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Morning Visitor

Tags: Farak,  Morlim,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: Something large and winged drops in on a group dwarves and their breakfast.
Date (real-life): 2010-08-19
Scene Location: Beorning Outpost

Outpost in Ruins
Halfway through a reconstruction effort, the Beorning people's outpost is rising from its own ashes. The wide dirt ramparts remain from before, the sturdy stone base also still suffices. But where the old fort was build from head to toe with Dwarves joinery, it appears that great logs are the choice this time around for the walls, due to their availability on the mountain's slopes, the expediency with which construction can then take, and the possible lack of Dwarven labor and guidance to effect more lasting and strong stone joinery.

Obvious exits:
 Northeast leads to Anduin Valley - West of the Carrock.
 North leads to Vales of the Anduin.
 Northwest leads to Vales of the Anduin.
 Storage Shed leads to Storage Shed.
 Headquarters leads to Headquarters.
 Barracks leads to Barracks.
 Southwest leads to Western Vales of Anduin.

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Early Morning < About 8:21 AM >
IC day is:     Wednesday
IC date is:    September 21
Moon phase:    Full  <HIDDEN>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Thu Aug 19 17:07:09 2010

[Morlim(#20753)]        'Tis an early, autumn morning upon the Beorning Outpost, and, despite the time, it is busy. It seems that half the Dwarves are working, while the other half are waking up and starting to cook breakfast, putting out lamps and stoking cooking fires. Occasionally, there is a Beorning, mostly on watch for orcs or anything else that might disrupt work.

        Amongst the Dwarves is the Chief Master Veteran and Engineer Morlim of Zinbar. Though bright and focused, no one can say for sure when they last saw the Engineer asleep, since he always seems to be driving the work onwards. At the moment, he stands at a table, staring at his plans for the Outpost.

         Not too far from the Engineer is the Dwarven Priest Farak, he sits on a small stool and pokes at a fire with a stick with one hand, and is moving some sausages around in a frying pan with the other. The Priest looks half asleep as he moves about the sausages and yawns a bit, it is more than apparent the priest just woke up.

[Morlim(#20753)]        "Do not burn the sausages," says the Engineer after a few quiet moments, briefly glancing up from his plans to the priest. "Or, at least, not too much. A little charring is just right. Add a little ale or spirits if you do burn them; makes all the difference."

        With a quiet sigh, Morlim steps away from the table, surveying the work, a slight smile of satisfaction upon his face.

         Stirring at the words of the Engineer the Priest says "Master Morlim, care to join me?" grabbing two plates from beside him and using a knife to put about five sausages on each plate the Priest says "I have used a variety of spices and boiled them in some good ale."

It is then, the light of the morning falters. Those within the outpost might notice the deep gloom of a darkling shape that passes under cloud and beneath sun. The shadow in the sky is elongated on either side: the silhouettes of vast wings. Gold shines bright off the tips of feathers.

[Morlim(#20753)]        "I think I shall," says the Engineer, heading over to Farak. He takes one of the plates, nodding at the Priest's method of cooking, and is about to take a bite of one of the sausages as the shadow falls over the Outpost. He pauses and glances up, a rumbling growl in his throat. "What is this, then, that comes?"

         Taking a bit of sausage just as the shadow passes over the outpost, the Priest almost doesnt notice, but upon hearing the words of the Engineer he looks to the sky with surprised look upon his face saying "I would suggest eating the sausages quickly cousin."

The scent of breakfast rises into the air, borne aloft by a stirring breeze; the shadow in the heavens slows in its passing, and without warning it plummets from the clouds like a rock. Down, down, the creature comes until the last moment when it pulls sharply out of the dive. Great pinions bear it above the scene of construction, and now that it has neared, it may be seen: this is one of the Eagles of the North. Sunlight glitters upon curved talons, but they remain unthreatening, tucked close to the avian's enormous body.

         Seeing the Eagle, the mouth of the priest stays propped open a look of shock and amazement upon his face, shaking his head and coming out of the shock he looks down to the frying pan and moves a few the sausages about, though they may be slightly burned on one side" Looking back to the Eagle the Priest stares at the large creature, a half grin on his face.

[Morlim(#20753)]        "I shall not let a great bloody bird force me to rush my breakfast," rumbles Morlim, taking a liesurely bite of sasuage as he watches the Eagle descend. "I wonder what it wants?" Murmurs the Engineer, almost to himself, as he takes another bite of sausage. He seems to be doing his best to act as unimpressed as possible, for whatever reason. Strange are the minds of Engineers.

It appears the feathered visitor does not hear Morlim's muttering, although a screech leaves his hooked beak, and Sulgirion performs a last flap of his massive wings before alighting upon one of the logs that makes up the under-repair wall. He cocks his golden head to peer about the scene with one of his bright amber eyes.

"Hail, Sons of Aule," greets the eagle in Westron with a dip of his neck, and the voice that speaks is wild-edged. "I can see a construction effort is underway. It is time this fort was restored to its strength. I hope the toil has fared well, thus far?" His gaze flickers to the sausages.

         Seeing the Great Bird land the Priest bows his head and looks back up to the Eagle and says "The Work has been hard, and the enemy has pressed their attack at times. But we have prevailed none the less.." Once again bowing his head the Priest introduces himself "Farak Mazarbul, Priest and Lorekeeper of Erebor.."

[Morlim(#20753)]        Finishing off a sausage, the Engineer nods his head as Farak speaks. "Aye, the work goes quite well! Not too long until we are finished, I think, and then the Beornings will have something to be proud of. Orcs and their ilk shall break upon this fortress like water on rock." Taking a bite of a second sausage, Morlim speaks once he has chewed and swallowed.

        "Morlim, of Zinbar, Chief Master Veteran of the Warders and Engineer of Erebor. I trust this morning sits well with you?"

Again, the gold-crowned head inclines in a bow. "Sulgirion of the North, guardian of the Pass, and servant of the West. The morning is well, indeed, although I have not yet sated my hunger." The piercing eyes watch as Priest and Engineer take bites of their food, and the avian clacks his hooked beak open and closed.

Then, he cants his head to the other side before speaking once more. "You were harried by orcs you say? Then it is well this fort is being rebuilt, for it will give the goblins cause to fear, as they should." Sulgirion lets his keen stare sweep the fort, as if to estimate the numbers of the craftsmen that are at work.

         Hearing the words of the Great Bird the Priest watches as its eyes look to the sausage, looking down to the frying pan and back to the Eagle the Priest says "I do not know if we can stop your hunger, but you are more than welcome to have some of our breakfast." reaching into his pack he retrieves some more sausages and throws them upon the frying pan with the others.

[Morlim(#20753)]        "Aye, I would imagine the Beornings would not be pleased were you to take some of their sheep..." Says the Engineer with dry humour, finishing his second sausage. "We have been attacked a couple of times, yes. They have been repulsed, of course, and I have been pushing the construction so that we might finish it."

        Work has almost come to a stop around the Outpost as Dwarves and Beornings alike stare at Sulgirion. Morlim notices this and snorts. "Back to work!" Shouts the Engineer. The Dwarves leap to comply.

If the stares of the other builders have bothered Sulgirion, he does not show it. Unconcernedly, he scratches at his side for a moment with his curved mouth, and glances back down to the pair of dwarves. "A few is all I will ask of your generosity," the raptor replies as Farak sets more sausages to cook. The amber eyes flicker toward Morlim, and he adds, "Afterward, I shall fish what more I desire from the Anduin."

The eagle ruffles a few of his wing feathers, turning his neck to run two of them through his beak in a cleaning. "A considerable group you have here," he comments in a pause, "for them to have progressed thus far while defending this place. Whither will you head after the job is complete? Winter comes."

         Using a knife the Priest takes out some of the already cooked sausages about twelve of them and puts them upon a large platter, as he does this he listens to the words of the Great Eagle, thinking a moment the Priest says "I believe we are to return to the Mountain, at least some of us will. I know I have been called back as soon as the work has been finished." Standing the Preist makes his way over to the Eagle, and setting the large platter down upon a stack of cut stones he says "Here you are Master Sulgirion, seasoned with spices and boiled in a fine Ale."

[Morlim(#20753)]        "I shall be returning to the Mountain," says Morlim, "as will many amongst my caravan, I imagine. They have not seen their families in some time, and will appreciate time home. I think some others here, however, may seek out the House of Elrond for trade or some such." The Engineer shrugs his shoulders. "I intend to have this fortification finished before winter sets in full."

Nodding to the answers, the avian peers at the proffered pan once it has been set down, and with startling speed for his size, stoops his neck forward. Tossing back his head, the sausages are gone in a chew-less swallow. "You have my thanks, Stone-lords, and I wish you well in the finishing of your efforts. May your journey home be swift and without danger."

This said, Sulgirion unfurls his thirty foot wingspan and readies himself to leap.

         Seeing the wingspan of the great bird the Priest bows his head and says "We thank you for the visit, and the words." that being said he back away and continues to watch the great bird

[Morlim(#20753)]        "And may you return to your eyries well-fed," replies Morlim, humour in his tone as he works on his third sausage, bowing his head to the Eagle.


"May your mountains stay strong, and your axes never dull." A last dip of his golden head is given. And then, with a mighty blast of wind, the eagle bounds into the air, great feathered pinions flapping once to ascend.

Within moments, Sulgirion is far above, and he performs a slow circle as he sends a sharp squawk in farewell. And then he is off, sailing toward the East where the River lies.

         Upon seeing the great bird leave the Priest returns to his seat and takes another bite of sausage saying "Well that is what I would consider a very queer breakfast, very unexpected.." Finishing the sausage he looks to the Engineer and says "In all my days I have only ever seen one of his kind a handful of times.."

[Morlim(#20753)]        The Chief Master Veteran grunts quietly. "I do not think I have seen them, much less talked to one. Well, interesting, as you say," replies Morlim, finishing his third sausage with a shrug. "Shame I did not think to ask if he could carry stone for us."


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