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(Archive) Tookland Dinner

Tags: Paladin,  Quammo,  Filby,  Dharlon,  Tomlin

Short Summary: A dinner at Great Smials.
Date (real-life): 2002-01-01
Scene Location: Great Smials, Tookland, The Shire
Time of Day: Afternoon


Paladin  is standing before Quammo near the door. Looking over toward Filby, he smiles and says, "Good afternoon, and welcome to the Great Smials, my good sir."

As he enters and closes the door Filby wipes his feet on a mat. He bows to the Thain. "Good-day, your Thainship, it is a pleasure to meet your Honour." He turns to Quammo and nods politely. "Good-day, my good sir."

Smiling politely, Paladin fingers one of his golden buttons. "And what is your name, my fine hobbit?" As he speaks, more and more hobbits are heading to the Great Hall.

From Great Hall, A cook shouts loudly for everyone to hear 'Food's almost ready!"

Filby chuckles softly to himself and turns to Quammo. "Ah, thank you sir, I am just fine." Turning back to Paladin he straightens up a bit and says, "I am Filby Pott, of the Delving Potts. Perhaps you've heard of us? We own some land on the southern White Downs. You may know my nephew-in-law Bodobrus Took, I believe that he lives in the Tookland."

Breathing a great air of understanding, Thain Paladin asks, "Oh, the Delving Potts? They are a fine family. How is Wilby doing?" He holds his hand before his mouth and coughs a few times. "Oh, this dreadful cough! I just can't get rid of it! Well, let us hurry to Great Hall, we must'nt be late for dinner."

Filby nods to the Thain. "Ah, a dinner... of course. And I shall tell you about... Wilby... over dinner." He promptly waddles into the hall.

Great Smials: Great Hall
This is an enormous hall (from a hobbits point of view, certainly) with several doors leading off it. There's a fire blazing merrily in a gigantic fireplace: its stone mantel is carved with the Took coat-of-arms. Before the fireplace stands a round wooden table with many armchairs set around it, and with a large candelabra set in its center. The room is distinctly dim, since the room has no windows. It is for this reason that candles are always lit here, despite the time of day. The hall is crowded with Tooks-- eating, drinking, and engaging in animated conversation. Through the swinging door in on the west wall, you can hear the sound of food being prepared. Hanging on the wall, you notice a prominent painting of the Took family.
Obvious exits:
Archway leads to Great Smials: Library.
Swinging Door leads to Great Smials: Kitchen.
Drawing Room leads to Great Smials: Drawing Room.
Old Took's Room leads to Old Took's Room.
Entrance Hall leads to Great Smials: Entrance Hall.
The heat radiating from the fireplace warms you.

A cook says loudly, trying to make it known to the entire smail "Dinner is done, come and enjoy!"

Quammo walks into the room from beneath the arches.
Quammo has arrived.

Quammo says, "Well,before I will give that medicine,I'm surely not gonna say not to a nice meal indeed."

Paladin walks into the room from beneath the arches.
Paladin has arrived.

Tooks are beginning to pile into the huge Great Hall, claiming seats at the huge dinner table. Another large, round table is carefully carried out from a storage room to accomodate the entire family. Several children play noisily, running circles round the table. Mothers attempt in vain to break up the group.

Paladin returns from the entrance hall, placing his hands together as he says to his guests with a smile: "I hope your journey here was a safe one, Mr. Pott, and yours as well, Mr. Goodbody."

The large table in the center of the hall is beginning to fill with hungry souls, as food is passed around and dished out. Many seats are taken, but the head of the table is empty, no would take the Thain's seat!

Dharlon trys to get a seat as people crowd in around the table, and eventully manages to get one about four spaces a from the head. He then pulls out the plate belonging to his seat and starts to dish out food onto it

Quammo says, "It was a very safe one indeed,thank you."

Quammo desperately looks for a seat somewhere, and finally finds one as a very friendly hobbit says that he doesn't need dinner anyway,and leaves the great hall

"hmmm,must be sick or something,not eating dinner",Quammo thinks to himself.

The Pott nods once again to the Thain. "My trip was most pleasant, aside from a trip to Long Cleeve to find my brother, Twilby... a complete idiot, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I sent him home with a footman and came south to Tuckborough as quickly as possible." Filby makes his way to the table, where a younger Took offers him a seat. "Thank you, sir," he nods to the hobbit.

Noticing Mr. Pott, Dharlon calls down loudly to him "Hullo Mr. Pott! Good to see you again sir!" He then goes back to putting as much food as possible on his plate, slowly digging into a container of cole slaw and letting his slop onto his plate, as he eyes some roasted chicken longinly

The ringing of a bell at the front door can be heard-- the Great Smials has a visitor.

Paladin sits down at his seat at the head of the table. He smiles as he and the rest of the huge family await the first course to be served. Paladin chats with Filby just as servants begin to carry several dishes out from the kitchen. "Long Cleeve! Good gracious, what a trip." A hobbit approaches Paladin and whispers something into his ear, afterwhich he leaves. Paladin strokes his chin and sighs. To his guests, he says, "Well, I have some disappointing news. I'm afraid the lady Eglantine will not be able to attend today's dinners. She's tied up elsewhere."

Quammo looks around, surprised,as he sees all those big dishes being carried out of the kitchen. There must be several cooks,for only one could never make such diverse and so many different meals.

"Ah, good-day, Master Took." Filby turns and nods to Dharlon. "A pleasure to see you as well." Turning his attention back to Paladin he nods again. "Yes, it was a rather long trip, though not very eventful, though I can't complain about that."

The entire Took family is gathered around two large, round tables in the center of the Hall. Servants are placing several dishes on the tables. The first course consists of several soups, including a barley and almond milk soup and chicken broth. There are also many plates of wheat bread and plates of noodles and other such light foods.

For the visitor that has never eaten dinner with this particular family, this would be quite an amazing, grand site.

Quammo can't decide what to take, but finally chooses a nicely designed dish full of soup made from a lot of different vegetables.

Paladin nods, "Of course, there is never a need to complain about something unless you're alone. Very well, the first course has arrived. Those that aren't seated," he announces, "Please find a place to sit, and let us be gracious as we enjoy this feast and company."

Grabbing some of the chicken soup he his been eying, Dharlon tooks at his plate carefully, he nods, and begins to eat at the soup. He slurps slightly at first, but after a moment notices and begins to eat more quietly. He thensays to Quammo sitting right next to him "Hullo, good food, eh cousin?" Not taking a very good look, he seem oblivious to fact Quammo isn't a Took

Quammo says, "Cousin? I beg your pardon,but I am a Goodbody. Anyway, very good food indeed."

Paladin fills himself a bowl of barley soup, a few slices of bread, a spoonfull of noodles, which he dumps into his soup, and a glass of apple cider. He delights at the steam that wafts from his bowl. His nostrils flare as he inhales a huge breath of the food. "I can already tell that this meal is going to be marvelous! Oh my, I've forgotten butter. Would you pass the butter, Dharlon?"

Quammo excuses himself,as he is suddenly feeling very sick. He runs to the bath room.

The room is full of noise as children shout and tweenagers chatter with each other.

Pott nods politely to the servinghobbit as he places a tureen of soup on his plate. "Ah, chicken, an excellent bird indeed." He picks up the right spoon for the job and eats the soup one spoonful at a time. "Now, about Wilby..." He stops, thinking things over. "...but first, how are your children? Four of them, I believe?"

Dharlon looks a bit surprised at first but then says quickly "Sorry, I just assumed-" he cuts himself off, and picks up the butter, passing it down in Paladin's direction

In trundles Tomlin Chubb, accompanied by an older ladyhobbit in simple but clean garb. "Come on, Mum," coaxes the young lad, leading her to the table. As he approaches, his eyes grow wider and wider; Sanicle Chubb, his mother, can only watch and smile, having dined with the Tooks before. "Mum, look," Tommy whispers now, hoarsely but audibly, "It's the Thain! And...look at all the -food!-" The two hobbits sit down in empty chairs next to each other, in the midst of the general crowd and clamor.

Paladin takes the butter and calls over the noisy room, "Thank you, Dharlon." "Would everybody lower their conversation, please. I'm sure the Thainess would be apalled at these manners!" The room does become noticably quieter. The Thain slowly dips his spoon into his soup and raises it up to his lips. Slurping it down, he turns to Filby. "Oh, my children are fine. I'm a bit concerned about Pervinca, however. She is so energetic!" Not noticing the Chubbs' entrance, he continues speaking with Filby. "Now, how is that Wilby doing? I haven't seen him in, what... three years?"

"Yes... Wilby..." Filby looks downcast. "I am sorry to say that he... disappeared about a year ago and a half." He sighs deeply. "I last saw him at the Brandywine Bridge, in a drunken stupor. Before I could speak to him he ran off into the night. I don't know what's happened to him... he may have fallen into the river, or lost in the Old Forest, on the Downs, maybe even to Bree..." He sighs again. "I sorely miss Wilby... I am planning a memorial service, of course."

Tommy is lucky; he doesn't have to call for his food. It's close at hand. Half-standing, he pulls a tureen of almond milk soup closer to him and begins ladling it in his bowl. One of the many plates of bread lays nearby as well; taking a few slices, he dunks one in his bowl and begins eating voraciously. Sanicle tsks. "Tomlin Chubb, -will- you put the rest of the food back in the center of the table? And didn't your pa just lecture you on your table manners the other day? We're eating with the -Tooks!-" Abashed, Tommy does as his mother says; a strange picture, considering the lad is almost an adult himself. Sanicle looks around, grimacing, and raises her voice a bit more. "Could amyone kindly pass the noodles?"

Dharlon falls silent at the bidding of Thain, an begins to eat his food quickly, he seems awfully hungry. He notices the younger hobbit arrive with his mother and notices two empty seats next to him. Being nearly the only two side-by-side seats left, the two predicably take them. Dharlon watches the mother scold the younger lad, grins very slightly, and then begins to eat again.

Pearl Took picks up a plate of short, fluffy noodles and passes it to Mrs. Chubb.

"Pardon me..." Filby stutters. "This talk is rather disturbing to me..." He stifles a sob, stands (leaving food and all) and walks out of the hall.

The clinking and chattering and snapping of the Great Hall behind you, you pass through the Arches and into the whispery breeze of the Entrance Hall.

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