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(Archive) Escape to the Light!

Tags: Alagnen,  Khillaure

Short Summary: After being captured by criminals in Laketown, the elf Khillaure and the man Alagnen try to escape from the Underdecks.
Date (real-life): 2011-07-06
Scene Location: Underdecks, Esgaroth
Date (in-game): May 11, 3053
Time of Day: Early Morning

Middle-earth time is:
Early Morning on Mersday, Day 11 of May.
Execute the +TIMEFRAME command for year information.

Real time is: 21:36:12 MDT on Wed Jul 06 2011.
Middle-earth year is:
     Historical Year: circa TA 3008
     Online Year: 3053
Execute +TIMEFRAME for more information or read NEWS TIME FAQ.

Players: Alagnen, Khillaure, Lo and Barl as the bad guys

Thieves' Den
The walls of this lamplit room are made of the very timbers and wood of Esgaroth proper. They are blackened and charred, perhaps from some past fire. The door is small but heavy and there is no obvious handle or means to open it. It is chilly in this den and the dank smell of the Lake is strong.
Widow Maggie
Obvious exits:
 Heavy Door leads to Dark Tunnel.
 Small Door leads to The Market Pool.

OOC: Alagnen and Khillaure have been held in this den for some time by the criminal element of Esgaroth.  They've been working to escape...

         Wild copper-red hair surrounds this quendi like a cloud, untamed and dotted with branches, leaves, and sometimes small woodland creatures who have decided to rest within the tangled mass. Her eyes are green, her lips are pale, and her skin is always deeply tanned. Though an accomplished seamstress, her attire does not show it. She has clad herself in a short deerskin dress with ragged edges, uneven hemline, and patchwork detail. She is of average height, around 5'8", but a bit stockier and muscled than other females of her kind. She is rarely spottlessly clean, instead wearing the smudges and stains of her treetop excursions in the forest like a badge of honor, but neither is she a complete mess. She is, simply, a child of Mirkwood; a bit wild and tempermental, but part of the land that she helps to protect.

Dark Tunnel
You are in a cold, dimly lit tunnel which runs under Esgaroth. There are a few torches keeping the place light enough to see, but dark enough to make you nervous. There are several other openings off this main passageway, which appear to lead to sub-tunnels under other parts of town. If you didn't know your way, it's obvious you'd soon be confused and lost.
Thieves' Guild Thugs
Obvious exits:
 Dank Passage leads to Thieves' Den.
 Twisty Passage leads to Snark's Alley.
 Iron-bound Door leads to Guild Room.
 Ladder leads to Gambling Hall.

Within the tunnel beyond their captivity, there are a couple of brutes standing idly, leaning against the wall and chatting amongst themselevs. Large, burly men are these, they have the set of a lack of sense of humour about them. Another loiters at the far end of the tunnel, just within view, but his nature is hard to make out in this gloom.

Alagnen has pried and pried for what seems like ages and at last his work is coming to a conclusion. A board comes loose and he sets aside his tool to pull it slowly open. It leads to the corridor beyond and the ranger looks to Khillaure and waves her towards the hole in the wall before mouthing, 'Time to go.'

Khillaure takes a tentative step out through the door, slow and careful so as not to make a sound or any sudden movement that might catch someone's attention. Her left arm is wrapped in a bandage that hooks around her neck to form a sling, blood dried along her side, and brilliantly colored bruises exploding across her skin. With a pause and glance down the alley, her breath caught in her throat, she looks to Alagnen and waves for him to follow.

          Beef reaches up with a finger, which bears a striking resemblance to a pork sausage, and picks his nose. Not succeding in dislodging an awkwardly-placed ball of bogie, he does so again, digging harder this time. PING. Easily done. Beef gives himself a pat on the back. He always had certin gifts, and nose-picking was one of them. Ever since he was a nipper.

Quiet as they are, the Elf and the Dunadan do not have the luck of the Bowman it seems, for even as they sneak out the door of their room a yawn comes from one of the two burly men without. Lazily his gaze rolls around to peer down the corridor, ere it widens considerably, and he jabs out a furious elbow of alarm to his fellow's gut.

"Ere!" he cries out, as his comrade coughs and doubles over. "What do you two fink yer doing? Oi, Beef! Get yer flabby arse down here!"

And with that the man charge Alagnen first of all, his burly frame seeking to pin down the impressive figure of the stranger from the West.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Alagnen with their jagged swords.
...and it misses!

<OOC> Witch-king says, "Ignore the attack messages obviously ;p"

The burly man misses, running headlong into the wall. Taking his cue, Alagnen points for Khillaure. "That way! Down that twisty passage!" He sets off in that direction!

You slips out into a messy tangle of alleyways.
Snark's Alley
Leading from the northern end of the Underdecks, Snark's Alley runs vaguely southward, though the direction is ever changing thanks to the various twists and turns that spring up to direct a person along it. Walls appear unexpectedly from the gloom, hastily aseembled it seems, while others appear to have been knocked down in harvest of their wood; creating new and even more tangled alleys that network off into shadowy parts unseen. The light here is dim, or sometimes non-existent, for the lanterns that line this winding passageway have mostly been left empty, or else their holders have been wrenched away in salvage or spite.

Here it seems come to live the poorest of the poor in Lake-town, for everywhere can be found the stench of squalor and the signs of slovenly existence. Even among the decrepit Underdecks, this passage suffers more from deterioration than any other, and even the floorboards creak as though they might snap underfoot and spill one down into the waters of the Long Lake. Northward the twisting passage leads back towards the Fisher's Wharf, while a stuffy, cramped corridor runs at the southern end into some hidden place to the east.

Khillaure appears from the tangled network of alleyways.
Khillaure has arrived.

Out in Snark's Alley, all is dark and grim, though at least can be heard the patter of the storm overheard as it lashes the floorbards which make up the ceiling of this inmafous corridor. No shapes are there to present themselves to Alagnen's eyes, but them, the shadows stretch long both north and south, and who knows what may be dredged forth frmo their depths at a moment's notice?

Indeed, as Knillaure burts out into the Alley, there are huffs, puffs and pants from her pursuers, ere a cry of alarm goes up.

"Oi! Lads! Slugger! Anyone! They're bloody getting away!"

Alagnen kneels on the ground, his arms extended before him like a runner ready to take off running. Then the Elf arrives and he rises up and listens closely to the signs of pursuit in the air.

          Waddling close behind his fellow, is the wincing Beef; his face screwed up as the ache in his groin screams its defiance, the rotund henchman looks angry indeed. " Get back here, you! Meat says get back!"

Khillaure doesn't stop, she just keeps running! Her narrow escapes were enough to push her a little further, adrenaline pumping just a little faster through her veins. As she sees the vague form of Alagnen ahead, she has renewed hope for he did not take off without her.

Indeed, as the alarm is raised, there is the sound of shuffling feet depe within the shadows. The Underdecks come to dark, faceless life, and while many of the shapes remain unseen, the mutter of voices can be heard to mingle with their footfalls. Beef's companions appear to have given up, for the portly fellow is all alone pursuing Khillaure, but at the southern end of the corridor that is Snark's Alley, a familiar voice rises.

"What's this? The rats are fleeing the trap? Someone tell Dobbler he's got some roasting to do later on..."

Slugger ha been roused.

Alagnen frowns at the sound of that voice. Seeing Khillaure, he goes to her side and calls, "We must run! Can you make it?"

"I'm not letting that one get his hands on me again," Khillaure responds to Alagnen, referring to the familiar and sickening voice now coming from the end of the alley.

Springing from the shadows, a pair of bulky shapes step forth into Khillaure and Alagnen's path; a pair of hands snaking out in a bid to subdue the Elf ere she can get any farther.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Khillaure with their jagged swords.
Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack misses Khillaure.

As the shadows spring forth, Khillaure ducks her head and pumps her legs faster, twisting slightly as she passes close to grabbing hands!

Khillaure tries to flee from Thieves' Guild Thugs, but she fails!

Alagnen sees the arms reaching for Khillaure and charges at the thugs trying to grab her. "Get off!" he shouts out as he bulls his way forward.

You attack Thieves' Guild Thugs with your Bare Hands...

Your attack against Thieves' Guild Thugs mildly wounds it!

          As the escaping prisoners are delayed, Beef gets a chance to make some ground; he waddles, wincing with every chafing step, until within reach of the elven female. " You!" He bellows, lunging in an attempt to wrap both arms around her, "... Are bad! Beef says you come with him!"

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Khillaure with their jagged swords.
Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack misses Khillaure.

Khillaure is blocked in her escape, but Alagnen's charge forward might clear their way. Unfortunately, hands come out of the darkness behind her, Beefy fingers seeking to pull her back into the darkness!

Khillaure tries to flee from Thieves' Guild Thugs, but she fails!

And Slugger's voice rises from the dark as the fierce man charges into view. His 'chopper' is already in hard, the set of his eyes is fierce, and out lashes his blade toward Alagnen; perhaps in a bid to seperate the two.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Alagnen with their jagged swords.
...and it hits! Ouch!

ARB: You've been injured for 17 hp's by Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack...
...you have 61 left. Please RP this injury accordingly.

Alagnen gets sliced across his chest, but it's not bad. He grunts at the cut and grins at Slugger as the brute finally shows himself. "You!" The Dunadan charges forward at Slugger while the sword is in the act of follow through in an attempt to wrap up the man and gain his weapon!

You attack Thieves' Guild Thugs with your Bare Hands...

Your attack against Thieves' Guild Thugs lightly wounds it!

          " Stop... Fighting... Argh!" There is only so much Beef can take. A short fuse runs in his family; his brother Pork infamously cut of a barman's ears for spillin his tankard. Bellowing as much out of inability to articulate frustration as anger, he attempts to hoist the elf into the air and smash her down to the floor.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Khillaure with their jagged swords.
Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack misses Khillaure.

Again with the hands! Khillaure feels her feet leave the ground, and she begins to kick wildly, screaming "No!" over and over again. Just one well-place foot, that's all she needs!

Khillaure tries to flee from Thieves' Guild Thugs, but she fails!

As Alagnen wrestles with Slugger, the brute's grip is weaked in the tussle; the blod of the Northmen perhaps no match for that of distant Westernesse, and the 'chopper' drops to the ground at Alagnen's feet. Slugger himself is thrown to one side from the tussle, though, and as such the Dunadan is lfet alone for a rare moment.

Alagnen instinctively grabs at the sword, the blood flowing from the slash across his torso ignored. The man is slick with blood and sweat as he backs off towards Khillaure and calls to her in a foreign tongue, "<Sindarin> Be ready to break out, this may be our last chance!"

COMBAT - Wielded: Longsword

          Just as Beef is picking the elven maiden up, he feels something. A tingle in his nose. The tubby guard's eyes widen; this isn't good. Not now. And then suddenly, the thug is releasing his captive, and just in time too; his head whips back and then forward, releasing a violent sneeze. " I gots a cold..." He sats meekly, sniffing.

Khillaure feels snot and spittle splat across her back and head, but it matters not a bit as she is once more able to run. And run she does!

The thugs growl and snarl as the Elf makes her escape to Gibbet Corner, but Slugger it seems has not done yet with Alagnen, for he demands a fresh blade form one of his fellows. As a new sword is quickly pressed into his fingers, he closes once more with the Dunadan. "And what was that gabble?" he asks of 'Remo's curious speech. "Some fancy Elf stuff? You should know better..."

He swings to slice the Dunadan anew across the chest if he can, even as the other thugs take off after Khillaure.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Alagnen with their jagged swords.
...and it hits! Ouch!

ARB: You've been injured for 22 hp's by Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack...
...you have 39 left. Please RP this injury accordingly.

Alagnen grunts and almost doubles over as the sword strikes home. He seems to have noted Khillaure's fleeing to freedom and he follows suit with the last of his strength.

You try to flee from Thieves' Guild Thugs, but it blocks your attempt!

A fresh growl from Slugger, and the brutish leader of the gang gives chase at once, slashing out his weapon in a bid to hew away Alagnen's trailing leg ere the longer strides of the Dunadan carry him too far ahead to catch.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Alagnen with their jagged swords.
...and it misses!

Alagnen twists around and swings his sword wildly to keep Slugger at bay. "You're scum! Go crawl in a hole with the other animals who torture innocents!" He dodges and then swings towards freedom once more!

You try to flee from Thieves' Guild Thugs, but it blocks your attempt!

          Beef rubs his nose, lubricating his hand with the sticky, sticky green substance which has been accumulating somewhere in his head. 'Brain goo' as his mummy called it. She said some really clever things, mummy did. His thoughts moving, or perhaps 'dragging' would be a more accurate adjective, away from his mummy, Beef returns to the si-choo-a-shin at hand. Seeing pointy-ears run, he chases after her desperately; but is too far away to make a grab as of yet.

Too many times has she been spun around and grabbed, and so it is that Khillaure must slow down for the smallest of moments to get her bearings. She can hear heavy breathing, thick necked, ham fisted death bearing down on her, but this is not a time to panic. She heads in what she hopes is the right direction.

Northern Underdecks
The Underdecks of Laketown are a dark and sometimes dangerous place. As Laketown was rebuilt, a sudden influx of inhabitants made rent too high for many of the lower class citizens. These citizens gradually took over the vast areas under the great city, building warrens for themselves amongst the great pilings of Esgaroth. Though the areas are sometimes flooded in times of great rain, many folk now call these man-made catacombs home. The halls and passages that spider off everywhere down here are a mish-mash of good and bad carpentry, and the lanterns that hang on the walls give only the barest light. There seems to always be whispers and mutterings about, and flitting shadowy figures all around.

The northern ledge of the Underdecks, upon which you stand, hangs beneath the Fisher's Wharf, which can be reached by a dark stairway raised halfway along the edge of town. Along one of the nearby alleyways there can be found a recently furnished infirmary, which has seen stedy business of late. Away to the east there's talk of rickety walkways leading south, while twisting passages are what one finds by seeking in the west. A faded and long defiled sign hangs in the entranceway, encouraging visitors to bring their own light, for it's rumoured to be very disorienting down here, and those not well versed with the area can easily get lost, perhaps never to be seen again...

Obvious exits:
 Dark Stairway leads to Fisher's Wharf.
Rickety Walkway and Twisty Passage

As the chase continues, both Khillaure and Alagnen make good headway, the twists and turns of the infamous Snark's Alley slowly eaten up by their fleeing strides. But alas, for their pursuers know the ocrridor well, and despite the Eldarin blood that runs through our heroes' veins the thugs manage to keep pace.

All the same, as the chase bursts out of the Alley into the northern region of the Underdecks the street beins to widen, and light from the waterline reflects up to offer them a glimmer of hope in their efforts. A fe of the denizens of the Decks are milling about, only to be shocked by the sight of the pursuit, and knowing well what comes of hinding Them they swiftly hide behind barels and side alleyways. All eyes watch, though, as Slugger hefts into view, and cries out in challenge.

Get back here, you wriggling little worms! Come get what's coming to yer!" And as if to prove his point he lashes out with his sword anew at Alagnen, even as his fellows attempt to swarm Khillaure anew.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Alagnen with their jagged swords.
...and it misses!

Alagnen is slowed down by his wounds and the blood flow continues unabated. Son of Arnor that he is, still his breathes come in heaves. A fey gleam is in his grey eyes as he slows and turns to face his pursuers head-on. "Come, you evil scum of the dark! Let us be done! I have not your documents and you've tried my patience with your demands for too long!" He lashes out at his pursuers with Slugger's chopper.

You attack Thieves' Guild Thugs with your Longsword...

Your attack against Thieves' Guild Thugs badly wounds it!

          " Do-coo-mints? What's all this abou' do-coo-mints?" Beef follows his colleagues in thuggery as the pursue the escaped captives through the winding corridors of the 'Decks, diving out to tackle the elf once more, like a charging warthog; only one that sweats, and smells of cheap rice wine.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Khillaure with their jagged swords.
Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack misses Khillaure.

Too long has this been going on, and the fea of an elf, while strong, knows when it's time is drawing near. They are still chasing them and they will not stop, and her body, weak when all this began, cannot keep going like this much longer. But this isn't time to mourn, no, it is time to fight! As the band tries, again, to attack, she spies a fishing spear not far away. Fluidly reaching to pick it up as she runs past, only then does she turn to face her tormentors with a fierce light shining in her eyes.
Khillaure wields Spear.

Khillaure attacks Thieves' Guild Thugs with her Spear and badly wounds it!

And no less fierce is the wrath of Alagnen, for as Slugger charges in he is dealt a grievous blow by his own 'chopper' as the Man of the West lashes it fearsomely. Deep into his should the unclean blade delves, and the man falls backward a pace; landing upon his ear as he cries out in pain.

"Get him!" he roars to his 'lads', who close in upon Alagnen, and one of the brutes hurls a dagger through the air keenly; the knife spinning in the air as it seeks Remo's ribcage.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Alagnen with their jagged swords.
...and it hits! Ouch!

ARB: You've been injured for 22 hp's by Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack...
...you have 15 left. Please RP this injury accordingly.

"AAAAGGGGHHHH!" Alagnen loses air as the dagger flies through the air and hits its target. He looks down at the knife that is buried up to the hilt in his gut. Turning to the Elf, he cries in the Common Speech, "Get out! Get up top before it's too late!" With his final cry, he musters the last of his strength and charges forward, blade held high, into the mob of Slugger's lads.

You recklessly attack Thieves' Guild Thugs with your Longsword...

Your attack against Thieves' Guild Thugs badly wounds it!

The slashing of Khillaure's spear does fine work indeed in the midst of her assailants, and one of them at least goes down with a cry of agony. The rest back away a pace; the fire in the Eladarin eyes something not seen in the dank, dingy streets of the UNderdecks, and now seeing her weapon wreak such wrath upon one of their fellows, it sees they have been given pause indeed.

Khillaure doesn't hesitate, and presses her attack upon the group of thugs. Alagnen's fight goes not unnoticed, and as he is struck and then strikes back with a vicious blow, the elf raises her own weapon in her one, good hand and slashes it at the nearest figure in a wicked arc!

Khillaure attacks Thieves' Guild Thugs with her Spear and severely wounds it!

And even as she does so, cutting a fresh bloody swathe through the ring of attackers, her eyes may chance to see something awful. For Alagnen's run into the mob is fell, his blade lashing hither and thither as it cuts down two more of thr brutes, but no centuries lie upon his brow; no otherworldly fire burns in his eyes, and the thugs snarl back with equal wrath.

Slugger himself scrambles back a pace, yet wincing from his wound, though he staggers to his feet, just as the band of ruffians close in to make an end of Alagnen, if they may.

Knives, hooks and clubs all swipe out as 'Remo' charges into their midst, and the valiant Dunadan's efforts would seem to be at an end.

Thieves' Guild Thugs lashes at Alagnen with their jagged swords.
Defeated, you drop Longsword to the ground...
...and it hits! Ouch!
Darn! You've been knocked to 0 HP by Thieves' Guild Thugs's attack!

Alagnen son of Palandur rushes into the midst of his enemies. The Ranger of the North's foes and he trade blows and not a few of the brutes are vanquished before the Dunadan is felled as well. Boat hooks claw at him, clubs strike him with great vigor and life ebbs with the blood that flows steadily from his wounds. Lashing out bravely but without effect in an effort to ward off the blows, he sinks to his knees and then disappears as the mob finishes him off.

So flees Alagnen beyond the Circles of the World, the Gift of the One to Men now claimed and earned nobly in battle!

Khillaure gives voice to her rage at the falling of her companion, the man whom she had sworn to see back safe in the protection of the elves. Young and foolish, her years still counted in the hundreds upon this land, her emotions worn so close to the surface that she has always been prone to shifts so sudden and severe that she has shied away from contact with anyone for far too long. And here she is, tears welling up in eyes that still flash feircly, spilling over and running down her dirt-stained cheeks in start clean lines.

She has never fled a fight. She has never left a man behind. And yet she cannot let this be for naught. Stay or run. Stand and fight, or see to it that these people pay, once and for all. It is with a heavy heart, and a sinking in her stomach that she knows what she must do.

In the tongue of her people, she calls out to help the spirit of her companion find it's way, "Calad uireb sla bein elin tinnol di venel ah am arda! Anann reniannen nedi thelaith chaeryn, annan broniannen! Si nedim meth tron i galad ias gerin sedhed! Lastad i dhlin henion ad i ind sdh! Ar ir i aur tl, im eria ar glinna na Anor!" And with that goodbye, she turns to flee.

("An eternal light shines like the glinting stars under heaven and over Earth. Long I strayed in the distant lands, long I endured. Now at the end I see the light where I can rest. Listening to the Nightingales I understand again the meaning of peace. And when the morning comes, I rise and glance towards the sun.")

And perhaps some power in her words, or simply the magic that lies within the song of the Eldar aids her flight, for it might seem to some that look on that a warmth has settled upon the air; a faint ray of sunlight breaking through the stormclouds over heard to reflect back up into the Underdecks, settled upon the fallen figure of Alagnen.

The brutes around him give chase to the Elf, but to no avail, for a fleetness is in her feet that cannot be met by their clumsy strides, and as her steps race up the stair to the safety of the Fishers Wharf above, Slugger calls out to break off the pursuit.

His cold eyes are glazed from the pain that fuels his grimace, and while he stares long after the escape of Khillaure, he looks then down to the corpse of Remo, and snarls for all he is worth. "Let the leaf-ear go," he growls. "The rat's been gutted, and that's more important. Infiltrate us, will he? Let this be a lesson to everyone here! You know what happens if you cros the Guild! Let this be a reminder..."

These last words have come as a shout, and while fearful, grief-stricken eyes watch from the windows and side-alleys that line the street, he jerks his head southward and grunts out a final command. "C'mon," says he. "We've got some explaning to do..." And with that, the gang of thugs depart, dragging their fellows bodies with them, but leaving Alagnen alone upon the wooden ground.

Long minutes stretch by in the wake of their departure, until at length a handful of brave souls venture out to gently bear him in their arms, and with somber faces they bear him away to parts unknown; though his noble blood remains to mark where this valiant son of distant Westernesse breathed his last in honour.


Message ID #: 19664
TO: (Rangernews)
         Perhaps it's an Elf-messenger from Thranduil's realm or some wanderer of the Noldor or the Sindar. Regardless, word eventually finds its way out of the east that in the early summer of 3053, a Man named Alagnen was killed in a fight in the lake-town of Esgaroth in the land of the Bardings. With his kindred few and scattered, few knew him, but as one of the Dunedain of the North, he will be remembered by those who know of his hidden heritage.
         How he died or for what reason is not known. Will anyone go and find out?

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