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Elves, and Dwarves, and Eagles oh my!

Tags: Agmundr,  Farak,  Galadriel,  Grimbeorn,  Haldir,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: Grimbeorn and Agmundr exit the Great Bear Inn to discover a curious gathering of visitors has come to the village. And what is more, the tidings they speak of are not cheery in the least...
Date (real-life): 2010-09-03
Scene Location: Beorning village, crossroads

Village Crossroads
You stand at the crossroads of the Beorning township that is situated in this part of Middle-Earth. To the east lies the forest of Mirkwood and all the wonders that lurk within. To the west lies the mighty Anduin River and beyond the soaring peaks of the Misty Mountains jut skyward.
Sunlight streams down upon the crossroads, although the immense Oak Tree that is situated in the centre casts lengthy shadows across the area. During the daylight hours much activity can be seen as people bustle about their duties. The Great Bear Inn is situated on one corner of the crossroads and as always, it is open for business. Opposite the Inn are the stables where one may keep their steeds and know that they are in safe hands. As you gaze to both the north and the south, you can see that much more of the town lies beyond where you stand at this moment.

The day sky still dumps copious amounts of rain down onto you. The dusk autumn air is warm and muggy around you. The moon is not visible.

Beorning Bedrolls
Shiny Door
Magnificent Oak Tree
Large Bear Statue
Obvious exits:
 Northeast leads to Stables.
 Southeast leads to Great Bear Inn - Entrance Hall.
 South leads to Southern Village.
 North leads to Northern Village.
 East leads to Anduin Road, East of Village.
 West leads to Anduin East Bank.

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Dusk < About 8:40 PM >
IC day is:     Saturday
IC date is:    November 6
Moon phase:    Waxing Crescent <HIDDEN>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Fri Sep 03 21:13:24 2010

[Agmundr(#32546)]       'Tis dusk upon the Beorning Village, and rains falls from the clouds above in great sheets, providing some relief from the warm and muggy air. For the Beornings, though, this is not much of a bother. Weather is weather, after all. And, coming out of the Great Bear Inn at the crossroads of the Village are two of them.

        They seem to be sharing some joke or another, for both are laughing, before one claps the other on the back as he leaves for the northern village. The one remaining behind lifts his head to the rain, a slight grin on his face. This is Agmundr, Chieftain of the Bear Clan.

[Galadriel(#19278)] Doubtless there has been whispering for a few days about the small party of elves that arrived early one morning. A strange travelling party made up of firstborn wearing finery and frocks not oft beheld in this part of the world; whoever they are, they are not a war party. Some of them actually seem to be breaking camp, packing up and preparing for travel. Others, a much smaller group, are set apart, gathered around a figure taller than the rest and cloaked beyond all recognition.

         Approaching the Village Crossroads from the direction of the Outpost is a small contingent of about eight Dwarves, at there front is one dressed in red, shield upon his back, mace at his side.. Though unlike the rest of the dwarves in his party he is dressed in a red robe.. As they near the crossroads all but the Dwarf in red make for the village.

Perched up in the lower branches of the large oak that spreads its limbs over the crossroads is another recent arrival. As the rain pelts down and batters branches, Sulgirion takes the moment to ruffle a few of his feathers, sending a multitude of rain drops spraying. The Great Eagle sits there, the bronze of his plumage blending in with the remainder of the autumn leaves that clothe the tree. Silently, he peers about with a pair of keen amber eyes, occassionally canting his head to glance upon the figures that are in view.

"Well, Agmundr, seems we have our hands full with visitors..." The man saying such is tall, brown haired, deep voiced. A Beornng surely, the Laird to those who know him. He gestures toward the elves and then the approaching dwaves. "We will see, I'm thinking, what sort of spite those folk hold for each other. " Grimbeorn glances to the top of the tree, noting the eagle perched there, but for the moment he has nothing to say on that matter.

[Agmundr(#32546)]       The Chieftain turns to the Laird, a brief look of confusion on his face. "Laird?" It is only then he looks around, blinking once or twice before he nods. "Huh. So we do. Interesting..." He trails off with a nod, and lowers his voice as he speaks again. "Shall I send for some of the lads, Laird? In case things get out of hand?"

Rain -- and feathers -- fall upon a grey-cloaked figure beneath the oak, barely visible in his stillness. He watches the companies with pale eyes, fair features set neutrally, though a frown might be approaching...

         Walking through the rain, the Dwarven Priest in red, slowly makes his way towards the pair standing, as he nears he bows his head and says "Will be a wet night.." As he nears the pair he looks to them, if one were to look at him closely they would see that his left eye is clouded as if blind.. Looking about the crossroads the Dwarf sighs slightly

[Galadriel(#19278)] At the approach of the dwarves, many of the elvish folk stop what they are doing and stand aside.
        The smaller group, four in number, are nearest the road. They all stand silent, the eyes that can be seen are somewhat anxious, but without malice. Upon noticing the two Beorning men, the cloaked elf leads the small contingent towards them. "Lords," comes a female voice from behind the hood, speaking Westron without falter. "Your hospitality is unmatched. I beg your pardon for unplanned stopover in your lands."

Pitter. Patter. Pitter. Patter. The rain is the only sound to be heard up in the oak, for the avian therein seems content for the nonce to observe the curious gathering that has begun to form below. Currently, Sulgirion turns his neck and busies himself with preening several feathers at his side. But noticably, the sound of the elven voice causes the eagle to glance by up, and the creature seems to be listening intently.

"Some of the men..." Grimbeorn cconsiders, eyeing the disparate groups. "No...no need, I think. They're not looking for trouble if you ask me. And if there is, it's nothing you and I can't handle."

That said, the Laird still looks carefully at the visitors, first turning a skeptical eye toward the dwarf..."red?" he ponders, adding, "and injured?" And then listening in silence to the elven woman. "Ever the elves are unannounced. Generally you seem to go your own way and are not so apparent in our lands. What has changed this?" The eagle...gets a skeptical look up the tree. "Odd, to have so many visitors at once from so many different lands and kin."

[Agmundr(#32546)]       Agmundr nods his head slightly. "Right you are, Laird," murmurs he in response before his gaze flicks to Farak. "Better than heat, master Dwarf," says the berserker. "Better than heat." He peers briefly at the Dwarf's eye. "What happened to your eye?"

        He remains silent as Grimbeorn addresses the Elven woman, just offering a nod in response before speaks softly. "Are we hosting something that I have forgotten about, Laird, that we have such visitors?"

         Hearing the sounds of the female voice, the Priest turns his head in that direction Bowing his head he says "Good evening.." Turning back to the man at his words and staring at him with his good eye he says "Aye, red I wear.. Any my eye is well clouded.. In a word.." Looking to the other man he says "Fought a dark rider not too far from here some weeks ago.. I struck him.. And a black mist came from him.. Took my breath and my vision.. Though my breath returned any my vision in my other eye.."

The three elves behind the woman with the hood are silent and still. She, however, inclines her head at the Beorning's question, a single golden lock of hair falling free of its prison as she does so. "Normally such an assessment of our folk would be correct. We would have passed through quietly and bothered you none, en route to the halls of Thranduil. But...circumstances," she continues vaguely, "have changed. Most of my company is returning home this eve." As she is addressed by the dwarf, the woman turns toward him. Little is visible beneath the hood, save only the outlines of a fine-boned visage, perhaps thanks to the gray weather. "Good evening," she returns evenly, but at the mention of a dark rider, the woman seems to freeze slightly before taking a step backwards towards her escort.

And Haldir, like the avian perched above him, merely listens -- the raindrops, diverted by leaves and tree-branches, splash away from him onto the ground.

The preening appears to stop as Farak explains about his vision, and the great bird taps his talons upon his branch restlessly. The golden head rises, and fixes that piercing avian stare first upon the dwarf, ere it flickers swiftly toward the cloaked Elf and then moving onward to the humans. The mention of the dark rider earns a fresh ruffling of feathers, and suddenly a small shower of leaves rains down toward Haldir below.

[<#22365>] 'Then you were part of group that was attacked in the wood?' Grimbeorn addresses the dwarven priest. 'More tricks of the enemy, and I little like the sound of them,' he says in a rumbling voice--brown eyes flicking quickly to the elven woman at her reaction to this tale. 'Circumstances?' he asks her. 'Of what kind?'

And the eagle, at last, finally gets spoken to as the shower of leaves falls down upon them. "<Eagle> Are you going to stay perched up there all day and rain down acorns on us?"

[Agmundr(#32546)]       The berserker turns his gaze back to Farak, narrowing slightly in thought. "Huh. I thought you looked familiar. You were the one your comrade called for before he died, aye?" An eyebrow is arched briefly before he turns his eyes to Grimbeorn as he speaks... whatever, a slightly blank look upon his visage.

         A look of sadness covers the Priest face for a moment as he says "That I was, A great dwarf was killed by that foul rider.. Nearly killed me as well.." Looking to the eagle the Priests face changes, then slowly looking back to the elves be bows his head once again before looking at her, with his one good eye. Hearing the words of the Berserker the Priest bows his head once again a look of sadness upon his face as he says "That I was.."

The feathershower, accompanied by an abundance of wet leaves, causes Haldir to look up, seeming rather annoyed. The grey-cloaked Elf moves suddenly, and crosses the path to join his kin.

"Good day," is all he says to the golden-haired elf woman, inclining his head.

Sulgirion's gaze snaps quickly over to the form of Grimbeorn then, surprised perhaps to be addressed in his native tongue, and he responds in kind, "<Eagle> I think you would prefere it rain acorns, rather than Eagles -- the former are not quite as harmful should one fall upon you. I can see quite fine from here, and it is not often that I find a tree large enough to house one of my kind."

The raptor's head tilts once more, studying those upon the ground. And now that more eyes have taken notice of him, the eagle clacks his beak open and shut, words coming forth now in Westron. 'The news you speak of is most curious, and unusual. It forebodes ill, if what you say is true.' The eyes peer back at Farak as this is said.

[Galadriel(#19278)] "Those circumstances that you have already heart mentioned, sir," returns the woman. "Attacks and enemies in the wood. We may speak little when we travel, but we hear much." Her head turns toward the larger group of elves, now assembling, "Our leader has deemed it unsafe for most of the party to continue. A few of us will press on, with hopes of speaking to the King himself." As another elf joins the little group, the woman turns her hood upon Haldir, then reaches out a slender hand to rest briefly on his shoulder before dropping again.

"Yes, better acorns and leaves than eagles," Grimbeorn answers the raptor, switching to the common language to do so. The slight hint of mirth or even of irritation in that answer, though, leaves him as the others speak of the attacks. "I should like to hear more of these things. And if your kind," he nods to Galadriel and now Haldir, "plan to travel through the dark wood, then perhaps we can offer help for part of the way, at least. Though Thranduil's paths are closed to us and the woods are full of peril. But...not here, not now. Not in the middle of the village. There's a meadow by my father's house, well protected. When you are ready, we can speak there." A nod--and a look toward Agmundr that may or may not hold meaning--before the Laird heads off.

         Looking to the great bird the Priest says "What I say is undoubtedly true.. I bare the scars and the loss of vision in my eye as proof.." Looking to the man as he leaves the Priest says nothing simply watches for a moment before returning his gaze to the small group gathered

[Agmundr(#32546)]       The berserker gives a grim nod to the Laird, both at his words and in farewell as Grimbeorn departs. "Aye, that we can. Not many, of course, since there has been some trouble westwards," his gaze flicks to Farak, to confirm or deny, "but we will provide what we can."

Haldir turns to look at the cloaked lady, inclining his head imperceptibly, as if a conversation has been passed and understood. Then he steps forward.

"Similar terrors have I met in the forest, Master Dwarf," the Elf says, calm and unswayed by emotion. "You say that it was a rider, and he bore a deadly weapon. Is there aught else that you might recall?"

"Scars indeed can tell much, Son of Aule," says the eagle, giving a nod to the dwarf. "I do not doubt there is truth in them." And as he utters this, one of his claws curls tighter over his branch, and a crisscrossing of wounds might be seen thereon. The bright amber eyes watch briefly as the Laird departs, ere they return to gaze upon the cloaked figure of Haldir as the Elf speaks. Again the golden head cants is if listening intently.

         As if paying no attention to the Berserker the dwarf listens to the words of Haldir in regards to the rider, thinking a moment he says "He looked as a man, though he was hooded an dark.. As we fought him claimed we knew not who we fought.. His eyes appeared as flame.. I struck him upon the chin.. To no avail.. But a black mist came from him.. Engulfed me, took from me my breath and my vision.." Leaning forward to show him his clouded and dark eye he continues "Our healers say there is nothing that can be done, twas dark magic.." Looking to the great eagle the dwarf bows his head, then returning his gaze to the elf he says "My blows did not resonate with him.. We were as if bugs.."

[Agmundr(#32546)]       For now, Agmundr remains quietly, simply listening in on the conversation.

The avian's feathered brow furrows. "I have seen this rider of which you speak," says Sulgirion after a length of silence. "I have felt also these black mists, after venturing closer than was wise of me to do..." A third shivering of wings sends scatterings of rain and browned leaves fluttering to the earth.

"Then he is an enemy to us all, Master Dwarf," says Haldir, his eyes hooded beneath the shadow of his cloak. "May he not foul the lands of the Beornings and your kin for much longer."

Bowing to the Man, the Dwarf, and the Eagle, he glances in the direction of the grey tents, the elven-camp. "Perhaps we shall meet again."

         A look is given the great eagle as he speak, and with a sigh the Priest says "Then it is good you faired better than I.." Looking back to the elf as he speaks "An enemy to all.. I pray you have safe passage on your travels.." bowing his head with his last words.

"Perhaps we shall," there is a curious flicker in the amber eyes as Sulgirion bobs his head in a nod, but then it is gone and the neck turns toward Farak. "I faired better, it would seem," agrees the eagle, though his scarred claw apprears to clench all the more. "May the threat soon be dispelled from these lands." Stepping along the branch, the eagle moves deeper into the leaves where there is better shelter from the rain.


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