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Unexpected Visitors

Tags: Frodo,  Witch-King,  Lotho,  Boldibad

Short Summary: Frodo, Lobelia, Lotho, and Boldibad have words. Lobelia played by Lo.
Date (real-life): 2011-08-22
Scene Location: Bag End, Hobbiton, The Shire
Date (in-game): Trewsday, Halimath 27, 1453 S.R.
Time of Day: Evening
Weather: Overcast
Logfile from Elendor.

On the way up from Hobbiton, glowing orange light is visible through several windows, suggesting life within. Yet, in response to the intruders at the door, there is no response from Bag End's inhabitant -- the chirpings and murmurings of insects and the distant bark of a dog are the only response...

                               Boldibad Bolger                                
                                 Setting: IC                                  
    By all appearances, a gentlehobbit, distinguished by at least five decades of age and experience. Wrinkles only seem to be making their presence known by making their way into the sides of his mouth, and around his eyes. Probably weighing in well over 120 pounds, his girth seems respectable, at least as far as Bolgers go. Despite the extra weight, and advancing age, Boldibad seems to be in fine health.
    A few inches of curly, reddish-brown hair cover his head and hang down past his ears. The texture appears to be quite thick, almost wooly. His relatively large feet are coated by similar stuff, the only difference is that this hair appears to be trimmed much shorter than that on his head. His nose is somewhat bulbous, but not so much as to look out of proportion with the rest of his face.
     He is wearing a white shirt of cotton, buttoned all the way up. On top of this is an old waistcoat that seems to fit him perfectly. The waistcoat is red with yellow buttons up the center and over the pockets.
 On the lower half of his body, this hobbit wears a pair of thick trousers which are designed with both green and brown threads. They seem to dangle around his legs loosely, yet the whole thing fits quite well--it was likely custom-fitted.

After a brief pause, the rapping on the door continues, and the female voice grows ever more shrill as it hollers on. "Baggins! You just come out of there! You think your Uncle's tricks are going to fool me??"

Bag End Porch
The front porch of Bag End, slightly weathered, built at the foot of the steeper part of The Hill. Bag End is a typical hobbit-hole in construction, but quite a bit larger and more luxurious than the average hobbit residence. The door is perfectly round like a porthole, painted green, with a shiny brass knob in the exact middle. A narrow gravel path leads west alongside Bag End, through the garden to the rear entrance. A wide low wooden gate opens to the southeast, leading away from Bag End towards North Hill Lane.
Obvious exits:
 Door leads to Bag End: Front Hall.
 Garden leads to Bag End Garden.
 North Hill Lane leads to North Hill Lane.
In the wall at the side of the door, you can see a small cord with a handle on it, allowing you to RING the BELL.  (OOC:  Please use for true IC purposes only!)

A young gentlehobbit, unusually tall for one of his kind and thinner than most, who appears just out of his tweens. He has rather fair skin but, despite its color, it is not the delicate skin of the nobility in other lands but rather firm and taunt as befits a hobbit. He has a small, pleasant dimple in his cheeks and light blue eyes, somewhat sunken as if to distance themselves from others; yet, in counterpoint, warm and curled brown hair long enough to cover his ears seems to ground his demeanour firmly in the present.

This hobbit is clothed in the Shire's finest, plain in comparison to the greater places of Middle-Earth but nevertheless woven with great care. His attire begins with a deep brown pair of breeches that end a few inches above his ankles and a clean white shirt. Over the shirt is a yellow waistcoat and over the waistcost follows a tan jacket with gold buttons. He wears no additional adornments of any kind -- rather, the only other remarkable thing about this hobbit is his large, fur-covered feet, which are visible due to his lack of shoes.

================================= +SHIRE TIME =================================
RL (Arizona) Time is Mon Aug 22 10:11:50 2011 (+time).
IC Time is 22:35:30 on Trewsday, Halimath (September) 27, 1453 S.R.
IC Weather Conditions:
Dark grey clouds fill the sky, blocking out the light of stars and moon alike. Although no rain has yet fallen, with little wind to move the clouds it seems a distinct possibility. The sky is veiled in cloud, hiding any trace of the moon.

Coming up the path is Boldibad Bolger, humming a familiar old tune to himself. Sticking out of his mouth is a simple, but long pipe, and smoke trails merrily behind him. He turns toward the entrance to Bag End as he approaches the gate, but stops (both humming and moving) when he sees the lady in the porch. He begins to backtrack quietly.

Eventually, several minutes after the second shrill call, the faint sound of feet padding down the hallway reaches the front door. Finally, the door is opened slightly and the head of one Frodo Baggins appears. The gentlehobbit's appearance is that of one whose sleep is disturbed -- with droopy eyes and a lightly pursed mouth. "It's rather late for this, isn't it? If it's not urgent, can't we speak another day?" His voice is polite enough despite the informality of his questions but contains a restrained hint of annoyance.

"We could," counters the woman crossly, and the handle of an umbrella is thrust in the direction of Frodo's newly appeared nose, "if YOU ever answered your door any other time. What hour do you call this to be falling asleep, anyway? It's just about time for evening supper, so you just jolly well open up and invite me in..."

It is then that Lobelia Sackville-Baggins -- who else? -- turns hawk-like eyes upon the lane, and they narrow upon the retreating Bolger. "And what do you think you're up to over there? Traipsing along property that ought to belong to your betters."

Boldibad stops when he hears the elder voice, and hesitates a moment. Then, he bends over as if to pick something up, sticks his hand into his pocket, and walks back over to the fence. Smiling, he steps through the gate, and approaches the first step of the porch. "No, ma'am," he says, "I was just on my way to visit Mr. Baggins. I didn't know that the lane belonged to anybody, but if it does, I'll be sure to avoid it next time." He bows, "And good evening, Mrs. Sackville-Baggins. Mr. Baggins."

Frodo flinches at the ladyhobbit's use of her (in)famous umbrella, inadvertently allowing the door to open somewhat further. "It was a nap..I was out on business all day, Lobelia, and, like all hobbits, I get tired, too." Somehow he takes the continuing intrusion in relatively good faith, even managing something of a smile.

Looking over Lobelia's shoulder to Boldibad, the gentlehobbit smiles a little more, this expression having sincerity. "Oh, and good evening, Mr. Bolger. I apologize -- I hadn't seen you out there before. I hope you're doing well?"

"Business?" snorts Lobelia, and her eyes narrow once more as they train upon Frodo. "Loafing and lounging more like, and perhaps up to queer activity. Don't think I don't know that your Uncle left his mark on you, lad."

She sniffs then, hushing down as the other two greet one another.

Boldibad puffs casually on his pipe. "Quite well, Mr. Baggins, quite well, despite those no-good Proudfoots. As a matter of fact, I'm taking an extended vacation to Buckland, and that is, technically, why I have called." He can't seem to help but shake his head, and comment, "Old Bilbo, you mean? Well, I don't care much for his lifestyle, but he certainly did throw a fine party--everyone knows it."

"I see. I'm not sure what I can do to help regarding Buckland, Mr. Bolger, but you're quite welcome," Frodo replies to Boldibad, still maintaining an even-keeled smile.

The gentlehobbit then hesitates and seem as if he might sigh before speaking again. "Why don't you both come in? I'm afraid I'm very low on food -- hence the reason that I was occupied all day. It seems that all the deliveries that were supposed to happen yesterday were mixed up and so I've not much in the cupboards. It was a very frustrating affair." With that, the gentlehobbit opens the door further to let both Lobelia and Boldibad enter.

Striding in with the air of an empress, Lobelia sweeps past Frodo with a sniff of haught. But still, a questioning glare is sent to Mr. Baggins as she asks: "Deliveries? Held up? Whatever was the reason?"

Boldibad puffs on his pipe as he follows Lobelia into Bag End.

"Some series of mistakes in who was to get what, I gather -- or at least that's what I was told. I did get deliveries -- just each was entirely wrong. I understand my order of pipeweed went to someplace in the Westfarthing," Frodo comments dryly, watching Lobelia carefully while also pushing the door closed behind him. "I'd be happy to share what little I have presently, of course...and I suppose the best place to sit if you'd like some refreshment would be in the kitchen..."

You go into the kitchen to see what's cooking.
Bag End: Kitchen
A delightfully perfect kitchen. Everything seems to be in its proper place. Cupboards line the walls filled with dishes, and pots hang from the ceiling ready to be used. You smell the sweet scent of a cake baking in the wood stove. After looking around a bit, you notice some freshly baked muffins in a basket on the counter. They look very inviting!
Obvious exits:
 Door leads to Bag End: Main Pantry.
 Out leads to Bag End: Long Hallway, Eastern End.

Obvious +inspect details: berries, cookbooks, eggs, muffins, mushrooms, pie, pitcher, and pot

Witch-king comes in from the hall.
Witch-king has arrived.

The tinkling of a bell at the front door can be heard.

Lotho comes in from the hall.
Lotho has arrived.

You see nothing special.

<OOC> Lotho says, "well, hello there."
<OOC> Boldibad waves

Bag End: Kitchen(#12341Rt)
A delightfully perfect kitchen. Everything seems to be in its proper place. Cupboards line the walls filled with dishes, and pots hang from the ceiling ready to be used. You smell the sweet scent of a cake baking in the wood stove. After looking around a bit, you notice some freshly baked muffins in a basket on the counter. They look very inviting!
Obvious exits:
 Door leads to Bag End: Main Pantry.
 Out leads to Bag End: Long Hallway, Eastern End.

<OOC> Lotho waits to see what's going on.

Boldibad wanders into the room, examining his surroundings. "You know, Mr. Baggins," he says, after another couple of puffs on his pipe, "You have a very nice home here. I wouldn't mind owning it myself, if--" Suddenly, he blushes and glances at Lobelia. He sticks his pipe between his teeth and begins inspecting some of the cabinetry as if he hadn't said anything.

The glare from Lobelia could warm a muffin is so fierce, and once more is the umbrella brought around to prod at gentlehobbit flesh. "You just mind your fingers there, Bolger!" she snaps, giving hikm a leer. "Don't think we don't know where Bilbo's spoons went, and who was blamed for it."

She sniffs then, and after a covetous eye roams the kitchen Lobelia nods to Frodo. "You're keeping it well dusted, if not well stocked. I hope you've learned your lesson, boy; don't trust such things to these blockheads in future, and find yourself some new help. I saw that gardener of yours slacking earlier, while you were out."

Boldibad rubs his arm where the umbrella jabbed him, and furrows his brow as he listens to the exchange between the other two.

"Mother?" a distant voice floats through the halls.

Frodo keeps quiet at Lobelia's invocation of spoons and begins to search the cabinets, which are in fact mostly empty for the present. Having finished his quick search, he turns about -- "Well...it seems that I've still bread, cheese, jam, some other items, and, oddly enough, plenty of tea. If--" The gentlehobbit suddenly pauses. "Did either of you happen to hear a voice...?" He frowns slightly.

Boldibad doesn't seem to hear what Frodo has to say about food, as his attention is now riveted on the hallway. In response to Frodo's question, he says distractedly, "Er, no, Mr. Baggins, I don't believe I heard anything other than passers-by outside. Perhaps we should, eh, close the kitchen door to keep out that racket?" He puffs on the pipe, but finds that the embers have died.

But Lobelia is on her game it seems, and she cranes her neck back toward the hallway as she nods. "Oh, yes, I believe that was my son. Do go invite him in, Baggins, as a good host should."

With her bossy request made, her eyes slip about the silverware enviously, ere she appears to remember heself; glaring accusingly at Boldibad.

Frodo watches Lobelia carefully, or as carefully as one can watch a guest without seeming unreasonably rude. But when Lobelia reveals that her son is also here, he nods slowly, the dissatisfaction obvious, and moves quickly out of the kitchen without a further word. The master of Bag End returns shortly therafter, escorting another hobbit, one whose most notably feature is the numerous pimples on his face. "I gather that your son must have taken a wrong turn someplace, Lobelia..."

Lotho bristles. "I was looking for my mother," he says, defensiveness and irritation in his voice. "I knocked and called, but no one came, and the door was wide open!"

Boldibad tucks his pipe into his waistcoat, and clears his throat. "Congratulations, Pim--," he trails off, and corrects himself, "Lotho--you've found her. And good evening to you, by the way." He glances over at the cabinet Frodo had been looking through, and looks over at Frodo expectantly.

Frowning deeply, and stepping forward to hug poor Lotho to her, Lobelia seems most upset. "What? You were left on the doorstep with none to attend you?? Such lack of manners. Baggins! I hope you intend to make it up to my son..."

"My apologies...I hadn't known that he was even here. Otherwise, I might have made arrangements," Frodo responds dryly to Lobelia's outburst. "In any case...would you care for what little refreshment I have? I would have preferred to have been better prepared for guests but not all things work out as one might hope." He seems to smile slightly at this final comment but hides the smile by moving towards the cupboards again.

"Good evening," Lotho says grudgingly, straightening his waistcoat and frowning. The frown lightens at the mention of refreshment, and he takes a step after Frodo, saying almost eagerly, "Oh, indeed!"

Boldibad nods his head enthusastically, "I had only meant to stay for a moment, to ask you a question concerning my upcoming journey. But, if you insist, Mr. Baggins, I will have whatever you are serving, thanks!" He smiles and looks about the room, although his eyes don't seem to focus on either of the Sackville-Bagginses.

As Boldibad speaks, the lips of Lobelia purse and she sniffs with a trace of haught. "And were are you off to, in this unnatural endeavour?"

"By all means, please, then, take a seat..." Frodo gestures towards a well-used but sturdy kitchen table that is surrounded by equally weathered chairs, all of which are still well-polished and retain a pleasing appearance. He then procedes to remove several items from his assortment of cupboards -- two loafs of hearty wheat bread, two half-wheels of cheese, biscuits, a basket of fresh apples -- and places these items on the table.

In the course of doing so, he also manages to respond to Boldibad while ignoring Lobelia's jibe -- "A journey to Buckland, you say, Mr. Bolger? As I said before, I'm not sure I can be of any great help but I certainly will answer any questions I can..."

Returning his attention to the cupboards again, he then extracts plates, silverware, and nicely-pressed cloth napkins, all of which are again merely placed on the table.

Lotho turns towards the table, seating himself and waiting expectantly as Frodo sets the food on the table. When his host is finished, the pock-marked hobbit seems still to wait, as if to say, 'surely this isn't /all/!'

Boldibad, who happens to be standing near Lobelia, pulls the chair out for her uneasily, probably fearing a scolding if he had not. He looks over the assortment of foods, and nods his head in obvious approval. "That all looks delicious, sir--and it was prepared so quickly. I wonder what you have in the way of refreshments--any Old Winyards, perhaps?"

Seating herself with authority, Lobelia rests her umbrella against the tableleg and nods approvingly to Boldibad. "You have better manners than some, Bolger, though that is not saying an awful lot. Those Proudfoots, for example, are a hideous bunch. Would you not agree?"

"I wish that it weren't but...there were a few unexpected problems with /all/ of my deliveries, as I was telling your mother earlier," Frodo explains politely to Lotho, his expression remaining collected despite the complaint. "If you had come tomorrow, I expect I would have been rather better prepared for guests."

As for Boldibad's question, the gentlehobbit pauses, pursing her lips for a moment, and then nods reluctantly. "I do in the pantry, just brought one up from the cellar earlier today..." With that, he steps to a sturdy oak door in the corner of the room, pushes it open, and disappears inside.

"Oh." Lotho surveys the table, then shrugs. "I see," he tells Frodo's departing back. The stacked plates, the piled silver, the food... he waits patiently (more or less) for their host to return.

Letting a sense of pride come over him, Boldibad grins as he sits down at the table. "Thank you, Mrs. S.B.. As you know, madam, the Bolgers have always scored highly with the Overhill Ladies Club!" He snaps his fingers and reaches for a biscuit.

<OOC> Frodo says, "the OLC...hee ;)"
<OOC> Witch-king grynz. "What's that?"

Boldibad adds, "And yes, those Proudfoots are quite dreadful, ma'am. I can hardly bear to live in such close proximity."

A fresh nod to this, and Lobelia folds her arms across her chest as her eyes narrow. "Terrible little oiks, the lot of them. But just you be careful flaunting the name of the Ladies Club around, Bolger. We'll not be curried by sweet talk. I am fraid that going off on fanciful, frivolous jaunts will not help your standing with us. Whatever do you wish to go to Buckland for?"

She shudders at the very prospect, ere shooting a glance to Lotho. "Do be a dear and help with your cousin's dish-washing, won't you?" she all but commands, with a hint of meaning dancing in her eye.

Frodo remains in the pantry for a few minutes and then there is the muffled sound of feet hitting stairs. Suffice to say, the master of Bag End does not reappear.

"But," Lotho protests, eyes darting about the table, and then to the counters. "They're all clean, already, Mother..." A thought comes to him, and he jumps up as if poked by her umbrella, and starts to hand the plates about.

Boldibad nods, "Of course, Mrs. S.B. Er, why am I going to Buckland?" He chuckles a bit, and looks around the room. "Why, for no especial reason--I am not looking much forward to it, you see. I think that it's as good a place to go as any, to get away from the foolishness of that feud for a while. Besides, I know a few hobbits down there. Which remind me, I still haven't answer you about why I've come, Mr. Baggins," but he doesn't see Frodo anywhere around. "Mr. Baggins!" he calls. "Do you need any assistance down there?"

"Oh, I am sure he is doing fine," says Lobelia through pursed lip, nodding to Lotho in turn as a plate is set before her. "Though, truly, this place is too large for him to manage by himself. He really ought to have his family come stay with him, and freshen the place up a bit. Don't you agree, Lotho?"

The old dragon sniffs then, to add: "And what are you fueding with the frightful Proudfoots for anyway, Bolger?"

Shortly after Boldibad's inquiry, additional footsteps are faintly heard and then the door to the pantry reopens. Frodo reappears with a bottle of Old Winyards, vintage 1441 (a rather good year but not the best). Placing it on the table politely, he takes a death breath and then moves to get a corkscrew. "I hope this is acceptable, Mr. Bolger. I really ought to reorganize the wine cellar..."

Puffing a bit, Lotho sinks back into his chair, spreading out a napkin. "Oh, indeed! Be very glad to help out. Cousin Frodo - far too much to deal with."

 He leans forward, peering at the bottle, and nodding to himself.

Boldibad suddenly becomes very reserved when he finds himself alone with the Sackville-Bagginses. His eyes follow Lotho carefully for a moment. He is about to stammer an answer to Lobelia, but just then, Frodo comes up and places the wine bottle on the table. Boldibad closes his mouth and picks it up, examining it. "1441," he says. "I would like to invite you to visit the wine cellar at Bolger Smial, Mr. Baggins," he says pleasantly, placing the bottle back on the table. "I think you would thoroughly enjoy a tour." He hems, "That is, er, after I have returned from my respite, of course. Perhaps we should put together a wine-tasting event. I'll talk to uncle Odovacar about that for certain!"

Boldibad stands, "If you will excuse me for a moment..." He heads out the door.

[+SET] You go Out Of Character.

The end.

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