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(Archive) The Fellowship of the Sword 67 - A Ranger's Prescription

Short Summary: Keeping his word to the Ranger, Rowaen has the rest the Ranger advised him to have.
Date (real-life): 2001-01-27
Scene Location: Rivendell

The falls of foot, at least one pair... disturbed by a strange ticking. Only when the door opens the mystery is revealed, for there stands Rowaen of Nimothan, the one needing a crutch to move. And not far off is another, a female Ranger... Quietly, though slightly flushed, Rowaen makes his way to one of the cots, where he seats himself carefully. Quite alert is the young man not to get even the slightest force upon his wrapped right leg. Sitting comfortable, weary the crutch is thrown aside, the wood falling upon the wooden floor. A displeased flash passes the blue eyes as they glance at the, for him, accursed object. And almost sudden words leave his lips...

"Bronaduial... I am sorry... I should not have left so sneakily... seriously I wished naught to deceive you, for I am true and sincere in both my words and actions..." how the blue softens, resting lightly upon the Ranger's figure, "Would you forgive me my wandering escapade?..."

[Bronaduial(#10267)] Soft and warm are the grey eyes as Bronaduial settles pillows upon the bed, arranging them to support a comfortable position. "Of course I will, Rowaen of Dol Amroth. . .I know you as a man of truth and sincerity. . .'tis only that Imladris is such a wonderful place, full of so many things. . .and there must be those at home whom you miss. . .surely these are forgivable indeed." Smiling, she puts a hand to his brow. "I remember well running off to see many things here when I was younger. . .and new to it all. . .and not long ago, I was gravely disappointed at having to miss our own Angroch's wedding. . .but I was ill. So I know how 'tis."

Nodding gravely, the Squire speaks naught as the maiden places her finger upon his brow, perhaps finding he has no right to speak at this moment. Though 'tis a silence he holds not long. For there as the words sink into his consciousness, the Nimothan blinks, a glance of compassion reflected within the blue.

"Nay... I did not walk to see the wonders of Imladris... only to see to the letter posted, for Dania will be most concerned, especially after what happened last when I went out for a journey. A trip at sea, one which led me to almost certain death... and three years my family lived in doubt, already believed I was dead..." wry he grins, shaking his head to dismiss the matter, on a lighter tone he then continues, "Wedding's are always fun to attend to, a shame you were ill... though one's finest wedding of course will always be when you wed someone yourself..."

Bronaduial nods, but bites her lip. "Indeed, though. . .I have little hope of it. . .the one I love cannot see it, it seems. . . ." Sighing, she smoothes Rowaen's hair, motioning for him to lie back against the pillows. "It is a shame. . .Captain Angroch is dearer to me than the world. . .and Meril had said I might stand with her and hold the gifts she brought to use in the ceremony. . .but then I. . .got sick, and the healers would not allow me to leave my bed until I could keep something down. . .which was not until some days after the wedding. . . ." Her gaze dark, she blinks rapidly before managing to force a smile.

"Indeed, 'tis a long time to wait. . .small wonder you wish to send word. If Daegwedir cannot see to the care of the letter, I shall go to Hir Elrond personally to ensure it is sent. What of this family? Your lady?" A slightly warmer smile brightens her countenance. "They must be very proud of you, no doubt. . . ."

Surprise lingers in those blue eyes, Rowaen doing as the Ranger bids and lying back against the pillows. How pleasant then comes the smile, that touches the youth's slender lips, though 'tgoes not without a keen expression...

"But, dear Bronaduial, you are far to kind for me... what have I done to deserve such compassion, that one of the Dunedan will speak with the Hir Elrond to see a letter of mine sent...? Truly you amaze me... though think naught I am ungratefull in any way, for indeed I am flattered for such care, even after such a display of Nimothan stubborness.." his last words are the lightest, a soft laughter seemingly surpressed, yet as Rowaen continues, part of the cheerfullness fades way...

"My family, you say... 'tis a complicated matter... best we not speak of it, for my brother, who is on this quest aswell, he likes me naught, for reasons that are his to hold..." almost sad is the sigh, eyes gazing downwards, meeting the coldness of the floor, " as for Dania, I can only hope she is proud of me, that she understands why I left, despite mine promise never ever to leave her again... Yet that promise was made more in regard to live and death... and naught in terms of service to my Lord..."

[Bronaduial(#10267)] "Surely so. . .one would hope that the women of Gondor would understand a man's duty. Indeed, my father had such cause. . .and my mother travelled with him, never attempting to dissuade or upbraid him for it. . . . I am sorry to hear that things are so. 'Tis good to have family. . .I know not what I would do without the Lady Meril and Captain Angroch. . .'twas he who brought me to her when my parents. . ." She swallows. "Best not speak of that as well, perhaps. . .as for the rest. . . ." A slight smile flickers at her lips. "I mistake not your gratitude; many of our men are equally stubborn. . .'tis something I am accustomed to in some ways. Thank you for your kind words. . .I only wish to see you grow strong and whole, comfortable and free from pain. . . ." Eyes suddenly brightening, she reaches toward a small table behind a nearby curtain. "There is yet the surprise I mentioned. . .perhaps you may think it foolish, but. . . ."

Silent Rowaen sits, listening to the maiden's words. And it dost not bring him joy to hear of her dark things past. Softly he replies to her, eyes resting upon her face, "I am sorry, I should not have spoken of family... though let us both be glad with those who we have left, to be near the ones that care, for 'tis that they deserve, to know their help and presence is greatly appreciated..." Thoughtfull the Nimothan becomes, eyes momentarily lost, searching the depths that hold his memories, apparently finding those matching of words he spoke.

Though he stays naught in that manner. The moment the 'surprise' is mentioned, he faintly grins, "Ah, your surprise... please end my curiousity and show me what it is you hide. And worry naught, for I would not think foolish of you.."

[Bronaduial(#10267)] "Nay, 'tis I who should not have spoken. . .forgive me; I tend to brood, they tell him. . .'tis not seemly. . . ." The lady laughs. "Not that I particularly care what is seemly, so to speak, but. . . ." With a giggle, she produces a covered dish. "I thought perhaps since you slept so long earlier, you might be hungry. . .at any rate, you must eat. . .so. . . ." Pulling the napkin from over the plate, she reveals a cake, decorated with a small blue flower. "And if 'twould amuse you, I do have sketches of this place. . .hardly the same as seeing them, but if you are at loose ends. . . ."

Where before laughter was surprised, a soft chuckle leaves the young man's lips now, for how he greets the made cake with a cheerfull expression, "But Bronaduial you do me too much honor... a cake to still my hunger,'tis remarkable how considerate you are... and how right for indeed I could use a bite. You slightly remind me of Dania, back in Dol Amroth, how concerned she always is aswell, ensuring I eat and sleep enough... though only I will accept your kind surprise if 'tis you who will keep me company in eating it."

Slowly Rowaen uses his right hand, to straighten his back somewhat, seeking a sitting pose, and for once the fair complexion stays free of agony, not a single stirr comes... "Sketches you say? Well if you have the time and goodwill, then how can I refuse?"

[Bronaduial(#10267)] A grin brightens Bronaduial's pale face, and she blushes. "Thank you. . .it is you who do me honour. . .of course I shall keep you company." Rising, she hurries the few steps to her bed and back, bringing a large folder. Carefully she kneels beside Rowaen, opening the folio to reveal several pages, which she balances carefully in her hand. "This first one. . .that is the garden on a sunny afternoon. . .not long ago. . .I made it just a few weeks back. . . ."

Rising further Rowaen succeeds in sitting upstraight, though he is quite carefull in keeping his right leg stretched. As he ends his movements, his right hand seeks way through his raven locks, eying the Ranger as she gets her sketches. Gently the Nimothan grants the maiden a smile as she steps back to show him her first sketch. With intens the sky-blue falls silent upon the drawing, and they blink in surprisement...

"... I wish I would possess such talent in drawing, Bronaduial... for despite your seemingly careless words in regard to them, the resemblance is there... the sketch bearing a beauty of it's own."

Bronaduial turns bright pink, though her smile betrays the immense pleasure of the words. "Thank you. . .it. . .started as a way to keep me occupied, I suppose. . .even as a small child. . .I tried to draw nearly everything I saw here, and cried when my efforts failed to resemble the sights. . .Lady Meril would tell me not to cry, and take me to watch some of the elven artists at work. . .that amused me, somehow. . .watching them work. . .how jealous I was.

"Aye, the elves possess many art of grace and beauty, and for that they indeed can be envied.."

A soft sigh leaves Rowaen's lips, blue peering gently at the maiden's face, "Though 'tis my sincerest belief that all holds some of beauty and grace within, that all excel in certain virtues, skills or art... perhaps wishfull thinking... yet I could not care less if 'twas, as long as I myself am convinced and not proven otherwise, then 'tis my thought to hold..."

[Bronaduial(#10267)] "I do not find it wishful thinking at all."

Smiling softly, Bronaduial flips through the sketches idly. "I grew up here. . .and the more I see, the more I feel that way as well. There is always some talent. . .though whether we can find it is often another matter entirely." With a wry grin, she shakes her head. "Ah, well - I prattle on, and you need rest! Surely I seem the hypocrite. . . ."


Rowaen speaks almost in immediate reply his words soft and kind, "... I am only glad you are here to 'prattle on' as you do... for frankly it enjoys me, to speak of other things then battle, honour and glory... You give me the feeling I have never left Dol Amroth, and can still talk with the maiden I love, for how different are the subjects that are spoken between a Squire and the Knights in regard to a young man speaking to a maiden of similar age. Perhaps I have grown quite weary of the entire quest... more and more I long to return... though in mine heart I know I can not, for I have sworn my Lord and Prince not to return before having fulfilled the goal of this quest. To bring back his lost son... an oath I will keep and never forsake..." For a moment Rowaen is silent, finding suffice in staring at the maiden beside him, letting his eyes go over her face and hair...

RL Date: 28-1-2001
Arnorian Quarters

The fresh scent of evergreen assaults the senses pleasantly upon entry to this chamber, its vaulted ceilings and wide beams lent an even more powerful sense of airiness by the aroma. Whitewashed walls between dark, stained oaken beams are hung with old and forgotten standards of Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur.

There are several well-made beds near the wide windows, and the rest of the room is arranged neatly about the sizable hearth in the southern wall. Comfortable couches are set there, and more than one book lies open on the tables beside them. Beneath it all is lain a carpet of depest blue. Warm, if plain.


[Bronaduial(#10267)] If Bronaduial's face was pink before, it goes crimson now, and she looks down, raven locks spilling over her face. "That warms my heart to hear. . .and indeed, a vow yet to be fulfilled does not make the heart less empty for home and beloved faces. . .though it can oft be difficult to explain. . ." Shaking her head, she shrugs. "I have difficulty explaining it to even myself. . .how I can so long to see Lady Meril and. . ." She lets the sentence trail off. "Well, how when I am out gathering herbs and such, some days' journey from here, I am happy to do my work, and yet. . .fain would I have a sight of them once more. . . ."

"So it goes with the ones we hold dear..."

So muses Rowaen, eyes turning absent to look in worlds and thoughts beyond, 'tis those memories that brighten his expression even more, almost completely all sign of weariness is gone... Though one gaze deep within the sky-blue of the Squire's eyes would betray not all weary will ever leave his fair xomplexion.

"Let your hearth be warmed then, though keep in mind 'tare true words... and I hold sincere gratitude towards you, a debt not easily repayed... Yet perhaps I should rest now as you adviced earlier..."

[Bronaduial(#10267)] "Yes, that you should. . .sleep know. . .and we shall talk later." With that, Bronaduial covers Rowaen gently with a soft blue blanket. "Time enough later for chat. . . ."

Though, now covered in the blanket, the youth does not close his eyes before his right hand touches the maiden's cheek lightly...

"...Very well..." Then the eyes are closed, and slowly Rowaen falls into s steady slumber...

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