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Shire Road Trip VII: The Feud's back on!!

Tags: Thasto,  Boldibad

Short Summary: As they left Bree, Boldibad confronted Thasto about a rumor.
Date (real-life): 2011-04-23
Scene Location: West Bree
Date (in-game): September 30,1452
Time of Day: Morning
Weather: N/A
Logfile from Elendor.

Middle-earth time is:
Daytime on Highday, Day 30 of September.
Execute the +TIMEFRAME command for year information.

Real time is: 12:53:00 MDT on Sat Apr 23 2011.
================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Sat Apr 23 12:53:03 2011
Bree time: Mid Afternoon <16:39:09> on Highday of Autumn - September 30,1452
Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous Moon

An open air inn-yard is enclosed in the center of the Prancing Pony's compound. The yard is ringed in by the north and south wing of the Pony, and the eastern section of the building, which is set back into Bree-hill. On the fourth side bordering this yard is an archway, beyond which lies the Great East Road. The stables, which comprise the lower level of the south wing, are accessed through a set of large double doors.
Boldibad's Coach(#4884OVae)
Obvious exits:
 Kitchen leads to Kitchen.
 Downstairs Hallway leads to Short Passage.
 Double Doors leads to Stables.
 Archway leads to Under the Archway.

Boldibad's Coach(#4884OVae)

    A medium-sized coach, with a compartment in the back. Two ponies are at the front of the vehicle, side-by-side, one brown with white spots, and one black with white patches. A driver holds the reins, sitting in a small seat up at the front of the coach. The Bolger coat-of-arms has been painted onto each side.

Boldibad's Coach(#4884OVae)

The interior of the coach is small, but it appears to be comfortable enough for a long trip. There are two cushioned benches on each side of the coach, with a window on each end. The windows all have small curtains.
                                Windows: open                                 
                               Curtains: closed                               
                                 Bell: ready                                  
                                Door: unlocked                                
                        Location: Inn-yard(#30561Rnt)                         

                            Who or What's in Here?                            
                            Boldibad(#22742PeA+cfT)                                                                          Thasto(#32237PenA+c)                             

                            How to Get Outta Here?                            
                                  Door (out)                                  

Thasto Proudfoot is about average for a Hobbit. He's roughly two-and-five-sixths feet tall, and slightly rotund 'round the middle. His head is topped with thick, curly, sandy-coloured hair, and his bright blue eyes are surrounded with scores of laugh lines. Thasto's cheeks are bright red and full of life.

He is wearing a black-and-blue linen shirt, buttoned all the way up with dulled pewter buttons. On top of this is an darker blue waistcoat with green trim with brass buttons up the center and over the pockets.

His brown woolen trousers are cuffed just above his ankles. A darker brown belt of heavy leather has been wrapped around his waist and from it hangs a pouch or two.

The dark brown fur on his feet is well-maintained and impeccably groomed.
Shire Ale Samples(#18465)

Boldibad takes his pocket watch out of his pouch and checks the time.
You check your watch. It's 8 minutes after 4 PM.
Boldibad puts his watch back into his pouch.

Thasto smiles and, adjusting his waistcoat, greets Boldibad. 'Good morning, Master Bolger. All packed up and ready to head home, then?'

Boldibad looks up sharply, his fob watch in hand, after he manages to lift his sizeable body into the vehicle. "Hello, Thasto," he says half-heartedly, tucking the watch into his waistcoat pocket. "Yes, I believe that I am."

Thasto nods. 'Splendid, splendid. I cannot wait to get back, y'know? I believe there's time enough to make it back to supervise my hops harvest in Waymeet.' He pats his coat and looks a bit more grimly. 'That, and I received a Post this past week. Seems something mauled a pair of ewes up at Diggle's Stead. Seems like something that needs taking care of and looking into, if you catch my meaning.'

The coach bounces as Boldibad settles into a seat (with room to spare, as he decided to store what's left of the barrels on the exterior), and again as someone (presumably Thilo) climbs up into the driver's seat. "The Quick Post comes all the way out here? How ironic, seeing as how reluctant they are to travel back home--I'd save more time walking across the Shire to collect my messages myself." He flips open the little door behind him and asks Thilo to start moving. "Don't tell me another wolf is loose?"

Thasto shrugs. 'Dunno. Sure enough Somethin's up there. Maybe Wolves. Maybe Something Else. We'll have to get a posse together to go investigating.'

Boldibad clears his throat, "I beg your pardon, but you can count me out right now--I don't even know where Diggle's Whatever-it's-called is!" He all but whips his pipe out from beneath his waistcoat, and puts a spark to it--apparently, it has already been filled.

Thasto shrugs again. 'Not a problem. Wouldn't 'spect you'd know much about protectin' livestocks and livlihoods and whatnot. We can likely as not handle it just us. Maybe see if the Smallburrow boys'll lend a hand or three.

Boldibad nods, "I do not, and most certainly -would- not. I am a gentlehobbit-without-a-profession, you see. Besides, why do you want to get involved in such a matter? Isn't that what the Bounders are for, or are they too busy patrolling the taverns in those parts these days?" He puffs on his pipe and looks out the window, somewhat agitated.

Boldibad opens a screened window at the front and asks the driver to take the coach West. The vehicle moves in that direction.
You follow the Great East Road as it winds to the west.
Great East Road
The Great East Road passes through an narrow area of open grass land as it passes between the Western Gate and the row of shops and houses that line the road to the east. A few trees spring up among the grass just north of the wide road. South of the path a single building stands with a circular well next to it.

    There are two large snow people near the headquarters that can be inspected more closely.
Obvious exits:
 West leads to West Gate.
 East leads to At the Sign of the Prancing Pony.

Thasto eyes Boldibad. 'Sure enough if you're not in a foul mood this morning. What's got your trousers in a trounce, then? Have a rough last night at the Pony?'

Boldibad gasps. "Well! I'll tell you what's gotten my trouse--" he cuts himself off, rolling his eyes. "It's your behavior, sir! You've been up to something!"

Boldibad opens a screened window at the front and asks the driver to take the coach West. The vehicle moves in that direction.
You head west down the road.
West Gate
A large hedge fences Bree in to the west. Running to and from the hedge is the Great East Road. Set off on the north side of the Road is a small lodge. Where the Road meets the hedge a great gate has been set. The gate is open, allowing travelers and residents alike to pass through the hedge with ease. To the east, Bree-hill looms large at hand.
New Guard
Obvious exits:
 West Gate leads to Bree, Outside the West-gate.
 Gatekeepers Lodge leads to Gatekeeper's Lodge.
 East leads to Great East Road.
New Guard grumbles something about being on duty...

Thasto coughs. '"Up to something," eh? Well, not today, other than riding home. But in general? I suppose I got a little rowdy at some of the. . . more colourful taverns?'

Boldibad, up until now preferring to hold his gaze out the window, gives his full attention to the other passenger. Waving his finger, he replies, "Don't try it with me, Thasto--you couldn't keep me in the dark. Why, Mr. Nob told me ALL about it."

He sticks his pipe in his mouth, but removes it before having a chance to puff on it, as a new thought enters his head. "I was wondering why you were so anxious to ride with me on this trip, at the -last- minute!"

Thasto nods in agreement. 'Indeed, I suppose I did charge a bit of a steep price. I can be quite the highwayman when it comes to my Bocks and Porters, if I do say so myself. But it's better beer'n they're going to make on their own, am I right?'

Thasto winks and grins slyly.

Boldibad bahs and looks out the window again. "Very well," he says, "have it your way." He takes a puff on his pipe. "Whatever you have been sneaking around for, though... I just think it's rather undignified, pulling the wool over my eyes, and consorting with degenerates." He mumbles something under his breath, "... like ... Proudfoot."

Thasto blinks. '"Sneaking?" I haven't snuck once since I got outta m'Tweens.' He rolls his eyes and fumbles around his coat for his own pipe. 'Degenerate. Honestly. That's like the pot calling the kettle black.' Thasto grumbles to himself.

Boldibad grumbles, "Listen, Nob didn't say exactly, but he -saw- you prowling about at night. Come now, do I really have to bring up that incident at the Inn-Yard? You -know- I saw you running from me. Let's just forget about it--if you don't want to tell me what you've been doing, then you must be guilty of something. And if that's the case, well... I hope I don't see you around Bolger Smial anymore--and I hope I don't see you around my NEICES either WAY!" He sinks down and folds over to the right, as if to go to sleep.

Boldibad opens a screened window at the front and asks the driver to take the coach West Gate. The vehicle moves in that direction.
You head through the West Gate.
Bree, Outside the West-gate
To the east and north lies the village of Bree which is nestled under the western flank of Bree-hill, a grassy mass against the skyline. The East Road crosses by a causeway, but where it pierces the hedge, it is barred by a great gate. The village of Bree itself looks to have about one hundred stone houses of the Big Folk, some above a road carved into the hillside with windows looking west. On the higher slopes, above the houses of the Men, are many hobbit-holes also looking west. On that side, running in more than half a circle from the hill and back to it, there is a deep dike with a thick hedge on the inner side. There is a good assortment of traffic going through the gate: men, hobbits, and sometimes dwarves.

<OOC> If you're locked out, try looking at the guard.
Picket sign
Obvious exits:
 East Through the Gate leads to West Gate.
 South leads to Along the South Hedge.
 West leads to The Greenway Crossing.

'Inn-yard? I haven't been at the Pony's Yard till this morning while I was bringing my luggage down. Were you looking for me?' Thasto finds his pipe and lights it. Puffing calmy on it, he adds, 'As for your neices, I wouldn't fret much over another Bolger girl for all the Leaf in the Southfarthing. Bunch of nutters they are. Takes the space of a gentlehobbit's wink to. . . well, nevermind then, eh?' He continues to puff away and watches the countryside go by.

Boldibad closes his eyes and resolves to spend the next few hours in silence.

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