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Shire Road Trip V: How Rumors Are Started

Tags: nob,  boldibad

Short Summary: A misinterpretation of Nob's words leads Boldibad to an outrageous conclusion.
Date (real-life): 2011-04-14
Scene Location: Prancing Pony Inn, Stable, Bree
Date (in-game): Sep 3, 1452
Time of Day: Late morning

Logfile from Elendor.

Stall after stall lines the walls of this small outbuilding on the south side of the Prancing Pony, confirming that this building indeed serves as a stable. Heavy solid wood, practical though not beautiful, makes up the construction of the beams and gates that keep the beasts securely locked inside. A low wooden trough runs through each of the stalls so as to provide fresh water at all times, and bales of hay rest in the corner of each stall. Two large windows on the south wall, one at the front and one at the back of the stables lie propped open with a chunk of wood, affording fresh air to the animals as well as their owners and the stable hobbit who cares for the place. The doors currently stand wide open, though a heavy iron bolt can be seen from the inside, making it fairly evident that the stable can be protected from things on the outside if necessary.
Boldibad's Coach(#4884OVae)
Dead Chicken(#30496VXhzMwB)
Obvious exits:

A short round fellow, whose face is set in permanently happy lines. Even when he is angry or frightened, his essential good cheer seems to show through. Brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin - his clothes are the only colorful things about him: A bright yellow waistcoat, red trousers and a green jacket. Often, he has a white apron tied around his waist, as well.
Rod of Rulership
Memorandum Pad(#24500CX)

================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Thu Apr 14 11:22:41 2011
Bree time: Late Morning <12:08:03> on Sterday of Autumn - September 3,1452
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Moon

Middle-earth time is:
Daytime on Sterday, Day 3 of September.
Execute the +TIMEFRAME command for year information.

Real time is: 11:22:42 MDT on Thu Apr 14 2011.


    A sleek, young pony with shiny black hair.

Type MOUNT DASH to get on.

A brisk, autumn breeze blows about outside, as the post-breakfast business goes on as usual in the inn's stable. The master is nowhere to be seen, but the stableboy is busy shoeing a horse in one of the corner stalls.
Boldibad stands in one the stalls in the center, whistling a foreign tune as he brushes the hair of a black pony.

<OOC> Nob says, "afk a sec, brb"

                               Boldibad Bolger                                
                                 Setting: IC                                  
    By all appearances, a gentlehobbit, distinguished by at least five decades of age and experience. Wrinkles only seem to be making their presence known by making their way into the sides of his mouth, and around his eyes. Probably weighing in well over 120 pounds, his girth seems respectable, at least as far as Bolgers go. Despite the extra weight, and advancing age, Boldibad seems to be in fine health.
    A few inches of curly, reddish-brown hair cover his head and hang down past his ears. The texture appears to be quite thick, almost wooly. His relatively large feet are coated by similar stuff, the only difference is that this hair appears to be trimmed much shorter than that on his head. His nose is somewhat bulbous, but not so much as to look out of proportion with the rest of his face.
     He is wearing a white shirt of cotton, buttoned all the way up. On top of this is an old waistcoat that seems to fit him perfectly. The waistcoat is red with yellow buttons up the center and over the pockets.
     Draped over his shoulders is a thick, green cloak meant to keep the chill of winter out. It is held shut with a fine brooch of silver.
     A silver chain dangles from a pocket in his waistcoat. It appears to be attached to a watch.
     His trousers are black and they dangle somewhat below his ankles. A black belt of thin leather has been wrapped around his waist and from it hangs a couple of pouches that probably contain money or pipeweed.

Dead Pony(#28171n)
Keg Charge: Battered Game Keg(#15746)
Boldibad's RP Tools (RPT)(#24909)
Boldibad's Dinner Table Parent (TP)(#8812n)
Bolgergammon Board(#11838nM)
Record Vault(#12156X)
|Boldibad is looking at you.|

The door opens briskly, letting air and light - and Nob - inside. "Well, now," the Inn hobbit says, looking around. "And where is that... Oh. Hello there, Mister Bolger. Pleasant day, isn't it?"
Boldibad turns from his pony, Dash, and pokes his head over the side of the stall. "Hello?" he says. Recognizing Nob, he sets down the brush and walks out into the open. "Why, Mr. Nob--good morning," he says with a polite bow.

"How have you been enjoying your stay in Bree? I hope everything is to your liking..." Nob seems perfectly happy to ignore whatever errand had brought him out here and settle in for a nice long chat.

Boldibad smiles half-heartedly, "Well, just fine, now that I have obtained a new pony for the journey home. One of mine had died upon arriving here, if Mr. Bob hasn't mentioned it already. I have not seen much of Mr. Proudfoot lately, however. He must have found some trouble to get himself into--Proufoots!!"

Boldibad throws his arms up in exasperation.

"Yes, yes, I did hear about that," Nob says, shaking his head sadly. "Unfortunate. Very unfortunate. Mister Proudfoot?" He looks up sharply. "Why, I thought... no, no, of course, it couldn't have been him. Has your business been profitable?"

Boldibad holds a hand up, and interrupts, "Excuse me, sir, but what were you going to say? What has that degenerate gotten us into now?"

"Oh, nothing!" Nob says hastily. "I'm sure it couldn't have been him, fine, upstanding fellow that he is." He moves over towards the stall, peering inside. "Fine pony you've got there," he says heartily - if a little dubious. Horses, after all! Untrustworthy critters.

Boldibad reads Nob's expression suspiciously for a moment and gives a silent bob of his head, as if snorting, or giving a sharp 'hmph!' He follows Nob into the stall, putting this new information, as it would appear, into the back of his mind. "Fine, yes. But rather naughty," he says, giving Dash a quick glare. "When you try to get on, he moves, or allows it, depending on what his mood is like. And, he's run off on more than one occasion... but, he should get us home, anyhow."

Dash snorts and looks the other way, almost defiantly.

Naughty! Nob steps back, warily. "Well," he says, "He does look a fine, erm, spirited fellow!" He doesn't sound as if 'spirited' is something he approves of very much. "Ah - when do you plan to leave? Nice weather we've been having. You should surely stay through the harvest festival."

Boldibad pats Dash and says, "Well, I am not quite sure. Thasto and I have not had a chance to discuss it yet." He strokes his chin thoughtfully. "If I could find him, I could see what he wants to do. Who has he been with? Have you seen him anywhere? It isn't proper to go off on your own in a far-away place like that, you know--which is what Bree is for us."

"In the markets, once," Nob says slowly, scratching at his chin. "I don't recollect I've seen much of him at all, to be honest. You should warn him, being as how you folks are familiar with the area and Outsiders and all, about those ranger-folk. Fine enough people, I've no doubt, tell a good tale, and never argue on the bill; but just not the sort for making friends of, if you know what I mean."

Boldibad snaps his fingers. "The marketplace! Of course! He's... he's doing business... with--" He scratches his head, obviously unable to come to any conclusion. Then, he cocks an eyebrow as he analyzes Nob's words in his mind. "Yes," he says knowingly, nodding his head slowly. "I take your meaning. Rangers... it's something to do with those rangers."

Nob looks a little alarmed. "Mind you," he says cautiously, "I haven't seen him with any unsavory sorts. But you know how it is, when a body doesn't know about folks. I'm sure he's not doing a thing wrong."

Boldibad looks over his shoulder toward the stableboy, and clears his throat. "Yes," he says loudly, winking discreetly. "Yes, you know how those rumors are. I'm sure it's nothing." He leans in and whispers, "Thank you, Nob. Don't worry--I'm going to get a full confession out of that scoundrel."

<Oops... it looks like I accidentally cut out Nob's pose.>

Boldibad grins, almost bellowing, "Nothing! Not a thing, I quite agree!" He picks up the brush again and begins working on Dash's tail. "By the way, Nob, this autumn festival--I imagine it is common for many of the area's hobbits to attend?"

"Indeed it is," Nob says, relieved to have gotten off of the tricky ground of earlier. He gives Boldibad an uncertain look though - why is he so determined to believe his friend is involved in something shady?? But lets it drop. "Everyone goes! In fact, I myself believe I might have a prize-winning Squash this year!"


Boldibad smiles, "Why, Mr. Nob, I didn't know you had a garden. Well, perhaps you'll let me have a gander the next time you are free. I suppose we should be around for the festivities--and, I think I could spare a barrel of Old Toby, though we were saving it for the ride back to the Shire."

"Excellent, excellent." Nob rubs his hands together happily. "Well, properly speaking, it's just a plot in the Town Garden, you know. But it's quite handy and close to my smial, and everything."

Boldibad sets down the brush, and says, "Well, you know where we are staying--drop by any time, and I will take a look at the gourd. In the meantime, however, I believe I would like to have a look around for you-know-who. Maybe I can catch him in the act, y'know." He moves to climb into Dash' saddle.

Dash snorts and moves out of the way. Try again.

"Yes, indeed." Nob looks more puzzled than ever, though as polite as always. What act? "I - er - hope you find your friend," he says more politely still. And remembers what he'd come here for to start with. "Now, where's that stablemaster gotten to..."

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