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A (dis)Honest Merchant?

Short Summary: Gavving makes plans in the underbelly of Laketown and runs into a familiar face.
Date (real-life): 2011-03-18
Scene Location: Market Pool
Date (in-game): June 15 of 3052
Time of Day: Late night
Weather: Stormy summer's night

Players: Gavving
             Scampre (played by Lorthrain)

The Market Pool 

Though this lower level dock extends a great distance, the Market Pool itself lies directly beneath the centre of Esgaroth. Barrels and crates line the wooden retaining walls of the Market Pool, and wooden cranes and pulleys line the wharf. Walkways and lanterns line either side of the cargo channel which, eventually, leads to the western end of the docks. A distinct smell of fish stains the air. Sounds of water reverberating against the pilings clap and boom over the noise of the docks.


Obvious exits:
 Cargo Channel leads to Esgaroth Docks,  Western End.
 Stairway up leads to The Market Square.

With the night and the storm at its peak. Flashes of light illuminate the undercarriages of the town on the lake. Frightening shadows appear to taunt the senses only for an instant before retreating back into the darkness. The rolls of thunder intermix with the moving of barrels. Storm or not, there is always work that needs to be done by someone. The few scattered people who decided to brave the weather try to fight off the elements the best they can, but the gods always win in the end.
Walking amongst the barrels is a familiar sight, although not at this time of night. Two gentlemen whom are better acquainted with the worlds above walk closely together and glance over at the few barrels being moved upwards. Torchlight fight the stormy breeze and adds to the shadows dancing playfully against the background. The conversations is heard in only little snippets as the thunder and the crashing of barrels makes it harder to make out the full context. "I told you this shipment has to go out tomorrow.." says the tall one, whose face is is recognized in the flashes light as Gavving Tull. "Not to worry Master Gavving.." says the obese one, now recognized Gavving's partner Falstaff. "Our contacts will be ready in Sarn Gebir by the time it arrives.."
A roll of thunder makes the rest of the conversation inaudible as the two men continue walking the pool a few before stopping again "You had better be right about this my friend.." says Gavving, as his tone turns towards the uncertainty of what will happen next." I don't like surprises.." Falstaff's reassuring tone in his voice tries to quell his master's fears "Not to worry Master Gavving, everything is according to the plan."

The cloaked figure seemingly searching the barrels and crates appears to have a measure of success for, setting down his bucket, he shifts aside a stack of the wooden pallettes to create some space between them and the wall. Then, retrieving his bucket he slips into that gap, making his way along behind the row of barrels and stores.
As the sound of the voices draws closer, though, he halts, and waits in the shadows warily.

"Make sure that tomorrows manifest reflects the changes we made.." Gavving pauses as something catches his eye. Gavving brings his index finger to his lips as he motions to Falstaff to take his leave with a slow jerk of his head. Falstaff bows his head and heads up the stairs towards the Market Square and disappears into the night. Gavving resumes his walking, but his footfalls are more precise and timed as he looks around trying to see what caught his attention before.
His left hand falls to his side as he takes care to locate anything out of the ordinary. Seeing a stack of pallets shifted, Gavving slowly continues his path down the channel "If you are going to rob me," Gavving calls out into the darkness, "I should say that you caught me on a bad night. I have nothing but a few coppers. Hardly worth the effort wouldn't you say."

"Oh," says a voice in reply, and the cloaked figure steps forth from the shadows of the crates, "I wasn't eying your money-purse, sir, just your features. Master Gavving, it's not often we see you down here in the Market Pool. Me either, though, so I suppose we're even."
Following this, setting his bucket aside once more, the figure draws back the hood of his cloak to reveal the cheeky face of Scampre. "Having a stroll in the storm are we?"

A sly smile comes to Gavving's face as a familiar voice and face emerge from the barrels. Gavving left hand releases something shiny as a flash of lightening bounces off it. A look of concern quickly comes to Gavving's face as he quickly looks around for anyone looking their way and rushes forward and grabs Scampre's shoulders and pushes both himself and Scampre into the darkness.
"Never you mind what I'm doing here...Are you mad? Why aren't you two days ride away from here? You know Captain Celys and that Constable from the Flagon are eager on seeing you hang from the nearest tree." Gavving's look of concern shifts to almost disbelief as his seems almost afraid to ask "Oh please tell me you didn't have anything to do with those two guys being killed.."
Scampre's eyes narrow at this, and he curls a lip as he answers: "Don't worry, Mr Gavving. There aint no-one here but ourselves, so you don't have to pretend. Those two chaps got what was coming to them, as was agreed by the lads. But don't you worry about my safety; I've got some plans."
A glance up and down the cargo channel is taken, ere the rogue grins and shuffles closer a pace. "Of course I could be hiding in the 'Decks, or skipped outt o another town, and still could if needs be. But it just so happens we're taking the chance to see what this Norfred is really like. Whether he's in for the long haul. as you mariners say. And he's been kind enough to put me up in one of the Merchant's Guild's old warehouses, while he works on clearing my name..."
Scampre grins widely, and finishes: "What a nice fellow, no?"

The sly smile returns as he looks around again and leans in "Of course they got it coming to them. If Markus thinks he and the Order can rule the Guild, he's sorely mistaken." Gavving's face returns to a look a concern "It wasn't supposed to be as public as it was though. The Watch are not to be taken lightly. I have gone through great lengths to keep my name out of their 'persons of interest' ledger."
Leaning back in, Gavving continues "As for your noble friend, he should also take care in his actions. Whispers of his relationship with that barmaid from the Flagon has not gone over in his House very well. He's casting a very bright light upon himself. Just remind him to be wary. The Houses aren't the only ones who have taken notice of his...affections." Gavving leans back to make sure the coast is clear, taking his time to look down the channel "Just watch yourself...I don't trust anyone in the Houses." Gavving pauses as he leans in lets out a quick laugh "And they call us crooks.." Gavving straightens himself out and brushes himself off "Just remember Rule 48 The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife."

Scampre joins in Gavving's brief laughter, nodding in agreement to the reiteration of the Rule. "You're not wrong, Gavving, but I think ol' Norfred can handle it. His business with the Flagon wench may be all about town, but it's provided a nice distraction for all his other business, too. Can't no-one call courting a commoner a crime, even if certain crowds frown upon it. And yeah, that was unfortunate the Girion lord getting wind of the punishment. Would have been better to keep the King's nose out of things, but, what's done is done I suppose."
Sniffing then, raising his bucket, the rogue grins anew. "Care for a bite? I managed to get Harmon to save me some choice trout, and am about to get 'em cooked now that traffic's died down."

Shaking his head at the fish, Gavving politely declines "No my friend, that catch is all yours to enjoy. But you do bring up a good point about the barmaid..she is a good distraction." Gavving brings his right hand to his beard and begins to rub it in thought "Perhaps this Norfred might be of some use to us you think. It can't hurt to have another contact in the Arathmor hall. "
Gavving mumbles to himself as if working out the details of an elaborate plot. Turning towards the hungry rogue, Gavving asks "You think you might be able to set up a meeting between us two?" Gavving suddenly turns his attention to approaching footsteps but turns back as the begin to echo in the distance.

Nodding to this, also glancing warily into the gloom, Scampre sniffs ere he replies: "I think it can be arranged, aye. I'm waiting for him to pay me a visit in the warehouse, and hopefully when he does I'll be able to tell him what a fine friend he might have in the esteemed Master of the Tull Import Company."
"Tell you the truth," says the rogue then, "I was always surprised you weren't already close with the Merchants Guild. Still, yer business is yer own, Gavving. That's been the agreement since Duartr left, after all. You're going to make it worth my while to spread your name about to m'lord Arathmor, I assume?" he grins then.
"Surely there's a rule about that too..."

"Excellent.." replies Gavving as he rubs his hands together at the thought of a new business venture. Gavving concentration is broken as he remembers that he was asked a question or two. "I know of Lord Norfred, but I'm sorry to say that I have not had a whole lot of contact with him. The Merchant's Guild doesn't hold me in great favor because of my desire to keep my business contacts to myself. Rule 10 Greed is eternal. So I've kept out of their halls as much as I can."
Returning to a look of deep though, Gavving stares out into space as he softly says "Master Duartr's agreement to let me run the business without interference was something of a more personal nature to my predecessor that I inherited." A quick smile appears and disappears just as quickly as he turns and faces Scampre "Now, as far as you are concerned. Your help will be rewarded upon your acquittal. As far the rule..let's us see..ahh. Rule 41 Profit is its own reward." Gavving smiles and taps Scampre on the left shoulder. "And you will be rewarded my friend.."

Meeting Gavving's eye, Scampre smiles widely, and shrugs at the tap. "Don't know much about your Rules, but here's one I always follow: no time like the present. Come now, Mr Gavving, you've known me a while, and how am I to earn any other coins while I'm cooped up in secret? Spare me a silver or three to tide me over, and you'll be hearing from Lord Norfred soonly."
A grubby hand is held out, palm upward, as the rogue grins. "And I'll tell you this, too: seek out a man named Brev, or Brunni. He's not afraid of getting his hands dirty in exchange for a few coins, if you know what I mean..."

Gavving smiles at the attempt to appeal to his softer side. Shaking his head, he reaches inside his coat pocket and pulls out a small leather pouch. Gavving slyly grins as he softly shakes the pouch and listens to he jingling of coins within. "I guess Rule 59 does apply in this case. Free advice is seldom cheap." Gavving tosses the pouch towards Scampre's midsection and nods "There are at least four silver dimes and and two copper pennies in there. That should help ease your suffering." Gavving shakes his head and softly laughs.

Scampre grins twice as wide at this, and pockets the pouch with a subtle wiping of his clothes, ere he bows his head. "You're a gentleman and a scholar, Master Gavving. The world needs more folk like yer. When I get to see the lads, I'll be sure to tell them how helpful you've been. You know who they like us all to play nicely together. Sure you won't stop in for a bite?"

Gavving smiles and shakes his head. "No my friend, Rule 22 A wise man can hear profit in the wind. And I have several voices speaking to me. Although give the gentlemen my best and I will have a job for them soon. Just be careful, something is bugging me about all this, but I can't quite figure it all out. All the same, should be a profitable adventure."
With the first rays of light cresting over the horizon, the footfalls above start to become more frequent. Gavving bows his head "I look forward to meeting your friend and I will keep a look out for this Brev fellow. You keep alive and a low profile. I will see what I can do about the Watch and hopefully buy you all some more time."

"I'd appreciate it," thanks Scampre to this last, and he takes up his bucket once more. Pulling the hood down to cover his features, the wily old pickpocket waves a hand in parting. "You get topside again, Master Gavv, before anyone finds anything bad to say about yer. I'll see about sending his Lordship your way..."

Gavving nods and quickly makes for the stairs and runs into a rather perplexed dockworker. "Master Gavvin' wha brings you down 'ere?" Gavving smiles and points to several barrels "I'm making sure that these are made on board the next shipment southbound." The dockworker shrugs it off and says "It's your cargo Master Gavvin' .The ship should be departing before the hour and I'll make sure these are on board personally."
Gavving nods and flips him a coin "Much appreciated my good man. I'll be at the Dockmaster is you need to find me." The dockworker nods and loads several barrels to be taken upward. Gavving walks up the stairs and disappears into the growing market crowd.

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