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Love and Loss in Mithlond

Tags: Thorhur,  Pelliwen,  Nioniel

Short Summary: Strong feelings are revealed between Nioniel and Thorhur.
Date (real-life): 2008-07-18
Scene Location: Galadhrim Camp, Mithlond
Date (in-game): 17 Laer
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Hot and humid
The midmorning sun shines down upon the lush grasses of these rolling hills that eventually lead to the great sea. There is not a cloud in the sky, although the soft wind that blows already has a taste the sea on it.
A figure in green stretches to greet this new day and smells the air with a smile. "Never before have I smelled such a sweet scent...the scent of the sea," he remarks with content.

Lying on the grass nearby, though perhaps unnoticed by the ellon, a green clad elleth stares up at the few white clouds rolling through the sky with a smile lighting her face. The warm sunshine gleams off her honey-coloured hair and she sighs: "Nor, I, mellon ... scent of the sea is like nothing I have ever known." Rising to a sitting possition, Nioniel smiles at Thorhur and pulls a grassblade from her hair. "It is good to have reached our destination."

The Knight Thorhur turns and smiles. He comes forward and sits down next to Nioniel. "Hello Nioniel," he says quietly, "You...you look very beautiful today elleth. Yes indeed, dear Nioniel, it is good that we have reached the hills at last. Long have I desired to catch but one glimpse of the great Sea."

Beaming at Thorhur, Nioniel looks at the Knight and replies with another soft sigh: "I never knew what the sea might look like, you know ... I have heard of it in songs and poems and tales of old, but never did I dream..." her voice trails off faintly here and she turns her deep blue eyes toward the horizon, "Never did I dream that it would be like this."

The Knight nods and smiles. "I heard they are giving tours of the beach throughout the length of the Congress," he explains, laying down next to Nioniel (but at a safe distance). he turns over and looks at her for a long time, then suddenly realizes he's blushing. Shaking his head, he blinks and continues, "So, erm...what, erm, competitions will you be participating it dear Seamstress?" he asks in a nervous voice.

If Nioniel notices Thorhur's blushes, she averts her eyes slightly and does not tease him about it, but rather pretends not to see. A chuckle escapes her at the Knight's question and she looks down at the ground: "I? Oh ... oh, I am no bard, singer or musician, mellon. I doubt I shall enter any competitions..." The elleth pauses here, plucking a blade of grass from the ground and toying with it in her pale, slender fingers, "Besides, I'm too shy for such things, and I would be dreadfully out of place... What will you be doing?"

"I'll be in the song competitions and might join the Archery Competition," he answers softly. "Whoa, it is very hot today, isn't it?" he asks. Without waiting for an answer, he removes his shirt and puts it behind his head like a pillow. He stares up at the sun and without turning to Nioniel, he says softly, so softly that he hopes she won't hear him, "I think I still love you..."

Nioniel listens intently to Thorhur, though her eyes do not come to rest on him. Furtively her glance does wander in his direction though finally, and a blush tinges her own cheeks now. Her head tilts downward even further, and she sighs: "Mellon - you know that you are dear to me, but I told you before of Miluihen..."

Thorhur can't contain himself now. He sits up and shouts, "I know! I know Miluihen is your love! Where is he though? How come I have never met him? Nioniel!" he comes over now, and lays right next to her ear, whispering softly, "No one, not even him, could love you the way I do. Nioniel..." he pauses here and buries his hands in his face, ashamed of what he has just done.

Deep blue eyes so calm as a summer's eve ... generally speaking ... suddenly widen with surprise: "W-what?" The elleth cries, starting to her knees so that she is no longer near the ground, but alert and quite alarmed looking. "How can you say such a thing? You don't know Miluihen like I do ... and besides, just because you never met him does not mean that he is never there!" Nioniel's pale cheeks become quite red now with emotion, and she gives Thorhur a hefty push, despite the fact that he's burried his face in shame just now.

Thorhur holds out his hands, but falls anyway, and hits his head on a rock. He frowns, and turns to Nioniel. "Maybe I don't want to know him! I mean..." he stands now, and turns to the Seamstress. "I love you still Nioniel," he whispers, rubbing the back of his head, where a little bit of blood flows. Whether it is a trick of the the light or not, it seems that his face is stained with many tears as he turns away and runs back within the depths of the camp.

Tears start to her own eyes now as Nioniel watches Thorhur's reaction. One hand covers her lips in a gesture of shock and appal at what she has just done to the Knight. "Thorhur!" she cries out despondantly, rising to her feet, "Oh please forgive me, mellon! Please come back...you're hurt," she nearly sobs after him as he runs away.
Taking hold of her green skirt, she hurries across the grass after him.

He turns to face her, and runs back towards her. Quickly he buries his face in her clothes and hugs her tightly. "Nioniel...I am so so sorry! I didn't mean those things I said," he manages through thick sobs, "It's just that...my feelings for you are strong. You...you are the most beautiful in the world to me, and the dearest to me as well." He barely manages to finish the sentence as he breaks once more into great sobs.

Nioniel wraps her arms around Thorhur and tries to embrace him comfortingly. Her fingers lightly brush near the wound on his head and she winces at the sight of the blood. However, stroking his hair gently, the elleth sighs, "Hush now, Thorhur ... please do not weep. Oh how I wish I could comfort or console you better than this ..." But there really is nothing more that she can do but hold him - and that she does willingly now.

And Thorhur enjoys it. His sobbing stops, and he smiles. He puts his head up after what seems like a lifetime, and smiles. He strokes Nioniel's hair gently. He then leans forward and gently kisses her, kisses her forehead. It is brief, but it his happy for the Knight.
He steps back now and bows his head. "Let that be a memorial of my love for you Nioniel," he says softly, "For now I know I can only love you as a friend...but the dearest friend you shall be in my heart."
And while he says all this, he does not smile.

Casually strolling, Pelliwen appears from behind a massive yew tree. Looking quite calm and comferatable.
Allowing her heavy grey cloak to hang open and her bright auburn hair to lay un-braided over her shoulder, she appears quite at home. The youngest of the Galhadrim party comes to an immedate pause when her brilliant green eyes connect on the passioned pair. These eyes dart upon the pair for a mere instant before the young silvan quickly turns and slides back behind the yew trees with amazing alacrity.

Being kissed ... that was not something that Nioniel expected. Her breath catches, and she seems unable to speak, being utterly at a loss for words. Though her lips part to speak, nothing comes and she casts her gaze to the ground before her cheeks turn to a deep rosey hue. Suddenly, a noise startles the elleth and she looks up just in time to catch sight of another elf slipping off amongst the yew trees. Gasping, she staggers back, raising a hand to her cheek, "Oh heavens above ... who was that?" She asks, almost panicked in a thin, small voice.

Thorhur wheels around. "Oh..." Unfortunately Thorhur knows no obscenities, or he would most likely utter one now. Instead he licks a nearby tree branch and screams at the top his lungs. Then he turns to Nioniel. "Don't you see? Someone knows! Someone saw," he hisses. Taking an old scrap of cloth, he dabs the blood off the back of his head, then uses it as a makeshift bandage. "I'll say I fell while training," he tells Nioniel.
He sighs. "Nobody can know that I...kissed you. Just...forget it. I mean, well...I have to go!" The Knight sighs, then runs off towards the camp, this time disappearing inside for good.

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