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(Archive) Autumn Ball

Tags: Fraibert,  Dahlia,  Finigrin,  Acco,  Filby,  Brinli,  Clodo,  Berredan

Short Summary: A bunch of hobbits gather for the annual event in The Shire.
Date (real-life): 2002-11-24
Scene Location: Brandy Hall, Bucklebury, The Shire

 Autumn Ball
RL Date: 2002-11-24 22:52:15
MUSH Date: ?
Culture: Shirefolk
Participating Players: Fraibert Bolger, Dahlia Bolger, Finigrin Brandybuck, Acco Proudfoot, Lividoc (Filby) Goold, Brinli Brandybuck, Clodo Baggins, Berredan Took
Location(s): Brandy Hall, Buckland
Description: Hobbits gather at Brandy Hall for the annual Autumn Ball.

The colder and drier air outside gives way quickly to the much more homely and warm interior of Brandy Hall. The fireplaces are lit, fueled by large logs and burning to keep it comfortable, though one might argue if they were near it that it was *too* warm. The whole place is set up for the Autumn Ball, the whole center of the room totally clean and clear for dancing, with a long buffet table to the side and sufficient chairs nearby for anyone to eat comfortably. The Brandybucks certaintly haven't spared much for it, with complete decorations including various cloth banners from years past, lovely punch bowls and glasses, and other such additions that only make it more exciting. A decent sized crowd has gathered, consisting of single gentle and ladyhobbits, with many married couples and some tweens filling in the gaps.

One of the gentlehobbits lingers near the food at the moment, a fish out of water. Acco's face holds the grim determination of being made to go here, and he collects a little food and eats it indecisively, not really choosing just one thing before moving on. The artist does this for several minutes before backing away slowly, turning around to gaze at everything with a keen eye. A small smile occasionally breaks when he sees something of interest, but otherwise he seems distant from all the activity.

In the corner rests a six piece orchestra consisting of two flutes, a clarinet, two violins, and a cello. They eye their conductor, a middle-aged hobbit with a whining voice, with interest as he jerks his hands upward, gripping his baton. He nods primly and begins to wave his hands; the music begins.

It is a waltz, slow and melodious, that drifts back and forth happily while the cello intones a perfect rhythm. The violins and flutes move together, exchanging parts as they weave their slow, dream-like melody. But the lone clarinet sings out proudly, a sole voice in the sea of music, that drifts above the background leading the song."Oh…how nice….Autumn Suite…First movement, I think?"

Fraibert sits on an isolatedly chair, resting his back carefully against the hard wood; his cane rests lazily in his lap. He sighs and shifts in his chair, pointing his left ear towards the orchestra. He closes his eyes and nods along with the cello, motioning with each note."Oh…I see….interesting…."A small, cloth-bound book rests on the seat next to him. It is open.

An older Hobbit of mainly Stoorish lineage walks away from the food table, a steaming plate of hot mushrooms in his hands. "What's the matter, son?" he asks Acco in a soft tone, coming up behind him. "You don't look that comfortable, if I dareay." He looks up as the orchestra begins to play, and smiles at the tune.

Footsteps echo down the stairwell, quickly followed by a scowling Finigrin Brandybuck. He pauses before taking last few steps, tugging to straighten his waistcoat and peering distastefully at one of the buttons. Shaking his head, he descends into the Hall with a sigh.

Placing his hands in his trouser pockets, the tween forces a grin to his lips and steps slowly into the crowd, glancing about to see who has turned up for the event. His head bobs gently, nodding to greeting to friends and family alike.

A young ladyhobbit descends the stairs, one hand placed gently on the railing. Her gown trailing elegantly behind, she steps carefully, her eyes on the ground. About half way down the staircase, the lass lifts her gaze, her emerald eyes sparkling. A dazzling smile, brightens the face of Dahlia Bolger. As her gaze wanders around the room, everything about the lass seems to be glowing. Reaching the bottom, the Bolger removes her hand from the railing, standing for a moment before proceeding further into the room. Stepping lightly, an excited bounce in her step Dahlia glances eagerly around the room. Letting her gaze linger, the smile on her face seems to brighten as she spots a hobbit lad not far away. Shufftling swiftly though the room, she slows, "Good day, Mister Finigrin."

Turning to the hobbit that talks to him with a disinterested gaze, Acco manages a nice smile, but shakes his head. "Oh, it's all fine. I just have nothing to do here. I wanted to come, even though my family would've urged it anyhow…" A soft laugh for no reason at all emerges before he finally seems to seem less distant. The aroma of mushrooms has awakened him, and that is one power he can't resist. "Ah, those smell wonderful," he says in a much more satisfied voice, before noticing Finigrin. A wave goes to both him and Fraibert, who just enters his field of vision, but otherwise he doesn't make any effort to approach them yet. Briefly his eyes sweep across Dahlia as well as he turns to grab a mushroom, but at the moment he thinks little of it.

Lividoc chuckles. "Well, I'll gladly give you my plate," he says to Acco. "I'd had more than a few bites to eat before the party started, and there a good number still to go before the night is through!" After nodding politely to a few people he knows, the old Goold holds his plate out for Acco to take.

Brinli comes in through the large wooden doors.

Brinli has arrived.

In the grandest enterance that no-one will ever notice, the large door to Brandy Hall parts without noise, and through it waddles the panoptic form of a profusely obese hobbit. With little more than a nod to the fellow hobbits he passes, the halfling makes his way steadily toward the food table, immediately feasting upon the exuberant amount of food available. Once the majority of the food on his end of the table is depleted, the young hobbit wipes his mouth clean and wheels around, running right into Acco. "Oh, excuse me there, lad!" he says loudly. "It wasn't my intent to run into you, quite sorry. Clodo Baggins—that's my name," he adds, offering the younger hobbit his hand.

A sour note is struck among the Orchestra sending the conductor reeling. He scowls and glares at the offending violinist, a short, stubby hobbit with ungainly feet. But the music continues like a river striking a rock - the water never slows."Oh my…"Fraibert's eyes shoot open, glaring at the orchestra. Clutching his shoulders tightly, he shivers and looks around the room fearfully, eyes twitching, jaw clenched tightly."It's nothing….it can't be…."

With a sigh, the old hobbit picks up the book next to him and begins to read; he begins to slouch. His shoulders slump, his eyes dim, and his legs tremble, quivering with maddening intensity.

Finigrin pauses, hearing his name and, turning around, gives his waistcoat another half-hearted tug in an attempt to smooth out the wrinkles. Clearing his throat anxiously he murmers. "Hello, Miss Bolger, erm, Dahlia." His smile falters for a moment, looking for a moment as if he were in the process of deciding whether to sing or shriek. In the next instant, however, his lips are poised in the same wide grin. "And, eh… And how're you this evening? You're looking quite lovely."

As soon as the words leave his lips, he winces as if the sheer triteness of the statement had caused him pain. Out of the corner of his eye, he spies Acco and busies himself by returning the wave.

Berredan comes in through the large wooden doors.

Berredan has arrived.

The door opens and into the lobby wanders Berredan Took, his cloak and hat quickly removed and hung on pegs (the hat on one and the cloak on another). Looking about, he seems quite surprised at the gathering of hobbits here."Good noon, my good Bucklanders, I have come to see the library—I am researching big cakes, you see."

Taken somewhat aback by Clodo's entrance, Lividoc looks long and hard at the new arrival. Something sparks in his mind, and as he recognizes the newcomer, his eyes widen ever so slightly and his mouth gapes open just so much.

On the heels of a largely round hobbit, Brinli slides in Brandy Hall before the doors close behind Clodo. Weaving across the lobby, staring about in random directions he stops, then stares up at the ceiling of the old hall. "blurb mmm paneling mmm hrmm", he mumbles. His eyes then catch the table covered in delights of all kinds, he sighs, and strikes into a march towards an empty chair. Sitting down, he stares in admiration of Clodo's plate of food. Then dish by dish he tries to get exactly what Clodo has, in the same portions.

Berredan coughs violently into his hand and quickly packs up a bowl of pipeweed.

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Stifling a giggle as Finigrin tugs at his waistcoat, Dahlia's grin, it seems, stretches from ear to ear. Attempting to smooth a few small wrinkles in her own outfit, she tears her glance away from Finigrin for a moment. After a few silent moment, the Bolger las glances back up, "I am wonderful, thank you. How about yourself?" Blushing slightly, at the praise, "Thank you Finigrin….You look quite nice yourself." Shuffling her foot, a bit nervously, Dahlia lets her glance fall to the ground for a handful of moment. Catching a glimpse of the food table out of the corner of her eye, Dahlia turns back to Finigrin, "Would you like to join me for something to eat?"

Acco is no less than knocked over by the incredibly large hobbit. Instead of being offended, or even annoyed, he is in awe of the massive hobbit. "Wow… that's alright, sir. Acco Proudfoot." He takes the plate of mushrooms and hands it to the other. "You can have these, I've lots more to concentrate on than food." He nods to the dance floor and then leaves promptly, not wanting to get knocked down again. Midway through wandering, he spots Dahlia and Finigrin again. The artist makes a brief decision and walks over, passing within several feet of Fraibert and not noticing him thanks to a couple of dancers going between the two. "Mr. Brandybuck, Miss Bolger," he calls out when he's close enough, nodding to both of them. "I hope you two are enjoying yourselves?" He still looks a little out of it, but overall the hobbit is keeping himself together.

"Hmm! Alright then," Clodo replies to Acco, his voice equally as loud as it was in his last onslaught of speaking. Wheeling around a bit more, the politician looks at Lividoc. "Hullo there to you too!" he says, offering his hand to the older hobbit. "In case you hadn't heard, I'm Clodo Baggins … what's your name there, sir?"

"Ahh, well, I'm, uh…" Lividoc stammers nervously, trying to answer. "Well, I'm Lividoc Goold, thank you… yes, I did recognize you…" The old Stoorish doctor fiddles anxiously with his collar. "I, ahh… I thought that the Shire Patriots' Party looked down on associating with, uh, Outsiders… like Bucklanders…"

Berredan walks further into the room, "It looks a bit like a party! Well, perhaps I shall help myself to the buffet before I begin my research."Moving to the food table, he looks back and forth to see if anybody else stands nearby.

"Researching 'big cakes'?" Finigrin echos. He cocks his head to one side, staring curiously at Berredan. "Wull, eh, you're certainly welcome to join us in the festivities…"

Turning back to Dahlia, the Brandybuck's cheeks take on a light blush. "Well, thank ye. I was a few minutes late because of this blasted waistcoat, though. One of the buttons just popped off just as I was heading downstairs and, seeing as most of the lasses had already joined the party, I had t'figure out how to mend it myself." He glares at the offending button as expecting it to leap from the garment at any moment.

As Acco approaches, he waves again. "Hello there, Mr. Proudfoot! Yes, I'm doin' just fine… And I trust you are too?"

Satisfied that he has gotten the same portions in the same proportions of the large hobbit across the way, Brinli stares down at his plate in wonder. His eyes grow big, he sighs, grabs a fork and pokes at a piece of meat. Without taking a bite, he sets down the fork, and places a napkin in his shirt. He then stares at his plate again and declares, "Perfect!" Recognizing Dahlia across the room, Brinli waves. Then spinning his plate a half turn, he dives in.

Reaching behind him as Lividoc talks, Clodo snaffles another seedcake and pops it wholly into his mouth, chewing and nodding to the Bucklander. Swallowing after a moment, the Baggins gives one last nod. "Yes, indeed, they do," is what he says. "But! I was in town on businessyou know, even we S-P-P members have to go places we don't want to and I heard the sounds of a party from Brandy Hall! So I assumed there was a party here, and … " he pauses, giving a gesticulation around the room, "I suppose I was right!"

"Button trouble…Maybe I can help you later on." Dahlia states with a soft giggle and a playful grin. "Well, all the same, you look nice." The pink color remaining in her cheeks, the lass turns as Acco approaches, "Hello Mister Proudfoot! It's a pleasure to see you. I'm doing fine. I hope you are the same…" Giving a bright smile, the slight pink in her cheeks begins to dissappear…for now…as she begins to relax a bit.

"It is only a matter of time…….I promise you…."

Fraibert drops his book; it crashes to the floor without complaint. He nods and stares down at the book as if it were a deadly snake awaiting its prey. He looks up shyly and scans the room, eyes roaming freely. They come to rest on his cousin, Dahlia, and Finigrin. His eyes close gently and he sighs resignedly, reaching down to grab his escaped book. Gently he returns it to his lap, reverently handling the stained cover.

"And….and time may pass this florid day….In quiet hills where children play…but never again will she be there….she awaits me where the stars dwell…"He reopens the book… Nodding to Finigrin, though half-heartedly, Acco glances around the room with a nice twirling step before saying to the other hobbit, "It's decent… a nice place for dancing," he notes, before looking to Dahlia with a grin. "Aye, a pleasure," he says with a little more enthusiasm. "I'm doing alright, so you could say I'm doing the same." He smiles and nods again and then gazes at the two of them at once. "Why don't you two dance? I'm sure it'll me grand." A slight sigh comes to him, but he covers it up well.

"I see…" responds Lividoc. "Well, I really must be off," he says nonchalantly, mounting feelings of anxiety and distaste for the Hobbit before him causing the old Bucklander to move slowly back toward the buffet table. "It's been terribly pleasant speaking with you!"

Raising his voice, Brinli blurts, "Yes, indeed, party. No doubt. And a might plenty you served yourself there, Mister, was it Baggins? We Brandybucks, could no less learn from such as yourself." Then turning his gaze back at his plate, Brinli continues eating. At the sound of the word "dance", Brinli's shoulders fall, and his eyes stay low.

Clodo nods to Lividoc. "Very well! See you about!" he says pleasantly enough, grabbing one last cake from the buffet table and stuffs it into the mouth. As Brinli approaches him, the Baggins pivots once more on one foot, facing the other hobbit. "Ah! A hobbit after my own heart!" he promulgates with a smile. Extending his hand, he mentions for the third time, "Clodo Baggins."

Turning with the impact of the book, Finigrin's eyes fall on its owner. He smiles gently, turning back to the others. "Now, why I didn't notice that your cousin was there earlier!" He takes a step toward the old hobbit but halts as Acco mentions a dance. Returning his gaze to the others, he lets a soft chuckle escape his lips, somewhat shaky with apprehension. "Dance… Eh, why yes, I suppose we could…" He lifts an eyebrow quizzically, focusing on the lady. Slowly he continues. "Would you… /like/ to dance, Dahlia?"Although the Brandybuck doubtless hears the banter of the S.P.P. member nearby, he attempts to ignore it, directing all of his attentions to the Bolger.

Sighing relievedly, old Lividoc Goold picks up another plate and helps himself to a good plateful of mushrooms. Satisfied with the volume of food on his plate, he heads back into the gathering - steering well clear of his former conversational companion. Taking a seat at the great table in the center of the hall, he sits down and proceeds to enjoy his meal.

Holding his plate so that Clodo may see it, Brinli exclaims, "I did as well as I could." Then extending a hand, he shakes the Baggins' heartily, "Brinli Brandybuck. This is my name." Then letting go of the Baggins' hand, Brinli puts the other hand half way over his mouth, "Watch out around here", he pauses, "Or they'll make you dance." Taking a sip of his ale, his eyes round and he stares blankly at Clodo.

A hearty jape escapes Clodo's lips at the Brandybuck's comment. Giving his stomach an abstemious slap, he says, "I doubt they'll be wanting me to dance!" Gesturing toward Brinli's plate, the Hobbit adds, "Excellent food at this party, don't you think?"

Berredan finishes up a tray of biscuits and heads for the door. Putting on his cloak and hat, he announces, "I'm terribly sorry, but I must run off—there are some errands that slipped my mind! Good night."

Turning as well, as the book hits, Dahlia notices her cousin for the first time. "Neither did I…I hope he is doing better today…." Lowering her voice a bit, a bit of concern shadows her face for a moment, until Acco words. Shifting her gaze away from Fraibert, a bright smile, returns to her face. "Oh, dancing would be lovely…" Glancing to Finigrin, she smiles, a slight pink returning, unwelcomed to her cheeks, "I would /love/ to dance Finigrin."Offering Finigrin her hand, an excited radiance returns to the Bolger.

"…and it was a dream…an absolute dream….oh, it will remain the ball to remember dearest diary….May November be forever a blessed month……"Frowning, Fraibert looks up at the crowd, blinking several times. He stares at the dancers swirling around on the floor; the hint of a smile lingers at the fringe of his mouth. It quickly melts back into its former sadness.

"But live a life of countless days…and look up to heaven with loyal gaze…love such life and all that's known….feel and live and find your own….happiness…"

Seeing an approaching lady hobbit, Brinli gives a knowing look to Clodo, then deftly circles behind him. Whispering to Clodo, Brinli says, "Is she gone? I say. Is she gone?" Still behind the large hobbit, Brinli whispers again, "Yes, fine party, no doubt, yes. The food is delicious." Then peeping from behind Clodo, Brinli watches the lady hobbit disappear. Circling back around, he bows to Clodo, "Thank you, dear Mister Baggins. No dancing for me." Then sipping his ale, he smiles, and bows again.

A glance goes to Fraibert for a moment, but then he turns to the more immediate conversation. Watching Finigrin act so shyly around Dahlia, and the same happen back makes Acco laugh good-heartedly. A warm smile comes to his lips, a wholesome gaze that cannot be described as anything but aimable. Giving a quick pat on the Brandybuck's back as he passes by toward Fraibert, the artist speaks, "You'll do fine. Enjoy yourselves now!" Then, spirits lifted, he approaches the elder hobbit, kneeling down near him and smiling. "You're doing alright, I trust, Mr. Bolger?"

Clodo gives a flummoxed look to Brinli as he attempts to hide from the passing ladyhobbit. "Why, may I ask, are you so afraid of dancing—or ladyhobbits, for that matter, Mister Brandybuck?" he necessitates of the hobbit, shaking his head simultaneously.Fraibert remains deeply entranced by his book; it is cradled protectively in his arm.

He looks up at Acco and blinks, pursing his lips. He nods several times in succession and cracks a brief chuckle tinged with suffering."Oh… I'm sorry, Mr. Proudfoot…I'm…I'm just a bit tired….things…things here bring up…memories of my youth….I suppose I just….just like thinking about them…."He shifts his body, retreating purposefully from Acco.

Brinli turns a serious stare to the Baggins, "Well." Taking another sip of ale he adds, "Well." Then Brinli reaches in his weskit, and pulls out a pair of spectacles. Placing the spectacles over his eyes cause his eyes to double in size. "Now see here, I cannot see all too well. So there is the danger involved. This is one aspect. Another of which is the fact that I have two left feet." Standing before Clodo with giant eyes, Brinli smiles, then slides off his spectacles. "Another of which, I get all giddy, little on the nervous side." Sipping his ale and turning the glass full up, Brinli gives an "Ahhh" of satisfaction, and turns towards the party. Fraibert's reassurances might have consoled Acco, but in his current mood he notices a couple of things, and can't help but to stand up and say a few more words. "Alright, I'll leave you with your memories, but if you want to talk about anything, I or someone else will be around and glad to listen. I like the occasional good story. Not to mention I could use it." His face darkens a shade before he smiles again and waves. "Good luck in your remembering!" He turns away more confused than before

Finigrin grins, still a bit nervous despite Acco's words of encouragement. Drawing in a deep breath he takes Dahlia's hand and starts toward the dance floor. Once he has burrowed the pair a fair way into the crowd, he stops, staring once more at the Bolger as if bracing himself. He hesitates for a moment, scarcely breathing before placing his unoccupied hand on her waist. In the span of another moment, he takes the first step, a bit stiff but nonetheless marginally rhythmic.

Finigrin gives a second glance to Fraibert, echoing Dahlia's earlier look of concern. Soon, however, the worry seems to be forgotten as he leads the lass in his attempt at a short, whirling section of dance.

"Feh!" Clodo exclaims incredulously, looking down at the hobbit's feet. "-I- plainly see a right foot and a left foot and -no- mixture of the two!" he says loudly, but gives a knowing wink to Brinli to signify his words were merely a jocularity. Rotating around toward the buffet table again, he seizes one last seedcake, popping it into his mouth and masticating it slowly. Savoring the food in his mouth for a moment, he swallows and says, "Well, I suppose I'd best be moving along. Business in Stock tomorrow, you understand. Nice to meet you … goodbye!" With those words, he waddles toward the door. Nearing the door, he bumps into Fraibert on the way. "Oh! Excuse me there!" he proclaims. "So clumsy—didn't mean to run in to you like that. I'm Clodo Baggins,' says he, offering his hand.

Patting Clodo on the shoulder, Brinli smiles and says, "Was nice to meet you, Mister Baggins. Such an amiable hobbit. May you always eat well!" Then looking at his feet, and taking in Clodo's nice words, Brinli crosses the dance floor. Stopping in the middle of the floor, he kicks up and spins, laughs and makes his way out to the streets beyond Brandy Hall.

Brinli pushes open the great oaken doors, leaving Brandy Hall.Brinli has left.

Fraibert hesitates before nodding slowly. He turns his head slightly, tilting it to the side."Good day, Mr. Baggins….I am Fraibert Bolger…"There is a hollow, distant sound to his voice. It sound thin and weak and desolate.The old hobbit closes his book gently and stores it on an adjacent seat, holding it with tender love.

Clodo says, "Good day indeed!" With a bow, the rotund hobbit heads toward the door. As he exits, he calls behind him, "And goodnight!"

Walking with Finigrin to the dance floor, a hint of nervousness begins to show on Dahlia's face. As they stop, she turns to the Brandybuck, with a warm smile. Placing her hand gently on his shoulder, she stands for a moment, staring at him, their gaze almost meeting. As they begin to dance, the lass starts to relax, "I don't know why I am nervous…" she admitts, "I don't think I have ever been nervous dancing before." Taking a deep breath, she moves rythmically through the movements. As Finigrin whirls them around, the nervousness begins to vanish from her face.

Clodo goes home.
Clodo has left.

A glance around the dance floor lets Acco see all the couples dancing, some not couples at all but just sharing the same space. A more melancholy smile crosses his lips, the first signs of anything that he allows himself to show. However, he won't have much of it. Making his way slowly, he approaches the front door and walks out, murmuring to any that ask that he needs a fresh breath of air.

"Nervous? Heh, I thought I was the only one who was terrified!" The Painter chuckles. However, his expression turns slightly more serious as he searches his partner's face. "What in the Shire do you have to be nervous about, lass?"Awaiting her answer, Fini takes up a simple, rather generic step, moving the couple in a small circle. Occasionally he glances at his feet, reassuring himself that they are in no danger of crushing Dahlia's.

Acco pushes open the great oaken doors, leaving Brandy Hall.Acco has left.

Fraibert draws his lips taunt across his teeth; his pallid cheeks flatten quietly, without protest, sacrificing their vibrant colour. Breathing deeply, he sighs wearily and observes his cousin sweep across the floor accompanied by Finigrin. The old hobbit closes his eyes and extracts a handkerchef from his coat pocket. He swipes the cloth across his sealed eyes before opening them - they are filled with tears.

"We promised all…..and recieved none…..Yes, we certainly did…."He inhales sharply and lets the air out in short, staccato bursts."P…perhaps…y-you'll forgive…me…me someday…" he murmurs softly, his voice quivering between volleys of tears.

"You are doing fine. I've never had a better dance partner. You have absolutely nothing to be /terrified/ about." With a wink, Dahlia looks into her partner's eyes, the unwelcomed blush returning to her cheeks once more. "What do I have to be nervous about? Well, there really are plenty of things…" Giving a soft chuckle, she adds a bit softer, "More than you know…" Not looking away this time, she continues to dance, following Finigrin's lead.

"More than I know? What exactly does that mean? … And I still think that my footwork needs some work, but if you say s-"And then it happens. The inevitable slip-up; as he directs his attention toward the Bolger's words, Finigrin's feet take the opportunity to dsobey their master and redirect themselves to land directly on the lass's feet.

Cutting himself off mid-sentence, Fini closes his eyes, groaning softly. Moving quickly from atop the other's feet, he slowly raises his lids, glancing apologetically at Dahlia before averting his gaze. A soft hiss as he forces a sigh through parted teeth."

Not again…"Fraibert wipes his eyes with his handkerchef, soaking the thin cloth with salty water. He tosses it aside and looks down at the floor, allowing the tears to roll freely down his face.

"I…I did that…" he murmurs, almost smiling for a brief, glorious moment. It does not last.The old hobbit remains quiet, watching, listening to the dancing couple.

"Umm…well…it means…" Dahlia stammers in response. Before she can continue, something, another foot infact, lands on top of hers. Almost relieved for the distraction, Dahlia offers Finigrin an encouraging smile, "You are still doing very good Finigrin. Don't worry about one little mistake, it happens to everyone, me more than most." With a playful grin, the lass proceeds with the dance, a bright smile working it's way back on to her face, the nervousness now gone. Looking to Finigrin again, she smiles, a different sort of smile than before, letting their eyes meet once again, a pink hue still visible in her cheeks, this time for not as long though.

"I don't recall you stepping on my foot yet… Or any other mistake that I can think of…" Finigrin mutters, bringing his gaze back to rest on Dahlia. Watching the lass, he finds his nerves slowly relaxing and, despite his earlier tone, a smirk tugs at his lips. "Now, what were we talking about before… eh, my clumsiness interrupted?… I think you were going to tell me why you were so nervous?"

The lad gives a sly wink. "You didn't think that I'd forgotten now, did you?"

And the two love-striken hobbits danced on and on as the night crept forward into the whee hours. Songs passed and the hours fled, but together they had a marvelous night full of joy only availed to youth. Nature was suspended until the last note was uttered by the orchestra and the conductor faithfully dismounted his podium. Then, and only then, time returned as the guests dispersed into the night.As for Fraibert, he disappeared upstairs without comment.

The Ball was over until next year…

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