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Eyes In the Skies

Tags: Laegtiri,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: Great Eagles, Laegtiri and Sulgirion exchange news high above Mirkwood.
Date (real-life): 2010-09-12
Scene Location: Skies above Mirkwood

[+TIME] Middle-earth time is:
Late Morning on Highday, Day 3 of December.
Execute the +TIMEFRAME command for year information.

Real time is: 18:10:58 MDT on Sun Sep 12 2010.

Sky above Mirkwood
You find yourself lost in the cold comfort of puffy white clouds here, but through the mists and biting winds which hold your wings aloft you can just make out the dark green hue of the foreboding Mirkwood. In the far distance, you can make out Lonely Mountain in the East and the high ridge of the Misty Mountains in the West.
Obvious exits:
 Downdraft Rhosgobel leads to Rhosgobel - Upper Floor.
 Downdraft Thranduil leads to Atop Amon Thranduil.
 Downdraft Celebannon leads to Celebannon: Stone Jetty.
 Downdraft Sarn Goriwing leads to Landing Atop Sarn Goriwing.
 Downdraft Forest Edge leads to Western Edge of Mirkwood, Old Forest Road.
 North Wind leads to Sky Above the Eastern Ered Mithrim.
 South Wind leads to Sky: Above Southern Mirkwood.
 East Wind leads to Sky over Erebor.
 West Wind leads to Sky above the Carrock.

Winter has come at last to the land, and high above the dark stretch of Mirkwood forest the skies are covered with a cold blanket of cloud. And here, amid the bitter wind that bites through the air even in the late hours of morning, a elongated shape sails. With bronze wings spread out to either side to balance upon the currents, is Sulgirion, his keen amber gaze fixed downward to watch the gnarled trees that lie below beyond the cloud-veil.

        A screech carries from behind Sulgirion, the call not of a normal fowl, but of a fellow majestic aviary. With great wing beats to catch up to his kinsman, Laegtiri calls above the din of the air, "Greetings, friend! What do you seek in the Mirkwood Forest?"

The first eagle's golden-tipped head raises at the screech, and when the eyes alight upon the arrival, Sulgirion emits an avian greeting of his own. "Greetings, brother," says he, the words coming forth in the squawks and warbles of their race. "I am but watching; for it seems evil in the wood has converged as of late. The accursed goblins have all but disappeared from their usual haunts, and seem to have gathered in mass up north."

The head cants sideways, to peer over at the second great bird. "I do not think we have met, unless memory eludes me. I am known as Sulgirion, Guardian of the High Pass."

        "And I Laegtiri, Guardian of the Mountains of Mist and Lorekeeper of Pelorod," replies the great Eagle as he keeps pace with his brethren. As his own amber gaze passes over the wooded land, he remarks, "The yrch seem to be gaining courage. I remember a time when they remained in their fowl holes in the ground."
        Golden orb swerving toward the other bird, Laegtiri asks, "Have you had any interactions with these groups? Some of them seem to be of a different breed than others."

Sulgirion's gaze swiftly grows sharper, the piercing eyes narrowing; and in them a shadow of something flits by ever-so briefly ere it is gone. Suspicion perhaps? But after a moment the bronze hued eagle appears to calm once more, and he outstretches his right talon to splay the toes. Across the whole foot a crisscrossing series of newer scars can be seen.

"I have," he answers. "And I have swooped closer than what was wise. The ilk of the forest seem to have been joined by their cousins from the Hithaeglir, and are working together. It is an unsteady alliance, no doubt, though how it has lasted this long, I cannot imagine."

        Whether Laegtiri notices the slight change in personality is not remarked, but his next comment does come with some hesitation. "It seems that the darkness has a way of uniting itself under a banner as long as both sides benefit. Once one begins to out-weigh the other, chaos will most likely ensue. Have the Eldar of the land taken any steps to protecting their land?"

The gold-crowned head dips in a nod. "The folk of Thranduil have sent forth with a scouting party to investigate this gathered threat of goblins. However, I cannot say how fruitful their efforts have been. But the forest is not the only place to see danger as of late. A horde of wargs I saw running West, though whither they went and what was their fate I do not know. But judging by previous news I have heard, I would guess that they were sent to assail the Beorning Outpost with cruel intent."

        The eyes of Laegtiri close slightly in what may be an Eagle's way of furrowing his brow. He continues to flap silently for a short time before saying, "That is unpleasant news to hear. The Beorning do make an impact on Arda though they seem to be but such a small group. Have you checked on the village as of late to see if it still stands?"

"Unpleasant news indeed," Sulgirion agrees, clacking his hooked mouth open and shut as if in distaste. "But fear not. The village at least stands strong last I visited. The Beornings had a curious gathering, and I perched in their Great Oak to remain out of the way," an odd sound that must be a soft avian chuckle slips from his throat. "Not only were there dwarves, but a camp of Firstborn from the Hidden Wood as well. Guardsmen some of them appeared to be. I hope if they plan to deal with the trouble in Mirkwood, that they will be cautious..."

        "I have had a number of dealings with those of the Golden Wood. They are a cautious people by nature, but may forget when dealing with those outside their protective land that a darkness is growing," says Laegtiri as he seems to crane his head toward the land that they speak of. In connection to the topic at hand, the Eagle asks, "Do you think our aid will be enough to allow the West to win in these forays?"

The bronze feathered wings raise slightly in what would be a shrug. "Who can say?" Sulgirion tilts his neck again, now turning his head the other way. "There is only One alone who knows what shall befall in the End. But in victory or defeat, it is our duty to aid those of the Free Peoples who will receive our help. Come what may come, and in the meantime we may do what we can, and have hope."

        Laegtiri bobs his head slightly in a nod of agreement and remarks, "And we shall do our part well. I have a feeling that there is still fear upon the evil of this land for they do not truly have a twin to match our skill. While troll is mockery of ent and orc of elf, the worns have long since been destroyed."

"And that is well," warbles the bronze eagle. "Thorondor and his vassals fought against the worms in the Old Days, but our race was larger then, and mightier perhaps. I do not know how well we would fare against a dragon in this age. I am glad we do not have to worry about it."

Sulgirion lowers his neck to peer downward toward the dark blot of trees. "Will you linger nearby, and help ward off the forest's threat?"

        Laegtiri nods slowly as he says, "That I will. We shall see each other again shortly." The great Eagle then angles towards the west and where the Beorning Village lies.


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