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The Hammer of the North

Tags: Admagor,  Arduath,  Elrohir

Short Summary: Elrohir and Arduath join Admagor to learn of the latter's discoveries of the ancient Dunadan Forndring.
Date (real-life): 2013-02-04
Scene Location: The House of Elrond
Date (in-game): February 11, 3058
Time of Day: Night
Weather: Rainy

Entrance Hall, West

The Entry Hall is quite broad, and broadens out further to the east into a great open space. A stairway going up can be seen in that direction. The great doors lie propped against the inner walls here, and there are many carvings and decorations on both these and the walls themselves. Lanterns glowing with a steady light hang near the ceiling, but they don't seem to produce any smoke. There are many other things hanging on the walls, including tapestries depicting ancient heroes and ancient but functional weapons. Two large doorways lead into great halls here. One to the north and one to the south.

The rain beats against the walls and windows of the Last Homely House, but it stands firm and the fires stoked inside are warm and bright.

Shaking his damp cloak, Elrohir holds the door open for another, nodding to Arglin.

Following but a short distance behind is the Ranger Arduath, cloak pulled tight about him. He throws back his hood upon entering the House. "Thank you, Herion," he says, then turns to ensure the door shuts tight against the elements. Being of good elven craftsmanship, of course it does.

"Your companion has found something, I believe, and requested our presence," says the peredhel, beginning to span the broad floors with brisk strides. "He had enlisted the help of our scholars, who were quite thrilled to find something to discuss."

Entrance Hall, East

This hall runs the width of the house, north to south, and is about 30 feet wide. The ceiling is some fifteen feet overhead. A grand staircase runs up to a landing on the east side of the hall, then divides into two lesser stairs running up north and south to the second floor. A large and elaborate oil painting of a city on a hill in the midst of a green plain ringed with mountains covers most of the north wall. A picture window occupies most of the south wall, showing part of the gardens and the opposite side of the valley some distance away over the wall. Open doorways leading further into the house are under the stairs to the northeast and southeast.

"Then I fear my visit may be drawing to a close," Arduath says as he follows, a slightly wistful tone to his voice. "Such is way of things."

Setting a black-gloved hand on the grand stair's railing, Elrohir smiles and says, "Yet soon may your steps trace their way back to this home, where your kin are always welcome."

Grand Staircase Landing

Standing on the landing, you can see down into the main entrance hall. Looking up, you can see the stair splits in two directions. Along the northern and the southern inner walls, the stairs continue upward to the second floor. The stairs going down make one single wide staircase leading to the entrance hall's eastern end. A large tapestry hangs on the wall above the landing.

"I have scarcely seen Admagor since our arrival," comments Arduath as he marches up the stairs. "I do hope his search has indeed proven fruitful."

"We shall see," replies Elrohir, tilting dark head to the north.

Second Floor North Hall

Along the outer wall of this hall there are several doors. The western half of the inner wall consists of a stone and wood railing. Toward the eastern end of the inner wall, the railing gives way to an entrance to a stairway leading downward. The beginning of an upward staircase can be seen at the eastern end of the hallway. Thick blue rugs, shot through with silver threads, adorn the stone floor.

Continuing briskly up the stairs, Arduath says, "I have visited the Guard House; I have not yet made my way to the halls of the loremasters." He smiles. "As good a time as any."

"Steward Nurenhir tells me, though, that you found our fare and wine delectable," smiles the peredhel, continuing noiselessly over the azure rugs that lead to the north wing.

Second Floor North Wing

Stained glass skylights grace this hallway with beautiful designs of coloured light. Tapestries cover the light, pine panelled walls, each depicting a different stage of Imladris' past; from its founding through to the birth of Elrond's children, to the wars with Angmar and beyond.

Set along the walls are small reading tables and chairs, where some folk of the valley might be found reading or talking quietly.

"Yes," the Ranger answers. "I even had a quite new experience, in a special vintage by the vintner Giliath. I am told that for elves it produces a masterful vision of the moon reflected upon still water; I have discovered that for me, at least, it produces a longing for things that are lost. A bit of sorrow, but a welcome experience all the same."

Arduath looks at the various doors leading off from this hallway. "The library I know. Is that where we are bound?"

Just before he opens the carven wood door, Elrohir says, "Just so. And so we must now be quiet."

The Imladris Library

Before you is the center of scholarly study within the Vale of Elrond, and the labyrinthine ways of shelves and desks hold a myriad of books. The library seems centered about the area before you, the shelves extending outward from it. Within its center is a large oaken table surrounded by many wooden chairs. A few books lay scattered randomly about the table, and spaced evenly across it are quills and bottles of coloured ink and spare pieces of blank parchment. A large bookstand holding a massive volume stands out off to the side before the Librarian's desk, and below it a few other large books rest in their respective shelves of the stand. Off in back of the library rest a few large cushioned chairs, centered around a large stand whereupon an index of the library may be found. Far to the left is what appears to be a seperate section of the Library, off the main rotunda.

Arduath silently shadows the son of Elrond as they enter the library.

Like a maze, the shelves stretch out into cool and quiet shadow. As Elrohir and Arduath proceed through the labyrinthine paths, the former moves a chair, which creaks quite loudly.

Library - Older Volumes

Here you find a plethora of books held in a small rotunda set off from the main section of the library. A small round table sits in the center of the rotunda, surrounded by a few large cushioned chairs. Many shelves extend outwards from the table towards the walls, which are themselves massive shelves extending high upwards, whereupon ladders are placed evenly to allow that one might reach the books held up higher. These books appear to be different from those in the main section in that they are much older than the others, and of more import. While only a few are falling into disrepair, all show signs of great age. Titles of great import and renown are to be found upon the shelves in this section, and all in many different languages. In the main aisle between the low shelves is a large bookstand, upon it set an index of this section of the library, showing where certain books might be found.

The light from without is dim at best, a large candle has been lit and is set upon the round table in the midst of this alcove. 

Next to it, carefully cleaned of its covering of moss and grime, but still appearing slick from its centuries spent in the swamps, is the stone head of a man. 

Another man, this one whole, and made of flesh, is bent over a heavy tome; shadows masking his eyes darkly a weary frown of concentration upon his face. His hair is clean, but bedraggled, his face shows little evidence of having seen a razor in recent days.

A smile spreading slow on his face, his eyes flashing silver like a cat's in the dim, Elrohir enters from between two narrow shelves and murmurs, "It is not usually the habit of visitors of the Homely House to starve themselves so, Admagor."

"But I have brought your kinsmen as I could gather."

Arduath, by contrast, is clean, refreshed, and shows evidence of having been both active and at leisure: years have come off his face since returning to Imladris. He nods to his fellow Ranger. "Admagor. I have barely seen you; I hope your smile portends good word and discovery." He shifts his stance.

[Admagor(#31520)]  The smile is indeed weary, "Have you the stone?" Admagor asks, avoiding a direct answer to the question. 

"We have had Istafariath enter the halls of lore one season and leave the other," comments Elrohir, going through a wooden box and producing another candle, which he lights. "It is easy to lose the days here."

From Arduath's ever-present belt pouch, he produces the stone. "I have kept it thus since you entrusted it to me." He holds it out in his hand on his outstretched palm before Admagor.

Reaching out to rest a hand atop the cleaned stone head, he turns its face to look towards the newly arrived pair. 

"I have at least not locked myself away alone," he says, "For I believe this to be Forndring; A name of your tongue," he nods to the son of Elrond, "A face out of our shared lineage," he adds, with a nod to Arduath. 

"Bring it here, I would compare the carving.."

Arduath steps closer and places the engraved stone on the table before his kinsman, then waits patiently.

"I do not recall the name," says the herion.

Admagor places his other hand over the stone, closing his eyes as his fingers touch the runes carefully. 

"I can find no word of the name; no reference to the hammer of the north, to .. Forndring," he says the word carefully, letting it roll from his tongue with as much of the music of the language as a man might muster. 

"And yet, there is something in the carving, these characters are drawn in a way I have not seen before, except, I think, in this." 

With the words, his other hand falls to the book that is open before him.

Arduath moves to Admagor's side of the table, eyes flitting to the open book and then to the stone carving before refocusing on the other Ranger's face. "And?" he prompts.

Leaning back against a shelf, Elrohir settles his shoulders between two volumes of First Age history, watching.

"It is an account of Arvedui, the last King of Arthedain," Admagor says, leaning back and letting his hands fall to his lap, "An account of his flight to the North, to the Ice-Bay of Forochel, where he is to have borne the stone of Amon Sul, and that of Annuminas." 

"This was written by a Man, in the years later; and I think the same hand as carved this stone."

"To the loss of all three, it is said." Arduath nods. "So who is this Man that survived? If understand you aright: that this is a firsthand account." He looks back at the engraved stone now under Admagor's hand with renewed interest.

"An ill time," says Elrohir, coming near to read the text upside-down. "But an educated hand."

Admagor's eyes close, and he shakes his head, "Not first hand," he replies, "At least not when he writes of the Ice-Bay, though that is where they fled to. It would seem some were sent; or left behind." 

"I must rest; lest my weariness confirm my hope that this is the same hand in carving and in writing." 

"And yet if not," he adds, "Then I have no thought but to ask each of the household of your father," his voice turns to Elrohir, "If they have seen this man." 

The last is offered with an opening of weary eyes and a sweep of his left hand to the stone head which rests upon the table.

Arduath, too, looks to the son of Elrond, though he says aside to Admagor, "Once you have rested, perhaps you should visit the Hall of Fire if you have not partaken the Bereth en Elenath yet. It will be invigorating to hear lore recited rather than to labor over a tome to find it."

The herion lifts the candle closer to the stone face, and he is quiet for a while. 

"The face is not unfamiliar to me," he declares. "It was of that age when the North-kingdom was at war -- the same time of which you speak. Many fine captains came and went under the banner. This man was one of them, if the years do not betray me."

Admagor's eyes alight for a moment, as he regards Elrohir, "And so he came among the folk of this very house," Admagor says, "He, and perhaps he that entombed him; though it is not spoken of here." 

"And yet," he takes in a great breath and lets it slowly escape though his nose, "I fear the comings and goings of the Hall of Fire will not quell the flame. I came upon the stone by chance; yet it did lead me to the face of this man, who is known, it seems, in Elrond's house." 

"My mind will not let me truly enjoy such repast, while this puzzle remains before it to be solved. Even now, It strives against its own need for sleep and rest."

"The army that forgoes rest often faces a rout." Arduath looks at Admagor with mild concern, one eyebrow raised. "Do not defeat your own faculties by denying them sleep, for even as you rest, I have no doubt your thoughts will continue seeking to unlock this secret."

"But-" He pauses. "What of those who stole the blade? Is there any chance it could lead them to the tomb? For it is but a small leap from stealing to tomb-robbing. Such a desecration of a Captain of Arthedain's rest cannot be borne."

"A mattress shall be brought," says the half-elf, "though oft I have seen the younger Seekers resting on the floor itself, so weary were their exercises."

"His death was unknown to me, but perhaps he rested here a while. I shall think upon this and consult my brother, for he was with me then and now."

Admagor smiles, "It is not my custom to sleep in-doors," he says, "But I thank you, Herion." 

As he speaks, he lays a fine silken cloth across the open tome, slowly and carefully closing it. He reaches out and lays a hand on the engraved stone for a moment, but does not lift it from the table, his hand falling away as he steps away from the table, "Perhaps I shall seek out the bounty of your kitchens, ere I sleep," he offers, inclining his head formally to the son of Elrond.

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