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(Archive) Philosophical Exchange

Tags: Filby,  Paladin

Short Summary: Filby and the Thain exchange words on philosophy at the Golden Seedcake. Second half of log was Lost In Time.
Date (real-life): 2002-03-01
Scene Location: The Shire
Date (in-game): Winter
Weather: Overcast

Thain Paladin (current Boldibad) and Baron Filbert exchange words on philosophy at the Golden Seedcake.


Paladin Took (#22742)...himself, Lindon Grubb, Lupis Undertrees

Filby Pott (#29680).....himself


A very old hobbit walks inside the Golden Seedcake, the overcast mid-winter sky clearly visible through the open door at the front of the shoppe. It is, of course, Filby Pott, the local curmudgeon. He walks past several glass display cases containing breads, cakes, and other such products, toward the counter. A small purse is in his right hand.

Paladin turns to see who has just arrived. A warm smile lights up on the Thain's face... a smile of recognition. "Well, well, well! A good morning to you, Mr. Pott! I was just warming up in this fine establishment, pondering about a discussion the mayor and I had about marriage!"

Lindon Grubb (Baker) looks up at Filby and smiles, "Good morning, Mr. Pott--if there's anything I can do for you, please let me know."

Lupis Undertrees (Game: Hobbit in the Hole) sits in the corner, catching a nap.

Filby turns aside as Thain Paladin speaks with him. "Your Thainship! Such an honor to meet you here!" He bows to The Took as respect demands. "Very interesting, your highness. I find Mayor Whitfoot often has very illuminating insights on philosophical subjects and whatnot." He turns aside for a moment to Lindon. "A loaf of bread, if you don't mind, Master Grubb," he notes.

Paladin nods, "Yes, mayor Whitfoot had said that he puts servicing the fine citizens of the Shire before everything... in this case, marriage. And to that, I told him that it is important to find a good lady to bear your child and help raise him into greatness. For, when your time has expired, your child must carry on what you have failed to complete. What do you have to say about that?"

Paladin smiles, and adds, "Let me buy that bread for you, Mr. Pott!"

The old Pott scratches his head and cups his hand beneath his chin. "A very interestng subject, I suppose..." He looks up at the ceiling for a moment, then back at the Thain. "Well, I suppose that if he does not take care of the populace, the populace will not marry as frequently. But if he can marry and take care of the populace simultaneously, that would be best. Of course, if he married first, then he could pass on his skills as a leader on to his offspring." Filby continues to scratch his head.

Paladin thinks briefly about what Filby has to say, and then replies, "You are absolutely correct. I, for instance, am confident that my son, Peregrin, will become a great leader when I am gone. But what about Will? He has no wife, and never has, as far as my knowledge extends. I fear that he will not care for even looking any time soon... and at his age, he must do it now if he wishes for a son."

Filby continues to nod thoughtfully at the Thain's words. "Indeed... though as Mayor, he need not concern himself with having an heir for another may be elected. Though if he does indeed marry, his children will most likely have learned much from their father and make good leaders and future Mayors." He stares off at one wall, contemplating his words confusedly.

Paladin nods, taking a seat borrowed from Lupis's favorite corner. He pulls his pipe from his pocket and packs it with a bit of Longbottom Leaf. "Ahh, but the mayor could never raise a son and guarantee that he will become a mayor someday. Rather, Mr. Whitfoot would raise a promising politician, or at least attempt to. It would be up to the child to determine what path he takes after that."

Nodding continually, Filby goes on. "Of course; though an intelligent politician would be more likely to become Mayor than another. And one need not be Mayor to serve the community, as many Shirriffs and Healers have proven."

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