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Bandits From the Sky!

Short Summary: Gidon gets into a fight with No-Nose Ned, and is saved by an arrow from the bushes.
Date (real-life): 2010-09-11
Scene Location: Bree
North Gate(#5438Rto)
The path pierces the hedge and crosses the ditch on a causeway before continuing Northwards to lands unknown. Not many folk use this gate, perhaps due to the wild rumours that abound about beasts and devils that dwell to the North but more likely simply because most Breefolk have no use in travelling to the North.
The dark sky is overcast and dreary. The dawn autumn air is cool but pleasant around you. The moon is above the horizon and in its waning crescent phase.

Dawn comes late as winter approaches. The snow of earlier has stopped, though it still lies on the ground an inch or so deep. There are some bare patches, but enough snow remains to make it more difficult to track anything that passed before its fall; and much easier to follow anyone who has gone by afterwards.

In the still dim air, Gidon walks almost silently - not so quiet as a ranger, but better than nearly anyone in Bree can manage. He has slipped out of the gate, and is behaving most suspiciously - watching the ground, stopping and looking around and listening, glancing back at Bree, then taking a few more steps before repeating it all.

The foliage that lines the North Gate provides for the necessary hiding place to watch those who come and go from the quiet town of Bree. Within the tall hedges, Nauthcel silently observes the movements of the man he had run into earlier. His grey eyes follow the movements of the person, a brow slightly raised in curiosity.
The sun flashes brightly on the horizon. Night gives way to morning.

Gidon and the hidden watcher are not the only folk outside of Bree. Of course, both are probably sober. This other man is... decidely not. Staggering towards the gate, a hatchet in hand (with 'Return to Nob, Prancing Pony' scratched into the handle) and a cloth covering what little is left of his nose, is none other than No-Nose Ned. Currently muttering to himself something along the lines of 'runt', 'dead', 'beer' and 'lasses'.

Gidon stops abruptly, turning sharply towards the noises that No-Nose Ned is making, and taking a few steps to put his back against a bushy shrub - maybe enough to conceal himself from the on-comer. He is woodswise for his few years, being but 16, for he has spent nearly all of them in the Chetwood, in the marshes, and in the wild lands around Bree - but he has no idea that Nauthcel is concealed nearby. And all his attention is focused on the drunkard.

The Ranger continues to watch from his hiding place, keeping a short distance between himself from where the man now presses himself against the bushes. His gaze now takes note of the one carrying the axe, the man definitely seeming to not be completely present to the here and now.

Now that he is closer, the drunken muttering of No-Nose Ned is clearer, though his voice doesn't help. "That runt... throw us out, wil'e? Not serve us beer any more, wil'e? 'e'll get 'is 'atchet back, alright! Right in the middle of 'is little runt back!" On staggers Ned, not really paying attention to his surroundings.

Gidon frowns. Runt? What runt? His gaze drops to the axe and he shivers, unconsciously rubbing his crippled arm with the other, but then he is readying a slingshot, fitting a stone into its pouch - he hesitates, uncertain what to do.

Nauthcel does not move from his ideal position. He can watch both of the men and monitor their movements. Hiding is the skill of a Ranger and he practices it well.

Perhaps it is the sound of a bush moving when Gidon rubs his arm. Perhaps he simply feels he is being watched. Whatever it is, No-Nose Ned stops, unfocused eyes flicking about as he looks around until they rest on Gidon. He waves the hatchet at the youth, unsteadily. "Oi! You can come out now! You're in with the runt, ain't ye? To spy on me!" Drunken, paranoid ranting perhaps?

"I ain't spyin' on nobody," Gidon denies it. And, "What runt?" he asks then, watching the hatchet warily. He cocks the hand that holds the sling - ready to whirl and release the stone, if he needs to. And rather than coming out - he presses another step back into the bush. Possibly not the wisest choice, if he finds himself trapped against it.

The words exchanged between the two men cause Nauthcel to be on alert. There is movements beneath the cloak of the Ranger as he takes ahold of his longsword just incase. He then remains still, awaiting what may happen between the two Bree Humans.

"Yer lyin', you are!" Drunkenly shouts Ned, shaking the hatchet at Gidon as if he was scolding him. "No lyin', no lyin'! Yer workin' for that runt in the Pony! The jumped up one who thinks 'es /so/ important. The one that killed my brother with 'is cleaver!" A smile, and not a particularly pleasant one, crosses No-Nose's face.
"I think I'll kill ye and deprive that runt of a spy!" That said, he pulls the hatchet back, ready to throw.

"I don' work for nobody," Gidon insists. "I ain't lyin'!" Trying to get the man's attention and distract him, or convince him he is on his side, he shouts, "I were lookin' for them robbers. Want t'join up with 'em!"

But as Ned pulls his hatchet back, he starts to whirl his sling - but he has misjudged and the cord tangles in the branches of the bush he is backed into. With a single heart-felt curse, the boy throws himself sideways, scrabbling in the snowy, muddy ground for a rock to throw at Ned.

As the man prepares to hurl the axe and the boy bumbles up his own attack, Nauthcel makes the decision to intervene. He does not charge in, but instead quickly wields his longbow. Nocking arrows quickly, he lets two loose with the target being the muddy ground in front of the bandit and the boy. He then silently moves his position along the bushes closer to where the boy had been pressed against the foliage.

Perhaps Ned's foot slides in the mud and snow, maybe he steps forward as he's about the throw. Whatever the cause, the arrow Nauthcel launches imbeds itself first in No-Nose's foot and /then/ the ground. A yelp comes from Ned, followed by a scream, and the hatchet is dropped. "My foot! My foot! My bloody foot! You bastard!" He drops to the ground, though it's more a slip, followed by another scream as he scrambles for his stolen hatchet.

Gidon freezes, staring back at the bushes behind him for a single shocked instant, before he jerks back to movement, trying to get to the hatchet before Ned can. But he is farther away, and hampered by his bad arm. On the other hand, Ned's foot has an arrow in it.

Nauthcel does not attack again, but waits to see how the boy will do against the drunken bandit. It is likely they will be equals considering how the man has been handicapped slightly by the arrow.

Ned gets the hatchet first, but just barely; he takes a wild slash at Gidon as the lad tries to get the weapon. "I'll kill you, spy! I'll kill you like I shall that runt!"

Gidon's hand slaps bare dirt as Ned snatches the hatchet away, and he pushes himself up, shoving himself forward with his knees, to try and knock Ned backwards. The hatchet slices along the outside of Gidon's shoulder, cutting a strip out of his cloak, and scraping skin back. It's not much of a wound, though it starts to bleed at once.

The boy will not win this fight considering the man wields a weapon and the other has nothing. Another arrow is nocked and loosed, the trajectory to graze the wielding arm of the bandit. He continues to remain hidden, his time to be revealed not having yet come.

Poor Ned: his limbs are always in the wrong place at the wrong time, exemplified again as the arrow goes through his arm rather than grazing it, pinning it to the ground. Another screaming yowl comes from the No-Nosed One and he begins to thrash, his other hand scrambling to pull out the arrow.


Gidon scrambles to his feet, staring around wildly. A glance at the man thrashing on the ground - a darted look towards the suddenly menacing bushes, and the young man is running back towards Bree, his sling left behind and his shirt staining with clotting blood.

The departure of the boy who could recognize him provides Nauthcel with the opportunity to confront the bandit. He verifies that the shadow created by the newly rising Anor will hide his visage under the long hood before stepping out from the foliage. His longsword is drawn as he strides towards the injured man, the point catching the golden beams of morning. In a deep voice, the Ranger asks, "What are you trying to do here?"

"I'm tryin' to pull arrows out of my body!" Shouts the bewildered and drunk Ned, snapping off some of the arrow in his arm, hardly paying attention to the Ranger. "What does it bloody look like? You daft and blind?"

"You know what I mean. What do you and the other bandits plan to accomplish?" says the Ranger as his ashen eyes continue to stare at the man from beneath the hood. He does not move from his position of standing over the man, an ominous presence.

"A bloody tea party," snaps Ned, spitting up at the Ranger, though that isn't entirely successful. "I don't know nothin' about other bandits! I'm just here to -" He falls silent, focusing instead on slowly pulling his arm off the arrow.

Nauthcel keeps his gaze set as he replies, "Yet you seem to possess the axe that had been used in a murder. Where are the other bandits heading and what trouble do they plan to cause? It is in your best interest to answer me and not fight."

"Prove it!" Says the No-Nosed one, finally get his arm off the arrow with a hiss of pain and a groan. "Ain't no bandits 'round 'ere, just you Rangers! I bet it's all you folk, and you're just tryin' to pin it on others! And me you actually pin!" That said, Ned swings his fist at the Ranger's leg to try to get him to back off.

The swing of the man's fist meets the flat side of the longsword causing there to be a slight ringing. "What rumors of the Rangers have you heard? I am sure that reflecting on those may help to loosen your tongue." Nauthcel keeps his voice deep, the sound of an aged but strong gong.

Another hiss of pain comes from Ned as steel meets flesh, and he glares up at the Ranger. "That you're all pretty lasses under there!" He doesn't seem eager to attack the Ranger again... yet.

With the man still on the ground, the response Nauthcel gives him is a quick boot to the temple with enough force to hopefully knock him out. From beneath his cloak, he pulls out thick rope the length enough to tie up a man.

Indeed, Ned is knocked out from the kick, head snapping back in what will probably add a serious pain in the neck to the pain in his head.

With the rope, Nauthcel ties up the bandit and throws him over his shoulder. He also picks up Nob's axe and makes his way back toward the North Gate, but hides within the bushes. Once near the guard booth, he throws the body in front of the gate and makes his own way over the wall into the town.

There is a strange thump, and the guard rushes out, staring at No-Nose in astonishment. He peers around, but no one is there. Then stares upward at the sky. Has the man fallen from a cloud??

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