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Battle down below [Gundabad Quest]

Tags: Oskar,  Broddur,  Graim,  goblins,  troll (Ollie),  Logoz,  Calenorc,  Bolosi,  Orcalen,  Elladan,  Elrohir

Short Summary: The Dwarves push on past the broken portcullis and at last encounter something like resistance ...
Date (real-life): 2011-05-15
Scene Location: Gundabad: Gathering Hall
Date (in-game): December 3052
Gathering Hall

A cavernous, vast chamber has been wrought out of the mountain's heart here, and filled with the steady beat of uruk malice. Tall and sturdy stand two pillars of rock, hewn by unskilled hands into an immense pair of columns, rising gracelessly from the floor to an unseen roof high above. In between their massive girths has been fashioned a gathering place, littered with walls and stairs surrounding a wide, flat platform. Opposite a large tunnel leading steadily upward a dais of sorts has been carved from a hulking shoulder of rock, and a huge firepit paints the walls with hellish red firelight; shadows clutching and shivering upon the walls as the smouldering pit is stoked.

So deep underground directions mean little, but upon the northen walls an ancient, worn stair climbs up into shadow, while facing it across the chamber comes the waft of dank air from a series of tunnels leading downward instead. The eastern wall, behind the dais opens up into a grand, crudely ornate archway, and in the corner nearby a maze of crumbling passageways escape into yet more veils of darkness. To the west lies the way out, along the large tunnel.

Obvious exits:
 Ancient Stair leads to Nameless Tunnels
 Crumbling Passages leads to Chamber of Dancing Flame
 Dank Tunnels leads to Falls of the Burzmog
 Grand Archway leads to Theatre of Pain
 Large Tunnel leads to Winding Precipice

[Ered-Luin ZMO(#9561)->Unnar] Real time is: Sun May 15 15:02:37 2011
Game time is: Midday <13:07:51> on Monday, Day 6 of December (Winter) 3052

[Oskar(#28429)] Time loses its meaning underground where the sun never rises or sets. The dwarves have pushed on past the ruined gates, but cautiously, hands on weapons looking around for the orcs that must surely be there.

Motion flickers at the ends of tunnels; an occasional arrow whines in out of darkness - all of which keep them nervous and alert.

Perhaps not quite silent, however. The young Firebeard Dwarf Unnar has pushed his way near to the forefront of those come to reclaim Gundabad's treasures; his breathing is almost as loud as his heavy footfalls as he treads the underground passages.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

He halts as the motion of air to his left hints at a passageway branching off from the vast chamber. "Tunnel over here," he calls softly, motioning for a torch-bearer.

[Oskar(#28429)] "Yessir," one of the torchbearers says, hurrying forward - his huge torch streams flame and light dances weirdly about the dark tunnels. "Where's that?"

Orcs are not heavy breathers. Back down the tunnel a pair of yellow eyes blink in the shadows atop a mound of rubble, fixed on the Dwarven outlines. At Unnar's call, the watcher's lips peel back from a set of equally yellow fangs and he licks his lips. "Come a little closer, said the spider to the fly," the goblin breathes softly - indeed, the creature's elongated limbs lend it a spiderish appearance.

[Graim(#20753)]     Also amongst the dwarves is the Ereborian warrior-healer Graim of Dhurenfal. The mace bearer moves slowly, shield ready to intercept the occasional arrow if it comes his way, eyes flicking about and gleaming in the torch light. The dwarf's attention seems as much on spotting any attack as it is studying the tunnel.

[Oskar(#28429)] Oskar hisses at his apprentices. "Shhh!" The lad looks abashed and tries to walk more quietly. But it's hard to do in armor - and dwarves weren't made to walk quietly anyways.

[Oskar(#28429)] Another orc creeps up behind the first, peering over its shoulder. "Ahhhh," it breathes. "Nice...."

Unnar turns reproachfully to look at Oskar. "How else are we to talk to each other?" he mutters grudgingly. The torchbearer's question is answered with a shrug. "Rocks. Seems to be blocked off ... no, wait. Must be moving air down there." He indicates the flickering torch.

The first goblin turns its fanged snarl upon the second. "I want the fat one! You can have the scrawny feller with one eye." Surreptitiously it eases along the top of the barricade a little to give its fellow room. "Push on my signal," it murmurs in crude orc-speech to unseen others behind. And then, frustrated, to its companion: "What's keeping 'em?"

[Ollie(#15066)] Behind the two orcs, silent as shadows, is something else. Something that isn't silent. Heavy footsteps make even solid rock quiver, and send echoes through the halls and chambers.

Among the orcs is one who stands a little less tall than the others; dressed less in the fashions of the mountain dens and seemingly better equipped for the forst. Logoz of the Yfelwyd snarls at the sight of the Dwarves, and a heavy mace is unhooked from his belt to rest within his palm.

[Graim(#20753)]     Eventually, the Dhurenfal makes his way to Unnar and the others, gaze flicking down the tunnel. "Anything of inter-" The healer beings, but falls silent as the footsteps echo along. "Well. There is an interesting noise," murmurs the dwarf to himself.

[Ollie(#15066)] THUD THUD THUD

Unnar, about to go and investigate the 'blocked' tunnel, gives pause at Graim's words. "Very," he concedes. "Perhaps we should-" What? Flee? That would be the sensible option. "-explore whilst it's maker's attention is elsewhere," he amends.

Unfortunately, the multiple echoes make it hard to identify the troll's location. "Think it's off thattaway," one Dwarf supplies, pointing back the way they had come, where an overhanging rock shelf provides teh almost perfect reflector for sound. Nodding, Unnar marches forward along the part-blocked tunnel.

That is all the watching spiderlike orc needs. "Now!" it hisses, and its arm raises jerkily as a rusted scimitar is pulled from the sheath. Clearly it was some kind of signal. "Push!"

[Ollie(#15066)] The second orc throws his weight against the rocks, baring his teeth in a grimace.

[Graim(#20753)]     After a moment's pause, Graim follows after Unnar, mace and shield at the ready.

[Ollie(#15066)] Some gravel spills down the wall; then a rock bursts free and bounds down the tunnel. Then more follow. Oskar grunts then gives up on silence - clearly, they aren't sneaking in any longer - and shouts. "Ware!"

[Calenloth(#27998)] Grunting, another orc heaves against the rocks following the spiderorc. Its body crashes heavily against the stones.

Unnar halts, head lifted, at some whisper of sound up above him. Then he shrugs, and lifts a hammer to attack the barrier.

Almost as though it were a signal, there is a deep rumbling and a clattering of pebbles. Then, with all the suddenness of a dam bursting, the orcs' hastily and crudely built barricade spills down upon the Dwarven interlopers!

And with a cackle, Logoz springs fromt he midst of the orcs to charge the khazad party. As the rock falls, so too does his mace to add to their woes, and he attempts to lessen the number of invaders by one as he squares off with a dwarf in particular.

Of course, his back is wide open for anyone else who might like to take a swipe.

The spiderish orc was atop the pile of rubble when it moves. Chittering wildly, it nevertheless manages to avoid being buried, riding the tumbling material like a ship on the swell. Its rusted scimitar slashes about wildly.

[Ollie(#15066)] Second Orc leaps out after Logoz, flailing about himself with a short sword. And behind them all comes the heavy, ominous footsteps of the troll.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oskar shouts again, and stumbles backwards as a rock bounces past his head; and another one clips his knee.

[Calenloth(#27998)] Unfazed by the tumble of stones, the third orc brandishes its scimitar, tramples the fallen pebbles, clambering over the loose rock to charge.

[Graim(#20753)]     As the orcs come, the warrior-healer of Erebor meets them with mace and shield, voice rising above the din. "Sons of the mountains! Stand firm and break them!"

Unnar is less lucky than some, but considerably more so than others. By the time the torrent of falling stones slows to a trickle it has claimed its first victims: a lumpen form there, a tuft of beard there, a lax hand holding an axe. The torch-bearer is no more, and it is only by Mahal's grace that the dropped brand he had held continues to burn, guttering and flickering.

Unnar himself has been struck on the head by a heavy lump of rock and knocked flat. The dint in his helm testifies to that, as does the dazed way in which he glances about himself as he sits up. Then a wavering dark shape leaps at him out of the gloom. Reflex is enough to bring the young Firebeard's arm up, and he swings the hammer almost blindly toward the approaching menace - a leg shot, given his disadvantage.

You attack Ollie with your War Hammer...
Your attack against Ollie moderately wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] The old cook's apprentices surge forwards, howling and waving axes. Oskar looks up, rubbing his shin, and frowns. "HEY!" he shouts, then moves into a limping run after them, axe at the ready.

     " Baruk khazad!" Comes the lone cry; Bolosi of the Iron Hills, leaing forth into the fray. A burning fire has ignited in the depth of his eye, shining forth as the great axes is lifted and swung left and right. It shimmers as it catches the torchlight. Close by his side are his faithful companions, Folli and Horgor. The stumpy, fire-bearded Naugrims fights with hammer and fist, swinging wildly as if possessed; Horgor does battle with an uncanny grace, longsword singing and slicing as he moves.

 All around, the warrior-folk leap into the fray; tired, bruised and bloodied from a long campaign, the adrenaline floods into their system for one last time. " Khazad Ai Menu!" Comes the cries, just before the clashing of steel and the spraying of blood become deafening.

[Ollie(#15066)] The black shape of the troll, huge in the strange light and wavering shadows, surges forward, roaring. Something hits it, bringing a deeper note to the roar, and a pause in the forward progress. The troll swings about itself to try and squash whatever dared to touch it.

[Calenloth(#27998)] A tap against the shin barely slows this Orc, baring a mouth of uneven teeth and a fiercesome hiss as its scimitar arcs downward back to the dwarf. Head turned towards the cry, the orcs footsteps fall heavily towards the new arrivals.

Ollie attacks you with his Club!...
...and he hits! Ouch!

The spiderish orc, snickering with glee, swings its scimitar around and around its head. At Graim's loud cry it bares its yellow fangs and rushes forward, clearly eager to cut down the rallying point.

It does not reach its target, for out of the darkness rises a broad-bladed axe to block the wild swings. Soon the creature is caught up in a battle for its life, one of many taking place around teh cavern.

[Ollie(#15066)] Second Orc stabs up at a dwarf, its face still twisted into a strange rictus. The sword slides off of armor and the orc over-balances. It barely manages to stop from going sprawling.

The troll's swing may have saved Unnar's life, for the force of the motion pushes him back a good few yards, out of easy stepping distance. The young Dwarf climbs slowly to his feet, his breathing laboured, and his free hand gropes at the rings of his jerkin. None are broken, but they have been driven deep into the leather and in one place through it.

Still, now is not the time to worry about mere cosmetics. The light of battle comes into the young Firebeard's eyes, and he yells wildly, "For glory!" and then, "For Nogrod!" as he charges in again, angling the spiked hammer toward the troll's ankle.

You attack Ollie with your War Hammer...
Ollie parries your attack with his Club!

[Ollie(#15066)] "FOR DURIN!" comes another shout from not far behind. It is Oskar's two young apprentices - they are thundering down on Second Orc with blood in their eyes.

     Lost in a frenzy of blood and innards, Bolosi hacks furiously at anything which scurries forth to meet him. Folli fights by his side, reaching out to grasp his foes by the collar, attempting to reel them in to deliver the fatal, skull-crushing hammer stroke. Horgor fights near the rear, smoothly guarding the flank of the charge.

 Fighting as an effective unit, the dwarven trio carve their way closer to the shadow of the immense troll...

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll's club slams into the wall of the tunnel, shaking it alarmingly. Dust and sand sift down from the roof. Perplexed, he lifts his club up and feels at the end. No squashed dwarf. How strange. With a philosophical shrug, the troll swings the club again. There are plenty of them around; it is bound to hit something... this time, it is a hammer.

His club bounds a bit, and he slams it straight down. Where there is a hammer, there is a dwarf beneath it.

Ollie attacks you with his Club!...
...and he misses!

[Calenloth(#27998)] An orc stands to block Bolosi's advance, swiping first toward the side guard, spitting with intensity.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oskar charges after his charges, just as Second Orc turns and propels itself back into the fray. Several other orcs leap from hidden places on the ground and fall on the dwarves. The clash of steel barely is noticed in the chaos of the tunnels.

[Ollie(#15066)] Two other orcs are rolling over and over, clamped in a loving embrace with a dwarf in full armor.

     In an explosion of chainmail and Khazad blood, the defending goblin's blow strikes across Folli's barrel chest; with a growl, he falls back into the supporting arms of Horgor. Bolosi, though, is enraged. With a mighty growl, he leaps forth, planting his feet solidly. And then heaving the double-headed axe high, he sweeps it around in a deadly arc, attempting to hew the foul offender in two.

[Graim(#20753)]     The Dhurenfal seems to have been quite content, thus far, just to bash whatever has come his way. As the eyes, flicking about, come to rest upon Logoz, however, Graim makes his way towards the orc, mace swinging out for the knees when he is close enough.

Graim attacks Logoz with his Mace, but he misses by a handspan.

[Calenloth(#27998)] The orc hisses, the axe blow glancing the side of its shoulder as it steps towards the knocked back dwarf. Its black eyes glink towards the source of the axe, and with a grunt it steps back, only to gather its strength for another swing of its scimitar.

Logoz, however, is wilier than his twisted frame would suggest, and with a snarl he slips back a pace to evade the swipe of Graim's mace. Eyes blazing the wretched brute returns the favour, though where ther khazad swung low for the knees, Logoz raises high his own mace to try and stave in Graim's helmet.

Logoz attacks Graim with his Mace and moderately wounds him!

Where there was a hammer there /was/ a Dwarf. Unnar, aching ribs or no, knows better than to stay in one place when a troll is around. The momentum of his rush carries him past the troll - almost into another conflict, in fact. Narrowly missing being caught in the chest by the axe of one of his own kin, Unnar lets out a startled yelp and pivots to swing the spiked hammer at the back of the troll's massive heel, hopefully before the brute has caught up with him.

You attack Ollie with your War Hammer...
Ollie parries your attack with his Club!

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll is getting angry now, and roars its displeasure - the sound echoing off the tunnel walls. He turns, following the dwarf, and slams down again, only to have the same thing happen again. Club rebounds off of hammer. Club slams back down towards dwarf.

Ollie attacks you with his Club!...
...and he hits! Ouch!

[Graim(#20753)]     Graim raises his shield and lowers his head, but not entirely quick enough; orc mace meets Dwarven shoulder and helm with a clang (for the latter), with the Dhurenfal stumbling back. He recovers quick enough, however, stepping forward and swinging his mace at Logoz's side.

Graim attacks Logoz with his Mace, but he misses by a mile.

Once again the vile figure of Logoz twists aside the strike of Graim, and a crooning taunt escapes his lips in the Common Tongue to hassle his foe all the more. "Too short and too slow!" he sneers, even as his mace comes lashing out in a vicious swipe towards the khazad's weaponhand.

Logoz attacks Graim with his Mace, but he misses by a handspan.

[Calenloth(#27998)] Seeing the apprentice in the arms of the other, the Orc grunts its pleasure, capitalizing its new advantage. Down the scimitar falls, diagonally, hoping to catch the supporting dwarf, his hands encumbered by his grasp upon the other.

Unnar grunts as the impact of striking the troll's club, however gently, jars at his arm. Alas, the monstrous creature would appear to be learning, and this time its club continues its push forward, catching the Dwarf squarely in the stomach. He lets out a strangled gasp - but rubble shifts beneath him, absorbing much of the worst of the blow. Whilst the young Dwarf's stomach is undoubtedly painful, at least he still /has/ a stomach. Knocked to his back, it is as much as the young Firebeard can do to roll over and swing the hammer again. Heel, ankle, toe - anything within easy reach. "Stay still, will you?" he wheezes.

You attack Ollie with your War Hammer...
Your attack against Ollie mildly wounds him!

[Graim(#20753)]     Graim is, occasionally, not a sluggard and thus it proves now. His weapon arm moves quickly as the orc moves to strike it; instead, orc mace hits air. A grunted 'huh' is all the dwarf gives in response to the sneered taunt; in response to the attack, he thrusts his mace at the orc's stomach.

Graim attacks Logoz with his Mace, but he misses by an arm's length.

Logoz' stomach must surely churn from how violently he drags it out of harm's way, and rolling to one side is his only way to evade the strike of Graim's mace. But he is up again in a trice, snarling through yellowed fangs at his khazad foe, and ere he does anything else he spits out a glob of bile towards the brave Dwarf.

No sooner than it is flying through the dank air then Logoz is on the move again, this time the head of his mace lashes doward, perhaps seeking to shatter his oponent's shins.

Logoz attacks Graim with his Mace, but he misses by a mile.

[Ollie(#15066)] A fly bite. A pesky mouse. A mosquito. That is all the blow from the dwarf was this time. But it is enough to send the troll spinning to try and find it again - and swat it! With a club! The weapon swings through the flickering darkness towards the dwarf.

Ollie attacks you with his Club!...
...and you parry his attack with your War Hammer!

The vast, echoing cavern is lit by shifting torchlight that illuminates individual skirmishes making up a larger battle. Dwarves and orcs struggle together, the focus apparently a mound of rubble that has cascaded down from one of the side corridors. Grisly relics of Dwarven victims of the slide can still be seen, dotted about here and there, alongside the casualties of combat, and near the top of the mound is the larger bulk of a troll. The young Firebeard Unnar is doing his best to keep this occupied, whilst the Dhurenfal warder Graim battles against an uncommonly strong Orc (Logoz). Bolosi and his companions are likewise beset by goblinkind (Calenloth). As yet, it would be tricky to say who has the upper hand.

[Ollie(#15066)] The apprentices drag themselves up from the orc they have slain and look around for another foe! Calenorc comes into their vision and they stagger towards it.

At least one orc is faltering, however. The scrawny, spider-like goblin that had precipitated the rock-slide now has one fewer limb; a lucky axe-stroke has lopped one hand off at the wrist. It still fights on, snarling, but if the next stroke does not finish it then likely blood-loss will.

[Calenloth(#27998)] Motion. Calenorc steps back from the faltering orcs to charge the more immediate advance. Teeth bare! Spit drips from the corner of its mouth, the shoulder wound ignored as the scimitar is raised. Slashing sideways, Calenorc lunges toward the apprentices.

[Graim(#20753)]     The warrior-healer of Erebor takes another step back, avoiding Logoz's mace; the gob of bile merely lands upon armour. This, though, brings a scowl to the Dhurenfal's face and he steps forward, swinging his mace at the orc's knees once more.

Graim attacks Logoz with his Mace, but he misses by an arm's length.

Unnar lets out a huff of breath as once more his hammer finds and connects with a troll-club swinging mere inches from his face. Small stones shift beneath him, and again he finds himself rolling. This time, though, he manages to regain his footing at the end of it. The young Dwarf must be tiring of troll-baiting, for he swipes a hand across his eyes and glances around as though seeking reprieve. Seeing noone else unengaged in the vicinity, he scowls and then stumbles a few steps sideways, measuring the distance to the edge of the rockslide. An idea seems to come to him, for next he has lifted his free hand to his mouth to call out, "Hey! Over hear, you daft lump of rock!" He waves his arms - and his weapon - but at the first sign of the troll charging his way, the young Dwarf will try to jump clear and let the troll's own momentum carry it away.

You forego your chance to attack.

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll's heavy head swings as it peers around for the voice. A snarl of anger lifts its lips, jagged teeth snarling towards Unnar. And it lumbers towards the dwarf, faster and faster.

ARB: Ollie has "passed" on his turn to attack.

[Ollie(#15066)] The two apprentices spy the movement and swing their steps towards the orc. "Come 'ere you scum!" shouts one. "We'll chop yer head off!" yells the other.

[Calenloth(#27998)] This orc requires no baiting, and a growl sends the weapon flying downward towards one apprentice and a weathered elbow is thrown towards the other.

[Ollie(#15066)] A cut opens up on Apprentice A's forehead, and he yelps, slashing out with his axe. Apprentice B is nimbler - dodging the elbow neatly, and hammering down with /his/ axe.

The young Firebeard looks somewhat alarmed at the success of his manouvre. Still, he waits as long as he dares before flinging himself sideways out of the troll's path, trusting to luck that its broad, heavy feet, will tread on that loose patch of rock he had noticed earlier, speeding it toward the jagged cavern wall. "Ware slide," he gasps out to anyone in the vicinity, even as his fingers seek purchase on something solid.

[Ollie(#15066)] And Unnar's clever stratagem works. Pebbles and rocks spin beneath the troll's feet, sending it flying across the cavern - feet first. Orcs and dwarves alike are mown down, if they were too slow to get out of the way. There is a huge crash, and then silence for a moment as the dust settles. Even the chaos of battle seems quiet after that. The troll is lying on its back, blinking up at the ceiling and trying to gather its scattered wits.

Meanwhile, Logoz is nimble enough to escape the bite of Graim's mace once again, and with a growl he circles about warily, perhaps a new respect for the agile khazad burning in his eyes. But if it is, there is no less hatred, and hissing forth his malice he surges forward anew. This time his own mace lashes out toward Graim's helm, seeking to leave a dent in his skull to match the one in his helm.

Logoz attacks Graim with his Mace, but he misses by a mile.

"Aaiii!" A high-pitched goblin scream echoes oddly from the slanting cavern walls, and moments later a scimitar comes flying through the air, still with a black long-nailed hand attached to it. The unintended missile is tumbling blade-over-hilt toward Logoz' back (or, should positions shift, his opponent Graim). The spiderish goblin's wails continue for perhaps a heartbeat longer, and then they are stilled forever. "Hah! That makes five," an axe-wielding Dwarf grunts with satisfaction.

[Calenorc(#27998)] A ragged grin across the Orcs face as the blood appears across the apprentice's forehead is halted by the hiss of surprise as an axe splits into its side. With renewed rage, the Orc jabs back reflexively, blood flicking from the blade splattering against the rock.

[Graim(#20753)]     It seems the Dhurenfal learned his lesson the last time, as he matches the circling orc by turning in place; he quickly ducks under the blow aimed at his head, orc mace not meeting dwarven steel. Graim straightens almost as soon as the mace has passed and then his own strikes out again, aiming for Logoz's weapon arm.

Graim attacks Logoz with his Mace, but he misses by a mile.

Two tall figures -- slender, clad in grey, bearing bows and swords glowing with terrible light -- appear at the tunnel leading from the winding precipice. One of them, at least, is smiling.

"The style today is scalped," Elrohir informs his brother with the utmost seriousness, and stalks into the fray.

Logoz drags away his weapon at the last moment, snarling with glee as he appears to see an opening. With fangs gnashing he swiftly raises his mace in a vicious swing; the flanged head speeding up towards Graim's chin.

Logoz attacks Graim with his Mace and badly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] Apprentice A ducks faster this time and manages to avoid another injury. It is Apprentice B who lags a trifle and is skewered in the bicep by the orc's blade. He yells in his turn, and yanks back, trying to free himself.

Unnar clings for dear life to the outcropping of rock he had chosen, and hisgrip holds for long enough to keep him out of the path of the troll-toboggan. When he does start to slide, it is more gently, and the motion ceases before he has quite reached the half-stunned behemoth. Scrambling to his feet, he utters only one word: "Hah!" before swinging the hammer down again. This time one of the troll's arms is outstretched, so he aims, perhaps foolishly, for the palm of the hand.

You attack Ollie with your War Hammer...
Ollie parries your attack with his Club!

[Ollie(#15066)] At least one orc notices the new arrivals - or more precisely, notices their deadly swords. A wail is added to the general noise and tumult, as it scrambles out of the half-elves' way.

     There is chaos everywhere. Darkness smothers the gory battle, he only light the flickering flames; but they illuminate little of the ghastly horror. Naugrim and orc alike lie strewn across the vast cavern; pools of black and crimson blood mix in the cracks of the rock, whilst those still fit battle on without reservation or pity. More dwarves surge forward now, swinging with vengeful anger; and still, orcen blades sting out, striking from the shadows with deadly accuracy. Amidst the heat and confusion of battle, wounded warriors lie screaming in agony: some clutch at severed limbs, whilst others desperately attempt to scoop up their spilled innards.

 Around the feet of the immense troll, the battle seems to focus. Bolosi and his companions are lost in the oppressive heat and frenzy, hacking at hissing shadows. Still, there is no clear winner: the darkness hides any truth. But the demons of Gundabad keep coming, and the invaders keep fighting: every now and then, a cry of " Baruk Khazad!" sounds in the shadow... Before it is smothered by wicked screeching.

[Ollie(#15066)] The wits return. Slowly - and there never were too many of them anyways - but in time for the troll to begin to lift its club again. To begin to turn and shove itself to its feet. And in time to interpose said club between itself and Unnar's hammer. The troll reaches out to swat at the dwarf - sweeping its club along the ground in a great arc.

Ollie attacks you with his Club!...
...and he hits! Ouch!

[Calenorc(#27998)] Grasping the buried blade, the Orc grimaces, the wound on its side searing as the flesh tightens with each pull of the weapon. Blood pours from the crack, at first a trickle, but flows as the pressure increases. Finally, the blade snaps free, and the Orc moves to strike again.

[Graim(#20753)]     Alas, Graim is not quick enough this time to move or block; the orc mace catches the Dhurenfal first on the chest, breaking mail, and then nn the chin, snapping his head back. The dwarf stumbles backwards, falling to a knee whilst bringing his shield up in an attempt to block further attacks while trying to regain his breath and wits.

[Ollie(#15066)] Panting and somewhat pale-skinned, Apprentice B finally yanks his hand free - only to see the same sword slicing through the air at him again. He yelps and ducks, just barely escaping being skewered again, and leaves room for Apprentice A to swing his hammer at the orc's head.

[Elladan(#27059)] "Not a bad choice," replies Elladan grimly as he follows his brother. The ancient elven blade swings back and forth and one unlucky orc finds himself depraved of his matted hair and other vital parts of the skull. So he advances towards the next foe.

Unnar's hammer-arm is getting weary of striking at a troll-club. This time he is slow to pull it free, slow enough that the troll's next blow catches him in the shoulder and scrapes him along the ground for some distance. Over sharp-edged shale, lumpy rocks, jutting boulders ... The Dwarf makes some small, inarticulate sound and lies where he is for a long instant before levering himself up. One arm hangs limply, and one cheek has been scraped raw, fresh blood trickling down to darken his fiery beard. He takes a moment to collect his wits, then squints across the cavern to where something glows with an uncanny, unearthly light. "Ware troll!" he yells. Just in case the newcomers hadn't noticed.

Needless to say, whilst yelling he is not swinging.

You forego your chance to attack.

As Graim goes down before him, Logoz looses a mighty, bestial roar of triumph; caring little it seems for what attention that might bring from his foes. He raises his mace anew, and spitting upon Graim's shield he batters down his weapon in a the hopes of sundering the steel of Erebor.

Logoz attacks Graim with his Mace and terribly wounds him!

[Calenorc(#27998)] The Orc clatters forward, propelled by momentum, expecting the blow to stab into flesh but instead finds itself slicing the air. Growling, angry, the scimitar swipes to the side at the second apprentice once again, but the orc pays dearly for negligence, as the other apprentice's hammer clatters against its backside. Howling, the orc stumbles forward.

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll takes this opportunity to whack at a few other dwarves in reach, without bothering to get up. But at last, it lumbers back to its feet, and peers around. The first dwarf is gone somewhere - he doesn't see it. But there are more. Plenty more. And ... it lifts its head and sniffs the air. Something else.

ARB: Ollie has "passed" on his turn to attack.

[Ollie(#15066)] Arni ducks sideways, falling over a body behind him, and then turns and races after the orc. Barni comes with him, both of them bleeding - the second apprentice (Barni) from another wound, newly inflicted - both of them wearing identical grins of maniacal glee. As one, they raise their weapons to swing down on the orc from behind.

[Graim(#20753)]     The steel shield is battered down by Logoz's attack, breaking the arm, before the mace then slams into the Dhurenfal's shield shoulder, breaking more bone and mail rings. A shout of pain comes from Graim before he falls forward, good arm trying to push himself up after a few moments.

[Calenorc(#27998)] Fallen to its knees, the Orc's rage has only intensified. The howl turns to a low grunt as it tries to stand, only falling backward to see Arni and Barni's raised weapons. Rolling to one side, spitting, Arni's blow falls to the wounded side, but Barni's flies fruitlessly. The Orc screams, dark blood repooling from the wound and spilling to the ground. The scimitar jabs towards Barni's ankles.

[Ollie(#15066)] "OW!" Barni howls, gaining a hole in one ankle. He stumbles, and falls sideways. Arni howls too, but his is one of rage, not pain. He swings his hammer again, aiming for the orc's skull.

It seems Unnar has had enough of troll-baiting for one night. He does peer back at the creature for a moment, gingerly lifting his good hand to feel the injured shoulder, but as they say discretion is the better part of valour. When a spitting goblin besetting a hammer-wielding Dwarf come into his field of view, he is only too happy to assist by swinging the spike of his own hammer into the creature's neck instead. Thus engaged, he is lost amidst the fray.

Elladan glances at Graim being hewn down and swiftly he leaps away from his current enemy and over there to engage Logoz. There are other goblins between them though and so this approach is halted for a moment.

[Combat(#13388)] Elladan draws his fell sword Nallaklaure ringing from its scabbard

But it is an approach that is not missed by the snarling brute, all the same, for as Elladan surges forth he draws Logoz' eye. With Graim beneath his his mace, the orc enters into a moment of indecision, ere with a flash of zeal in his gaze he turns to face the Eldar.

"Let the leaf-ear come!" be bellows out in the foul tongue of the mountain orcs. "I'll strip the flesh from his bones for a drumskin!"

[Calenorc(#27998)] The crack across the Orc's side only splits wider with each thrust of the scimitar, yet the jabs continue toward the stumbled Barni. The stabbing motion weakens as blood seeps out of the wound, but the Orc is unrelentless in its determination. Hissing, spitting, the movement stops suddenly as a hammer contacts the side of its head, bones exploding into view, the arm falling limp as the Orc's body relaxes. Dead.

[Graim(#20753)]     The Dhurenfal's efforts are for not, given that he doesn't get far up before falling back onto the ground. And there Graim stays for the moment, the ground being decidedly more comfortable than falling onto wounds once more.

[Orcalen(#27998)] Another orc, freshly painted in blood, rises from a lifeless, unrecognizable pile of flesh, a satisfied grin across its face as it lumbars back into the fray.

Elladan laughs brightly as he reaches the spot where Logoz boasts of his musical intentions. "Let us first sing a song of blades," he suggests and up goes Nallaklaure, aimed at the orc's right cheek.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword, but Logoz parries the attack with his Mace!

[Ollie(#15066)] The apprentices slump with relief. Their opponent is dead. They are still alive. Though... they exchange nervous glances as Oskar thunders across the chamber towards another orc.... behind them.... Both turn and gape, and then gulp, and edge backwards as their master leaps past swinging his axe, as if he is 100 years younger.

But the mace of the forest goblin is deft also, and a note of iron upon steel rings out as the first in their song as Logoz parries the strike. "You came to the wrong place for it, filthy pale-skin!" says he. "I'll be belching out yer stew before long!"

And with that Logoz fires out his own weapon, seeking it seems the noble breast of this new foe.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace, but Elladan parries the attack with his Longsword!

[Orcalen(#27998)] Entrails kicked aside, the speckled Orc growls, lumbering towards Oskar. Its own scimitar raised, its mouth wide, the Orc spits, stomping to meet the leaping master.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oskar roars, a deep-throated, wordless yell, and whirls his axe in the air, bringing it smashing in towards the orc.

Behind him, the apprentices decide that the better part of valor is getting out of their master's way - and they start hurriedly to help the injured. After all, that is a worthy and necessary part of battle! There! Graim is fallen - they hurry towards him.

[Elladan(#27059)] The clashes of mace and sword make for an interesting melody and after parrying Logoz' blow while spinning sidewards, Elladan in turn tries now to place his blade somewhere across the goblin's chest.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword, but Logoz parries the attack with his Mace!

[Orcalen(#27998)] Knocking the blow away with an outward swipe, "Longbeard." The challenge is issued in a gravely voice, with a spit to the ground. Up the arm comes, accompanied by a vicious yell, as the blade swings high and forcefully towards Oskar.

[Graim(#20753)]     For Graim's part, the only moving he is doing is breathing. Anything else seems to be too bothersome at the moment for the Dhurenfal to engage in.

[Ollie(#15066)] "Scum!" Oskar hisses, as his axe is banged aside. He ducks under the blade, getting a few hairs shaved a bit shorter, and stabs forward with his axeblade - as if it were a spear.

Once again the beastly brute of an orc facing Elladan is nimble, and as he darts to one side he stays the slice of the Eldarin blade a second time. Snarling and spitting, staping and shuffling as he circles his foe, Logoz then surges forth of a sudden to lash out his weapon toward the Peredhel's jaw.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace and lightly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] Arni bends low. "He's breathing," he says quietly. Barni looks around, squinting through dust and darkness and swirling bodies. "I think there's a place..." he says. "If we could get him out of the fighting." They both lean down then and take Graim's shoulders gingerly. "Dragging will hurt him," Arni says, worriedly.

[Orcalen(#27998)] The Orc only laughs at Oskar's retort. The butt of the axeblade strikes with a bruising blow, but the advance is unfaltering. Another swipe of the scimilar passes, this time from the side, leveled towards Oskar's chest.

Elladan's defense comes only one instant too late and so Logoz hits the elf's raised sword-arm. Grunting in anger and pain, Elladan grabs the sword with both hands again and brings it down towards his opponent's left shoulder.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword and moderately wounds him!

[Graim(#20753)]     A hiss of pain comes from the Dhurenfal as the wounded shoulder is touched. "Careful!" He snaps, voice pain-laced and quiet, to the apprentices. "Bind... arm and shoulder... first. Then... shoulder carry... from the field."

A howl of anguish rends the cavern air as Elladan's blade strikes true, and cutting open an ugly gash along the brute's shoulder the Peredhel drives Logoz back a wary couple of paces. But he is not bested yet, and the pain seems only to enflame his gaze all the more, for he attempts to dart past his foe, dragging his flanged mace down to strike at Elladan's kneecap as he passes.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace and lightly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] "Sorry!" whispers Arni. The two consult together, and Barni ends up snaking through the chaos and running for bandages, while Arni stands guard. When the second apprentice returns, they start cautiously to bind Graim's arm to his body.

[Ollie(#15066)] Oskar dances backwards, but he is not as swift as he once was; and he doesn't make it quite. But he is wearing armor - and so the scimitar only raises sparks and a hideous screeching as it scrapes across his chest. In his turn, he raises his axe over his head, swinging it down with the clear intention of cleaving the orc in two.

[Orcalen(#27998)] Oskar's blade scratches across the orc's chest, spurring a hiss from its mouth, as the scrape brightens red. He bends backwards slightly, grunting, and the scimitar then advances forward, jabbing towards the Dwarf's midsection.

[Graim(#20753)]     Aside from a few grunts of pain or annoyed hisses, Graim remains silent as the apprentices bind his broken arm and shoulder.

[Elladan(#27059)] But Logoz' wrath serves him ill and the mace only scratches along Elladan's shoulder. Thrusting his blade forward with cold routine the elf now tries to impale the goblin.

Elrohir is a fury of grey cloak and whirling swordblade, carrying out his new fashions on the denizens of this deep. This takes him somewhat closer to the monstrous form of Oliver A. Troll.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword, but he misses by a hair.

[Ollie(#15066)] "OOF!" Oskar loses his breath and staggers backwards, coughing. He gets his axe up between them, but can't attack again.

Twisting away from Elladan's balde, Logoz spits his bile and wrath into the face of his foe, gnashing his teeth as he attempts to follow this up with a fresh strike of his mace. The flanges streak toward the Peredhel's midriff, perhaps seeking to knock the wind from the valiant son of Elrond.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace, but he misses by an arm's length.

[Orcalen(#27998)] A wretched, toothy grin spreads across the dark face of the Orc and it steps forward towards Oskar, the same attack repeated. Jabbing toward the midsection, it growls.

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll has been lumbering towards the elusive smell of elf, and now one of them is close enough to attack. With a toothy grin, he slams down at the slender grey figure.

Ollie attacks Elrohir with his Club and lightly wounds him!

[Elladan(#27059)] Yet Elladan is gone too, the mace flails through thin air as he steps around his foe. And from behind Logoz, Elladan attempts a great swing downwards at the shoulders.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword and moderately wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] Oskar is still coughing, gasping for breath, but he parries this second jab with his axe held crosswise in both hands. Then he shifts so that he holds the haft with them both and swings mightily at the orc's midsection.

The troll knocks one of the elf-smelling figures off balance, though no wound appears on the misty grey cloak, nor burnished silver beneath. "Aiya Earendil," Elrohir calls, whirling to face the knee of his attacker, and drives his longsword forward at it.

Elrohir attacks Ollie with his Longsword, but he misses by a handspan.

[Orcalen(#27998)] The crash of the its weapon against the Dwarfs only serves to further enrage this Orc, who draws back the scimitar just a little too late, for the axe again stratches against his front. Hissing, spitting, the unweaponed hand swings foward at the Dwarf's face, claws outstretched.

Once more does the steel of Imladris sunder the rings of the Yfelwyd, for Elladan's blades slices into Logoz' armour, opening a deep gash along the fell brute's collar. But no orc reaches prominence among his peers without knowing great pain and violence, and so it is that even wounded thought he may be, Logoz's eyes yet burn with malice and the lust for battle.

He whirls about, his mace sent in a wide arc to shiver the shins of the chivalrous scion of Earendil of Legend.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace and mildly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll shifts its weight from one foot to the other, leaning just far enough that the elf's attack slides by without hitting. It swats at the elf's head.

Ollie attacks Elrohir with his Club, but he misses by an arm's length.

Alas, no elf head-cheese is to be shared among the Gundabad horde this day. Elrohir ducks neatly, coming into close proximity with the troll's legs. Too close. He slices at its calves.

Elrohir attacks Ollie with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

[Elladan(#27059)] And Earendil's other offspring in this hall is quick and nimble to avoid the mace. Only the slightest scratch across the left shin will leave a small bruise. Seeing how Logoz lowers his weapon in the attack, Elladan goes for an upward swing across the chest, hoping to fool the orc should he try to parry the blow with a likewise upward movement. Because that should only enforce the impact of the elven blade.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword and badly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] Oskar throws his hand up, warding off the clawed attack - and getting three parallel (and very ugly) scratches down his palm. Hissing in pain, he leaves blood on his axe haft as he grips it and swings at the orc.

Elladan's efforts pay dividends, for just as he hoped his blade is given extra bite by the actions of his foe, and Logoz's chest armour is rippped ipn, not to mention the dirty flesh beneath. Flailing backward, landing upon his back, the beast goes down before the vengeful Elf-lord, and he makes no move to attack as he appears to be struggling through the pain.

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll shifts its weight again, leaning forward then sideways in a grotesque mimicry of a ballet step. The elf's sword misses. Another hammering blow.

Ollie attacks Elrohir with his Club and lightly wounds him!

[Orcalen(#27998)] Oskar's blow falls against the Orc's shoulder, driving the creature to one knee. A chilling howl from its mouth, the wound opens, gushing blood down its arm and chest. The Orc spins back in pain, spewing red drops around the periphery, but gathers its weapon back into a sideways swipe towards the Dwarf's arm.

Elrohir and the troll's club are not good friends. Not so, even when its club glances sharply off the silver-helmed head of the peredhel. Growling, the younger of the twins stabs out sharply at the very large, pirouetting thigh.

Elrohir attacks Ollie with his Longsword, but Ollie parries the attack with his Club!

[Ollie(#15066)] Oskar grunts with pain as the orc's blade opens a gash in his arm, but he presses his attack, though only one-handedly. He swings at the orc once more - and no matter how old he is, nor how grizzled his beard, there is no quavering in the axe.

Elladan stares grimly at Logoz while he lashes out for a final blow. And with the great desire to take revenge on the foul folk that once tormented his mother in these very mountains, Elladan sends his blade down to smite Logoz.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword, but he misses by a hair.

[Ollie(#15066)] The troll 'dances' forward, swinging his club in a wide arm - just in time for it to collide with the elf's sword. It bounds backwards and he moves slightly sideways with the force, before swinging back.

Ollie attacks Elrohir with his Club and lightly wounds him!

[Orcalen(#27998)] Oskar's axe falls hard to the crouched Orc, burying into its face to split its skull in two. Pitching forward, the body falls hard towards the ground, and blood pours to pool around its head.

The second of the peredhil dances back, blood seeping from a scratch on his forehead. Elrohir frowns calmly, but his movements are quicker this time as he attempts to slice the trollish hand.

Elrohir attacks Ollie with his Longsword and lightly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] The dance misses a beat, and the troll's hand is not in the right place to avoid this blow. Skin parts and blood wells. He swings his club again, aiming - with great precision - for Elrohir's gut.

Ollie attacks Elrohir with his Club and mildly wounds him!

With great precision, the club punches Elrohir soundly in the gut. Momentum is the word for the day, and the peredhel staggers back one, two steps. He steps back a pace.

As Elladan's sword falls to finish his foe, the furtive fiend frantically flits to the side, and fury flames in his eyes as he forces his foul frame up to fight on. Out lashes his mace, seeking to buckle the knee of the fair Eldar and bring him down to his level.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace, but he misses by a hair.

[Elladan(#27059)] Sparks fly as Elladan's blade hits the rocky ground of the hall but at once the elf jumps aside to face his opponent anew. Whoosh! The orcish mace misses again and Elladan pokes his blade down into the direction of Logoz' belly.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword and moderately wounds him!

Squirming aside as best he can, Logoz is not wholly successful, and a fresh gash is opened along his side as he wriggles. Wncing in pain, gnashing his teeth, the orc fires up his mace once more, seeking to strike a fell blow between Elldan's legs while the Elf towers over him.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace and mildly wounds him!

[Ollie(#15066)] Troll collapses, dead.

[Elladan(#27059)] Blade and mace collide again in the effort and the mace scratches across the fingers of Elladan's gloved sword-hand. Quickly the elf lashes out against Logoz's neck.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword, but he misses by a mile.

But the brute is no longer to be found there, and naught but a clash of steel and stone can be heard as Logoz writhes away. Now, at last he regains his footing, and with a roor of effort he sends his heafty weapon racing upward in an attempt to shatter his foe's jaw.

Logoz attacks Elladan with his Mace and mildly wounds him!

[Elladan(#27059)] And once again the elf is quick enough to deflect the blow. Only a punch at the left shoulder is the result. The elven blade scratches along the handle of the mace as Elladan retracts it. Then he swings it down at Logoz neck.

Elladan attacks Logoz with his Longsword, but he misses by a handspan.

And naught but a cackle is the Peredhel's reward, for Logoz ducks and hobbles away from his foe. The fires of battle seem quenched at last, and Logoz makes for the shadows of the caves, desperation urging on his wounded limbs as hee attempts to escape.

Logoz tries to flee from Elladan, but he fails!

[Elladan(#27059)] At first it seems that Elladan is tempted to pursue Logoz but then he cast a quick look across the subterranean battleground and decides that his help is now needed elsewhere.

(Fade ...)

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