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Gidon's news / Just fishing

Tags: Silvarion,  Gidon,  Brev,  Owain

Short Summary: A couple of scenes (the first incomplete) regarding Gidon's Da.
Date (real-life): 2009-08-29
Scene Location: Anduin Village
Date (in-game): October 3047
Time of Day: Night / evening
Weather: Rain?

Gidon's news

Great Bear Inn - Entrance Hall

The door from the outside leads to the masive entrance hall, so large it occupies the entire front of the building. Made from the finest hardwoods which the efforts of the forresters could produce, the hall is futher decorated by woven rugs which hang from the walls and drape majestically on the floor.

The hall lies bathed in light from lanterns placed on high sconches, throwing fairly steady light onto the pannels of wood which comprise the hall. Night time, though dark can be seen outside the windows, does not seem to exist in these halls.

Obvious exits:
 Dining Room leads to Dining Room.
 Out leads to Village Crossroads.
 Stairs leads to Upstairs Hallway.
 Carved Door leads to Innkeeper's Room.
 Tavern leads to Tavern.

[+TIME] Middle-earth time is: Nighttime on Mersday, Day 20 of October.
Execute the +TIMEFRAME command for year information.

Real time is: 00:35:15 MDT on Sat Aug 29 2009.

<OOC> Nob says, "it's the middle of the night, Gidon couldn't sleep, and the elves scared him silly because he thought they were brigands. ;)"
<OOC> Nob says, "SG is posing a party of elves wanting a room - we're ignoring the room desc, in favor of being in one large, dark room - lit by a dying fire."

Silvarion's eyes flick toward the open door at the other side of the room, and regards it thoughtfully. Very faintly, the keen of hearing might detect the sound of snores coming from the room. But the Elf's attention swiftly returns to the boy.

"You are not of the Anduin village," he states, not a question. "In fact... If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that you have the sound of Eriador about you. Bree, or one of the villages around the Chetwood, I think. Not the usual sort to travel beyond their borders."

After a moment, Silvarion grows uncertain, perhaps thrown by the increasing perception that the boy is a halfwit. "Boy,... Why... Have... You... Travelled... Here...?"

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon looks surprised. "Bree," he says, confirming the elf's statement. "Well, out of it. By th'marshes." Perhaps the darkness hides something of his expression - it would from a human at any rate. But he looks troubled at the question, though he replies readily enough. "I came lookin' for my Da. He's here."

[Silvarion(#25256)] "Your father?" echoes Silvarion curiously. "A long chase indeed, to find one's parent. But a noble reason for a journey, if I've ever heard one. Tell me, why have you had to pursue him halfway across Middle-Earth?"

Silvarion turns and says, over his shoulder, to the other elves, "<Quenya> Wake the night doorman, if you will, and see how many rooms they have... One hopes at least four, but it may be too much to hope for. You might as well find a little rest, as we won't be able to speak to any of Beorn's folk until daybreak at least. I will remain down here for a little while longer; the boy's tale is making me curious, and perhaps he is not as dim as first it seemed." Behind him, the other elves move off to seek the doorman and their rooms.

It is at this point that the outer door opens again and Brev slips in, yawning. The dun outer cloak around him smells faintly of cold, and of smoke. He loosens it sligntly, revealing the leather beneath that he still wears - either noone has told him to his face that it offends, or he does not care. "Kiern, but it's late," he mutters, yawning again. His gaze slips from Gidon to the Others and one tired brow arches. "Who's this?" he asks the lad, frowning slightly.

[Nob(#16122)] The boy frowns a little. "He said," he begins slowly, "He were looking for my mum's folk..." His eyes snap to Brev as the Dunlending enters, and he says, "They're wantin' a room." He looks back only to find all the elves gone, but one. "You sure walk quiet," he says enviously.

[Silvarion(#25256)] "The husband chases the wife, the son chases the father... But who watches the child?" wonders Silvarion aloud, eyes on the boy, though he does turn briefly to note Brev entering the Inn. Nodding once to the new arrival, though undoubtedly taking stock of him at the same time, the elf responds to the boy's comment with, "Perhaps we do... But that is not necessarily better. I have seen dances performed by the folk of the southern highlands, rhythmic dances with the stomping of feed and the perfectly timed beat of toe and heel upon the ground to form a melody as wild and free as a summer storm."

Offering the boy a merry wink, the elf adds, "Imagine if my folk were to attempt it... You wouldn't hear a thing, and then what would the point be?"

Brev grunts at Gidon's explanation, then comments in sing-song Common, "Doesn't mean you have to give them yours. Or mine, either. There still floor space back there?" He jerks his head into the dimness. The man has been gone for the last few days, out with a group sent to collect lumber. Crossing the floor to stand by the lad, he murmurs in a quieter voice, "Your .. mum?"

Silvarion's nod is returned, but the elf's stream of words is met with silence. Perhaps he, too, is evaluating - except that there, in the gleam of his amber eyes and the stiffness to his stance, suspicion lurks.

[Nob(#16122)] "I wasn't," Gidon protests. "I - couldn' sleep, an' I come down here. Was here when they came in." His eyes slide sideways to Brev's face and he says, "Da's here. He - said he was lookin' for my mum's people." He doesn't sound over-joyed by this wonderful news - the lost is found! - and turns gladly to Silvarion's explanation, shaking his head and smiling a little, though his eyes are still troubled. "Wouldn't work. Couldn' you make noise if you wanted, though?"

[Silvarion(#25256)] His amusement clearly growing, the old elf says, "Well, yes, I suppose we could if we wanted to... I've often heard it said that you can accomplish nearly anything if you set your mind to it. I suppose you might, if you tried, learn to walk as silently as an elf. Some Men I have known come very close."

But the boy's protestations that he cannot sleep, and the Man's words, remind Silvarion of the late hour, or at least the implications of the late hour for the children of Men. "You should consider trying to sleep once more... I think you may find that your sleep will be untroubled for the rest of the night." Curiously, this is stated as though the elf were utterly certain of it. "But if space is a concern, I could speak to the night doorman, see if there are any more rooms still available. A bed might serve you better than a floorboard; it is a chilly night for a young Man."

"Ah." Gidon will see that Brev's face, already sullen as he regards the stranger, creases into a sudden scowl. With an effort it is forced away and he manages to respond appropriately. "Good news for you, eh?" The smile that stretches his mouth is a brief thing, and does not reach his eyes. "Won't be needing me around any more, I guess," he adds roughly. "I'll be gone come spring."

The distraction provided by Silvarion's words is swiftly seized on. "Aye, I've met one. Our friendly rabbit-gifter," he adds in an aside to Gidon, without looking back at the lad. "Fellow the name of Lee. Friend of yours, is he?"

Likely he at least is planning sleep - he removes his cloak completely and starts absently brushing off the worst of the mud.

[Nob(#16122)] "I can walk pretty quiet," the boy says, still half-smiling. "Not like that though." But at Brev's harsh reaction, Gidon suddenly looks as if he might cry. Forlornly, he answers, "Yes." It is good news. Isn't it? He says nothing at all to the comment about the man with the rabbits, only watches Brev unhappily. And he sounds no happier as he says to the elf, "Thank you."

Silvarion, confused, looks from Man to boy, and back again. "Rabbit-gifter?" he repeats uncertainly. "Lee?" he continues. "I... do not think I understand. But I have only just arrived in Rhovanion, so please forgive my ignorance."

Shaking his head, the old Noldo says, "I think I ought to rejoin my companions, and rest for what little remains of the night. But I shall speak to the doorman on my way, and see to it that you have a better rest than hard wood and cold draughts can provide."

The elf's hands disappear within his thick cloak, and there is again the sound of metal tinkling that Gidon might have heard before the Elves entered the Inn. After a moment, a silver dime flips through the air toward the boy. "Perhaps we shall see you again ere we depart."

The elf inclines his head ever so slightly to the pair, then turns to leave the room, murmering quietly over his shoulder as he does.

[<#25256>] Silvarion says in Dunael, "Take care of the boy."

Brev glances back to Gidon in time to catch the tail end of the forlorn look. "What you wanted, isn't it? When are you leaving? Though I don't understand-" He looks the lad up and down, his face expressionless now save for a faint crease between his brows that suggests thought.

Silvarion's speech pulls his head back. "Hard wood and cold floor's a damn sight better than we've had this past few months. Some of us might even like it." A small, tight smile that vanishes instantly as Silvarion speaks in that other, guttural tongue. Swiftly he responds in kind. "<Dunael>I did. Fancy he has another to do that now, though." He watches the elf leave, sighs and yawns. "Kiern, it's late," he mumbles again.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon barely catches the glint of the coin tumbling through air in the corner of his eye, but his hand snaps out to catch it, and he looks at it, and then after the elf wonderingly. "What'd he say?" he asks, with a return to his old manner, before he remembers and ducks his head under Brev's scrutiny. "Aye," he says with difficulty. "What I wanted." He doesn't look up.

Brev, looking after the elf again, shrugs. "Seems he's concerned over you. Though where in Kiern's name he learned my speech ..." The words trail off and he peers back at Gidon. "Aren't you happy about it?" The frown of earlier deepens. "And - what was that about your Ma? Always thought she'd been one of our folk. You /look/ like us, and our speech never seemed to bother you ..." He rubs a hand across his mouth to still another yawn.

[Nob(#16122)] The boy shrugs, still looking at the floor, though the sound of soft voices from the other room tells the elf is keeping his word. "I don' know where she were from," he says. "Da, he said, he come here lookin' for her people only they weren't here, but..." Now he does look up, briefly; his eyes meet Brev's then skitter away. "But wouldn' he know? Were him brung her home t'begin with." Quietly, he adds, "He don' want t'go home."

Brev tries to follow all that. "It's - interesting," he manages at last, a sudden spark of interest in his gaze that is Brev the information-gatherer and not Brev the friend. It is the latter, though, that is uppermost in his manner as he adds, with a shrug, "Then you'll stay here with him? Suppose it's not so bad." He attempts to sound cheery, but can't quite avoid the dubious tone that creeps in at the end of that phrase.

[Nob(#16122)] "I don' know," Gidon says again, voice subdued. "He said somethin' 'bout goin' on t'Dale, where-ever that is. I - " He stops and swallows. The doorman comes in, evidence of his having been asleep obvious on his face, and stops by them. "Yer the young un as is to have a room tonight?" he asks, gruffly. And Gidon, with a startled motion, looks up and then away and nods. To Brev he says, hesitantly, "Will you... come too? Be warmer than down here, maybe..."

Brev has a single word in response to the mention of Dale. "Cordy." He looks Gidon up and down - perhaps he is remembering the slender, dark-haired woman with the exotic looks, and seeking that same stamp in the ordinary-looking young lad before him.

The doorman's entry puts an end to that. "Aye. He is." He gives Gidon a gentle push between the shoulder blades to move him forward. The lad's question brings a return to the old Brev - he snorts. "And us not related? Folk might get the wrong impression if I do that." His lips twist into a smirk. Then, yawning again, he shrugs. "These past days I've been up from sunrise to sundown working my bones off, and those Beornans don't say a bloody word to me if they don't have to. Can't say I give a damn what they think." He moves up behind Gidon, clearly intending to follow. "In the morning, you can tell me about this Da of yours. Now- I just need sleep."

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon's eyebrows draw together - the word 'Cordy' means nothing to him. And he stays confused through the next part of Brev's speech, only looking at the man questioningly. But a flash of gladness brightens his face and gives his step a little more spring as he follows the Inn-worker to the room gotten for him. Them.


Just Fishing

East Bank of Anduin, Fishing Hole

This part of the river looks unusually quiet. Thick trees surround this area, protecting it from the sounds and noises of Anduin Village. There are some large boulders by the waterside, making this a nice place to sit and enjoy the silence. The water here is very still and you can see a large variety of fish swimming about. You can see a thin trail winding its way through the trees towards the east.

If you feel brave enough, you can go for a swim in the chilly water, or just hang your feet in the water and relax.

The night sky still dumps copious amounts of rain down onto you. The late night autumn air is warm and muggy around you. The moon is full.

Obvious exits:
Trail Downriver, Southeast, East, Across, South, North, and Into River

Real time is: Sat Aug 29 23:57:46 2009 - Weather in the Beorning realm is: RAINING
Elendor time is: Evening <03:53:18 > on Sunday of Autumn - October 23, 3047

[Nob(#16122)] It's a cool drizzly evening, though the rain has stopped for the time being, leaving a soft misty sort of light. Gidon is sitting against a large tree, a pole dug into the ground and propped against a boulder; a line dropping from it into the still water. The boy watches the water, and the fish darting through it with a sort of abstracted, depressed air.

Soft footfalls herald Brev's approach. The man looks much as he usually does, except for one thing - the leather jerkin he usually wears has been replaced by his old red tunic, glimpses of which are visible beneath his dun cloak. "Anything?" he enquires as he pauses by the Breelad.

[Nob(#16122)] The boy looks up, and smiles. "Not yet." He looks at the pole and the pond, and shrugs. "They been biting good though - I'll get something. Man name of Johns showed me how t'make better hooks."

There's another person here, a man upstream, his own pole held over the water. It's a bit difficult to make him out in the weather, and besides, his hood is pulled well forward. In a lazy motion he whips the line out into the river again.

"Mmm." Brev nods, then concedes, "Maybe some of those Beornans aren't so bad. One of them was wanting to trade for those bowls. And another fellow offered me a drink if I finished splitting the wood before he was back. So I guess he owes me." One eyelid dips in a wink. Whether he has worked out the reason for the Beornings' sudden lack of hostility to him is doubtful.

The motion of the pole draws his attention to the fact that Gidon is not the only one here, and he falls silent, though as he looks back to the lad one brow arches in tacit query.

[Nob(#16122)] "They been nice t'me, mostly," Gidon says. "What'd you trade them bowls for?" Just then his pole quivers, and he leans forward to grab it, giving it a great yank. A fish, silver and jerking wildly, flies through the air to land behind him. And the boy gets up, going to fetch it and slip it into a small sinkhole by a rock. The fish slides into the water - but there is no escaping from this 'pond' - and Gidon starts the laborious task of rebaiting his hook.

He looks up at Brev's mute question, and squints up the river. "Dunno," he says. "Din't see him b'fore just now."

The man's hood turns at the sudden motion and Owain is looking downstream at the two. He pulls the hook out of the water and begins to wind the string around the pole.

[Nob(#16122)] And the man's face is visible. Gidon suddenly goes still, watching.

Brev watches the process of retrieving the fish. "Nice," he remarks when Gidon is done. "Looks like he thinks so too." He nods toward the rain-blurred figure, and one side of his mouth pulls back in a half-smile. Clearly /he/ has noticed nothing out of the ordinary yet. "And supplies, partly. Plus some of those coins of theirs. Figure if I've got to wait till spring to get across those bloody mountains, might be needing my own axe."

It is Gidon's sudden tension that alerts him to the fact there is something odd here. "What?" Unconsciously he shifts position, so that he is a step or two in front of Gidon, between him and the unknown other.

Owain approaches, blurred by the rain until he comes nearer. "Gidon," he calls in greeting. "Brev, I take it," he adds with a touch to his hood. His path tilts, as if to make his way toward town.

[Nob(#16122)] The boy drags his attention away from the other fisherman. "That's good," he says with an effort and tries to smile. There is a pause and then, "You - ain't going right away?" he asks.

Then Brev steps forward and his father approaches. The boy goes mute, straightening up and shrugging his shoulders a little so that his cloak falls over his injured arm, hiding it (though there is little enough to see, while he wears a shirt). "Da," he says quietly, finally, and his eyes flick towards the Dunlending beside him. "Did... did you catch anything?"

At the man's greeting both Brev's brows arch up. "Aye," he says after a moment, amber eyes scrutinizing the features of the man before him. Perhaps he sees likeness in the pair the even before Gidon's greeting. After a moment he adds, levelly, "You'll be glad to have your son back, then?" There is just a hint of challenge in the words, and something else - resentment?

Gidon's query to him goes either unheard or unnoticed, though he does give the boy an absent twist of the lips that might pass for a smile.

Owain shakes his head to Gidon. "I dint do so well as you today." He slows down his stride.

Owain allows a guilty sidelong glance to Brev at his question. "Oh aye, good indeed to see him well."

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon ducks his head, staring at the damp, leaf-covered ground. Then he looks up again, watching his father with a remote, nearly unfathomable expression - there is wistfulness there and unhappiness. "There's lots of fish here," he volunteers. "They bite good, mostly."

Brev's half-smile is replaced by a tiny frown at Gidon's reticence, but it is swiftly smoothed away. "They do for you, you mean," he corrects the lad, the corners of his mouth twitching. "I've never managed to land more than that single fish - oh, and that one that took the hook. You've definitely got the touch."

To Owain he queries, in a carefully neutral tone, "Take it Gidon here will be moving in with you soon?"

Owain is looking at his son with his brows high and together. "They do," he agrees with Brev.

A glance at Brev, then back at Gidon. "Well, now," he says with gruff awkwardness. "My thought's that it would depend on what Gidon here wants."

[Nob(#16122)] The praise brings a hint of red to Gidon's cheeks, and he manages to smile. But at the suggestion that he might have to choose between the two, he looks panicked, darting a look at Brev, and then to his father. "I," he says uncertainly. "I - 'course, I want t'be with you, Da, but, I - I thought you din't have room, and..."

In the matter of personal relationships, Brev isn't helping any. He looks Gidon up and down and snorts, not in an unkindly fashion. "There's hardly much of you," he comments to the lad, lightly. "All skin and bones. Now, if your Da had to find floor space for that mountain of a man - Mobeorn, was it? - /that/ would be an issue. Might have to extend the walls of his lodgings." He gives the youngster a grin obviously intended to put him at his ease.

For Owain he has no more words for the now.

"Ah, but you've grown so," Owain says, looking at Gidon now with affection in his eyes. "I'll make room, as I've said. Think on it, and I'll come to you." He touches his hood again with an uncomfortable glance at Brev, then walks toward town once more.

[Nob(#16122)] The smile returns, flickering around the edges of Gidon's mouth at Brev's light teasing. "I ain't," he protests, and, meeting Owain's eyes, his smile grows a little and there is love in his face. His father leaves then, and Gidon looks up at Brev, uncertainty returning. "Wish.." he begins, then looks at the ground and digs a toe into the leaf-mold. "Don' want you t'go," he mumbles, and instantly looks like he wishes he hadn't said anything at all.

Brev watches Owain's exit with faintly pursed lips and not another word. His brows are faintly furrowed.

Gidon's stumbling words pull his attention back to the lad. "Kiern!" he mutters, then says patiently, "This isn't my place. These aren't my folk. Could you really see me staying here the rest of my life, making love to sheep?" He rolls his eyes.

After a moment he adds, roughly, "Kind of got used to having you around, too. You're a good travelling companion - no chatter, no poking around what's not yours, you provide half the dinners ... But life moves on. Found what you wanted, now, eh?"

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon glances up, and shakes his head. No, he can't really picture Brev staying here. Then his eyes slide back to the ground and silently, he nods. This was why he had come. "Weren't what I..." he starts, then shuts his mouth, lifts his chin, and begins again. "What will you do? You ain't going away right now, are you?" Despite himself, it is hard to say the last words.

One brow arches as Gidon begins to speak. Brev waits, though, until the lad has finished before giving any answer - and that answer is a shake of the head. "Kiern, no! I may know nothing about lands east, but I know mountains. We barely made it through in summer. In winter - well, lets just say I like living." He gives the boy an awkward half-smirk. "So you're not quite rid of me yet. Have to put up with the sight of my ugly face a little longer."

[Nob(#16122)] A half smile and Gidon shakes his head in disbelief. "All that snow," he says. "In middle summer... " The smile grows at Brev's reassurance, and he relaxes, content.

"Y'aint ugly," he says seriously though, when Brev is finished. "Bet your lady don' think so, neither."

Brev chuckles at that last. "Can't say I've ever asked. Not sure I'd want to know the answer." He winks, then, leaving the question of beauty aside, goes on, "It's heading for supper time. You coming back, or do you want me to bring something out to you?" He nods toward the forgotten fish-pole.

[Nob(#16122)] Gidon blinks, startled. Then he surprises himself by laughing. "Forgot," he says, and squats to look into the hole. "Only got one - ain't hardly enough..." Then he shrugs, slides his fingers expertly into the fish's gills, and stands again. "'Nough for t'day," he says. "Think we got enough for a hot supper? I been cold all day, raining like that." The pole is left propped against the boulder. It will be there when he returns.

Brev's lips twitch, then solemnly he replies, "Think we can wangle something." Pushing damp hair out of his eyes, he turns to tramp along the muddy path back to the village, all concerns of fathers and sons and journeys laid aside in favour of thoughts of dinner. Fish stew again ...

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