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Don't Ask Us Why

Tags: Thorhur,  Nioniel

Short Summary: Thorhur and Nioniel talk.
Date (real-life): 2008-07-28
Scene Location: Galadhrim Camp, Mithlond
Date (in-game): 50 Laer
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: Sweltering
The morning sun rises high and hot. The clouds have disappeared, and the air has become almost unbearably humid. The trees don't move...the air doesn't move. It is definitely summer.
A laugh rings out from one of the trees, and then a figure jumps down. Thorhur smiles and wipes sweat from his face. "It's a shame the trees offer no relief," he says to himself, taking off his shirt to get cooler.

Clad in sky blue reflecting the heavens above, Nioniel passes rather quickly among the trees as if seaking some breath of wind to cool her. The expression on her delicate features is tired (if indeed an elf can look tired.) Passing her slender hand over the pale brow, she runs her fingers back through her hair as she glances up at the sun: "Ai, to think I should ever be ungrateful for you..." Glancing down, she catches sight of
Thorhur stripping off his shirt. Her breath catches, and she averts her eyes rather suddenly, knowing he will see her nearby: "I am sorry, mellon...I did not mean to intrude," she says rather quietly, an embarrassed blush tinging her cheeks.

Thorhur screams, indeed, he does not expect any interuptions. So he does scream and sends his shirt flying, turning around. Seeing who it is though, he breathes a sigh of relief. "Nioniel...goodness gracious, you almost scared me to death..." He crawls away to retrieve his shirt and feels his ears redden.

Nioniel's eyes widen and she too nearly jumps back at Thorhur's startled reaction: "I am sorry, mellon...didn't mean to frighten you either." Still, her eyes are averted for the most part as if trying to avoid any further embarrassment between the two of them. Things have been tense enough lately as it is.
Clearing her throat softly, she passes by so that she is no longer quite facing the ellon before speaking again. Feeling silly though, she turns back witha chuckle, "You needn't worry about the shirt - it's not as though I haven't seen enough shirtless ellons in my time as a seamstress you know."

Thorhur laughs and gathers his shirt. "That is true, elleth...that is true." The Knight smiles and slips the shirt on, embarrassed to see armpit stains forming as he stands up. "So, erm...how did you like Mithlond, Nioniel?" he asks casually (although he's still sweating).

Shaking her head a little, Nioniel comes a little closer once more: "No land will ever be fairer than our own blessed golden realm, mellon, but..." here she pauses, sniffing the air as hints of the sea carry inland even this far, "But yet, if ever I had to choose another land to dwell in, I would come here I believe." Glancing back at Thorhur, she inclines her head slightly, "What about you?"

"Ah, it's very nice...I even met an old friend. Methenauth used to be a head of Laiquendi. We saw each other here...although I doubt I'll ever seem him again." The elf sighs and seems to reminisce, then turns to Nioniel. "Were you at the Ball they hosted?" he asks, a bit more nervous, noticing the sweat stains increasing.

Nioniel avoids noticing the growing sweat stains, though it is hard for one who cares for clothing as she gets the urgent drive to wash and mend things frequently. Tilting her head a little, she smiles: "Oh yes, I was there. I disguised myself as a vixen," here she giggles, "Believe it or not, the elf lord, Gildor came as a silver fox, himself. I had quite an enjoyable evening." Pausing, Nioniel chuckles, "Why, yes, I did meet Methenauth briefly then too. He's very nice."

Thorhur laughs. "I was a bear. I stole some food and scared Galharth. I must say, he had the best costume. He came as a butterfly. It was a very colorful piece of work...made by him of course." He smiles and looks back at the camp. "I am glad to be getting home though. I do like it here, but I miss the Wood very much."
The Knight wipes a bead of sweat from his forehead and shakes his head vigorously.

Taking a moment to delicately rub the bridge of her nose with a finger, Nioniel hides the grin that forms when Galharth's costume is mentioned. Choking back the laughter however, she clears her throat again, indicating

Thorhur's condition, "Why don't you go for a swim, mellon?" She asks a bit worriedly, "Surely there is /some/ nice place to swim around here...after all we are near the sea."
Thorhur pants and fans himself. "No, I...I'll be OK...it's just that...you know, you look very beautiful today Nioniel," he says. He adjusts his position and sighs. "I think we should talk about our last meeting..don't you?"

That old uncomfortable look returns to Nioniel, and she clasps her hands before herself suddenly. In fact, she looks like she might possibly wring her hands now: "If ... if you think that's best, mellon..." she replies, casting her gaze to the ground worriedly.

"I just think I should apologize," Thorhur says, bowing his head. "I...I mean, those things I said were horrible. Then...kissing you was inappropriate. I should never have done that, I don't know what came over me!" he sighs.

Looking up again, keenly at Thorhur, Nioniel sighs with relief almost: "Please ... think no more about it, Thorhur. There is no real need," pausing, the elleth hopes that that will sink in somehow. "I certainly don't hold it against you. And I would certainly never make it a stick to break your back with - you mustn't reproach yourself. We are still friends you know."

Thorhur smiles. He stands up, shakily, and blinks a few times. "I was afraid you wouldn't like me anymore...but I am worried. Someone saw us kiss...somebody knows we kissed. Do you think he or she will say anything?" he asks worriedly.

Fire glints in Nioniel's eyes, though perhaps a tad mirthfully at this thought. Glancing sharply at Thorhur, the elleth chuckles: "If she does, I'm sure we can weather the storm. But I do hope she keeps it to herself, personally ... it's not like it was anything bad." Here, she sighs, looking around herself warily all of a sudden, as if wondering if any more prying eyes are watching them here - be they animal or elven.

Thorhur smiles. "You are truly a remarkable elleth Nioniel," he says with a whisper. "Ok, now I think I should change my shirt, if I can get it off." the Knight winks and headsd towards the camp, dripping with sweat.

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