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Fitting Fate

Tags: Faungrist,  Fuinross,  Tom,  Bert,  William

Short Summary: Two Eagles find amusement in their chosen perches one night: three stone trolls in a clearing of the Shaws.
Date (real-life): 2010-09-02
Scene Location: Oak Clearing, Trollshaws

Circle of Oaks
This is a clearing bordered on all sides by tall oaks. They are in a very regular circle, as if someone planted them in this way on purpose. But it must have been many years ago, because they are huge and old trees now. The sky is clearly visible above, unlike most other places around here. Dense forest lies all around the clearing. To the north, the path grows plainer and broader, exiting the belt of oaks and running steeply down a slope and then disappearing to the left round the shoulder of a rocky hill.
    Standing in the midst of the clearing are three huge figures. They are much larger than humans...
Obvious exits:
East, North, and South

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Late Night < About 3:55 AM >
IC day is:     Tuesday
IC date is:    November 2
Moon phase:    New  <NOT VISIBLE>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Thu Sep 02 15:38:29 2010

Another night brings the grasp of winter nearer, and the chilly wind that whispers over the trees sends some lingering dead foliage from their branches. High above the Shaws the starlight shines cold and faint.

And quite suddenly the land below is thrown into fitful illumination, for it is then that a great shape passes against the moon. Here in the heavens soars the winged form of Fuinross, and the copper of his feathers is cast briefly into a silver hue.

[Graim(#20753)]         There is another Eagle here, though he is not soaring in the skies. No, rather, he is perched atop one of the stone trolls in the clearing, looking to all to be rather pleased with the situation. Rust and gold are his hues, and he looks skyward as the moonlight flickers. When he sees the other eagle, he gives a screeching call up.

The first eagle's head dips downward at the cry and, bright amber eyes espying the rust and gold shape in the clearing, he lets forth a shrill avian screech of his own. Massive wings are angled and tail tilted to shift course, and Fuinross descends through the sky, his glittering talons reaching out as he nears the ground. There is a momentary clicking and grating against stone as the raptor settles himself ontop of the second stone troll, and he turns to face his fellow.

"Hail, brother," greets Fuinross in the warbles and caws of his kind. "What brings you hither this fair eve?" He peers toward the odd perches that have been chosen, and there is amusement in the gaze.

[Graim(#20753)]         "Brother," replies Faungrist in kind, "a good eve to thee. I sought lands a little less familiar to me, when I spied this fine situation," a claw taps against the rust and gold Eagle's perch. "I thought it would be terrible not to take advantage of it. We do not often have the chance to perch thus upon our enemies."

The amusement turns into a wild-edged laugh at this, and Fuinross bobs his copper head in a nod. "Indeed, this is a rare opportunity." He cants his neck back and forth, keen sight scrutinizing the third, eagle-less troll. "It makes one wonder why they chose such an open area to linger in when clearly the sun must have been rising. I have never seen one of them in such a state this closely before. Do you think they can see us, even if they cannot move?"

[Graim(#20753)]         "I do not know," replies Faungrist, amusement in the voice, "perhaps someone we can thank? But, then, trolls are not the smartest of creatures. Perhaps they simply forgot about the sun." If it was possible, the rust and gold Eagle would be smirking.

        "I do not know... but I can think of few fitter fates. Able to see everything but unable to do anything."

"Unable to do anything," repeats the other avian, and suddenly he kicks off from his perch. Swooping low over the nearest oak tree, he snaps a few boughs off with a clip of his beak, and then alights once more on the eternally frozen troll. Turning his neck from side to side, Fuinross carefully sets the branches in more or less of a ring atop the stone head.

"They should at least be of use now to the denizens of the forest that they used to terrorize. Perhaps with this base of twigs, the sparrows will dare to build nests here. A fitting fate."

[Graim(#20753)]         Faungrist clacks his beak in amusement. "Aye, perhaps they shall, brother, perhaps they shall. 'Tis fitting, as you say: they go from creatures of destruction to creatures of creation. Of a sorts, any how." The Herald of the North moves his wings some, shrugging as best he can. "I would love to know the story of how this came to be about..."

Fuinross' head raises, and he glances sidelong at Faungrist; if avian beaks could smile, doubtless that curved mouth would be drawn up in one. "Perhaps one day we shall hear the tale. But for now I fear we shall have to be content with guessing. They were agruing, judging by the looks on their faces. They very well could have quarreled over food, or where they each wanted to sit, and were caught unawares when the sun dawned."

The copper raptor ruffles his feathers, spreading wide his wings. "This wondering has gotten me hungry, it seems. I think I will hunt to see what I can find. Care to join me, brother?"

[Graim(#20753)]         "Perhaps I shall inquire at Rivendell; doubtless one there might know the tale?" The words are almost quietly murmured before Faungrist's head bobs. "I think I shall, brother. To the skies, then." That said, rust and gold kicks off from his perch and begins to make his way skywards.

"They might know, aye," replies the first eagle, bounding swiftly into the air as well, and sending mighty flaps of his great pinions to carry him after the rust and gold bird. And down below, the twig-nest sits upon the stone troll's head.


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