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Tidings Over Hill

Tags: Sudanir,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: On Amon Thranduil, Elf and Eagle speak of the troubles of wargs, and the plans to deal with them.
Date (real-life): 2010-08-24
Scene Location: Amon Thranduil, Mirkwood

Atop Amon Thranduil

        The stony shoulder of Thranduil's hill rises out of the forest below; a rocky grey outcrop littered with great boulders and thin seams of soil where plants have taken root. In every direction the view is unobstructed for mile upon mile; to the distant west the misty peaks of the Hithaeglir stand shrouded ever by clouds, while closer to the east the lonely spire of Erebor rises solitary from the surrounding valley. Near its foot, the light often glints off of Long Lake, and likewise off the forest river Taurduin as it rushes under the cover of forest trees and finally beyond, flowing towards its end near Esgaroth.
        The wind constantly whips across the top of Amon Thranduil, pushing and piling dry needles fallen from hilltop pines into long ruddy rivers which snake across the bare rock like seaweed left by lapping waves at a high tide line, and twisting trees into all manner of fantastic shapes. Doubtless left alone the pines and aspen which cling tenuously to the little rocky soil found up here would grow straight, yet buffeted constantly by wind and subject to the worst of autumn storms, their limbs are gnarled and crooked, writhing about each other in a manner not seen in the more protected forest below.
        The autumn forest below is a firey tapestry of bright reds and oranges of all hues which conspire to hide the few pockets of dark green evergreens left here and there. Upon the hilltop, blueberry bushes springing from cracks in the rock have grown red in the chilly fall air, with leathery leaves hiding scores of plump, waxy skinned berries.

Overhead the sky is dark and cloudy, but occasional slender rays of sunlight manage to escape between the grey clouds.


Obvious exits:
 East leads to North Gate.

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Mid Afternoon < About 3:46 PM >
IC day is:     Thursday
IC date is:    October 6
Moon phase:    Waxing Crescent <HIDDEN>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Tue Aug 24 20:35:27 2010

It is another chilly autumn afternoon, and the sky is veiled with swirling clouds of grey that threaten rain. All about, the forest of Mirkwood stretches, its pine trees contrasted with the blaze of yellows, oranges, and reds that cling to the boughs of the other trees.

Something passes overhead, nigh the eddies of the clouds, and a shadow is cast over the stony hillock that rises from the depths of the wood. A darkling shape might perhaps be seen by keen eyes as it wings its way far above.

Sudanir stands watch atop the hill, where the view surpasses even the tops of the nearby beech stand. He faces West, peering with his own sharp eyes, as if trying to follow something in the far trees. Then, at the faint sound of wings cutting the air, he glances up, seeing a large bird. It veers to the side as it sees the elf, silently flapping off toward the dark, rotting trees of Mirkwood beyond Amon Thranduil. But in looking up, the elf sees something even more interesting...another bird shape, though far smaller. He gazes upward to see what it is, and where it goes.

Far smaller indeed it would seem...for the nonce.

For a second it appears that the winged shape will pass on its way and be gone into the clouds toward the south; but abruptly, its course slows and the bird performs a looping circle in the air. And suddenly, the shadow drops straight for the ground, plummeting like a bolt of thunder. Closer and closer it comes, and as its descent draws near the hill, the bird's size increases -- no mere sparrow is this, but rather one of the Eagles of the North. Bronze wings open wide in a thirty foot span to decelerate.

More as a reaction, or a precaution, than actual concern, Sudanir raises an arm to sheild his eyes and face, as though he were expecting a falcon to rest on his wrist. But he also takes a step back, the churning air causing his hair to flutter then whip about. The edhel gives the bird whatever space he wants to land on, keeping a reasonable distance.


Wing beats blast the tops of the nearby trees into a brewing gale as Sulgirion swoops lower. At last, with a great backflap, the avian alights upon the tall hillock, his enormous talons scraping and clacking against stone and boulder as he finds a perch. The massive feathered pinions are tucked back against his sides, and the eagle cants his gold-crowned head to peer downward with one of his bright amber eyes. A shrill caw emerges from his hooked mouth, heralding a greeting in Westron.

"Hail, Firstborn of Greenwood of Old. How fare you this noon? I come seeking news. Perhaps you may be able to satisfy my questions."

"Hail, Lord of the Skies," Sudanir says, looking up into the Great Eagle's eye. "May the winds bear you swiftly where you would go." He blinks, surprised slightly at the question. "I am well. And what news I have, I gladly offer. What questions?"

The raptor dips his neck in a slight bow. "I seek tidings of the schemes of the goblins of this forest. I have heard rumors of fell things stirring within its boughs, and many howls have there been, nigh the Old Forest Road and the Western edge of the treeline."

"They have been restless, and bold." Sudanir answers with confidence. "And they seem organized...more than usual. And the dwarves travels have been troubled, I hear." This he says with little concern, mere curiousity, but then his voice darkens. "But there is something else out there, of which none will speak. I am preparing a scouting party soon." Of course, in elf years, hard to say how long that would be.


Sulgirion listens with his head tilted to the side, but curiously at the Elf's mentioning of 'something else', the eagle peers downward to gaze at one of his great talons; a cold scar might be seen thereon. Feathers ruffle in a small shiver, but he attempts to hide this with another bob of his head in an avian nod. "Restless and bold, indeed," the eagle agrees quietly. "A scouting party you say? That is well. Whither would you venture? They say wargs have been espied upon the Road."

"I will go to the Road, and from there, to Beorning. If I get that far, I will be surprised," Sudanir says simply. "And then I will return home, and report to my King. Will you tarry a while in our skies, my Lord?" Sudanir bends down to grasp his long bow, and then leans upon it for support like a staff, raising a foot to lean it against his leg casually.

"Aye, I shall," the beak clacks in reply. "I have been bidden to keep a special watch over this forest, and of the movements of the creatures within. If these evil wolves have haunted the West edge, it is very possible that they have given cause for fear to the Beornings of the Anduin." Sulgirion lowers his neck to slide several feathers throw his mouth ere he adds, "I could watchover your progress, if that seems well. If help is needed, look skyward. I shall not be far, and the breath of Manwe bears me swiftly in urgency."

Sudanir bows low and respectfully. "I am glad for your offer, and accept. A friend in the sky is a blessing from Yavanna. I will keep an eye out for the beasts, and with some small fortune, we shall drive them back." The elf glances down at the scar on the great bird's talon. "Do you require healing?"

[Sulgirion(#16643)]The cleaning of plumage stops as this last question is asked, and slowly the avian raises his head away from his feathered side to peer closely at Sudanir with both piercing amber eyes. Brow furrowed slightly, Sulgirion shifts himself so that the oddly marked claw is hidden more from sight behind his second foot. "I thank you for your concern," he says at length, "but no, I do not. The chance for healing is gone."

Then, the eagle takes an avian step backward, unfurling his enormous bronze wings. "And I thank you also for the news you have given me. I shall be off, for the skies call me once more."

"Be well." Sudanir says, putting down his rested foot and taking a step back, so that he may be beyond the reach of the huge wingspan. "I will speak to Thranduil. Look for me along the road."

A final nod of golden head is offered. "I shall. Farewell, friend. May your bow stay firm and the arrow swift." And with that, the great bird turns so that his wing blasts do not fly in the Elf's direction. A cloud of dirt is stirred up as he leaps into the sky, the tips of feathers pulling at the air like fingers to raise himself higher and higher. With a sharp caw, his winged form passes southward, acsending further and further until it is lost amid the blanket of grey clouds.

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