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Gone Camping

Tags: Arduath,  Authiel,  Tuilindo

Short Summary: A Ranger and two elves of Imladris discuss life, the universe, and everything, outside the Yfelwyd.
Date (real-life): 2013-01-28
Scene Location: East Road- Deep Cutting West of the Bruinen
Date (in-game): January 18, 3058
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Clear and cold
East Road- Deep Cutting West of the Bruinen
The road sinks deeper and deeper into a cleft in the stone that brings it down to the level of the river. The shade is deep through what almost seems a tunnel, walled by moist red stone. The Pine trees cover this long cut thoroughly, but the sounds of water can be heard to the east, while the land seems to rise to the west. All sounds, foot steps, horse hooves, and even voices, echo somewhat here. 
Beyond the edge of the Trollshaws, a small camp has been established: a few tents, whose gray blends into into the night, and a small, dug-out, well-banked fire producing little smoke. The scent of the pine wood fills the air.

At the edge of the point where the soft, flickering light begins to fade into the darkness beyond, a tall man crouches on his heels. He touches half-burned twig into the bowl of his pipe, and then discards the wood back into the fire. The light illuminates the small trail of smoke emerging from his nostrils, and ere long, he blows a small, rather imperfect smoke ring. Within the ring, his narrow gray eyes glimmer. He appears almost a statue rather than a man, were it not for the regular exhalations of mixed smoke and mist in the cold air.

[Tuilindo <#24329>] 
From beyond the campfire light, there comes a voice from down the road that seems to come from the sound of the river passing over the stones of the ford in the distance.

"<Sindarin> Hail, friend."

Having been gone most of twilight, Authiel returns to the campsite. Long, graceful strides take her to the fire before she sits down, paying no heed to the dirt beneath her. A set of rabbits unslung from her belt and set before her. Tying her hair back with a strip of leather before she takes a knife from her boot. Elves were lovers of the hunt, but she did not wish to take more than they could have use for. The wicked edge of the knife working quickly with the rabbits as she field dresses them with practised ease.

Glancing up to Arduath and smiling some, "I do not understand Men and their love of pipeweed." Said in a slight attempt at conversation. There was no judgment in her voice, just mere observation. She looked up at the sound of a voice and peered into the dark. Slinging the rabbits to a branch and securing them before making her way towards the river, cleaning her hands along the way.

Arduath doesn't even look up from the fire. Whether he heard the approach or because he expected one, it is impossible to say, but his face is unmoved. "<Sindarin> Welcome, he who speaks from the shadows, to our temporary abode." He smiles back at Authiel. "<Sindarin> It helps me think," he offers. Finally, his head turns fractionally towards the river. "<Sindarin> Is the darkness a well-mannered guest? Perhaps it will introduce itself and join us." There is a faint twitch at the corner of his mouth and a hint of the sardonic in his tone.

[Tuilindo <#24329>] 
Out of the shadows steps Tuilindo, cloaked and hooded in green, though glints under his hood tell of a helmet. The Elf nods to his fellow guard and then to the ranger before answering, "<Sindarin> The stars keep the darkness company."

[Authiel <#13433>] Authiel could not help the soft chuckle from her lips, "<Sindarin> Must be some very deep thoughts that delve the minds of Men." Teasing Arduath as she continued her stride. While her nature may seem light, there is a shift of her hand towards the short sword she wears at her hips. Not all who spoke Sindarin were friend, just most. "<Sindarin> Mae Govannen, mellon." Greeting Tuilindo with a smile and relaxing when his identity is made known. 

"<Sindarin> Well-answered." Arduath stands reaches out to clasp the armored elf's forearm. "<Sindarin> It has been too long since my steps brought me even this close to the Hidden Valley. It is a good place to think the deep thoughts of Men," a wry grin turns up the corner of his mouth, "<Sindarin> shallow though they may be in the eyes of the Firstborn." He pauses. "<Sindarin> I may be known, for elves have long memories and we are few these days, but I am Arduath son of Radgalar, whom men call 'Bounder'. What may I call the darkness, now that it stands in the light?"

He crouches once again, casting his cloak about himself, and nearly blends into the scrubby bushes keeping the pine trees hereabouts company. He places the long stem of his pipe back into his mouth and says around it, "<Sindarin> I expected you sooner."

[Tuilindo <#24329>] 
Tuilindo shrugs and replies, "<Sindarin> My time at the flet is over. Now that I have been relieved, I will journey back with you all. I am Tuilindo, servant of the Lady Orindis." He bows in greeting to the ranger. "<Sindarin> We rarely see the Dunedain in Imladris. It seems the Road becomes longer with each passing year."

[Authiel <#13433>] Authiel merely smiles and bows her head to Tuilindo, "<Sindarin> That is good. Duty is one held dear, but too long from home can make even the hardest ache for it." Authiel shrugs one shoulder and returns to the rabbits she'd been preparing. "<Sindarin> I have not found the thoughts of men to be shallow. Perhaps quick, but not shallow. Not those who come so close to our home." Her mind to her task, though she keeps an ear spare to the pair speaking.

"<Sindarin> So it seems to me, as well, Tuilindo," Arduath admits. "<Sindarin> But the burden is lighter with even a short visit." He blows a steady stream of smoke out to join the light amounts coming from the fire itself. "<Sindarin> And you are generous, Authiel. For to my mind, it seems men think much the same thoughts in their time, and their sons think much the same. You have more time for the fullness of wisdom."

Tuilindo sits down at the edge of the fire's light and wraps himself better in his cloak. The Elf's hands emerge along with a small folding knife that he uses to begin whittling at a stick that looks like it will eventually be a functional flute.

[Authiel <#13433>] Authiel considers for a moment before replying to Arduath, "<Sindarin> There are many forms of wisdom, Arduath. While yes, we live much longer lives and have more experience to pull from with our words...I find that Men's shorter lives often lends a fresh look at old thoughts. That...and there is so much less time to live such a full life as many do. Men live in extremes and that can be wisdom in it's own right."

"<Sindarin> There is truth in what you say," the Ranger says before placing the pipe stem back in his mouth. He draws, his eyes narrowing, and then makes a second attempt at a smoke ring. This one, as well, is imperfect. "<Sindarin> I fear there are some skills we cannot all master in one lifetime," he says, his eyes moving to Tuilindo. "<Sindarin> Can you play one as well as craft it?" he asks softly. "<Sindarin> Not here," he adds quickly, and glances back at the Yfelwyd - left behind, but still looming large in memory.

"<Sindarin> If anyone has our trail, we will have warning - but we need not make it easier on them by making music. There will be time for such in Rivendell."

[Tuilindo <#24329>] 
Tuilindo looks up and nods, smiling. He then holds out the flute and blows hard to clear away any lingering bits of wood. "<Sindarin> I have a fife at home I will play during the Elenath. As for our trail, we are close enough to the water where I would not worry. Few can endure the 'Elvish' waters of the Loudwater." He smiles a bit more, this time rather mischievously.

[Authiel <#13433>] Authiel cannot help the soft laughter from her as she spits the rabbits to place over the fire. "<Sindarin> Perhaps it is in such deep thoughts of the Firstborn that I have come to such?" She props herself back onto her elbow and watches the rabbits cook over the flame. She glances to Tuilindo and chuckles, "<Sindarin> Few indeed." Shaking her head some as she toys with a blade of grass almost idly. Enjoying the night air and the company.

"<Sindarin> More truth," Arduath says lightly. "<Sindarin> It is good to be among friends, though I will not stop looking over my shoulder until I have been some days in the Valley." He lets out one last feeble smoke ring; it's more elliptical than circular, and wispy to boot. He tips out his pipe into the small pit dug for the fire. "<Sindarin> Though I do not know how long we will have. You spoke of the Elenath; it gladdens me to think I will be there for it. I have not since I was ... younger." He lets the pipe cool in his hands for a bit before stowing it. "<Sindarin> It seems so long ago."

"<Sindarin> Dunadan, are you alone?" Tuilindo glances at the tents present.

[<#13433>] Authiel says in Sindarin, "/She watches Arduath's attempt at a smoke ring and smiles. "I seem to remember an old wizard who had talent with tricks of smoke." Her smile much warmer than previous at the sudden memory. "He could make rabbits that we could chase." Chuckling softly before she leans forward and turns the rabbits one last time. "No, there is another Ranger that travels with us. Badger. Elrohir was leading my patrol." Gesturing to the other tent."

"<Sindarin> Aye." His expression doesn't change, but his tone is more guarded. "<Sindarin> And I am afraid I cannot speak more of his errand. I have faith that all will be made clear. We need insight and knowledge before we act further," he says.

"<Sindarin> It is true that the Dunedain are rarely in Imladris." The Ranger says with a sigh. "<Sindarin> And we would not be bound thither now, did need not drive us. No more can I yet say."

Tuilindo takes all this in without comment, a pondering look having come to his face. After a moment, he goes back to whittling and says jovially, "<Sindarin> If you both have time, you must come to dinner with me and my wife. We would love to share a meal with such distinguished guests."

[<#13433>] Authiel says in Sindarin, "Looking at Arduath and easily noting the change, "There is no need for such guarded words, mellon. We are not here to seek the nature of why you come to us. That is not for us but for the Lord of Imladris. That it would take such drive to have you within our home makes me sad, however. To know we have such allies who seek to spend no time in such warm company." She pulled the rabbits from the fire and stabs the spits into the ground. Keeping the rabbits from being ruined and allowing them to cool. "Eat, if you've a wish to." The last rabbit taken up as she pushes herself to her feet."

Arduath nods slowly. "<Sindarin> It is but my wish to be open gives me such reservations. It is a fight with myself not to grant you my entire trust. But as you say, it is a matter for Lord Elrond."

He glances to Authiel, his face becoming more gentle. "<Sindarin> Think not of it as lack of desire; rather, see it as duty pulling us apart. For matters are grown worse in Eriador, even in my lifetime. That which we defend against gives no respite or quarter."

"<Sindarin> Were I to have my way, the peace I know in the Valley would extend forever, and I would visit as often as I wish." He stares into the embers of the fire. "<Sindarin> Instead it is in thought alone I return."

He says gravely to Tuilindo, "<Sindarin> I would be honored to join you at table during my stay, be it but for a night."

She looked at him a moment before smiling, "I ask not for your trust, just as I would not expect you to ask for mine for it is slow to come. None ask the nature of your task here, we merely make conversation. Not demand the detail of your quest." She used her knife to slice way some of the meat to eat. Relaxing with her back against a tree. The word of foe gives her pause, however. "Long has Middle-Earth been plagued with some evil that would wish to shroud the whole of Arda in darkness and evil. Long is our memories that extend to even more dire times." Her voice quiet before she gestured to the rabbits. "Eat, for I would not wish the rabbit to not be of use in some manner or another. I shall keep a vigilance." Turning and making her way into the darkness beyond the firelight.

"<Sindarin> I thank you," the Ranger says, rising long enough to pluck one of the rabbits from the spit stuck into the ground. "<Sindarin> And I will see you come morning," he says after Authiel, as the darkness envelops her. He half-smiles at Tuilindo as he begins to eat. "<Sindarin> Yes, it is."

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