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Shire Road Trip IV: A New Pony

Tags: Nob,  Murray,  Boldibad

Short Summary: Murray introduces Boldibad to his brother, Edgar (played by Nob), who has a pony for sale.
Date (real-life): 2011-03-09
Scene Location: Combe, Bree
Date (in-game): Sterday of Spring - May 20,1452
Time of Day: Evening
Weather: Clear
Logfile from Elendor.

Middle-earth time is:
Early Morning on Sterday, Day 20 of May.
Execute the +TIMEFRAME command for year information.

Real time is: 17:23:08 MDT on Wed Mar 09 2011.
================================== Bree Time ==================================
Real time: Wed Mar 09 17:23:09 2011
Bree time: Early Morning <09:09:27> on Sterday of Spring - May 20,1452
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent Moon
<OOC> Boldibad logs

The village of Combe is nestled in a deep, stream-cut valley. The stream cuts through the center of town, dividing it not quite cleanly in two. The stream flows down from the west into the valley and continues eastward. On this side, the southern, are most of the houses of the Big Folk, and the Common House as well. A wooden bridge leads over the stream to the northern bank, and two paths lead away into the waiting trees of the Chetwood- one west along the stream toward Staddle and one east toward Archet. Surrounding the village is a wooded country, whose trees grow strong and tall.
Obvious exits:
 Hector and Holly Appledore's leads to Hector and Holly Appledore's.
 South leads to The Chetwood.
 Bridge leads to Combe.
 Combe Common House leads to Combe Common House.
 East leads to Combe Stream: South Bank.
 West leads to Hollow.


                               Boldibad Bolger                                
                                 Setting: IC                                  
    By all appearances, a gentlehobbit, distinguished by at least five decades of age and experience. Wrinkles only seem to be making their presence known by making their way into the sides of his mouth, and around his eyes. Probably weighing in well over 120 pounds, his girth seems respectable, at least as far as Bolgers go. Despite the extra weight, and advancing age, Boldibad seems to be in fine health.
    A few inches of curly, reddish-brown hair cover his head and hang down past his ears. The texture appears to be quite thick, almost wooly. His relatively large feet are coated by similar stuff, the only difference is that this hair appears to be trimmed much shorter than that on his head. His nose is somewhat bulbous, but not so much as to look out of proportion with the rest of his face.
     He is wearing a white shirt of cotton, buttoned all the way up. On top of this is an old waistcoat that seems to fit him perfectly. The waistcoat is red with yellow buttons up the center and over the pockets.
     Draped over his shoulders is a thick, green cloak meant to keep the chill of winter out. It is held shut with a fine brooch of silver.
     A silver chain dangles from a pocket in his waistcoat. It appears to be attached to a watch.
     His trousers are black and they dangle somewhat below his ankles. A black belt of thin leather has been wrapped around his waist and from it hangs a couple of pouches that probably contain money or pipeweed.


 Murray stands about five feet and six inches tall. He appears human, though admittedly he is hardly the finest looking ambassador for his kind.

The most striking facial appearance is a crooked, pointy-tipped nose protruding from the midst of Murray's face.
Surrounding the leaning mountain that is Murray's nose, is a set of hollow cheeks, dark valleys in contrast.
The cheekbones are marked and distinct, drawing clear lines in a face that is pallid and worn.
Hazelnut brown eyes are glowing softly in their deep, dark sockets.
Around the thin-lipped mouth and the firm chin grows a short, dark-brown beard, nothing more than stubbles.
The brown hair is kept in a ponytail, tied together by a simple strip of linen.

Murray is wearing a hooded dark gray wool coat with no sleeves attached.
It is closed with wooden buttons in the front but the neck part is open, with leather strings hanging loose.
From out the sleeves shoots Murray's arms, covered by a simple, white linen shirt worn underneath. His bare hands are sinewy and the digits long and lean.
 A pouch is fastened in the leather belt surrounding his waist.

His trousers, though dyed black, are simple and not embroidered, with leather straps as lacing.
Sturdy, dark boots surrounds the mans feet, they look well made but worn through usage and time.

As the crickets begin to fill the night air with their unique sound, only a few people are left going about their affairs around Combe. One of them is a hobbit with a respectable girth. It's Boldibad: He opens the door from the inside of the Common House, and steps outside, closing it behind him.

Outside the small house, sitting on a nearby rock is Murray. He looks up in anticipation, as the hobbit opens the door. "Ah, so, are you all settled in, then, master Boldibad? I hope the trip wasn't too hard on you.."

Boldibad turns from the task of closing the door, and immediately notices the human. A well-practiced smile lights up on his face, and, taking a step back, he bows politely. "Ah," he says, "good evening, Mr. Thistlewool. No, not at all--between you and I, I have already been through some rough adventures. Of course, I never enjoyed any of them in the slightest!" He straightens his waistcoat, and adds, "I have been looking for you here all day. I was beginning to wonder if I had gone the wrong way! Don't you think it's too late to speak with your acquaintance?"

Murray returns the smile with a nod and grin; he looks cosy, sitting on the rock with a lit pipe in hand. "I've made arrangements, so I guess we shall see, whether they'll hold or not.." he eyes the hobbit up and down quickly, and puts a narrow smile on his lip. "But where've you been yourself, all this time? I told you, I had a small errand before we could proceed with the business?" he adds, but in a friendly tone.

Taking notice of Murray's smoldering pipe, Boldibad brings out his own. He packs it with pipeweed from a pouch, produced from the same place beneath his waistcoat, and easily puts a spark to it with a small flint-n-steel. Casually, he blows out a couple clouds of smoke, and says thoughtfully, "I am not sure I can even tell you! This area is quite confusing for me." He snaps his fingers, "But, shouldn't we go and ask quickly, before it gets even later?"

"By all means, let's go at once," Murray chuckles, and stands. He gestures the hobbit to follow him, and paces off heading east. As the two fellows wanders towards their destination, Murray speaks, with the pipe still betwixt his lips; "I've arranged for Edgar, my brother, to be at the stable. I've even had him put in a good word in advance, as the owner of the creature wasn't all sure about the price and terms and such," Smoke spills from his mouth as he speaks.

Boldibad leaves a trail of fine-smelling smoke as he walks along with Murray. Pulling the wooden stem from between his teeth, he responds, "Well, I am sure we will be able to iron out something reasonable." He tsks, glancing around for a moment, "It's only a shame that I wasn't able to find my associate, Mr. Proudfoot. It is mostly his money, to tell you the truth!"

Shortly after, the two arrive at a large, thatched house. There's also a small barn or stable nearby; this is their destination. Murray hastens his paces, walking up the the front door, and deliberatedly knocks hard three times on the wooden door. "This is it," he says, turning to look at his companion, the hobbit.

The door opens almost at once, yanked from within as if whoever is there has been waiting for just this knock. "Ah, there you are. Come in, come in. Or are you wanting to go straight away to see the beast?"

At this, Murray shrugs in Boldibad's direction, then turns to the door to greet properly.
Boldibad steps back a pace or two, seemingly somewhat startled by the sudden opening of the door. Smiling, he nods his head, and peers inside. "Why, is something cooking in there?"

"Just finished up with my supper," Edgar explains. Taking the non-answer for one, he stomps his feet into boots, reaching for a coat. "Tis just along here. Murray there said you're wanting a pony. For a cart, is it, or for riding?"

Murray takes a last puff on his pipe and helps him self to stomp out the embers, before knocking out the remnants on the ground. "That's my ol' Edgar, already. Straight on to business!" Murray grins.

Boldibad blushes and stammers, "I beg your pardon. It's just that I have been wandering around here all day, and haven't had the chance to have more than three meals today..." He puffs on his puff a couple of times, and adds, "I suppose obtaining a new pony will make it all worth the trouble. Er, it's for a coach, you see."

Only three. Edgar blinks, eyes Boldibad's rotund figure, but says hospitably enough, "Well, then come along and see the creature. P'raps after you've decided if you like it or not, you might come in for a cup. Tea, do you?" He is leading the way to the barn as he speaks, and now throws open the door. It is dim inside, but warm, and smells cleanly of animals.

As the three of them enter the stable, Murray looks around in surprise; "My goodness, brother, what nice progress that's been made in here! I see that lots has changed since I was here last," he says, stunned. He trots about for a minute, looking at the booths and troughs. Edgar shows the way to one of these booths, neatly cleaned and renovated. "This way, then"

Boldibad steps into the stable, following the taller folk. He slows his pace a bit, looking around at each stall he passes, his pipe protruding from his mouth. He holds the end of the pipe with his right hand. "Well, it seems almost as nice as the stables of Michel Delving--they're always kept very clean, unlike that Prancing Pony! Wouldn't you know, I find a dead chicken in there about every time I come here!"
Boldibad chuckles, "Well, at least the past two visits."

 "Aye, I s'pose 'the Pony' could use a little refurbish," says Edgar, almost not finishing the sentence before Murray interrupts; "I don't know much about the stables there, true, but the Pony't self has some fine hands.." his eyes turn to look down at the floor, as if remembering something. "Hah, I remember the fuss the other day, when I wrote you that note, Mr Bolger, some kids spilled my ink-bottle all over the floor! You should've seen how the hands were busy!"

Boldibad looks from Edgar to Murray as they speak, then he sports a jovial grin. "That sounds a lot like the way things are in Bolger Smial, my family's home. There are always a lot of children running about--if you want to get any paperwork done, you had best do it behind a closed door!"

Edgar looks over to Murray with a glance that usually means 'Time for business', and then back at Boldibad with a somewhat half-witted smile. It is quickly replaced with a more serious look. He open one of the barred doors into a booth, containing the pony in particular:

The creature is cream-white, with a goldenbrown mane, and a long, braided tail of same colour. It is not the tallest pony of its kind, but it looks sturdy and fit; strong ankles and a healthy breath. As the gate opens up, the pony neighs and hoofs the hay a bit.

Boldibad looks the pony over carefully, but shakes his head. "I'm afraid this one wouldn't do--it seems a bit small. I pull a lot of pipeweed barrels, and hobbits aren't terribly light, you know." He puffs on his pipe again, and glances at the bowl as the smoke begins to thin out. "I hope this isn't the only one you have available."

"Erh, she's strong nevertheless!" Edgar adds in a flutter, "Surely, more than enough to pull your cart, I guarentee ye'."

He looks at the hobbit, and double-checks, "It was a /pony/ you were after, was it not mr. Bolger?" He casts a glance down the aisle, as if to recollect his general view of the stable.

Boldibad puts a finger to his chin, taking on a thoughtful expression. "Well, now that I think about it," he says, tapping the ashes from his pipe on the wood of the stall, "it may just be the color. You see, the other one I have has had a number of problems with other ponies--and they all had white fur. Perhaps it is too bright for her--but I swear, it must have something to do with that. Perhaps you have one with darker fur?"

 "Boldibad Bolger, sir, I never took you for a hobbit being so superstitious?" Murray bursts, chuckling. "I can vouch for Mille here, she's as strong a pony as you'll get," he nods and points at the cream-coloured pony before continuing: "Edgar, what about ol' Piper, how is he doing, these days?"

"Well," Edgar says, drawing out the word hesitantly. "Well enough, well enough. I don't know as I'd just like to take the risk of selling him though. He's a bit older than this girl."

Boldibad shakes his head decidedly. "Indeed, Mr. Thistlewool," he says to Murray. "I am very particular about these kinds of things. You want to make sure your animals are happy with each other if you are travelling as far as Bree, from the Shire. Besides, if you'll pardon me, there are so many suspicious characters around here--such a nice-looking beast as your, er, Mille, would be an obvious target for theft."

"Let's see this Piper!"

"I see, " nods Murray, but does so doubtfully. Surely he's never heard of a horse's colour causing other horses to dislike the poor thing. He shrugs, full of thoughts, but gestures the hobbit over. "But, I take it you'd look good after your horse, sir.. Letting a theif get to it, you say.." he mumbles under his breath.

Edgar shrugs, and heads towards another stall, opening the half-door for the hobbit to look inside. Piper is clearly older, though yet in good condition. He is a bright bay - red-brown with black mane and tail - and a little taller than the first pony, though not much.

Boldibad follows Edgar over to the other stall and takes a look at the pony. "Well, this one seems to be a bit too tall, actually." He strokes his chin, and examines the animal carefully. "But, not by much, I suppose. Seems a bit old, though!"

Murray walks into the stall as well, and kneels down near Piper. He runs a hand carefully through the pony's mane, and looks it straight in the eye. Clearly, Murray is taken backwards in time, as he sees the old thing. "Good old Piper," he murmurs, "how's you holding up, old man?" he says, and pets the pony once more, this time its muzzle.

Edgar's patience is not of the greatest. "Sorry then," he says. "T'other one's too short, this one's too tall - there ain't a pony you'll find fits in the inch there is betwixt 'em. Reckon my beasts not being what you'd like, you'll want to be on your way. Don't know as how I want to be letting old Piper go, anyhow."

Murray makes his way back out the stall, and looks around the stable again. "But don't be fooled by Piper either, Mr Bolger. He may have been around long, but he's still a strong fellow, if I'm not mistaken"

"But I do understand your consideration, though.. It mostly being your companion's money and all," Murray adds. "These are fine horses, here, and you being in that situation and all, sir. I say, you wouldn't find better in Bree, I'm sure"

"Well, just allow me to look at him for a few moments. I was only thinking out loud," says Boldibad. He sighs, shifting his weight, as he inspects the pony. He crosses his arms, and shakes his head a couple times in contemplation. He says to Murray, "Well, I don't know... I'm not too fond of the name. Perhaps Speed, or Dash would have sounded a bit nicer. The tail is rather short... how much is your brother asking?"

"Aha! For the sake of name, then?" chuckles Murray. "It'd be in your own right to rename the beast, be it yours ofcourse." As for the tail, it seems there's nothing Murray can do
As for Boldibad's last comment about price, Murray looks at Edgar and shrugs his shoulders: "I'd say that be a question adressed to my brother?"

Edgar crosses his arms as well, eyeing the hobbit and then shaking his head. "Mille'd be better for your purposes," he says. "If you don't like her color, dye her a nice brown. She's gentle as a pony can be, and sturdy. She'll trot along with a will, all the day, if you treat her right."

Boldibad says, "Dye a pony?" He puts his hands on his hips. "I knew you Big-folk do things differently here, but I didn't think... can you really dye a pony?"

"I believe you can, mr Bolger. I believe you can. We just need to take good care, and use the right remedies, ofcourse.", says Murray. He then looks over at Edgar, with a twinkle, "Do'ye still have the horse-dye, Brother?" he murmurs

"Certain you can. It's easy, and cheap too. And lasts a good while. You'll have a first-rate valuable pony and no one the wiser, Mister Bolger." Edgar nods to Murray, and goes off into his tack room. There are the sounds of shuffling about, and after a bit, he returns, holding a tinful.

Murray nods, as his brother returns with the substance. "There you have it, Mr Boldibad. I'm afraid we don't quite have the full selection of colours, thouh" he adds, laughing quite heartily as he says this. "And I'll have to agree with Edgar here, you'd be wise to pick Mille. She's a strong pony, just look at her!"

Boldibad looks over at Piper. "I rather like Dash, here. I tell you, sir, that one over there is too tall!" He pats his change purse, and says, "I am willing to pay. Three or four silvers is not considered a huge loss for me." He suddenly seems to have a new thought. "However, I would be interested in some of your horse dye as well. Maybe you would part with a bit of it?"

Boldibad looks over at Piper. "I rather like Dash, here. I tell you, sir, that one over there wouldn't do! That one would be too much of a distraction." He pats his change purse, and says, "I am willing to pay. Three or four silvers is not considered a huge loss for me." He suddenly seems to have a new thought. "However, I would be interested in some of your horse dye as well. Maybe you would part with a bit of it?"

"Oh, well. I don't know that I want to be parted with old Piper," Edgar protests. He eyes the pony. "I couldn't see letting him go for less than 6."

Meanwhile the haggle is on, Murray walks up and down the aisle, still looking at the changes been made since his last visit; the old barn has had a repaint, as well as a lot of fixing up. It appears, he doesn't want to interfere with the two parts, haggling. He starts to load up his pipe again..

Boldibad crosses his arms again, and elevates his nose. "Mr. Murray, would you please remind your brother that he invited me to look at Dash--er, 'Piper,' as an alternative to that creature back there, and that it is obviously a way to get a better price? Perhaps three silvers, and a barrel of fresh Southlinch, from the Shire."

Murray spins around to face the hobbit again, as he was just about to mind his own business for a while. "Erh.." he says, hesitant, "I don't intend to be rude, Mr.," he says slowly, "But I'd have to remind you, that I just arranged for you to come here, as a gesture of helping a stranger in needs, out. I don't believe that Edgar is trying to con you, in any way when he offers Piper. I for once, still believe that you should pick Mille,".

Edgar is frowning. "And I would like to remind /you/, Mister Bolger, that it was you as said you didn't want Mille, for her being too white, and did I have another pony. I'd not have bothered showing you Piper at all. Five silver, and I'll add in some of the dye. Though why you'd be needing it, seeing as how you want the brown pony, I can't be saying." He looks at Boldibad suspiciously. "I can't be party to no Law-breaking, now."

Boldibad chuckles, "No, no, don't misunderstand me." He coughs unnaturally, "I just like to have a lot of useful things on hand--you just never know when your neighbor might need to borrow some odd item. The Proudfoots for instance... might be able to use this dye. Yes, I think they could come to have some need of it." He trails off and glances around. Changing the subject, he says, "Five silver... we don't do things like that in the Shire. Perhaps... four would be an almost reasonable exchange for that old pony. What do you say?"

Murray finds a suitable spot for sitting, and lights his pipe again; smoke puffs around him. Once fully lit, he interrupts the hagglers again: "That old pony.. He'd be as valuable as Mille, if I'm to say something. What he may lack behind in, coming of age, he has in his calmnes and reliability." Murray looks at Edgar, then over at the pony in question. "Five'd be the price for Mille, to say at least.. But it's not my ponies, so I won't join in on the haggle here."

"Four," Edgar agrees. "And a barrel of Southlinch, as you say."

[Boldibad] You say, "Will you send back the empty barrel?"

"Certainly," Edgar replies.

Seemingly happy, Murray chuckles: "Now, so you managed to come to an agreement, after all. Who would have thought."

Boldibad snaps his fingers, "It sounds like we have ourselves a deal!" He looks over at Murray, "See? I told you we would be able to work something out." He reaches into the pouch under his belt, and removes four pennies, handing them to Murray's brother. "As for the pipeweed, it is currently in my room at the Prancing Pony. Should I have Murray send it to you?"

You +give 4 Silver Pennies to Murray.

"That will do nicely, thank you. D'you want to take him with you now, or come fetch him in the morning?" Edgar asks, regarding the pony.

Murray smiles at the hobbit, but then looks serious; "You'll take good care of him now, then. And he'll serve you well." his face lightens up again, "Ofcourse I'll take the weed with me next time I come by, brother. And Mr Bolger, sir, it seems you and your companions will yet again be able to return to the Shire."

Boldibad nods at Edgar, "I'll take Dash in the morning, I suppose. There's plenty of hay in his stall for this night, isn't there? I trust you wouldn't sell a hungry animal."

To Murray, he says, "Indeed. And, of course I'll take care of him! I'll need him in good condition if I ever expect to make it back to Bree with more pipeweed."

Edgar frowns more heavily. "Brother," he says to Murray, shutting the stall door. "Next time you hear of anyone wishing to buy a beast, I'd like it if you'd make sure he isn't in the habit of going about insulting a man's good name."

Murray looks a bit dejected, and at the same time a bit like he's at a loss; all he wanted was to help out a stuck stranger, and what other way to do it, than to maybe even make a slight profit off of it. His shoulders sink, and he nods silently and obeying at his older brother.

Boldibad smiles obliviously and nods his head, "Well, I suppose I shall retire to the common house for the night. A pleasure, gentlemen!"

"Good even," Edgar grunts. To his brother, "Murray, there's a bit of dried apple pie needing eating, if you'd join me?"

<OOC> Nob says, "thanks for the scene, all. :)"
<OOC> You say, "Thanks for the RP :)"
<OOC> Murray says, "Yes thanks alot :)"

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