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Unexpected test

Tags: Agmundr,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: An Eagle decides to test a Beorning Chieftain, but perhaps it is not the human who shall learn the lesson.
Date (real-life): 2010-06-10
Scene Location: Training Grounds Imladris

Training Ground
The training ground of the Tirith Imladhrim is a broad, verdant lawn, stretching a hundred paces in any given direction. The southern half is dedicated to the practice of archery, the great skill of the Eldar: there rests upon the southeast corner a multitude of targets of a bullseye design. At the other corner--the southwest corner--is the firing line, and also a barrel of practice arrows. Through the center of the field running east-west is the meadow path; east is the bright guardhouse, and to the west is the armoury complex. Another path runs southwards to the Imladris stables. At the northern end of the field are many dummies of straw, fit to practice bladework upon; past them tower many trees, a thick forest. Rising above all are the cliffs of the valley wall, looming to the north.

Almost in the middle of this field, though a little further toward the north, is an immense rosebush. Thickly limbed, the thorns on the branches are long and sharp-looking, discouraging any sort of trespass onto the ground claimed by the rosebush.

Straw Dummy
Archery Targets
Obvious exits:
 North leads to Guard House.
 South leads to Wheat Fields.

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Mid Afternoon < About 4:52 PM >
IC day is:     Friday
IC date is:    February 18
Moon phase:    First Quarter <VISIBLE>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Tue Jun 08 18:57:34 2010

It is midday, and the sun shines at its peak overhead. Winter has greyed the grasses of the training grounds, and the cold fingers of the breeze ripples softly through the fields.

A shadow passes against the sun, and the land below is thrown into brief darkness. High above, a great bronze shape starts in a slow spiral, talons glittering. It is the winged shape of a Great Eagle, and the bright amber eyes are lowered groundward. With a tilt of his tail, Sulgirion descends, still performing rings through the air.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       In the training grounds of Imladris there are some Elves, naturally, but what stands out most is a man. Tall, glittering in armour and wielding an axe with deadly efficiency on a straw target, the man is not of the Dunedain but of the Beornings east of the Misty Mountains.

        Axe in one hand, shield in the other, the man is in his own world, not noticing the darkness as the Eagle begins to descend. This is just not any Beorning, but Agmundr, Chieftain of the Bear Clan and blacksmith besides.

Perhaps it is this humanish curiosity that brings this creature of the skies downward; whatever the case, downward he comes, wings tucking down on either side as the giant bird makes a dive. At the last moment, Sulgirion flings the feathered arms wide, clawed feet dropping as he slows and a new wind battering the grasses. Talons bite the earth, and the wings are folded as the eagle settles himself upon the field.

He stands nigh the Man, though he keeps fair distance away from the swing of axe and spear. A gold-tipped head is canted as he watches. "It is a fine day for training," remarks Sulgirion, peerig downward.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       It is only as the Eagle lands does Agmundr seem to take note of his surroundings, the air buffering him enough to draw his attention. Further grabbing his attention is the fact that the Eagle speaks, leaving the Beorning in bemused silence for several long moments before he gives a slightly weary nod, slipping axe into his belt before removing his helmet.

        "Aye, indeed it is. A fine a way as any to pass the days until the Pass, and thus the path back to the Village, is open once more. I hope the day is well for your flying?" The words are unsure, at first, as if the Chieftain is unsure if he has spent too long practising and is now seeing and hearing things.

"Indeed," respondes the eagle, bobbing his head in an avian nod. "Fair flying with the wind blowing from West. Even in winter there are warm currents from the Lord of Winds that we can sail."

He ruffles his feathered shoulder, turning his beak to scratch at it a moment. Then that hooked mouth clacks open and shut into new words. "Back over the Pass, you say? Then, it is a fine day for training, verily. All too often goblins prowl that path, and in winter it is even more perilous. Pray, continue practising, for I do not want my presence to stop that."

[Agmundr(#32546)]       "Once winter has broken and the Pass safe to travel once more, we shall," agrees Agmundr with a nod. "And, aye, training is quite important, though I count myself quite skilled with the axe." A thin smile crosses the man's face before he nods, fitting helmet back onto his head.

        With no further words, the berserker turns back to the straw dummy, and is still for some moments before exploding into motion, axe swinging swift and deadly, straw beginning to pour from the dummy.

The avian observes with interest, his head still tilted to one side so that a single bright amber eye is fixed on the Man and his display of skill. For a long length Sulgirion merely watches in silence, but then he speaks once more as the axe bites and a large chunk of straw goes flying. "It is impressive, to be certain," remarks the eagle, nodding.

"It is important to learn specific motions and tactics..however," he lets a talon gouge line of marks in the dirt, "it is equally important to be prepared for the unexpected, is it not, friend? Would you like me to show you?" The question bears the hints of slight amusement, although what the creature finds funny is not clear.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       As the Eagle speaks once more, it takes a few moments for Agmundr to return back to the world. After a few deep breaths, the berserker turns to Sulgirion, an eyebrow arched beneath his helm. "The way I fight, there is little room for tactics. Motions and techniques are all down to what kills the quickest and most efficient and gets you to move on to the next goblin..."

        He is silent for a moment before he nods. "Please, do."

"No tactics," repeats Sulgirion, and he shifts his gold-tipped head in consideration. "Then it sounds as if you already fight 'unexpectedly.' But tell me, have you ever needed to worry about an assailant from the sky? We shall find out how well you fare against such an oddity."

The words are barely finished, ere the raptor spreads wide his massive wings; dust and clumps of grass are scattered as he leaps airborne, and the eagle makes a half-circle around the area, skimming low to the ground. "Are you ready?"

[Agmundr(#32546)]       "You mean a goblin out of a tree or jumping from a wall? Hasn't come up all that often, I have to admit," says the Beorning, grin on his face. As the Eagle takes off, he shields his eyes with an arm before he gets himself into a position, nodding his head. "Aye. Come on."

At the answer, Sulgirion's curved beak parts yet again, but this time Common does not come -- but rather a shrill avian screech in acknowledgement. He wheels himself around, wings pounding the air as he aligns himself. And then those feathered arms are tilted, and with a startling speed that seems to contradict his size, the eagle is drawing near. As the distance is eaten up, the blackened talons are extended, although they are carefully angled to one side -- if they connect, it will be a glancing blow to the shoulder.

COMBAT - Wielded: Eagle Claws

You attack Agmundr with your Eagle Claws...
Agmundr dodges your attack.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       Ah, but the Beorning is quick. He swiftly steps aside the deadly talons, shield up, a grin on his face and a barking laugh coming from him. He does not remain idle long; he quickly brings the blunt side of his axe up, aiming to hit one of the Eagle's legs.

Agmundr attacks you with his Axe!...
...and he hits! Ouch!

ARB: You've been injured for 1 hp's by Agmundr's attack...
...you have 124 left. Please RP this injury accordingly.

The axe comes up as the giant bird passes overhead, and a low and slightly surprised squawk emerges. He pulls the leg up, turning around in midair again to face the Beorning. Another diving skim over the lawn brings Sulgirion close enough for a second attempt, and now it is the hard beak that pecks downward for anything within reach.

COMBAT - Wielded: Eagle Beak

You attack Agmundr with your Eagle Beak...
Agmundr parries your attack with his shield!

[Agmundr(#32546)]       Again, the Beorning is quick. His shield, already up, is moved swiftly, a 'clang!' announcing that it has intercepted the beak. Another barking laugh comes from the berserker, who had used the time to bring his axe back. Now, it strikes swiftly out once more, blunt side aimed for the legs again.

Agmundr attacks you with his Axe!...
...and you parry his attack with your Eagle Beak!

But it appears that the shield is not the only useful thing for intercepting; there is a strange grating sound, not unlike metal against metal -- the hooked part of the beak has caught against the edge of the axe. With a shake of his head, the eagle pushes the latter away.

Still, the winged creature does not speak. When next he comes round for a third strike, he slows. The talons are lowered, but at the last second Sulgirion moves to skim around Agmundr, and instead of sharp claws he sends a blast of wind from his wings to be the unexpected assailant.

You forego your chance to attack.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       The berserker sets himself as the Eagle comes once more, though he does lean somewhat into the wind. When the Eagle is at its closest point, Agmundr swings out with his axe again, blunt side aiming for the body of the bird.

Agmundr attacks you with his Axe!...
...and he hits! Ouch!

ARB: You've been injured for 1 hp's by Agmundr's attack...
...you have 123 left. Please RP this injury accordingly.

The aim of the axe proves true, and it scores another hit. A small brown feather drifts down, followed by a fresh avian noise. "A final round perhaps?" Sulgirion breaks his silence at last, and if the countenances of birds were more capable of expression, a curious determination might be discerned upon that open beak. The great amber eyes flicker faintly, and the eagle angles his body to come in a close circle around the human; once he is within range, the talons are prepared for their final attack...but lo! down comes the beak.

You attack Agmundr with your Eagle Beak...
Agmundr dodges your attack.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       If the Chieftain of the Bear Clan notices the words, it is difficult to tell, focused as he is upon the battle. As Sulgirion comes around once more, he positions himself, shield ready to block the talons... and when the beak comes striking, he quickly ducks and moves to the side, blunt-side of the axe swinging up to strike.

Agmundr attacks you with his Axe!...
...and he misses!

A twist to the side sees the axe sailing harmlessly passed, and now it is the grass that is attacked when the raptor maneuvers himself to land; it ripples wildly beneath him. Claws dig holes into the ground, and once Sulgirion has settled, he ruffles a wing, turning his beak to fix the feathers that have gotten displaced. When he looks up, the gaze is bright. "As the Elves say, well met indeed!" an odd sound emits that must be a pleased laugh. "You have shown me, I daresay. The Pass had best be wary of the fury your axe, friend."

[Agmundr(#32546)]       It takes a minute or two before the Chieftain turns to face the Eagle, a grin on his face under helm as he bows his head slightly. "I always thought so. And I have survived this long with a reckless style, so I have no little skill." The Beorning slips his axe under his belt and removes his helm, brushing hair off sweat-laden brow.

The avian receives the bow with one of his own. "Skill is made greater by confidence and determination. These you have, as I have seen. May your journey by swift and safe, and your axe sharp and deadly for those among the foolish goblins who would hinder you. I shall rest here for a time, in the Valley. Perhaps we may meet again, ere you depart. And if not, may your eyries welcome you at journey's end."

Once he is aloft with a last blast of wind and torn grass, Sulgirion turns and glides south, where the Great Oak stands.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       "Oh, I shall certainly give the goblins cause to fear me," replies the berserker, grinning. He nods as the eagle departs, staring after it a moment before he chuckles and heads back towards Elrond's House, seemingly finished with his training for the day.


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