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A pony and a dragon

Tags: willemina,  torebras,  boldibad

Short Summary: Willemina, Torebras, and Boldibad meet up in Bywater.
Date (real-life): 2011-04-30
Scene Location: Bywater/Green Dragon
Date (in-game): Winterfilth 22, 1452 S.R.
Time of Day: Afternoon
Weather: Chilly

Logfile from Elendor.

================================= +SHIRE TIME =================================
RL (Arizona) Time is Sat Apr 30 20:55:29 2011 (+time).
IC Time is 16:46:27 on Sterday, Winterfilth (October) 22, 1452 S.R.
IC Weather Conditions:
The sky is completely clear, not a single cloud in sight. The ground is dry and baked; it's been some time since rain fell, and it looks like there won't be any soon.

Village of Bywater(#3462Rto)
Hobbits from all over, and a great many travellers passing through the Shire along the Great Road as well, flock to this charming little township for shelter, fine brew, idle talk, and general merry-making. All of this takes place at the Green Dragon Inn or its longtime competitor, the Ivy Bush across the street. Some say Bywater is the last place in the West to get a decent beer before reaching The Sea, and certainly it's the place to find out the very latest rumors in the Shire and beyond. To the north is the Bywater Pool, which is merely a wide section of the small river, The Water. An ostler stands in the middle of the street, ready to move horses into the stable if they are left here too long. Even though it's daytime, you can hear the sounds of merriment and good fellowship coming from the Green Dragon.
The sky is completely clear, not a single cloud in sight. The ground is dry and baked; it's been some time since rain fell, and it looks like there won't be any soon.
Obvious exits:
 Green Dragon leads to The Green Dragon Inn.
 Ivy Bush leads to The Ivy Bush.
 Bywater Pool leads to Bywater Pool.
 Stable Path leads to Stable.
 South leads to South Lane.
 SouthEast leads to Great East Road at Bywater Road.
 West leads to Hobbiton.

This hobbit is, at first glance, little different from most of his kind. Of average height and build, his homely face is round and rosy-cheeked, his girth is ... well, he's as fond of his food as any. However, there's a certain lift to his chin that gives him an air of confidence, and his nut-brown eyes have a tendency to grow distant every now and then - the look of a Thinker.

He is dressed quite the dandy. Over a snowy white linen shirt with starched collar and cuffs he wears a bottle-green velvet waistcoat, its polished silver buttons engraved with acorns; a complementary design of oak leaves adorns the large silver belt buckle around his prominent middle. The cocked hat that sits atop his glossy chestnut curls is decorated with a pheasant's feather. In a nod to practicality, he wears sensible black breeches.


     By all appearances, a gentlehobbit, distinguished by at least five decades of age and experience. Wrinkles only seem to be making their presence known by making their way into the sides of his mouth, and around his eyes. Probably weighing in well over 120 pounds, his girth seems respectable, at least as far as Bolgers go. Despite the extra weight, and advancing age, Boldibad seems to be in fine health.
    A few inches of curly, reddish-brown hair cover his head and hang down past his ears. The texture appears to be quite thick, almost wooly. His relatively large feet are coated by similar stuff, the only difference is that this hair appears to be trimmed much shorter than that on his head. His nose is somewhat bulbous, but not so much as to look out of proportion with the rest of his face.
     He is wearing a white shirt of cotton, buttoned all the way up. On top of this is an old waistcoat that seems to fit him perfectly. The waistcoat is red with yellow buttons up the center and over the pockets.
     Draped over his shoulders is a thick, green cloak meant to keep the chill of winter out. It is held shut with a fine brooch of silver.
     A silver chain dangles from a pocket in his waistcoat. It appears to be attached to a watch.
     His trousers are black and they dangle somewhat below his ankles. A black belt of thin leather has been wrapped around his waist and from it hangs a couple of pouches that probably contain money or pipeweed.

Before you stands a rather tall ladyhobbit. At a first glance you might have mistaken her for a Gent. Her chestnut curls proturude from underneath a brown whicker hat, arrayed with a few violets along the sides. Her curls are tied back by a simple piece of brown string. Her brown face seems quite normal for a hobbit, and her almond eyes twinkle. Her frame is a bit more broad that that of the average ladyhobbit, but still fair. She wears a forest green tunic with a brown leather belt at the waist. Below she wears a pair of even darker green breeches, delicately tied with gold threads at the knees. Her foot hair is a little tangled, as if she had been doing some walking. Cast over her shoulders is a scarlet-purple cloak with the Took coat-of-arms on the broach. Over her neck is a thin golden chain with a sapphire pendant. Though she seems quite un-ladylike, there is a kind of charm to her as seen by some at least.

Standing near the Green Dragon this chilly afternoon is Boldibad Bolger, holding the reins of an unruly, black-haired pony. The young beast seems to be rearing its head and misbehaving, and Boldibad is having something of a difficult time. "Settle down, now," he calls, "There are people looking, silly pony... stop that!"

The clip-clop of another set of hooves and the rattle of wheels announce the arrival of another pony. This one is pulling a trap, driven by a burly hobbit-farmer, by the look of his wares - various crates of vegetables.

The trap also has a passenger, and he jumps down with a call of "Thank you, my good fellow!", pausing to brush the dust from his fine coat. The trap and its driver rattle away toward the stables, leaving the new arrival to look around. His gaze falls on Boldibad. "Why, good afternoon, Mister Bolger!" he exclaims heartily. "Fancy meeting you here! I - ah, I do trust your mount is behaving?" He sidles back nervously.

From the the road, a 'gent' of sorts comes bounding towards the direction of the Green Dragon. The fur on 'his' feet are tangles as if he had been wandering through the fields and wood of the Shire. He seems not to mind however, as his mind if on food and merriment. His face is partially concealed by the hood of a scarlet-purple cloak, yet one attribute to his identity is the Took coat-of-arms sewn into the outer layer.

"Hi you there!" a rather queer voice emits from the gent's mouth; it bearing a bit of an effeminent air to it. "Is that pony being an ornery fellow now? You have to show 'im who's the master and who is the servant."

Boldibad coaxes the pony into a more manageable state, and runs a hand along the back of its neck. "You can trust that if you'd like," he says over his shoulder, "but it won't make it true. He rarely does behave." He looks up for a moment, and then peers toward the first speaker. "Mr. Bywater? Is that you? Are you back from Bree, then--or am I confusing you with that brother of yours again?"

Turning his attention to the newcomer then, he clears his throat. "Well, he knows who the master is--he just doesn't accept it!"

"Oh," is the subdued answer from Torebras. He sidles away a little more. He starts a gracious inclination of the head at Boldibad's greeting, only to look up with horror at the implied accusation. "Mister /Torebras/ Bywater, if you please," he tells Boldibad haughtily, raising his hat from his head a little. "I assure you my young brother and I are nothing alike. Quite the dreamer, he is - you know what young folk are like." He shakes his head reprovingly.

The pitter-patter of feet bounding his way startles Torebras and he half-turns, looking quite relieved at the realization it's only a pedestrian. "Good afternoon, my good sir," he offers in turn. "Chilly weather we've been having of late." Not a word is said about ponies.

Curliing back his lips, the young fellow gives a wry smile. "So I see, good sir," he acknowledges as he draws back the hoow of his cloak, sending chestnut-colored curls to cascade on the sides of his face and fall back into a long braid. To the other hobbit, he nods, "Indeed it is rather chill, although I don't mind it so much. T'is good hunting weather-or would had there been a bit more rain in the air." His voice seems to ring with femininity.

Boldibad nods at Torebras, "Of course, of course--and I am nothing like my brother, I understand completely." He rubs the pony's neck again as he looks back at the other hobbit. "And a good day for an ale and a seedcake by the fire, I say, sir." His voice trails off as he peers curiously at Willemina, but only for a moment.

Willemina lets out a big a laugh as she is able. "Don't be alarmed, my good fellows," she reassures, "I am no gentlehobbit as you can see."

The cloak is cast off her shoulders to reveal the obvious curvature of a hobbit female. "See?"

"That it would be," Torebras agrees heartily with Boldibad, the hauteur disappearing rapidly at mention of food. "And a catching up with current affairs. I haven't been back in the Shire since the bandi- I mean, business has kept me away." He clears his throat quietly.

"Perhaps the young gentle- ah, that is the young lady," he frowns, "here can give you a hand with your pony?" Upright and decent citizen that he is, he looks quite shocked at the evidence of Wilhemina's Tookish behaviour.

Boldibad clears his throat, "Er, excuse me, sir--miss--ma'am. I didn't realize I was, er..." He seems to have tugged the reins a bit too hard, as Dash begins to buck and cry out. "Settle down, now," he says, furrowing his brow. "Er, a hand from anyone would be welcome--help me get him into the stables, if you would!"

The ladyhobbit seems throroughly enjoy the attention receievd upon the revelation that she is female. "Indeed I shall help," she boasts, "I'm quite used to dealing with feisty animals. We have plenty of 'em way down yonder in Tuckborough."

Torebras visibly quivers at the sound of Dash's neighing. /He/ is certainly going no closer to such a dangerous animal.

Boldibad begins to lead the resistant animal toward the stable. Holding the reins tightly, he says to Willemina, "Easy does it. Just be careful, he's fond of kicking!"

Willemina follws close behind the ponty. "Thank you for the warning. I shall keep two eyes on the varmint!"

She does infact keep a wary eye on the beast, ready to spring back should he decide she deserves a swift hoof in the seat.

Torebras hesitates, torn, his round brown eyes going from Inn to pony and back again. In the end, either natural thriftiness or horrified curiosity causes him to follow the pair with the pony - at a safe distance, of course.

Boldibad disappears into the stable with the pony, and comes back out a few moments later, dabbing his forehead with his handkerchief. He smiles at Willemina as he returns to the company of the others, "Thank you, si--miss... er, my name is Boldibad Bolger, by the way." He tucks his handkerchief into his waistcoat, and bows.

Dash goes over by the pool and takes a path, disappearing behind some trees.
Dash has left.

Willemina bows as politely as any hobbit would, "Welcome and well met. My name is Willemina Took, but just Willow will do. I was on my way to the Dragon if you follow me. I've got quite a fancy for a mug of beer at the moment and some generous helpings of muchrooms and bacon."

Torebras purses his lips at wilhemina's mention of beer - but what hobbit wouldn't be tempted by the thought of bacon and mushrooms? Hanging back as he has been, Torebras is of course that much nearer to the houses and smials. "Shall we?" he enquires with a wave, trotting toward the shiny green door with the dragon swinging overhead and pulling it open. The epitome of politeness, he gestures for the lady to go first - even if he cannot keep the appalled look out of his eyes whenever he glances in her direction. "Such an odd name for an Inn," he remarks quizzically, raising one brow in Boldibad's direction.

Boldibad says, "You know, it has been a couple of hours since I have had anything to eat. I suppose my business can be postponed for a little while." He follows Torebras toward the inn, and says in response, "I suppose it is, isn't it? Well, I always said folks in these parts are a bit out-of-the-ordinary..."

"Ah and name is just that-a name," Willow remarks, "Thank you, although that is not necessary. As you can see, I am far from the definition of a lady. Not that I don't mind. To thine own self be true my Uncle Reynard would always say."
frShe steps inside The Dragon, taking a momemt to breath in the aromatic scent of vittles cooking in the kitchen, seasoned with the semi-fragrent smell of burning pipeweed.

Torebras heads north into the Green Dragon.
Torebras has left.

You head over to the Green Dragon and go inside.
The Green Dragon Inn(#3465Rt)
Welcome to the Green Dragon Inn, You step upon a well-polished floor and looking around you, you see freshly painted walls of green. A large overstuffed couch and a number of well built heavy wooden chairs surround a wide stone hearth before a large fireplace, perfect for relaxing with a bowl of fresh pipeweed, or just browsing a copy of the local newspaper. The Green Dragons' sign hangs over the doorway, Welcome to the Green Dragon along with a ornate carving depicting a massive dragon. Dining tables with simple green tablecloths and candles stuffed into wine bottles are scattered throughout the inn, inviting one to sit and enjoy some friendly gossip or food. A small stage with a piano sitting next to it complete the scene. Johnny tends bar and is always welcome to greet patrons.
Shire Chronicle Paper - Hobbiton Edition(#19927M)
Johnny (Barkeep)(#20986M)
Obvious exits:
 Back Room leads to Guest Quarters.
 Out leads to Village of Bywater.
A group of hobbits sit in the corner of the room, gossiping amongst themselves and chuckling. You could probably EAVESDROP on some gossip, or even GOSSIP <message> to give them something new to talk about.
See +SHIRE HELP COMMANDS GOSSIP for Admin commands.

Willemina enters the room from the street.
Willemina has arrived.

From Bar, Johnny says, "Welcome! Whar can I get for ye?"

A group of hobbits sit in the corner of the room, gossiping amongst themselves and chuckling. You could probably EAVESDROP on some gossip, or even GOSSIP

Torebras waits for his companions to precede him then carefully shuts the door. He looks somewhat startled at the barkeeper's greeting and hesitates briefly before summoning up the nerve to call in return, "Your bacon and mushrooms come highly recommended, good sir. Three platefuls, if you please. That is, if we are all in agreement?" He glances from Tookish ladyhobbit to the estimable Mister Bolger questioningly, whilst patting absently at his pocket.

Johnny (Barkeep) shows Torebras a menu.

Boldibad wanders inside, looking around at the small crowd. "Er, just an ale and a plate of seedcakes for me," he calls back to Johnny. He turns his attention to Torebras then, and says, "So, Mr. Bywater--you mentioned your business a while ago. How is it coming along these days?" He seems to be waiting for the others to find a table.

Willemina laughs, "I am sure you'll find your hunger quite relieved here, Master Bywater. Please so bring mushrooms and bacon and generous on the helpins if you please."

Johnny (Barkeep) shows Willemina a menu.
Johnny (Barkeep) smiles, "Very well, one order of Ale." he fetches the order and places it in front of you, "That'll be 5 coppers, please."
Johnny smiles and hands the Ale to Boldibad.

Herbwise Cotton chuckles and says to the other gossips, "... heard ... ... ... things in ... ... and ... planning ... ... to ... ..."

Minfast Twofoot whispers to the other gossips, "... ... ... Periwinkle is ... dwarf ... ..."

Torebras nods stiffly at Willemina, then begins to reply to Boldibad. "Well now, Mister Bolger-" He stops, brown eyes wide in distress, and exclaims in horror, "My purse! It must have fallen out with the jolting of the cart. Do excuse me, sir and - ah, lady," the raised brow hints that he is unsure whether Willemina merits that title, "I must find the carter again immediately. Please keep my plate warm, good sir," this last is addressed to teh barkeep. "I'll be back directly - the bacon and mushrooms are on me, of course." With a flustered nod to his companions, the hobbit darts out, puffing.

Minfast Twofoot says conspiratorily to the other gossips, "The ... Dragon ... ..."

Frendast Gamwich chuckles and says to the other gossips, "I ... ... ... too ... of ... ... hobbits ... ... ... go ... ... ... ... whisperin' ... eachother ... closelike. ... ... all to ... ... ... don't ... ... ... ... ... to, if ... ... ..."

Frendast Gamwich chuckles and says to the other gossips, "First ... ... ... ... ... ... Brandybucks, ... ... ... down at old ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... is ... ... ... and ... ... suchforth ... ... down ... Glen and be ... ... ... ..."

Boldibad stands, "Well, if you'll excuse me, Ms. Took--I suppose I should help Mr. Bywater. It was a pleasure to have met you," he says, rising from his seat.

Willemina nods and bides the gents a farewell. "I shall stay here for a bit. Take care, sirs."

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