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Talk in Tookland (North-farthing Beast TP 2)

Tags: Frodo,  Paladin

Short Summary: Frodo and Paladin chat about the north-farthing crisis in Tuckborough.
Date (real-life): 2011-09-03
Scene Location: Lucky Tucky Inn, Tuckborough, The Shire
Date (in-game): Thursday, Blotmath 4, 1453 S.R.
Weather: Pleasant
Logfile from Elendor.

================================= +SHIRE TIME =================================
RL (Arizona) Time is Sat Sep 03 20:18:28 2011 (+time).
IC Time is 04:55:24 on Thursday, Blotmath (November) 4, 1453 S.R.
IC Weather Conditions:
The sky is clear, the stars twinkling brightly. The air is warm; a trace of summer lingers still this autumn. The moon is hidden below the horizon.

Lucky-Tucky Inn
Behold the Lucky Tucky Inn: finest in ale and merriment in all of Tookland! The inn has a cozy feel to it-- many paintings adorn the wooden walls as well as a rather large map of the Westfarthing. Behind the rustic oak bar stands quite a small hobbit, Brant Thudder, keeping busy cleaning glass and serving drinks and such.

The inn holds many distinguishing features. In the center of the spacious room is a spring wood dance floor, kept clean at all times. The bar is usually busy, various hobbits chatting and drinking jovially. Round tables are spread throughout the room with orange tablecloths and baskets of assorted crackers on each table. A few barrels of Ol' Toby Pipeweed can be seen to the side of the bar, and the tavern's patrons merrily fill the air with its sweet smoking aroma. Towards the back wall of the establishment a small stage rises above the tavern floor, a perfect place for small side acts and musical performances. Next to the bar there is a small door that leads outside to the back yard.
Brant Thudder
Obvious exits:
 Back Door leads to Small Shed, Local brewery.
 Out leads to Tuckborough.

A group of hobbits sit in the corner of the room, gossiping amongst themselves and chuckling. You could probably EAVESDROP on some gossip, or even GOSSIP <message> to give them something new to talk about.
See +SHIRE HELP COMMANDS GOSSIP for Admin commands.


    A relatively tall hobbit who has lived many decades, judging by his appearance. Thick, curly hair of various shades of white and gray cover his head, and hair of a similar color and consistency grows from the top of his feet. His eyes, although the skin droops slightly around them, seem to be quite sharp somehow, as if a pool of experience or intelligence, lies beneath them. His nose is somewhat thin, with nostrils which seem to be naturally flared outwards, but not to any extreme. His ears appear to be slightly larger than they probably were in years past. He carries a respectable weight, but could probably do to put on more. All-in-all, he appears to project an aura of confidence, and perhaps even the slightest bit of pride.
     He wears a bright-yellow waistcoat, made of silk, with interesting designs embroidered in a regular pattern across the article's entirety: The embroidery depicts, presumably, the Took family crest, which may deserve closer +inspection. They are all done in a dark-red thread. White buttons, perhaps crafted out of some type of bone, run down the center, and also upon each pocket.
     A small, gold chain dangles from one of the front pockets of his waistcoat. The other end disappears through a small hole, made in line with the buttons, inside the waistcoat.
     On the lower half of his body, this hobbit wears a pair of thick trousers which are designed with both green and brown threads. They seem to dangle around his legs loosely, yet the whole thing fits quite well--it was likely custom-fitted.
     In his hand, a sturdy, elegently-decorated cane is held. Symbols representing Tooks, their daily life, and history, adorn the oaken object. The handle, which broadens and curves inward a bit, seems to be coated, or composed of silver. The end of the cane is tipped with a shiny metal, as well.
|Paladin is looking at you.|

Frodo comes in from the square.
Frodo has arrived.

A young gentlehobbit, unusually tall for one of his kind and thinner than most, who appears just out of his tweens. He has rather fair skin but, despite its color, it is not the delicate skin of the nobility in other lands but rather firm and taunt as befits a hobbit. He has a small, pleasant dimple in his cheeks and light blue eyes, somewhat sunken as if to distance themselves from others; yet, in counterpoint, warm and curled brown hair long enough to cover his ears seems to ground his demeanour firmly in the present.

This hobbit is clothed in the Shire's finest, plain in comparison to the greater places of Middle-Earth but nevertheless woven with great care. His attire begins with a deep brown pair of breeches that end a few inches above his ankles and a clean white shirt. Over the shirt is a yellow waistcoat and over the waistcost follows a tan jacket with gold buttons. He wears no additional adornments of any kind -- rather, the only other remarkable thing about this hobbit is his large, fur-covered feet, which are visible due to his lack of shoes.

Some late fall afternoons are cold and biting, others are warm and mild. Today is one of the latter. The sun shines brightly in the western sky, watching the land of the Shire with pleasant generosity. The remaining leaves on the trees, catching this gentle light, are illuminated and seem to glow. And, of course, on such a day, hobbits go gladly about their business.

Some hobbits cannot but help but visit the Lucky Tucky today to meet up with their fellows and otherwise catch up on the gossip. Others are travelling to visit relatives. But, among the hobbits in the Inn today is Frodo Baggins, who appears to have no present purpose for his presence. This gentlehobbit sits at the bar with a large mug of ale that he nurses while sitting alone.

Paladin comes in through the front door, leaning lightly on his cane. The old hobbit has a pleasant smile on his face as he approaches the bar, and looks over at Brant. A young fellow follows the Thain, carrying a small barrel on his shoulder.

"Hello, Brant. Just stopped by to let you know that I received your letter, and got the supplies together right away." He signals to the younger hobbit, who sets down the barrel, and stretches out his arms.

"Just pay us back whenever you get around to it. Oh, good day, Frodo!"

Frodo turns about at the call of his name and looks over towards the Thain. As he does so, something of a smile appears on his face and he offers a nod of greeting. "Ah, good day, Mister Took. And a rather pleasant one it appears to be! I hope you are well, sir?"
Paladin slides nimbly into the stool at Frodo's right, hooking silver handle of the cane over his knee. He leans forward and grins merrily. "On a day like this, lad? 'never been better." His hand moves toward the gold chain which runs from a hole in the button-line of his waistcoat, to one of the outer pockets, as he turns back to Brant. "It just occurred to me that I have a couple of important matters to attend to," he says distractedly, "but I suppose it can wait until I've had a drink or two." Brant grins and begins pouring Paladin his usual.

"I fully understand you," replies Frodo, lifting his mug slightly as a kind of salute. He then takes a healthy draught from his own mug and looks about the bar thoughtfully. "Especially on a day such as today, with the sun being so very pleasant. I had rather expected a nasty spout of rain this afternoon based on how it looked in the morning but I am delighted to have been proven wrong. But, to do work now, with winter to come so soon...I don't suppose that seems at all an attractive thought..."

Brant places a glass of wine on the bar in front of Paladin, and leaves to help another guest. Paladin takes a sip, and shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know," he says thoughtfully, "I think a nice rainshower would top off this day perfectly--provided we are indoors before it begins to fall." He chuckles, and adds, "You've always been good for a conversation about the weather. What brings you back to Tuckborough, Frodo-my-boy?"

"Nothing in particular to be honest. I thought to go visit Pincup and took a carriage this far for today. I suppose you might call it a trip on a whim of sorts." Frodo smiles a little more, but his smile remains slightly distant, and then he takes another sip of his ale. "But I think now that the whim was a silly one, and I am unsure what I would prefer to do." He pauses, seeming to ponder for a moment. "I was meaning to ask you something, sir, if I happened to come accross you in my travels. I heard about the recent moot, and regret that I was unable to attend, but I've been given some conflicting information about the outcome?"

Paladin nods, looking ahead at his wineglass. "Yes, we missed you at the moot, but we left your mathom out for you in the entry hall, so be sure to stop by before you leave." He takes another sip, and looks back at Frodo, "Not much has been resolved. It's still a mystery. Thasto Proudfoot said that he's going to gather some hobbits and attempt to track the, whatever it is." He shakes his head gravely. "And then, he left before I could say anything. I think we need to talk it out, rather than risk anybody's life. But, I have a feeling that kind of advice won't be taken."

"I also hope that the cooler heads prevail and no one does anything too rash --" Nodding, Frodo rubs his chin thoughtfully and then sighs while watching his nearly empty mug. "I don't think Mister Proudfoot, I'm afraid, but it does not seem the wisest course to go out and hunt the creature now. But, since his famil is from the Northfarthing, I understand the desire to do something immediately..." He pauses and fingers his mug. "Though I don't imagine the creature will be anything so dangerous as to cause a party of stout hobbits trouble."

Paladin winks, "Don't be too sure! I'm an old hobbit, and I have walked all around The Shire--Yes, I have seen strange things in my day." He throws his arms up, and says, "All these half-cracked rumors about what it might be have reached the Tookland--from the way people are talking, one would be ready to pack up and leave The Shire entirely. I personally think it's most likely to be a wolf, myself. I remember the North having problems with those brutes in the past..."

"It's been some time since wolves have been in the Shire, though...but I admit that it's most likely the case, at least in my mind. Still, should it be a wolf, it's rather disturbing, especially since it's only the fall now and the harvest has been rather good this year, so I can't imagine why it should need to search for food," muses Frodo while tracing his index finger on the table. "But, what kinds of rumors have you been hearing? Maybe there's some truth in them that could be helpful..."

Paladin chuckles, "Oh, I have so much on mind these days, I don't keep track of them, myself. Mrs. Took would be the one to ask about that. But, you know how it is--people come up with the wildest conclusions when rumors like this are spread about." He takes another sip of the wine, and sighs. "Well, something's got to be done about it, and I'm going to make sure that it is. I'll put an end to this panic if I have to call the Shire-muster."

"Yes, I can imagine..." Pursing his lips, Frodo nods slowly. He then proceeds to finish the sad remanants of his ale before continuing. "It would be rather remarkable if the Shire muster is required for this. And unprecedented, too. I hope that matters need not go that far. If you think it does, I would be greatly worried, I admit..."

Paladin smiles as he drains the rest of the glass. "Of course, I don't think there's much of a chance of that." He sighs contentedly, and sets the glass on the bar. "Well, I suppose I should be getting back to the 'Smials. Drop by if you hear anything new, won't you?"
Huh?  (Type "help" for help.)

"I don't imagine I'll hear anything but unhelpful gossip, but I will let you know if something of substance happens to reach my ear," promises Frodo with a serious nod. "I don't envy your position on this affair, but I expect it will clear up soon now that everything has been set in motion. Otherwise, I hope you have time to enjoy the sun a little more today, Mister Took." To this final comment he smiles slightly once again.

Paladin leans on his cane and heads for the door, saying over his shoulder, "Oh, I'm getting used to it by now--a couple hours per night in the Took Drawing Room, a glass of Ol' Winyards, and a pipe, well, it does wonders. Good day, Frodo!"

[+SET] You go Out Of Character.

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