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A Dinner Party

Tags: Arduath,  Tuilindo,  Liltholwen

Short Summary: During a feast at Elrond's table, Arduath finally fulfills his promise to dine with Tuilindo and his wife Liltholwen.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-03
Scene Location: Rivendell: Elrond's Hall
Date (in-game): February 7, 3058
Time of Day: Early Night
Weather: Indoor scene
[Imladris ZMO(#400)->Arduath] ================== Eldarin Calendar <in Sindarin> ===================
IC time is:    Early Night < About  9:34 PM >
IC day is:     Orbelain <Valar-day>
IC date is:    69 Rhiw <Winter>
Moon phase:    Last Quarter <VISIBLE> 
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    Loa 33 o Yen 22, Nelandran o Endor <TA 3057>
RL time: Sun Feb 03 13:31:31 2013

[+TIME] Middle-earth time is:
Nighttime on Monday, Day 7 of February.
Execute the +TIMEFRAME command for year information.

Real time is: 13:37:01 MDT on Sun Feb 03 2013.

[Dunedain ZMO(#6797)->Arduath] 
======================== Steward's Reckoning ========================
IC time is:    Early Night < About  9:52 PM >
IC day is:     Ormenel <Heavens-day>
IC date is:    10 Hithui <November>
Moon phase:    Last Quarter <VISIBLE>
Earendil:      Gil-Estel is not visible.
IC year is:    3058 TA
RL time: Sun Feb 03 13:37:41 2013

Elrond's Hall

This is a large hall, filled with many broad tables and plenty of seats for each. The fine woodwork of the tables, chairs, and beams of the ceiling is elegantly carven with scrollwork and flourishes. Against a wall, at the end of one of the larger tables, is a dais with three especially large chairs slightly raised above the others. The central one is presumably for Elrond, and the other two for other dignitaries.
Several other smaller dais are placed around the hall. Intricate tapestries woven with elven calligraphy hang on the walls and dais platforms. In the south wall is a large window overlooking the gardens and the Bruinen river beyond.

It is early night and another evening of feasting to celebrate the Elenath has begun. Elrond's Hall, rarely used except on high days such as the festival, is alive with light, laughter, and aroma as the first course is brought in from the kitchens and served to the Elves and the guests of Master Elrond.

It is a bit past the normal hour to eat, but a feast is worth the wait. Arduath, dressed once again in his silver-hued clothes, is seated some ways down at the central table. While an honored guest, he is in no way a dignitary. Were his Chieftain here, perhaps he would be seated with honor near Master Elrond's place, but it is more than enough for Arduath to be here at all.

Tuilindo is seated as well at the broad main table, across from the ranger. He looks over at his table mate, perhaps first noticing him after having come in and gotten seated. Nodding in greeting, he calls, "I hope you brought your appetite, sir." He smiles and looks at what has been placed before him with enthusiasm.

[Liltholwen(#29336)] Up on a dais, a single harp-player has set up, and is playing a soft tune for those who have come to partake of the feast - just loud enough to create an atmospheric sound, but quiet enough so as not to intrude on the conversation.
An elleth, black-haired and white-robed, enters the hall and after looking around for a moment heads over to where Tuilindo sits. Luckily, there is still a chair available next to him, and she sits down quietly, attempting perhaps to escape his notice while he is busy taking stock of the food.

Arduath, nevertheless, notices the elleth sitting down, and acknowledges her with a polite nod, before beginning to fill his plate. "When in a civilized place, I always bring my appetite."

Tuilindo smiles at the reply and inhales sharply before taking up his fork. He glances to one side and smiles at an Elf sitting beside him, not noticing the elleth on his other side.

[Liltholwen(#29336)] Liltholwen returns Arduath's nod before considering the food as well. "It is about as civilized as the foulest troll-haunt when the young ones make it into the kitchen," she says, leaning close to Tuilindo to reach for a plate of roasted kitchen. "At least, that is what I have heard some of the cooks claim."

The Ranger smiles. "Some things are truly universal," he says, adding some vegetables to his plate to balance out the meat. Then he looks again to Liltholwen. "I do not believe we have been introduced. I am Arduath, son of Radgalar." And he executes a small seated bow, as much as the table permits without bumping the dishes of food.

The elleth leans close to Tuilindo and ne notices something in the air that isn't the smell of the first course. Looking to his other side and noticing the elleth who has seated herself beside him, he smiles in greeting and allows her to answer the ranger without interrupting.

[Liltholwen(#29336)] "I am Liltholwen," the elleth replies, returning the smile and graciously inclining her head. "I gather you have met my husband?" she adds, nodding towards Tuilindo. Some vegetables find their way onto her plate, joining the chicken.

"I have, indeed," Arduath says, glancing back once to Tuilindo before returning his gaze to Liltholwen. "I believe it was just across the Bruinen, and he has asked that I share a meal with you." He smiles before slicing a vegetable into a manageable piece. "I am pleased to finally have the opportunity, and at such an occasion."

"I saved a place for you, as you've found." Tuilindo looks over at the ranger and says, "A fine occasion it is, and no finer meal will be found than one provided by the chefs of our kitchens. Be sure to enjoy the wine as well. I'm sure it will complement the food in exquisite ways."

[Liltholwen(#29336)] "It is a very fortunate time to be visiting," Liltholwen agrees. "The food and wine are always excellent, of course, but during the Bereth there's also the best of artistry the valley has to offer. Will you be able to stay a while and enjoy the festivities?" she asks, turning to Arduath.

"I have been enjoying the work of the singers and musicians already," Arduath says. "My time indoors is split between the Hall of Song and the Hall of Fire, and a very enjoyable time it is." He forks his his vegetable places it in his mouth. "Are you numbered among them?" he inquires, once he has finished chewing and swallowed.

He looks at the wine offered with the chicken, and pours himself a glass before offering it to Tuilindo. "I am afraid that if I were to reach to pour for you two that we should have a terrible waste of a good vintage."

Tuilindo accepts the bottle with a nod of thanks and pours some into his goblet before offering to pour for Liltholwen if she doesn't have some already. "We will be sorry to see you and Admagor go whenever your errand takes you away."

[Liltholwen(#29336)] Liltholwen moves her wine glass so that Tuilindo can easily pour some wine for her as well. "I am afraid you would not find me among the performers, though I will be in the audience as often as I can," she answers Arduath's question. "When there isn't an errand to take me away from the festivities."

"As I will be sorry to leave," the Dunadan answers Tuilindo. "I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some of the winter here. The Moors and the Trollshaws, even the Great East Road - they are much less gracious hosts than you."

"It is passing strange to me," Arduath admits, "to not have the press of duty upon me in any way, while in the Valley. My time all my own. It is in my nature to labor, though I am no performer myself, either." He pauses. "I do like to be useful. Perhaps I shall spar with the Tirith, or aid the woodsmen in their labors. One cannot subsist on Festival alone," he adds with a grin.

He moves on to his chicken, occupying himself briefly.

Tuilindo smiles at all the ranger has to say. "The Elenath will be concluded soon enough and then it will be a long time until spring. All I can recommend is to enjoy it while it lasts." He shrugs and then goes to work on his chicken.

[Liltholwen(#29336)] "I dare say there are some here who would disagree and who would gladly subsist on festival alone," Liltholwen comments with a smile. "But for those who wish to pursue other activities, there is always plenty to do. I have no doubt that the Tirith would welcome anyone who was inclined to join their ranks for some sparring."

"And festival is a welcome change of fare," agrees Arduath. "But alas, I am not an elf, and while my appetite for well-performed art, especially poetry, is great, I concede that were it every day of my life, it would be too much."

He raises his glass by his nose to catch its scent, and then tries a small sip. "But for now, I still have years of song to catch up on."

"Festivals have their attraction and they are always welcomed by me, though times of rest between are welcomed as well." Tuilindo turns to look at his wife as he takes a sip of his wine. "And you, my dear, you are an Elf, do you prefer endless feasting and song?"

[Liltholwen(#29336)] "I certainly don't mind feasting and festivities, but I find it much more enjoyable if it is the exception, enjoyed while resting from the daily work, rather than the norm," Liltholwen muses. "Certainly the artists who make it their daily work are able to appreciate it in different ways and find enjoyment in it always. They could, perhaps, not imagine spending a lot of time poring over books or tending to horses."

Arduath nods. "We certainly all profit from their devotion to their work. As we do from the work of others, as well, but seldom does soldiering well-done bring joy to onlookers - though excellent swordplay, isolated from a battle, might. The arts elevate us, whatever form they take."

The Ranger begins to refill his plate. Somehow, without seeming to hurry, he has managed to empty it during lulls in conversation and while others are talking.

Tuilindo listens to all Liltholwen has to say and then nods at the ranger. "Very true, though you shall have to come again in the summer when next we have a parade of the Tirith. That is always quite impressive."

[Liltholwen(#29336)] "It is certainly an impressive display," Liltholwen concedes, but her hesitant tone suggests that while the best martial art is, of course, an art in itself, is not as uplifting as song and poetry can be. "But the valley is always worth a visit, no matter what the season. Hopefully you will have plenty of opportunity to come back. You will certainly always be welcome," she says, addressing Arduath.

"I hope to be here one summer to see it," Arduath tells Tuilindo, and nods to Liltholwen. "I can but hope my steps lead me back. For now, I will enjoy the time here I have." Servers begin to clear the the platters to make way for the second course.

Talk, food, and wine continue on into the night, for all three are always to be found in good supply at Lord Elrond's table - especially during the Festival of the Stars.

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