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A Midnight meeting

Short Summary: Gavving runs into Brev in the Market Pool late at night.
Date (real-life): 2011-03-23
Scene Location: The Market Pool
Date (in-game): June 30 of 3052
Time of Day: Nighttime
Weather: A clear summer's night

Players: Gavving

The Market Pool

  Though this lower level dock extends a great distance, the Market Pool itself lies directly beneath the centre of Esgaroth. Barrels and crates line the wooden retaining walls of the Market Pool, and wooden cranes and pulleys line the wharf. Walkways and lanterns line either side of the cargo channel which, eventually, leads to the western end of the docks. A distinct smell of fish stains the air. Sounds of water reverberating against the pilings clap and boom over the noise of the docks.

Obvious exits:
 Cargo Channel leads to Esgaroth Docks, Western End.
 Stairway up leads to The Market Square.
[The Market Pool(#11540)->Gavving]
Harmon of the Fishermen's Guild is having a bad day but looks hopefully in your direction.

With the moon chasing the sun out of the sky, the darkness grows rapidly as the smell and waves of the lake begin to recede. The Market Pool itself begins to empty as the day's work is being finished and the men are taking their leave. Few remain making last minute adjustments and plans for the next day's shipping. One, who is no stranger to being at the Market Pool at all hours, is Gavving Tull.Owning a local import company, Gavving finds himself at the Market Pool quite often making sure his shipments come and leave in an orderly manner. As the moon makes it's rapid decent in the night sky, the torch-lighters find their job a little easier to see the wicks. Walking down the Market Pool is the Captain of one of his boats, the discussion is rather loud for this time of night as both men try and cool off."You nearly got yourself is a good bind that not even I can get you out of.." scolds the merchant, as the two men face off. "I told you it was foolproof.." replies the
Captain, "How was I to know they would search the hold as extensively as they did? "What about the shipment?" asks the merchant, whose tone is getting more stressed. "Not to worry Master Gavving.." replies the Captain. "It was all arranged before we left port. It should be in a day, two at the most." Having to be satisfied with the answer, Gavving replies "Then your payment shall be delayed as long as your friend is." 

"-five coppers the bucket? And them already spoiling in this heat? Two, you'll not sell them for more." The swarthy-skinned foreigner Brev - or Brunni as he introduces
himself these days - is haggling with a fisherman. He, alas, is unimpressed. "Right, that I won't," the grizzled man says, folding his arms across his chest. "You're too
late. Been a regular crowd down here today, nosing into business not their own. So you can go without." Brev shrugs, answers equably, "I'm sure I'll manage," and moves on his way.
The approaching voices attract his attention and something in the words, distorted as they are by the slapping water and echoing walls, causes his head to jerk up suddenly. Surreptitiously tugging his leather jerkin snug about his shoulders, he steps out of the shadows and into the moon-path so that the approaching pair can see him clearly. "Good evening, Master Tull," he greets. "What a happy coincidence that we should meet! Perhaps you'd have time to share a few more words of the local dialect with me?" His Common is singsong as ever, the words clear and careful - one would almost say formal.

Breaking his conversation with the man walking with him, Gavving quickly looks up and sees a rather familiar face "Ahhh..Master Brunni I recall? "Gavving inflects the
last words upward as he is not quite sure.
Dismissing the dockworker with a nod, Gavving turns his attention to the stranger about the town of the Lake and the the dockworker bows slightly before he leaves.
"Tis good to see that you were able to escape the rain before the cold over took you. What brings you to around these parts this time of night?"

That's the name I go by," Brev replies affably, turning to admire the glint of moonlight on the water - or perhaps to watch the dockworker recede from view. "And I was
just fishing - or seeking fish others have caught, more like." One corner of his mouth twitches. "Often if the seller has a few left he'll part with them cheap. Seems today others were there before me, though." He shrugs philosophically. "Quite the tale of arrest folk are telling."There is a distinct pause as his gaze flickers up and down the channel, and when he speaks again his voice is lower. "Sounds like you or your friend might have need of a carpenter, hmm?" The singsong delivery is casual; the twitch at the corner of his mouth becomes a little smile, and then smooths out again.

A quick smile breaks across Gavving face and he moves closer to the visitor. With the torches in the aarea lit, few people are even visable as the combined light of fire and moonlight make it rather bright for the time of night. "If if is a good fish meal you are after, Master Brue has some great choices." Turning his nose at a bucket of fish being carried out by the last of the dock men in the area, Gavvings adds "I personally don't have the time for the little buggers myself. The fish I catch are much, much bigger."Gavving lets out a quiet chuckle as he frowns as he addressees the tale of the arrest made "I have heard the rumors, but I have yet to confirm them myself. People tend to add a little flavor of their own when telling stories and rumors. If he is caught.." Gavving pauses as he shrugs "I can only hope for the best for him. He was a good source of information that will be sorely missed." Gavving pauses in reflection before continuing, "As for any carpentry that needs to be done. I'm sure I can find you some work if you are looking to do so."

Brev listens to Gavving's words, chuckling at the comment about fish. "Don't often go to the Flagon myself. Fishtale's cheaper - 'sides, my lodgings are down that way. Pays to make friends with the locals. And I know what you mean about the stories. Depending which tale you listen to, yon Scampre either bathed the walls in blood," here he glances around him, where the flickering flames of the torches stain the bare wood with a reddish hue, "or dropped like a stone." As does Brev's voice at that latter statement. "Myself, I'd say he's the luckiest man alive."He lets that sink in before addressing the other topic. "Figured you might need a few minor adjustments to the hold of your boat. Protective panelling. Know how valuable some of these silks and spices are. Don't want clumsy hands on dock pawing through them when there's no need, eh? Makes sense to keep them tucked out of harms way." Import duties or their avoidance are not mentioned at all. "I've helped out a couple of other folk with that sort of thing."

A quick chuckle is followed by "You are correct that Medhir's fish is cheaper, but I tend to think you get what you pay for when eating at her establishment. and as for
Scampre's luck.." Gavving pauses as he shakes his head and and shrugs "I'm positive the Rule 44 applies to him. Never confuse wisdom for luck." Gavving leans in as he whispers "Let's just say that Mr. Scampre's associations with some important members of one of the houses kept him within the confines of the city." Leaning back, Gavving says "Or so I have been told by some people."I can talk to my shipwrights about getting you some work on the ship to keep them sailing. I know they could use the help of an experienced carpenter such as yourself. Looking around to make sure the coast is clear, Gavving leans in again and whispers. "I know of a few barrels that could use some 'fixing' too if you are so inclined." Gavving peers in and adds, "Another set of eyes and ears would be most useful too. Since I have apparently lost the use of a pair of both."

One dark brow arches up at those first words. "You could be right," Brev - or rather 'Brunni' - concedes. "In that case, I'd say that Captain Celys has been free with the money of late, judging by Medhir's admiration for Bluecloaks." That little tidbit passed on, he stares blankly at the merchant's mention of 'rules'; clearly he has no clue what Gavving might be talking about. The lower-voiced comment that follows is met by a small, swift nod and a soft murmur. "One must wonder what is is he's not supposed to say. I'm no Lake Dweller, but seems to me that if a man enters the water bound round with ropes he's not expected to bob up again."
The rest of the conversation elicits a hearty, "That'd be much appreciated, Master Tull. Still finding my feet in these parts. Need to work on a reputation." And a quieter,"Barrels? Sure. But I fear I'm not fount of wisdom the that old Scampre was. As the folk round here'd say, I can swim but I don't know the currents. Still, a man can never have too many sources of-"There is the sound of heavy booted feet on the stairs down to the Pool, and he breaks off his speech. "You'll be in touch about the carpentry, Master Tull?" he asks, pitching the singsong speech at a normal level now. "I'm roomed in one of the old buildings near the Fishtale - or maybe I could call in at your warehouse. Is it back down there?" He gestures vaguely toward the docks; he's poised on his feet, ready to leave once he has an answer.

The sound of heavy foot causes Gavving to quickly look around as he nods at the departure of Brunni and continues on his part to destinations known only to him.

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