journey was done is safety? I had feared your passing so close to the troll..."

Conall watches the elf with intense interest.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "You've done nothing, yet. But I believe you're capable of a good deal- after all, I was quite capable of doing harm, at your age." That's for Cordelia. It's not exactly an admission of guilt of some kind. Muirgheal then turns to Famalir, her expression brightening again. "Mae govannen, Falamir," it's the only Elvish phrase that she knows. "I'm quite well...and the children, too, healthy and almost six months old. The troll was a...very, very close call, but with Giliath watching over it all, and Seeker, too, we arrived safely." She smiles again. "When did you arrive in Archet?" She wants to know. Then, remember her good manners, "You are welcome to come inside and stay awhile, if your schedule permits. Seeker will be back from hunting this evening, and you could join us for dinner. I'm sure he'd be glad to see you."

[Conall(#26314)] Slowly walking away, Conall smiles, "Good evening madam, I pray your family may see the sun shine every morning of their lives," and he then begins mumbling to himself, though it seems to be joyful. He laughs and heads off a bit leaving rings of smoke hovering in the air.

Muirgheal's comments to her are ignored, in fact. Cordelia turns wide--if slightly angled--brown eyes to the elf, fear in them. "There was a troll? Where? Far from here? Are we in danger? How did you get past it?"
Cordelia nods, as well, toward Conall as he leaves, even though the hobbit had scowled at her.

Falamir listens to this exchange between the women in quiet, turning to regard Cordelia with a hard stare, not particularly friendly. The faintest trace of a smile flickers upon his countenance at Muirgheal's use of Sindarin, and at her news. Yet he scarce as time to give an answer to her questioning, saying only, "But lately..." ere Conalls parting remarks are given.
Indeed, the Elf starts at this, scarce able to restrain an amused smile. But it is Cordelia's questions that arouse a greater reaction - a flash of his eyes and proud lifting of his head. He looks again to the woman, and while not going so far as to be outright impolite, there is something vaguely condescending in both look and voice. Her questions are answered each in turn: "That way," with a vague gesture to the north or east, "A ways away. You are probably not in danger. And as to getting passed it, I employed my legs, as I believe is a common way of removing oneself from unwanted company."

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal looks amused by Falamir's answer about the troll. And it's probably fairly accurate; she recalls Caelwen and Giliath's amazing acrobatics in getting her children across the downed bridge. "Will you be here long?" The woman wants to know, happy to see another friendly face in this village.

At the answer from the elf, Cordelia's face falls--clearly she is disappointed, and, in fact, she even looks hurt, like a small child who has requested a story and has been shooed away brusquely. She looks down at the ground, shuffling her feet, uncertain. And not going away.

If the Elf is at all sorry for having thus upset Cordelia, he fails to show it. His attention is returned to Muirgheal with nary a last word to Cordelia; to Muirgheal his head is shaken sorrowfully. "Not long, I think. If any of my kin linger nearby I will rejoin them and travel whither they go. Many thanks for your offers of hospitality, though I fear I cannot accept them."
His eyes dart up to the sky briefly, and he smiles, "I can remain no longer. You have my apologies for disturbing you. And if it is not too troubling, I beg you may mention to your husband that I have stopped by. And...convey to him my apologies as well." Why in the world Seeker should have need of Falamir's apologies is not made clear; either the words will be understood, or they will not.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal does not look sorry, either, if Cordelia feels put out at all. She's still looking at Falamir. "Oh, alright then," she says almost sadly. She does enjoy the company of the elves so much; even this brief visit has lifted her spirits. "I will tell him you came by," she nods dutifully, "And give him your apologies. Namarie." It's her only other elvish word. She waves a farewell to Falamir, and then her dark gaze turns once more to Cordelia.

From under dark lashes--her gaze still mainly to the ground--Cordelia gives the elf a quick look. Something he said has drawn her attention, but then the interest in her eyes also fades as quickly as it came into them. She sighs, sounding bored, perhaps.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal's hands turn to fists that she clenches and unclenches, venting her stress silently at the girl still standing near her. "I want to like you, girl. But I don't trust you. I don't care if my husband does. I've tried being kind to you, but you give me a bad feeling." She crosses her arms over her chest. "Where is your family from? You said merchants, last time I asked, but I want a better answer. Your sister doesn't know enough Common. You're not from Bree." With a graceful bend, she picks up the trowel again.

Leaving? Who said anything about leaving? Certainly not Falamir, not unless someone feels up to accusing him of being a liar. He remains in place, yet not unchanged. All hint of merriness falls from him, leaving in its place naught but a cold aloofness. He listens, a tall and unyielding tree at Muirgheal's back. There is nothing to add - only to wait, and heed.

Ever so slowly, Cordelia raises her eyes to Muirgheal. "My mother was from Bree. The Wood family. Ask around in the village itself--I'm certain we still have relatives here, though I myself haven't been able to track them down. And no, we didn't grow up here. Our father is a merchant, and all of his family are merchants. Liuni and I know the language of the lands they trade in, though for the most part it's a dusty road of small villages, but mainly it's the Dalelands."

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "Dale-lands," Muirgheal repeats, a little sadly; she's ignorant of exactly where the Dale-lands are, never having had the benefit of any sort of formal education. The place has never been mentioned to her before. For all she knows, it must exist. A sigh. "I'll do that, then. Wood family. What took her all the way out to...um, Dale?" Hard to be full of questions when you don't know a place, but the golden haired lady tries. "And why did you return to Bree? Just to work at the Pony? There's more money in the merchant business, as I understand. Judging by Liuni's voice, you all haven't been here long." She plays with the trowel in her hands, standing beside Falamir.

The Dale-lands meets with greater familiarity from Falamir. A jerk of his chin in recognition, a whisper of a smile. Muirgheal has her questions out in peace, but when she has done Falamir adds a few of his own. Curiosity is alight in his face, and something that may well be friendly interest. "In Dale? An unfriendly journey, most find. What road do the merchants take? I have never paid heed to their ways, and the road is a long one and full of strange sights."

With her right hand, Cordelia rubs at her back, just by her shoulder, as she answers. "When my mother was young, the family farm was raided--they lived out near the wilds, stupidly. The rest of the family was killed, but my mother was...taken." Pain flickers briefly through her eyes, but she seeks out Muirgheal's eyes, trying to meet them. "She wound up...well, she escaped. She could run fast in those days. And found her way to Dale by luck or fate. I...I didn't want to be a merchant or stay with my family, and so I saved my money and took on with a group of what I thought were merchants heading west. ..."

She pauses to give attention to the elf, a little frown wrinkling her forehead. "My father's folk? Dale and Esgaroth and the villages in between."

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal meets Cordelia's gaze readily, her dark eyes steady and seemingly calm. The story of Cordelia's mother, and her plight, resonantes just a little with the woman. "Didn't want to stay with your family? Or be a merchant? Merchant's a nice life...it's what my clan did. The Wolf clan." She never even speaks of such things to Rhifaroth, but just now, she lets that slip. "I've never had a family, until now. But i don't understand someone who'd want to leave their family, now that I know what it's like to have one. Where were you aiming to go, girl, if not Bree?" Still standing beside Falamir, Muirgheal's arms are still folded, her posture still stiff.

That one hand still resting on her shoulder, Cordelia keeps her gaze evenly on the other woman. Her voice is very low, though. "Did your family beat you? Did you grow up watching your father beat your mother until she was bleeding and unconscious? Did you watch your younger sisters that you raised from when they were babies get beaten bloody?"

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "As a matter of fact, my family did beat me. All of them. Even my brothers beat me. What do you think this scar is from?" The words are also low, strung together, spoken with hot but quiet anger by Muirgheal. She pulls down her blouse, suddenly, enough that Cordelia can see the line, clearly from sword or dagger, that splits her down the middle and plunges out of sight. Never does Muirgheal look away. "I've earned my scars, girl, and I left Dunland, though I am /no/ coward." She's still staring Cordelia down, giving her a very considering look now. Almost like she feels empathy for the girl she knows cannot be trusted.

Falamir narrows his eyes as the story unfolds, and it may be pity that causes his lips to turn to a frown and inspires the sobering of his countenance. "Great indeed was your misfortune." No more has he to say until her last is out, and then frown turns to scowl, "What you say is strange to me -- such are not the ways of Elves. I know not whether you harbour any great love of your father, and thus I hesitate to ask. And yet if I am to understand your sorrow and your pain I fear I must. What manner of man was he, of what cruel folk, that steals a woman and so mistreats her? Surely that is not the way of people of Dale, or the Beornings. Muirgheal may correct me, yet I think not that it is much the habit of the Dunlendings to behave so ill. You were not long among these folk, I hope?"

Still Cordelia doesn't flinch under Muirgheal's gaze. "For myself I didn't care. But for my sisters...especially Liuni..." She doesn't elaborate, only turns to the elf. "There aer all kinds of people, good and bad, or a mix of both, in this world. It matters not where they live. I should add, though, that my father's folk were of Buhr Mahrling, and much of their trade was there as well."

[Liuni(#22296)] Skipping out of Bells's house is a little girl with straight black braids. There is a smile on her face is she comes up towards Cordelia, looking questioningly at her as she catches part of the conversation.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "We all have bad things happen to us, girl. Especially you and I, it would seem. But it's how you deal with them that's important. Seeker's taught me to be.../honest/. And good." Still she's locking eyes with Cordelia, that Muirgheal, almost like a contest of sorts. The arrival of Liuni doesn't move her, although she waves absently to the girl and mumbles a 'hello.'

A long look is given to Muirgheal, and then Cordelia does tear her gaze away to turn to smile at her sister. 'Liu,' she smiles at her, then babbles something in the language that Rhifaroth had found vaguely familiar the other day. "(Eothrik) This woman is asking far too many questions about who we are and why we're here. I told her I ran away because father beat me. Didn't tell her about uncle."

That said, Cordelia turns back to Muirgheal with an apologetic look. 'Yes. And I dealt with it by trying to keep my sister safe. And I swore to your husband I wouldn't lie to him. I haven't.'

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "And I'd never want to see anything happen to Liuni, either. You wouldn't ever let harm come to me or my children, would you? Or to my husband?" Muirgheal isn't exactly sure how this girl could hurt them, when her own sword and dagger skills are so quick and great, but if Rhifaroth thinks there may be a threat there, then she agrees unconditionally. Those eyes like pitch roam over Cordelia's face, but Muirgheal has a hard time reading this girl.

Cordelia doesn't blink at all, meeting Muirgheal's gaze steadily. "I would never harm any member of your family. I owe Seeker my life twice. I've said this before, Muirgheal. That means something to me. But..it's just words. I can swear to you before you now...would it mean anything to you? I think not. You'll always have these questions." She reaches to put an arm around her sister if she can.

[<#22296>] 'Cordy,' the little girl says quietly, tugging at her skirt, "(Eothrik) This is why Mommy says that people with hair like that are dangerous." Her eyes are wide and she ducks underneath her sister's arm and pulls her hand towards her. She looks at the blonde lady and smiles. "(Eothrik) How are you and your kids?"

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "You're right," Muirgheal says softly, rare words from her. "It is 'just words'. But I know you've been involved with bad folk. Not the who, or the why, just that. Seeker told me that you wanted to change your ways. But changing isn't so easy. And 'bad' is a broad definition to go by. My imagination tends to run away with me." Muirgheal purses her lips and continues to stare Cordelia down. "I'll quit asking questions only when I'm sure of the answers." Liuni talking to her in a foreign tongue does not draw much attention, but she smiles at the girl. The warrioress loves children.

"Never did say that I expected you to trust me," Cordelia answers Muirgheal quietly. Whatever Liuni has said, though, draws a smile to her lips. "My sister asks how you and your babies are?" Then she nods to Liuni as well. "I know. She's right, too."

[Liuni(#22296)] The little girl looks up at Cordelia and frowns. "Cordy, what does 'bad' mean?"

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "No, but things would go a lot better for you if you were honest with me." Muirgheal answers smoothly. She turns to Liuni with a little bit of a smile. "The twins are doing wonderfully, thank you." Then it's back to Cordelia yet again. Liuni's question gets an answer from Muirgheal first. "Bad means doing things you shouldn't. Doing things that hurt others." She looks pointedly at Cordelia all the while. "Bad folk usually end up sleeping in early graves."

[Liuni(#22296)] The little girl frowns again and holds on to Cordelia even tighter. "Cordy's not bad. She's the best sister ever! My other sisters are mean sometimes but Cordy's never mean."

Smiling--and staring evenly back at Muirgheal--Cordelia kisses the top of her sister's head. "Yes, bad is when people do what they shouldn't do." Whatever twisted way that is interpreted by someone of her ilk.

[<#22296>] Looking up at her sister, Liuni asks, her voice soft and innocent, "(Eothrik) Like asking too many questions?"

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "Oh, yes, I can see that she loves you very much. Almost as much as I love Caoimhe and Elfaroth. I think Cordelia would be very, very sad if anything were to ever happen to you, Liuni. Bad people are folk who hurt children." It's not a threat, more like a soft warning from Muirgheal, that her children are to be left alone.

"Yes, sweetheart, that's right." Cordelia's words are said to Liuni again, softly, but when she looks up to Muirgheal her glance has hardened. "I am not a monster, Muirgheal. I know you think I am, but I'm not."

[Liuni(#22296)] The little girl looks up at Muirgheal, "You have such pretty children. They remind me of Cordy's dollies." The little girl smiles and squeezes Cordelia's hand. "Cordy never hurt her dollies."

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "I've /been/ a monster, Cordelia. I'd like to think that I know who the other monsters are. The real question is which of us has the bigger teeth, and the sharper claws. But I'd not let this turn into a pissing contest in front of your sister." Muirgheal looks apologetically at Liuni. "I hope you had a nice day playing with Bells," she says gently to the girl. She's startled by Liuni's unexpected compliment. "Why, thank you. Babies require much more care than dolls, though." She smiles, thinking of her many nights up late with Caoimhe, who has had a rash. Her smile twists into something else. "Yes, well...Cordelia's dollies weren't little living, breathing versions of Seeker and I. They weren't so helpless." Muirgheal's gaze has returned to Cordelia.

The little girl looks confused at Cordelia. " Why would anyone hurt the babies when they could just give them to the people in black?"

A little startled, Cordelia looks down to her sister. "(Eothrik) They don't have people in black here." She says something quickly, plainly, but with a little frown.

Muirgheal's words seem to bother her, at least from the tone she answers in. 'I've raised my sisters. From infancy. Raised 2 of them.'
[<#22296>] The little girl shakes her head and her voice holds a tone of disbelief. "(Eothrik) What a waste of resources." And then she smiles at Muirgheal. 'Cordy clearly likes you and Seeker. She doesn't hurt people she likes.'

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal is also frowning, watching the exchange between the two sisters. She looks beyond them for a moment, and gives a fleeting smile at something; it's her husband, working on dragging a log on the far end of their property. She can just barely make out his form. Then she says, "I don't care if you raised a village. Besides, your sisters are not my children. My children aren't your blood; you have no obligation not to betray them." Muirgheal looks at Liuni and smiles sadly. "Cordy doesn't like me, girl. I've given her no reason to."

Cordelia turns slightly to see where Muirgheal is looking, her eyes finding the form of Rhifaroth, too. She watches for only a moment or two, then smiles thinly to Muirgheal. "You did make good peach dumplings. And apologized to me and invited me to your house. But I suppose Seeker has changed his mind about me, though for what reason, I can't imagine, as I've given him no cause. And...though he has saved my life twice, I saved his life once as well. At great personal risk to myself--a risk that continues and that now affects my sister, too. But he is angry at me, I suppose, because I refuse to run blindly into the mountains, trying to escape my fate."

[Liuni(#22296)] The little girl looks up at Cordelia and frowns again. "Seeker wants you to do what?"

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "I don't know what my husband thinks about you, girl. I just know that I don't like folk who play dangerous games by associating with the wrong sort of...well, I don't know who or what kind of bad people you talk to. Maybe they're orcs. Which would be even worse." Oh, how Muirgheal loathes those creatures. Cordelia's last causes Muirgheal to think for a moment, and finally show a little sympathy. "There is /nothing/ cowardly about running away. No one says you have to stay and meet some terrible fate." This from the woman who, just a day earlier, begged her husband to leave with her in the middle of the night and go to Rohan to find her father.

    As the afternoon slip slides it's way closer into early evening, a tall man might be glimpsed hauling on a rope attatched to a rather large log or section of tree trunk. Dead and silvered, but not rotted, it will be good for cutting up and splitting for fire wood. Several simular pieces have already been dragged up and left on the west side of the house for such work later.

    Seeker still doesn't have a very clear view of the others, and he's working hard to drag the heavy wood. A girl seems to be walking with him, slim and young, and wearing a pink dress?

'It's a long story, Liu,' Cordelia tells the little girl with a sigh, 'and one that...' she pauses, slipping into the other language, "(Eothrik) one that uncle was very angry at me about. But I think he understands now." She shakes her head to Muirgheal, looking suddenly very tired. 'I can't run anymore.'

[Rowynne(#25570)] The girl in the pink dress, Rowynne, follows quietly beside Seeker as he walks, her expression thoughtful.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "And what will happen, when the- orcs, or whatever it is- when it finds you?" Muirgheal demands. After all, what do scared, trapped animals do but lash out? Who would Cordelia lash out at? She wonders. She's so absorbed in trying to get any information from this girl she's convinced is wicked that she almost doesn't notice her friend and her husband. "Rowynne! I've got some of the honey cheese biscuits left." She laughs, remembering their kitchen adventure just a few days past. She smiles a warmer, more private greeting to her husband when he gets near.

[<#22296>] The little girl's voice sounds tired and petulant. 'Cordy,' she whines, "(Eothrik) I don't like her. And I don't LIKE him. She's mean to you. Tell uncle to deal with her. " She tugs on her sister's skirt and squeezes her hand but smiles at the blonde woman.

    Not having slept much, or well, the night before, Seeker is tired. It's been a hard working day finding unrotted deadwood that the storm of the night before had knocked down. But hard work has brought in a good amount of wood.

    He drags the piece just a bit further and then drops the rope, standing quietly. His gaze goes from his wife's welcoming, warm smile... to Cordelia and Liuni. The man inclines his head politely, "Good evening, Cordelia... Liuni." A gesture to Arabella's cousin, "I presume you know Rowynne."

    A hand skims through his sweaty hair, but Rhifaroth looks carefully to his wife to try and judge .. what is going on here. He thought he heard some snatch of what Muirgheal was saying but isn't sure. Something about orcs? The man says nothing upon it. Instead, the Dunadan begins to walk over towards the creek, north of the house.

'Then...I will meet my fate,' Cordelia answers Muirgheal quietly, though her face darkens. 'I would rather meet it here than on some lonely patch of road.' Her answer is given quietly and she falls silent for a moment. A glance at her sister changes her mood, though. Seeing the little girl smiling up at Muirgheal, her own smile widens in sudden approval. She squeezes Liuni's hand, looking up to Muirgheal. 'My sister really enjoyed the peach dumplings, but she's too shy to tell you.' Another look given to Liuni, and a nod. "(Eothrik) Uncle is taking care of some matters that must be dealt with, and for the moment we are on our own. We must do things that will please him when he returns, all right?"

[Muirgheal(#32535)] "But would you be the one to die, or the one delivering the killing blow?" Muirgheal wonders aloud, assessing Cordelia with a quick look. "You don't seem like much of a fighter...but there's coward's ways of killing, too. I know them." How Muirgheal might know about killing is not something she'd soon tell. Instead, Muirgheal gives Liuni a sideways glance. "I'm glad she liked them...but I know she knows enough common to at least tell me that. How come you keep speaking to her in that damned foreign tongue?" She demands of Cordelia. "Seems like you're encouraging her to keep secrets. Or tell lies." She glowers at Cordelia once more.

[Liuni(#22296)] "Yes, Cordy," the little girl says in a sweet, sing-song voice and she smiles at Muirgheal again. "The food was very good. It reminded me of Mommy's cooking. I miss her." She pauses and her eyes fill with tears at Muirgheal's criticism.

[Rowynne(#25570)] Rowynne smiles at the mention of Muirgheal's biscuits. "That's good! How did they turn out?" she asks, curious in the matters of baking adventures. The smile fades a bit, and the young woman quiets, as the conversation reaches her ears.

    Having gone a bit north of the others, but still close enough to listen in to at least snatches of the women's conversation, Seeker squats down on one knee and puts a hand to the water. He looks back over his shoulder, his side more presented than his back as much as possible, to keep an eye on the others. The water is used to wipe down the back of his neck and then more for his face, washing away salty sweat.

    Even if he can't make out all their words clearly, Muir's body language and tone of voice are rather passively agressive. He had told his wife to stay -away- from Cordelia and here Muir is talking to the girl.

    A fain shake of his head, then the man scoops up more water to wash up a bit. Seeker does not drink the water from the creek - they use the handpump drawing on the well for that.

"It's all right," Cordelia says softly, running a comforting hand over Liuni's hair. She looks up sharply to Muirgheal. "She's all of 8 years old, Muirgheal, and she misses home terribly. We always speak that language at home--it's habit at home, and here it's the one comfort I can give her. I know it's rude...and..I'm sorry for that." She turns, nodding an acknowledgement to Seeker and the girl with him.

[Muirgheal(#32535)] Muirgheal almost looks sorry, but seems to think the better of it and chooses to ignore them both entirely. She may be cruel and wrong in assuming it, but she thinks that in their language, they are having a laugh at her expense, or saying something dirty. After all, she carries with her many prejudices from Dunland, one thing that stuck with her from her homeland. She looks to Rowynne and says, smiling, "There's some left for you to take home, if you'd like. Seeker and I were going to eat a few with dinner tonight.." Muirgheal looks at her husband over by the creek, perfectly innocent seeming. And in fact, she is innocent; after all, Cordelia came into the garden and wouldn't leave! That certainly wasn't Muirgheal seeking her out for conversation. Sometimes, she /does/ listen to her husband.

[Liuni(#22296)] The little girl puts her thumb knuckle into her mouth and a tear falls down her face. "I am sorry I was bad," she says, her voice soft and wispy around her thumb.

[Rowynne(#25570)] Rowynne shakes her head shyly. "You can have the rest," the girl says, smiling. "I can make some myself later, though most likely without the honey. They'll still be good, though."

Cordelia quickly stoops down now to wrap Liuni in her arms. 'You weren't bad..shhh..' she comforts her sister. A sharp glance is given up to Muirgheal before she continues to Liuni, 'come on, we need to walk home,' then continuing, whispering into the girl's hair, "(Eothrik) You were perfect. I'm so proud."

    Having washed up enough, or having heard enough, Seeker stands up and wipes his face dry with a long sleeve. He really could stand a new change of clothes, but this is all he has. He turns and starts to walk back towards the house himself, even as Cordelia moves to start Liuni on their walk back. Even Cordelia had said she wouldn't come back out here, yet here she is again.

    Not saying a word, Rhifaroth walks past Muirgheal and he gives her an unreadable look.

    Muirgheal's husband goes on around and into the house. The door closes behind him with a dull bang.

[Liuni(#22296)] The little girl nods and turns to walk away with Cordelia.

As Cordelia and her sister turn away from Muirgheal and Rowynne, the door to Rhifaroth's house bangs shut. Cordelia keeps walking--her expression hidden from the others at this point--but one of her brows arches at that slamming door, and she looks to Liuni and smiles. "(Eothrik) So you want a doll?"

[<#22296>] Chattering cheerfully at her sister, the little girl nods, "(Eothrik) Yes, a doll with pretty blonde hair and blue eyes."

Cordelia keeps walking, smiling as the pair disappear around a curve of the road. "(Eothrik) I'll talk to uncle. I think that can be arranged."

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