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Robbery in the Market Square!

Short Summary: At the dead of night, a trio of burglars attempt to make off with goods from the Armour Shoppe. However, they have not reckoned with the Watch's newest Constable, Korimeh, and any passing Girion noblemen.
Date (real-life): 2011-03-05
Scene Location: The Market Square
Date (in-game): May 7, 3052
Time of Day: Midnight
Weather: Clear
03:01 PM
Logfile from Elendor.
Real Time: Sat Mar 05 15:03:02 2011 MST

Dale-Lands Time: Sunday, midnight on a clear spring's night, May 7 of 3052
The Market Square(#9653Rto)

  You have arrived in the two-hundred eighty feet by two-hundred eighty feet open-air market known as the Market Square. Four buildings, brighter in colour than most of the buildings in town, border the market and are filled with shops of every kind, along with the taverns and other places people like to meet. Hawkers walk about with carts peddling goods, and entertainers draw a few crowds when the weather is decent. People from the outlying areas, and the occasional groups of Dwarves or Elves, may be seen amongst the locals.

  The very center of the Market itself is a fenced-off hole spanning ninety feet in circumference. A few steps descending through the hole leads to the Market Pool, an area directly beneath the town. A few pulley contraptions bordering the area might suggest that it is used as a means of transporting goods directly from rafts into the market square.


Obvious exits:
 West leads to Center of Bowman Street.
 East leads to Center of Avenue of Tales.
 North leads to Center of Firespark Lane.
 South leads to Center of Merchant's Way.
 Market Pool leads to The Market Pool.
The Town Hall, Tavern, Gamer's Den, Armour Shoppe, and Weapon Shoppe

The evening's shade has slipped over the Market Square of Esgaroth, and so it is that the square is generally deserted, save for the occasional passerby on his way to some other destination. But while it is empty, the calm it enjoys is fleeting, for as the hour draws loser to midnight a sudden ruckus can be heard from the Armor Shop of the Smiths' Guild.

There is the muffled sound of raised voices, ere the smashing of glass, and the bursting open of the doors of the shop. Out into the Square hurry a trio of men; each burly and strong it seems, for their arms bear helms, gauntlets, mail and various other items that look to have been pilfered from the shop's inventory.

Indeed, as they burst out into the lamplight, the sound of anger and outrage follows them. "Stop! Thieves!" cries the voice of a man unseen. "Someone help!"

Near the middle of the square, looking from the fence down to the Market Pool, is Korimeh, a Constable of the Guard. He turns as he hears voices, and begins to approach the shop as he hears glass being smashed. Then, seeing the doors burst open and three men pour out with various pieces of armor, he surveys them and draws his bastardsword with his right hand and unloops his axe with his left, knowing that he couldn't face them without those as an aid. Running to intercept them, he yells, "Stop!!!"

But taking one look at Kormeh's approach, the men do just the opposite, and amid a flurry of growls and mutters they turn to flee as best they can southward. But slower going do they makie of it than doubtless they would like, for the weight of the items they bear seems not inconsiderable as they run.

And bursting from the shop doors to follow them is another fellow; his face known about town as Lurdel, the Master of the Smiths Guild. He too bears a large sword in his hands, and as he pants his hefty frame out into the Suqare he too gives chase.

Korimeh meanwhile runs as fast as he can, trying to catch up to the trio. Not as encumbered as they are, he gains on them slowly. Shaking his head slightly, he smiles softly as he speeds off towards them, his leathers shifting comfortably with their coinciding pieces and his arms moving naturally with his weapons as he runs.

And it seems the trio did not reckon on this pursuit, for with heavy breaths and tiring limbs they slow to a halt, turning to face the rush of the Constable. Still a little ways behind Korimeh is the armorsmith, though he too is gaining, and the men watch him with sneers even as one of them drops his stoeln wares upon the planks of the street.

"He's just a greenhorn," grunts one of the other two. "Take care of him, Gurd..." And with that the unburdened man leers toward Korimeh; snatching up a throwing knife from his belt. As he sends it speeding through the air toward his pursuer, his fellows continue to head southward, and Gurd draws a second, far longer blade in readiness.

Seeing the throwing knife as it is being drawn, Korimeh does as it it being thrown the only thing he can do at such high pursuit speeds: slide. Letting one foot go further than the other, Korimeh slides on his left side towards the one the called Gurd. Recovering after he is sure the throwing knife is past him, he gets up quickly and fluidly, making sure to guard himself as does so. Readying himself to fight, he frowns at Gurd and says, "Don't make this any harder on yourself than it already is- Gurd, isn't it? Just come with me." He then motions to the armorsmith to stay back.

A narrowing of Gurd's eyes follows this, and his lip curls into a snarl as he looks the Guardsman over. "Shouldn't ought to have been listening to that, my lad. Now you're just forcing me to make sure your tongue can't wag..." And with that he springs suddenly into life, stepping forward to slash his sword's blade across Kormeh's chest.

Lurdel, the armorsmith meanwhile has arrived behind the Constable, and scowling to the nefarious thug he does as Korimeh bids. "I hope you know what you're doing, Constable..." he says warily, hefting his greatsword all the same.

Meanwhile the escape of the other two thieves is hindered yet further, for in the distant lamplight appears the silhouette of another figure; standing in their way. A flash of steel in the glow can be seen, ere a harsh challenge is called out to the miscreants. "Hold, in the name of the King, or be cut down by his kin!" Girion livery shows as the figure steps forth, and the young lord known as Lorthrain has also arrived, it seems.

Korimeh brings his axe across his body to block the slash at his chest and follows through with it, trying to throw Gurd off balance. Meanwhile, he has also started and underhanded slash with his bastardsword, which slides just above the street, inches off of it's wooden planks, before coming up from under Gurd's waist to slash at his inner right thigh. He also yells out, "Be safe, Lord Girion!"

Lurdel cheers the young GUardsman on, but his eyes never stray far from the point of Gurd's weapon; it seems the old smith has seen many of his works put to use in his time, and he seems ready to join should the need arise. In the meanwhile, the thief has a task indeed to evade the swipe of Korimeh's unusual blade, though evade it he does as he spins away from the Constable.

Gurd spits upon the street at his adversary's feet ere he steps forth anew with a feint of his weapon to the right; a deft turn of his wrist sending it's point snaking out suddenly to the left instead.

Further along the street, Lorthrain's appearance has been met with growls of dismay and anger, though it seems the thugs are no fools; dishonourable as they may be. They drop their haul upon the wooden planks beneath their feet, and as one of them darts away the other hurls a helm towards the Girion lord's face. Lorthrain ducks and turns as the heavy item courses towards his head, and his shoulder takes the damage, even as the pair of plunderers make good their escape.

By the time the Girion lord turns back to face them, they have vanished, and in the lamplight the nobleman's eyes turn towards the Square once more. Hastening up the street, he forgets the wargear behind his as he speeds to join the fray.

Fooled by the feint in the beginning, Korimeh counts himself lucky to have his axe in his left hand, for he quickly yet awkardly loops it around to make the blade miss his body and arm by mere inches. Then, he brings his bastardsword around to hit against the thieve's weapon in order to secure its uselessness temporarily before he attempts to disarm the man via cutting off his arm.

No limbs fly at this attempt, for Gurd seems to be no stranger to combat, and he sneers as the axe comes down; slipping to one side to avoid its fury. But each passing moment brings with it a growing panic in his actions, and as he catches sight of the advancing Girion, he throws out a desperate stab of his blade towards Korimeh's stomach.

Lorthrain, meanwhile, has managed to arrive, and he stands a couple of paces away, his sword trained upon the thief as he circles in search of an opening.

Korimeh jumps slightly back and brings his left foot back even further, twisting his body so the blade going towards his stomach misses it by inches. Bringing his bastardsword up and towards Gurd's hand, he tries to nick his sword hand.

And here the training of the young Guard pays dividends, for Gurd is caught off-guard by the less than lethal aim of Korimeh; he overreaches his parry and is caught indeed across the knuckles by the edge of the Constable's sword. Down clatters his own, even as he sinks to his knees with a grimace of pain, blood seeping to stain his thieving hands.

Lorthrain relaxes a little at this, and nods approvingly, his features yet stern as the miscreant kneels upon the street. Forward he steps to rap his pommel against Gurd's forrid, and with a dull sigh the ruffian slumps to the floor, unconscious.

The Girion lord looks to Korimeh then, and finally a smile manages to curl upon his lips; though it is grim.

Korimeh pants intensely, as he bows to the Lord Girion. "I thank you for your assistance, Lord Girion." He says between labored breaths. Motioning to the Armorsmith that he could get his armors, he places both hands on either of his knees and just pants for a few seconds. Recovering himself, he nods to the Lord of Girion and smiles softly himself before saying, "I am glad that my first incident could end so painlessly!"

A grim laugh is heard then from Lorthrain's lips, and he chuckles ruefully as he looks the fallen figure of Gurd over once or twice. "Aye," says the nobleman, "you have been fortunate, though do not thank luck so readily; your skill did the work for you. Alas that I could not prevent his accomplices from escaping..."

At this point Lurdel steps forward and bows to both Korimeh and Lorthrain. "Oh, thank you sirs, my lords, so very much. I would never have caught them by myself. I'm as glad as a man can be for the swift eyes and feet of the Esgaroth Watch."

Korimeh smiles then to Lurdel as he says, "I am no lord, friend, just a Constable of the Watch- I take my job seriously. And- by the way... Thank you for being so willing to join in the fight. It makes me realize, more than ever, that I am appreciated for what I do." Then, he looks to Gurd and says to the Lord Girion, "I have a thought we may be able to get identities from this one. And, it is just as much my fault, my Lord."

"When a man is forced to choose," replies Lorthrain to Korimeh, stoically, "between defending himself or giving pursuit, no blame can be levied upon him. So says I, at any rate," he adds with a sudden grin. "Though it does perhaps have a nice ring to it?"

He shakes his head then and nudges Gurd's shoulder with the tip of his boot. "Nay, good Constable, you did the right thing, and as you say: now we have a chance to learn more of his colleagues and their dirty business. I have a feeling your Captain will be proud of you, sir."

Lurdel puffs up his chest and adds to Lorthrain's words at this, smiling and bowing anew. "And if HE doesn't then this fellow certainly does, and you just let me know. The Guild of Smiths will be grateful indeed for your service, lad."

Korimeh blushes slightly, but nods somewhat proudly himself. Then, looking to Lurdel, he grins a bit himself. "It's my job, friend- and like I said, I take my job seriously." Then, looking to Lorthrain, he smiles, "Well, thank you again for your assistance. I do hope the Captain will be proud- might you two do me the favor of, in your own words and describing what you saw, just tell the Captain exactly what happened today? I'll get this Gurd fellow to the jailer."

"Let me aid you there," suggests Lorthrain to this, and he grins anew. "He's not the lightest of fellows, to judge by the crash he made upon the street planks, and you've already tired yourself. If you take an arm, and I the other, we can likely make shorter work of it."

He glances then to Lurdel. "Have you men you can fetch to help you collect your property, Master Lurdel?"

"Oh most certainly," confirms the Smith, and he nods gratefully. "I'll rush off to find them right now, if you two might be persuaded to hang about a minute in the meantime? I wouldn't like to leave all this merchandise laying about for any passerby to pick up..."

Korimeh nods to Lorthrain and says, "Sounds like a plan. Let us wait for the Smith to get his men to pick up his merchandise." He smiles then, before continuing with, "I mean- he is knocked out good and solid, right?" He then winks to the Lord Girion.

"I've learned a trick or two serving in the King's armies, aye," grins the nobleman in reply, and he nods to Lurdel. The Smith hurries away quickly, still wielding his greatsword, and with a sniff of interest Lorthrain glances down to the prone figure of Gurd once more.

"He should be out for a good while, and if he wakes? Well, he can always be given another nap if he's any trouble. You did very well, Constable; I am impressed. Have you had any lessons with the sword before your induction into the Watch?"

Korimeh blushes again but shakes his head slowly. "No- no lessons, my lord. I practiced when I could- I was a stable hand, and some of the visitors would practice with me, enough for me to teach myself most of it." He smiles then, and shakes his head again. "I've practiced alone since I was young. I know my style is unrefined, but it gets the job done." He looks to the Lord Girion then, and asks, "You say you were in the King's Armies, my lord? That must've taught you quite a bit."

"That is has," confirms the other, " and that it continues to do, Constable. I am still a lieutenant among the King's Men, and shall contonue to be so until I am retired or earn higher. I have been groomed for high command, but I do not fool myself that the intentions of one House, even though they be royalty, are enough to warrant such a place. We shall see what the future brings, though part of me hopes that the need to win valor never arises. I much prefer our times of peace...'

Lorthrain chuckles too as he sheathes his blade, and nods to Korimeh's unusual weapon. "I notice you choose a sword unlike those of the rest of the guardsmen. Does it too get the job done, as you put it?"

Korimeh loops his axe back into its loop before hefting his bastardsword and showing it to Lord Lorthrain. "It's a hand-and-a-half sword, my lord- heavier and longer than a longsword, but not as much so as a greatsword, it can be used with one or both hands. I use it just with my right hand, and an axe in my left. I find it to be an effective combination." He chuckles before he finishes with, "One that gets the job done."

A fresh laugh, and Lorthrain nods with mock solemnity. "And how can I argue, for I myself have seen its usefulness. Perhaps there is something our soldiers might be able to learn from you, my young friend," he adds with a wink.

"But tell me, if you do not mind, of this time you spend in the stables. Were you raised here in the Lake-town?"

Korimeh laughs a bit himself at the Lord's suggestion of him teaching in the army, but nods. "I was originally from Lake-town, my lord, but I moved at a young age to Iach Celduin to work at my uncle's inn as a stable hand." Blushing somewhat fiercely, then, he continues, "My father skipped out on a loan, and I needed to work so my sister, who has a horrid disease, may live." He looks away, then, ashamedly.

"A disease?" asks Lorthrain at this, though there is no trace of scorn in his words. "What kind of disease, if I do not pry too deeply, good Constable? Have you or she ever consulted the Houses of Healing, just a short walk north from here?"

Korimeh nods to the Lord Girion, and says, "Aye, my Lord. They cannot treat it permanently- she requires constant medicating, to stop its progress. The healers say that even a day off of her medications and she would die. I have worked all my life for her." He smiles then. "Just going to see her and my mother, and seeing her smile- makes it all worth it." He shakes his head then, happily, but continues. "I just wish I could do more for her."

"Does she still live in the south?" asks the Girion lord then, soberly. "Or have your mother and she joined you in Esgaroth?"

Korimeh smiles to the Lord Girion. "She lives here, with my mother, Lord. They always have- I am the one who moved down to Iach Celduin, alone." He smiles then. "Why do you ask, my lord?"

"Ahhh," says the other, with a nod of understanding. "I see. Well, my friend, I ask because if they still tarried on the south, I would have gladly invited them up here, to stay in my House's halls, until they find accommodation. But, I can see now that no such thing is necessary."

He sniffs then, only to add: "I think you shall do just fine for them, Constable Korimeh. Just fine. A constable's pay is nothing fabulous, I understand, but with bravery and skilll such as was shown this night, I can hardly think you will remain a constable for long..."

Korimeh looks to the Lord Girion somewhat surprisedly. "Truly, my lord?" He asks, flabbergasted. "I mean... I am just doing my job." Shaking his head then, he smiles somewhat, and looks to the Lord appreciatively.

It is the nobleman's turn to smile then, and he nods besides. "That may be, my friend, but not everyone is cut out to do their job -well-. I for one am glad to have men such as yourself keeping watch upon our streets. Again, I think your Captain will deem likewise."

It is then that Lurdel returns from the east, a quartet of guildsmen in tow and each bears in his hands a sturdy sack. As the four fellows begin to collect the wares of the Smiths, their Guildmaster bows once more to Korimeh and the Girion lord.

"Thank you again, sirs," says he. "Believe me, the Steward shall hear of these matters when next the Town Council meets."

Korimeh chuckles to the Lord Girion, blushing somewhat at his high praise, but is saved by Lurdel's return. Bowing back to him in respect, he smiles and says, "Thank you, my friend," appreciatively. Then, looking to Lord Girion, he asks, "Shall we?" while motioning to the arms of Gurd.

"Aye," agrees Lorthrain, and he reaches down to take hold of one of the miscreant's lifeless wrists. Grunting a little as he pulls back to take the strain, he chuckles and nods with finality to Lurdel. "Just be glad that Captain Celys is training such fine men beneath his command, Master Lurdel. Have a fine evening."

Holding the other wrist in his hand, Korimeh pulls Gurd along as well, nodding to Lurdel as they pass him. A few moments pass by before Korimeh says to Lorthrain, "Thank you again for your assistance, my lord. And- just so you know, my lord... If you ever need anything, I would be honored to assist you." He looks to the Lord Girion tehn, and smiles at him genuinely.
"I shall be glad to remember it," smiles Lorthrain in return, with another grunt of effort.

And with that the two men drag off the body of the third, westward towards the Barracks.

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