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Ghosts and treasure at the cemetery?

Tags: Cemetery,  treasure,  gravedigger,  Murray,  Brandebras,  mushrooms

Short Summary: MURRAY and BRANDEBRAS meet under scary circumstances at the graveyard, one very late night...
Date (real-life): 2011-03-07
Scene Location: Bree Cemetery
Date (in-game): Mersday, 11th of May.
Time of Day: Early morning before sunset
Weather: Clear, misty, starlit

Bree Cemetery

A worn wooden fence sprawls in a haphazard circle, enclosing a modest collection of stones and wooden planks indicating burial sites. The sound, but uneven, earth slopes gently upwards to the east and continues toward the top of Bree Hill.

Further back within the cemetery's circle, trees have grown tall to cast shadows over the older graves. Some of the markers have been worn down due to weather, animals, or man. A gate, once linked by hinges now rests against one of the posts of the fence.


The air is filled with a thin mist, not dense enough to seal out the shine from severel blinking stars. It is in the late night of Spring. The cemetery is all but quiet and abandoned, but for small light in the eastern corner. A lantern beams, and a hooded figure is kneeling down near an old headstone.

Late enough night, in fact, that it's almost morning. And while some folk may be out late, others have got up early. The small, round figure of Brandebras Bywater can be seen trotting up the hillside, breathing heavily as he goes. One fold of his muffler is over his mouth to keep out the mist, and slung over his back is a small sack, currently lax and empty. As he passes the cemetery the hobbit pauses, murmuring thoughtfully, "I wonder if any mushrooms grow in /there/? His feet take him toward the abandoned gates and he spends a little while poking fruitlessly around in the bushes before he shifts position and glimpses that wan light. A small shriek escapes him. "Who- what's there?"

The hooded shadow scurries around, to the disturbing sound of the hobbit. While the figure spins its head away from the gravestone, the lantern spills to the ground and the light goes out. "Who goes there?", the shadow hisses agitated.

The response is an odd one, to say the least. When light is replaced by darkness the little hobbit-figure shivering by the gates gives a low moan. "D-Don't hurt me. I didn't do it! At least - I gave it back."

It seems Brandebras' legs have turned to jelly, for he does not flee.

The darkness leaves but a silhouette of the figure, still crouching by the gravestone. A hand removes the hood, revealing the shadow of a humanoid face. The man fumbles in the darkness with great speed, searching for and finding a flint. Sparks of light flies from the flint, and suddenly the lantern is once again lit.

The light reveals a dark face, as the person picks up the lantern, and starts to climb to his feet. "Now, what /are/ you talking, about?," the man speaks, "And what is your business here at this hour?"

Brandebras, hands over his eyes as though to blot out some horrible vision, continues to babble. "I didn't know it was wight's treasure, I swear it!" The hobbit sounds quite frantic now. "I," he stops, chokes on a sob, "I don't want to be turned into a-"

He stops, suddenly aware that whatever the light may be, the voice that accompanies it is unmistakeably human. "You're not a ghost!" he accuses indignantly, far too rattled to do anything sensible like answer a question.

He peeps through his fingers in the direction of the man.

Murray looks down at him self and then over to the shivering hobbit. He steps forward a few paces, extending the lantern in front of him. "A ghost? It seems that's your luck, hobbit," he speaks, and stops the pacing. "Now, surely you must explain yourself, rascal you." Murray frowns, and shifts the lantern from one hand to the other; "To come here, scaring a man doing his business, rambling about treasure and ghosts and what not!"

Brandebras stares at the lantern coming toward him, the look in his brown eyes alternating between indignation and worry. The Big Person is ... well, awfully /big/ in this light. "I didn't mean to," he reiterates. "I thought there might be mushrooms here. And I didn't keep it." His round features take on a dreamy look, then he shakes himself and repeats, "I put it back."

It's a while before his incoherent statements are followed by a logical question: "What do you mean, business?" he enquires innocently.

The lantern flickers softly, dangling from the outstretched hand of Murray's. He looks quite suspicious, wrinkles filling his forehead. His curvy, beak-shaped nose weighs and sniffs the chill morning air. "So you're a theif, now?" he inquires in a low voice, "To think you could come here and rob from our buried ones!" Murray picks up the paces again, and advances a few more steps towards the little hobbit. "Now, I've never!"

"Give me one good reason, why I shouldn't call for the guards, young troublemaker!" Murray adds, lowering his arm holding the lantern.

"I'm /not/ a thief!" Brandebras protests indignantly, staring like a mesmerized rabbit as the light swings closer. "Picking mushrooms isn't stealing. And I wouldn't touch the gravestones. That'd be sacrilege." He sounds righteously horrified.

"It wasn't here I found it, it was on Bree-Hill and ... it was beautiful." His homely face grows distant, remembering. "Only ... I started having bad dreams. Hearing things, horrible things. And Lek, the stableboy, he said it was wight's treasure and I had to take it back."

At the lantern-holder's final words, though, he lifts his chin. "I wish there /were/ some guards here. They'd want to know why you were lurking round the cemetery."

Murrays arms scatter heatedly, almost causing the lantern to blow out, once more: "Lu-Lurking? Me?" the man exclaims, "Can't you tell the gravedigger from a villain? If you must know, I forgot my keychain up here, so that I had to return to collect it..." he pauses briefly, looking down to see if the keychain hangs from his belt. It doesn't seem so; the belt is leather, with only a small pouch hanging from it. Murray then looks back at Brandebras; "Not a theif, then you claim? But clearly a rougeish little fellow, then.."

Brandebras stares round-eyed, then shakes his head. "I've never met a gravedigger," he says interestedly. "I thought you only did that when you died." He is very clearly not dead.

"And I'm not a rogue. Things just ... well, just seem to happen to me sometimes," he adds lamely. "Did you find your keychain?"

"And what's that for an excuse? Things just happen? Why, if you stick your nose out too far, things happen!" Murray snaps, but then calms down, his shoulders drop an inch. "Well, someone has to dig the graves, you know. You'd hardly be able to do so, once you're dead? And I take care of the hedges, trees and ofcourse the gravestones, too.." Murray looks around, aiming his lantern in front of him, to shed a little light on the surrounding graveyard; small hedges grow around marked graves, forming pathways. They don't appear to be well-mended at all, rather they do look quite wild and somewhat overgrown. "Ahem, well, erh," Murray says, looking in the direction of where he was crouching before, "I just found them when you showed up! Must've left them back there, I guess.."

"Oh, that's good." Brandebras sounds quite relieved, though whether it's for Murray's sake or his own, who can say. Quite clearly it hasn't occurred to /him/ to doubt the least detail of Murray's tale. "Then I really should be getting on. It's getting lighter, and the best mushroom are over the other side of the Hill. You've got to pick them when the dew's still on, you know." This sage advice given, he nods once, twice and then - if hes not stopped - beats a hasty retreat through the open gates and back onto the path up Bree Hill.

"Now, not so hasty, little hobbit." Murray commands, taking a few quick paces towards Brandebras. "I'd say, what did you do with that artifact you stole? The treasure item, you speak of? If it is indeed wight's treasure, don't you think getting rid of it, would be a proper idea? Especially if it gives you bad dreams and ill fortune?" Murrays face turns even paler and grave; "It might be cursed", he whispers.

Brandebras halts just outside the gates, one foot poised to take his next step. "I told you, I didn't /steal/ it," he reiterates crossly. "And I did get rid of it. I took it back, like I said. There's a place, in the hills just west of town where - well, Lek showed me. I just left it there, with the other jewels and things, and ... and that's all," he ends lamely, unwilling or unable to recount the tale of running back pursued by who knows what. Malevolence? Imagination? Shivering even at the memory, the little hobbit will brook no further questions; he's off like a startled rabbit and soon out of sight.

Murray stares dumbly, as the hobbit scurries away. He then slowly turns around, and walks over to a newly dug grave, kneeling down to pick up something from the ground. The free hand lifts the hood back up, engulfing the mans head in darkness once again. As the sun slowly starts to rise, Murray walks out through the old gate, closing it slowly behind him, as he leaves the cemetery. He trods off, soon disappearing up Bree-hill.

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