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Tidings Given...and Withheld

Tags: Galadriel,  Sulgirion

Short Summary: A common sight in the area recently, the Eagle Sulgirion descends upon the Galadhrim camp near the Beorning Village, and is greeted by Galadriel. Curiously, both avian and Lady seem to withhold some sort of concern from each other.
Date (real-life): 2010-09-14
Scene Location: Galadhrim Camp, near Beo Village

============== Lord of the Rings Calendar <in English> ==============
IC time is:    Mid Afternoon < About 4:45 PM >
IC day is:     Wednesday
IC date is:    December 8
Moon phase:    First Quarter <VISIBLE>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Third Age 3050
RL time:        Tue Sep 14 11:55:19 2010

Anduin Road, East of Village
This northern road passes across the Anduin River in the west and into the region known as Rhovanion, one of the wildest and most unsettled regions of Middle Earth. Far off in the distance a green line can be seen, Mirkwood forest looms towards the east, swallowing up the plain fields. The road's edge is paved with smoothed stones. To the west can be seen a fairly large village, abutting the beautiful lady Anduin. In the middle of that section of river can be seen a huge stone.

The light of day glints off the stones of the path, setting a few of them off in with bright sparkling patterns. Others, coloured in a selection of colours more in depth then the rainbow, greet the day with glowing faces.

It is snowing. The mid afternoon winter air is cold and dry around you. The moon is first quarter.

Erebor Caravan
Galadhrim Camp Object
Beorning Campsite
Obvious exits:
 West leads to Village Crossroads.
 SouthEast leads to Dirt Road through Open Plains.
 North leads to Open Plains.
 South leads to Meadow of Clover.

[Galadriel(#19278)] The elven encampment has been set up on a small hillock overlooking the village. It is an unassuming collection of tall, but simple tents that nearly disappear into the landscape of the snowy plains. The tents are silent now, at the height of day and the elves are, for the most part, gathered casually about the red embers of the morning fire, talking amongst themselves.

One stands and moves apart from the group. With none present but the Firstborn, Galadriel has left her hood upon her shoulders. She moves to a large pack, leaning upon one of the tents and retrieves a bottle of what appears to be cider. She does not return to the group immediately though, but stands at the Eastern edge of the tent, looking pensively upon Mirkwood in the distance.

Snow is upon the landscape, but so too does it assail the heavens above. Amid the wail of the bitter wind and the flury of the white flakes, flies a distant bronze silhouette that is elongated on either side -- the mighty lengths of wings that pound against the air. Keen eyes are turned downward as they sweep over the ground, and suddenly a shrill avian screech slips from Sulgirion's curved beak.

[Galadriel(#19278)] Every fair elven face turns skyward at the sound of the screech; a few around the fire stand, shielding their eyes with their hands to watch the shape of the great bird. Galadriel, for her part, raises her eyes but stands statue-still, her cloak sweeping out around her as the powerful wings are already shifting the air upon the ground.

The Elves are not kept waiting long. The large shape in the sky angles itself forward, and plunges, beak first, for the ground. As speed increases so too does its size, and it becomes apparent that this is no normal hunting bird: a Eagle of the North comes.

Mighty blasts from the massive wings send snow flying, and two huge talons clamp into the earth as Sulgirion lands near the bordor of the gathering of tents. Turning his golden head upon those present, the raptor's mouth parts to emit wild-edged words in Westron. "Well met, Firstborn of the Wood. What news do you have of the monsters of the Mirkwood? Your brother, Master Legarwin, mentioned injury suffered following a venture into that dark forest."

[<#19278>] Galadriel turns her head to buffer the flying snow. Only once it has settled does she return her ancient gaze to the bird. "<Eagle> Well met, Windlord," she says in his own tongue, her voice a fluttery mix of chirping notes. As his words continue, though, her expression hardens and narrow golden brows draw together. "<Eagle> They were not all monsters of Mirkwood," she says, the darkness of her tone making the foreign language seem even stranger. She returns to Westron as she finishes 'There were yrch as well, both of the mountains and, I believe, the East. What news do /you/ have?'

The gold-crowned head cants, and the amber eyes shine the brighter, surprised and pleased perhaps to be greeted in his own tongue. The neck inclines then, and the eagle replies in Common when the languages shift again. "It is perhaps more appropriate that I introduce myself first. I am called Sulgirion of the North, Guardian of the High Pass. As for news, I fear I bring none fair. It is true as you say, that goblins have mustered in mass up north in the forest, and they are both of the Nameless Land and of the Hithaeglir. I have reason to believe they seek to attack the folk of Thranduil. Wargs also, I have seen abroad with cruel intent."

[Galadriel(#19278)] "Sulgirion", she replies, inclining her head slightly, golden hair falling across her snow-dappled shoulder. "I have heard your name; it is an honor to meet you, though I regret it is not upon a happier occasion. We have come from the South to visit our kin and treat with Thranduil, but have heard these same stories. Thus I have sent many of my people home." She seems in no hurry to be specific about who her people are exactly; perhaps she thinks it's obvious, or simply unimportant. "Those of us that remain will lend what aid we can to see that the enemies are sent on their way. Have you seen with your far-seeing gaze whether the goblins are cooperating, serving a common master? Or do they fight amongst themselves?"

The eagle gives a low caw, ruffling his feathers. "Your people I know, for the guardsman Legarwin has explained the situation a little to me. I have promised him to bring back my tidings to your home and back to the Lord and Lady, so that the borders may be prepared for the danger that may come."

At the last inquiry, Sulgirion twists his neck once more, and it may be noticed that the lights of the amber eyes have grown strangely dulled, distant perhaps. "They cooperatve with one another, yes," he answers after a pause. "And they are certainly more organized as of late; even acting with more daring and cunning."

Galadriel is silent for many moments following this news and long does she look upon the great bird, from his crest to his mighty talons. Then, she looks past him again to the green horizon that is the forest Mirkwood. "You need not trouble yourself with such a flight, mellon. For those in our party that are returning will soon be delivering this news to the Lord who is waiting. And I perceive..." she lifts a hand toward Sulgirion, almost tentatively, palm out, though she still stands too far away to touch him. A barely visible shudder travels the length of her lithe frame and her arm falls again, "...I think that perhaps you ought not to travel overfar." Here she pauses and seems to choose her words carefully. "You look tired, Guardian."

For long moments does the avian stand still, piercing stare watching intently. "Indeed I am," he agrees slowly, bobbing another nod, "for more reasons than one." Even as this is stated, Sulgirion raises his right claw -- a series of fresh scars seen thereon -- and sets it down once more so that it is concealed more behind his left foot. When next he speaks, he changes the subject, intentional or no. "The Lord who is waiting?" repeats the eagle, the dulled regard flickering ever so slightly. "And what then of the Lady?"

Galadriel cannot help if her eyes drift down to the scarred claw as the eagle lifts it up, but when it is hidden she does not press the issue. Instead, she lifts her face again to look up meet the great bird's gaze. Her voice softens somewhat as she answers, "I wished to see the King. For it had been long since last we supped together."

And with that there comes a faint realization into the keen gaze, and the golden head dips into a small bow. "Lady," says Sulgirion in acknowledgement, and when he straightens anew a few of his feathers are tensed and raised. "It is an ill time to seek out the Elven-King, as we all have now discovered. Danger awaits you that way...I would advise you against it."

[Galadriel(#19278)] "Many advisors have I had in my long years, master Sulgirion. Yet, never have I found 'danger' to be a worthy enough reason in itself to do anything." Here the Lady ventures to smile a little, "But you are right. Our plans have changed. For now. But we do not turn home just yet." Her storm-colored eyes are narrowed somewhat and a shadow falls upon her fair face. She looks up pointedly at the bird, "I do not like this amassing of the enemy and I seek to learn more of their purpose. If there is a treaty among the goblins, it must be tenuous at best. It may be that if /we/," here she pauses meaningfully, "strike with precision, their 'cooperation' can be dissolved."

"It is troubling," affirms the raptor. "It is not often that such a gathering occurs among the goblins -- or at least not such a seemingly coordinated one. Their purpose I do not doubt," Sulgirion caws, turning to glance downward again, and he gives a slight flap of his wings. "I have cause to believe that they aim their malice to the Firstborn of Mirkwood."

Here he quiets, feathered brow furrowing. "Whatever they have planned must be hindered, of course. Stopped if possible. I shall offer such aid as I can to your people. My sight sees much, and Manwe's winds carry me far."

[Galadriel(#19278)] "Then we are blessed to have you as a friend, Windlord," replies Galadriel without hesitation. "And I see that already you have been put into harm's way, for those scars upon your talons are not old. If it would bring you ease, my people are adept healers." She falls silent for a moment, looking intently upon him. Her gaze is penetrating, but not unkind, as if there were something about him she just couldn't place. At last, she lets it go without mention, returning to the topic at hand, "Eru grant that we have come in time to aid our kin in yonder Wood."

A few pieces of bronze plumage ruffle anew at the penetrating gaze, but it is the only sign the eagle yields in response to those bright searching elven eyes. "The opportunity for healing has passed," says Sulgirion, and there is a hint of some emotion amid the tone, but his stiff beak and countenance remain unreadable. "It does not worry me any longer, though I thank you for your concern. In the meantime I will see what I can do, and spy upon those who weave evil in this land." The amber orbs are not upon Galadriel as this is promised, but rather the eagle peers away toward the ominous treeline to the East.

Galadriel inclines her golden head in acceptance of the Eagle's explanations and she does not seek to bring up his injuries again. Instead, she finds a kind smile for his offer of help. "Any aid your keen eyes can lend is much appreciated." She pauses a moment and then adds more quietly, "Your kind has ever been a help to my people."

"And may it continue to be that way," supplies Sulgirion, returning a dip of his own neck. And straightening, he steps back a pace and unfurls his thirty-foot wingspan like two vast sails of brown and gold. "I must take my leave now, but farewell, Lady, and kin! May your bows stay strong and your arrows swift." With a leap and a great flapping of his pinions, the avian is gone into the sky, and soon vanishes into the falling veil of snow therein.

Galadriel closes her eyes against the rush of wind, letting her hair and cloak be tossed about without complaint. When she opens them again, the eagle is gone from view.

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