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The trial of Scampre

Tags: Dedron,  Lorthrain,  Louse,  Irin,  Zhoin,  Brev,  Guard,  Scampre,  Isobel,  Elodie

Short Summary: Esgaroth's most notorious rogue is brought to trial for murder. The lack of evidence is more than made up for by the abundance of drama
Date (real-life): 2011-05-25
Scene Location: Esgaroth: Great Hall
Date (in-game): January 3053
Time of Day: Daytime

The Great Hall

  This is one of the largest buildings in Esgaroth. It has several chimneys and fires are usually lit. People mill about the huge banquet tables drinking, laughing and swapping tales of valour. Unlike the Inn, this place has no rooms for rent and does not sell any sort of meals. The great hall is a place where the locals can hear the deeds of their forefathers, and the common man can cook himself a good hearty meal. The walls are lined with the heraldry of the area and various artist's renditions of historical figures from Dale's past. You spot a few pictures of Bard, as well as some Dwarven pictures including Dain and a picture of Thranduil of the Elves. Presently the hall is set for some festive occasion. The center of the hall is occupied by an enormous banquet table. At the head of this large table is a raised dias with a smaller, more elegant head table.

Obvious exits:

The winter sun is shining brightly down upon the fabled Laketown this noontime, but, even were the heavens hurling snow upon the streets one can bet there would be folk abroad today. There is a buzz sluicing through the streets and alleys of Esgaroth, an anticipation that is in equal parts exciting and anxious. The long-awaited trial of the notorious Mr Scampre has finally come.

The Great Hall of the town has been set aside for the proceedings, perhaps at the behest of Lord Lorthrain of Girion, who can be seen standing in one corner of the mighty room. The rest of the hall is filled with the various citizenry of Esgaroth, both noble and pauper alike, in a hodge-podge of differing stations and attires. Indeed, alongside the Guildsmen and noblemen stand many who have surely come from the Underdecks to watch the spectacle, and their scruffy faces seem prone to scowl and glance about nervously amid so many of the high and mighty of their town.

Along the back wall a dais has been raised, upon which a seat of authority appears to have been set, and a space has beenc leared before it; maintained by the men of the Esgaroth Watch who form a guard-rail against the audience. The seat remains empty as yet, but a growing whisper among the throng suggests that the missing occupant may be on his way.

Louse, it seems, has scrubbed up for the occasion. This is made painfully obvious by the tidemark somewhere below the hairline on the youngster's features. The youngest Greenshirt is clad, as ever these days, in breeches several sizes too big and a shapeless brown cap from which only a few strands of dirty blond-brown hair straggle. Even the green shirt appears to have undergone an attempt at washing - which was a mistake. The dye has run in a couple of places, and the whole is sadly rumpled. Just as well Lord Barlin is not there to see.

The youngster glances about nervously, chewing a lip.

     As those who are close to him know, there are two faces of Lord Irin Karath. His most common dressing is that of the jovial uncle, quick to laughter and kind of heart, armed with a booming laugh and cheerful wink. His other face, though, is one more befitting of his station; the face of a High Lord of the Realm, and Master of Karath. It is this spirit that lines his features on this, his dark eyes lit with a fierce flame, his face set in stone.

     The old warrior, despite his advanced years, still has a rather immense frame; to the eternal curses of those behind him, who strain their necks to see passed his girth. Standing in the front row, flanked by lesser lords of his house, Irin watches the proceedings with a tight jaw.

 The King's justice must be done.

A huddle of dwarves are present in the Great Hall as well, bent in conversation together, taking no heed of the crowds around them. They whisper hastily in their rough tongue for a moment before a booming chorus of laughter rises from the group and several slap those next to them heartily on the back.

Louse jumps at the boom of laughter, and tugs the brown cap down a little more.
The dwarves quickly resume their huddled converse, which appears likely to continue until silence is called for.

One more figure slips in through the door, this one without any pomp or ceremony. Brev has likely come from a job, for there is sawdust in his hair and speckled on his grey cloak. He peers about, his long legs enabling him to see over the heads of the crowd easily enough (he is fortunate enough not to have to contend with Irin's bulk), then shrugs and settles quietly into a position near the door. Perhaps he's short of time?

And just then, following the peal of laughter, there is a fresh stir by the doors, and in strides a tall, lordly figure. Flanked by a pair of guards on either side, an elderly but hale man dressed in the livery of Girion arrives, and the Watchmen ensure that he has a clear passage to the dais. Lord Dedron is his name, King Brand's Steward of Esgaroth, and long has he held the office; wisdom and worry etched with equal measure into his otherwwise kindly brow. He slowly ascened to the dais, and with a nod of greeting to both Irin and Lorthrain, the lordly man takes a seat.

One of his guards steps forth as a herald, facing the muttering, mumbling throng, and raps his spear upon the ground sharply; a sure call for silence. Slowly, but surely the crowd quieten down, and all eyes turn now to the Steward in his seat.

"We are ready to begin the proceedings Mi'lord" says the guard, standing so straight it looks like he tied himself to a rod.

Louse, denied a clear view by dint of small stature, fidgets unhappily and shuffles forward a bit. "'E ain't there?" The hissing whisper, perhaps meant for the youth a few bodies away, carries uncomfortably loudly in the silence.

The guard turns and, surveying the areaq, acts as a cryer. He will remain as such for the proceedings. He calls out. "Hear ye, Hear ye. The Trial today is about to begin. It concerns one Mr. Scampre, who is charged with Theft, Murder, General misconduct."

"By all means, then," declares Lord Dedron, speaking clearly with a practised ease, "let us begin."

He looses a long sigh then, to add: "We are gathered here for an unfortunate reason, but one which is necessary to our community. It please one half of my heart to see so many of our fine citizens, from all stations, assembled together, side by side. And yet, it saddens me that it should be for so regrettable a reason as to decide the fate of one of our own. There has been much talk of Mr Scampre in many quarters of our Laketown, and I wish to say to all: we are here to judge the man fairly. Please hold your peace, whatever one may feel about him or what is said about him, until all is told that there is to tell. Then I, with the power vested in me and my office by our noble King in Dale, shall decide the matter."

There is a continuing silence then from the crowd, and the noble-folk seem sated. The poorer people, however, have many an anxious glare upon their faces as they look to this stately gentleman and his word; clearly, for many of them, they will believe tis 'fairness' when they see it.

"Bring in the accused," Dedron says to the guard at his side, and he nods soberly.

Louse quails under the guard's stern eye, and tries to crouch down. The brown cap starts to slip off, and the child grabs at it frantically, looking round to see if anyone has noticed.

She's lucky - they haven't. Those around her are too busy mutternig things ranging from, 'Hear, hear,' and, 'shame,' to, 'Hang 'im!'

"Bring in the prisoner!" the guard repeats, louder so that all may hear. A stream of guards enters, a total of ten in all. Four take the front, and in the center is Scampre, flanked by two more. Another four guards take the rear. The move in rank up to just below the dias, and break ranks, with one standing just agead of the accused, and the others behind him in a half circle.

     Unusually, Lord Irin's mouth remains closed; he watches with a grim silence as Lord Dedron speaks. But as the prisoner is brought forth, he glowers at the accused murderer, and a lady of Karath at his side places a gentle hand on his elbow, to keep him still. The old man, alas, has judgemental tendencies, and Barlin has told him all about the scoundrel Scampre.

     If he's close enough to hear any mutterings, he doesn't show it.

Brev remains still, hardly lifting his gaze as the prisoner is marched past. His swarthy features reflect all the disinterest of one watching paint dry. He makes no effort to hide, as such, but standing as he is in the shadows in a shadowy-hued cloak, one would have to look hard to notice him; even then it might be his stillness as much as anything that draws the eye.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard now says "Mr. Scampre, you have been accused of Murder and theft, along with other accounts of violence that have come to light in recent days. How do you pleade to these charges?" He looks hard at the man, with no pity or remorse for what may well come to pass in the next few hours.

"I'm innocent," snarls Scampre, who has indeed made an effort to tidy himself up it would seem, and he sniffs haughtily. "And you lot bloody well know it. It's a blody injustice to be here."

"Soft, Master Scampre," says Lord Dedron then, raising hishand for calm. "You will be called upon to answer the questions of others, but I otherwise rquire you to keep your peace. I assure you, you shall be dealt a fair hand."

The Steward's eyes then flit subtly to Lorthrain in the corner, who stirs and clears his throat. "I shall present the case against you, Master Scampre."

Louse has by now resecured the cap (though not before a few small crawling things have escaped. The tall fellow on her left edges fastidiously away; the fat woman on her right remains oblivious to the fact that something is crawling up the sleeve of her gown, toward her curling brown tresses.

At the snarl from Scampre, the child ducks reflexively, as though such tones are often accompanied by a cuff. Which, down in the Underdecks, they probably are.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guards behind scampre shuffle and adjust the grip on their weapons. They are all armed with spears, each about six feet long with a steel tip. They are a fearsome sight, and stand ominously behind the alledged murderer. They are formed so close together that they form a wall that only the tallest can see through. Grumbles abound from those directly behind them.

     " Let us see him lynched, Lord Girion..." Lord Irin booms, his face stern and serious.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard coughs.

Brev's gaze lifts to Lorthrain as though waiting to see how the man will respond.

Despite Dedron's earlier words, others cannot so easily contain themselves. Cries of "Aye, aye!" drown out a growing mutter amongst the lower classes of, "Sham!" and "Rigged!"

Scampre shrugs to Lorthrain, meeting the eyes of the nobleman fiercely, though he does not say a word, even as he scowls at Irin.

Lorthrain then clears his throat anew, stealing a grim glance to the Karath lordand ignoring the chants as he waits for them to die down. At length, he begins: "The Esgaroth Watch has gathered a number of facts regarding you, Master Scampre; few of them make for merry telling, but they are as follows. Following the attempted burglary in the Armour Shope in the Market Square, a man was taken into custody for the crime. Two of his fellows escaped capture, and remained at large. While this miscreant was in the Stockade, you met with Captain Celys and Constable Korimeh in the Training Yard, seeking to discover the indentity of the man in question. Upon learning this information, you were seen to anger, and then promptly departed."

The Girion lord pauses then, looking out into the audience, ere he continues: "Two nights later, the two missing men from the robbery were found dead by myself and one Master Brunni."

One of Brev's dark brows tilts up slightly at that statement. A corner of his mouth twitches.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard pounds his spear against the ground and crys "Silence! The next person who talks outside of the hearing will be escourted out! Do I make myself clear?" His voice carrys with an echo from the ceiling. The crowd grow silent once more.

Despite the serious nature of the proceedings, a keen eye might catch Lord Dedron permitting himself a private smile at the guard.

There is a sudden hush, broken by a half-whimper from Louse as the guard's face happens to turn in that direction. The child presses a rumpled sleeve across that gap-toothed mouth and turns green eyes groundward.

As the crowd does indeed quieten once more, Lorthrain shares a glance with Dedron ere he continues: "Following this, Master Scampre, the Esgaroth Watch made it known that they desired to bring you in for questioning, and you are known to have gone into hiding. Finally, when your hiding place was discoevered, you attempted to evade captured, and cause harm to our men fine in the blue cloaks."

A sniff, ere: "Do you deny these facts?"

The eyes of Scampre roll at this, and his hands come to rest upon his hips. "What am I expected to say, milord? Yes, all that is true. But you aint asked in any way why any of it happened, have yer? I was curious about who dnoe the robbery, sure; that kind of gossip is worth money to me, you know. no all of use were born with a silver spoon in our mouths, and some of us have to earn a living however we can, eh? So yeah, I found out who it was, and then I sold what I knew to others. If it was such a big secret, maybe you should have Celys standing here answering for murder instead of me!"

The rogue grunts. "And of course I went into hiding. You think I don't know that Celys hates me? You think I aint seen honest, hardowrking folks like me taken from the Decks and trhpwn into jail for things they aint done? I knew what was gonna happen, so I ran. And sure enough, here I am, as a scapegoat for the fact that yer precious blue-cloaks can't do their job properly and catch the REAL murderers..."

[Leofric(#27475)] "Thats enough!" the guard barks He gives the accused a stern look, and then waits for Lorthrain

[Leofric(#27475)] The crowd shuffles, and a slight murmur is beginning to creep into the crowd once again. The guard suddenly looks out to the crowd, but does not yet move.

[Isobel(#23796)] One of the cedar doors that lead in and out of the great hall creak open a tiny bit, just enough to let a breathless woman slip in through them. Isobel brushes errant strands of hair out of her face, looking about for a good place to stand and watch the proceedings while also trying, as best she can, to appear inconspicuous.

For one brief moment, the twitch at the corner of Brev's mouth becomes the hint of a smile. He may be tucked awawy in the shadows near the door, but it doesn't stop someone nearby from hissing at him, "It's no laughing matter!" Brev returns the look guilelessly, then glances over toward the door. Once more, a dark brow arches up.

Louse, unused to standing still so long, fidgets, and soon the child is scratching at the neck exposed above the collar of the green shirt. This has an odd effect: one or two people edge away, so that a little ripple seems to move through the middle of the crowd, balefully staring guard or no.

As the guard calls for silence from Scampre, the aging pickpokcet curls a lip into a snarl at him, ere he retusns his gaze to Lorthrain. The rogue crossed his arms across his chest, and shrugs anew. "What else do yer wanna know?"

Lorthrain then sniffs, and shares another glance with Lord Dedron, before he nods. "That will be all for right now, thank you. Indeed, let us offer the chance to anyone who might wish to speak up on your behalf. I ask the room," he says then to the crowd, "if there is any among you who would like to speak for the accused, please step forth now..."

There is a stirring in Louse's vicinity. The youngster is squirming this way and that - is some impassioned speech forthcoming? But no, the child instead starts to push through Esgaroth's citizens in the general direction of the door, muttering whilst clutching at those too-large breeches, "Need to /go/."

[Leofric(#27475)] A man calls from the crowd "Offer that one nuthin but a rope! Hes a no good ruffian who ddeserves nothing better!" much of the crowd mutters agreement.
 This angers the guard however, who motions to some of the men at the gate. They grab the man from behind and start roughly pulling him to the door, despite the mans avid protest as to the evil of Mr. scampre. "Does anyone have anything else to say!" The guard yells, stamping his spear butt on the ground.

[Isobel(#23796)] Sighing, Isobel determinedly begins pushes through the throng. "I wish to speak!" she declares, already looking like she's regretting it. "If I may, my lord."

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard looks at this newcomer with disdain, but waves off the guards who look to him for an order. This one is a bit more polite.
[Leofric(#27475)] The guards finally haul the man out, and he is thrown into the street with a thus, and the doors close behind him

In his wake follows an agitated-looking Louse, hopping from foot to foot. With her absence the crowd is shuffling around less, though one or two are absently scratching.

[Elodie(#26584)] The young barmaid sitting along the edge who sat with a neutral face trying to understand the proceedings stands to look back for the man who calls out, and her expression changes. "Are ya that bloodthirsty that ya'd hang a man just fer bein' a ruffian?" she asks with disdain. "I'm confused, though. So far it seems that Scampre's bein' charged with nothin' more than hidin' from tha law, an' tryin' ta keep from gettin' caught. Somethin' that nearly every one does when they know tha law's out fer them. Surely not a hangin' offense."

Lorthrain defers to Dedron as Isobel speaks up, and there is no small trace of surprise in his gaze as he watches the Taurdain noblewoman with curiosity. Lord Dedron, the Steward of Esgaroth nods his head to Isobel, and replies: "Please, Lady Taurdain, speak on."

Scampre meanwhile narrows his eyes, seemingly suspicious. It might be seen that for a moment his gaze rests upon Louse, though if so it is fleeting.

The words of Elodie do bring a smile to the aging rogue's lips, and he offers her a grateful nod, even as the noble-folk turn to face Isobel. All save Lorthrain, who smiles grimly. "You may speak next, Miss Elodie, when Lady Taurdain is done."

Brev, frowning, pushes off from his inconspicuous spot by the wall to trail in Isobel's wake. "She'll need a seat," he tells the guard authoritatively. "Woman's not been well." The fact that this puts him also in the public eye is seemingly ignored. He makes no offers to speak for anyone.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard looks rapidly to the people now walking up to the dias, and calls "Everyone hold your tounges! These people are to speak!" All murmurs in the crowd about the newest developments in the trial stop.

[Isobel(#23796)] Isobel nods to Lorthrain, gratefully. "I thank you. I don't have much to say, so I will be brief. First - would this aspire to be a just trial? Surely the attitude of everyone here belies that." The lady makes a sweeping gesture to indicate the crowd, and the judge. "To allow such blatant displays of opinion while the trial is still going on makes a mockery of this! What is the point of a trial, if the accused is already condemned from the start?" She stops to take a breather, and to see what effect her words might have.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard smirks "To remove those that break the law" He says quietly, almost to himself.

Elodie glances to Lord Lorthrain with a puzzled look, then she obediently files over behind the Lady Isobel. Her eyes round a little as she listens to Isobel's words, but she says nothing.

Lord Dedron's eyes remain cool, and his manner calm, as he speaks up to answer Isobel. "Peace, Lady Taurdain. I have said this this is to be a just trial, and so it has been. Though you are correct; let none now speak save those who are called to do so. We are here to hear the cases for and against him, not to decide his fate with angry voices."

He dips his head. "If you have words to say regarding this man, or the events in question please do so."

[Isobel(#23796)] "I heard that!" Isobel hisses, turning on the guard who spoke. "Whether the law has been broken or not is the very fact to be decided by this trial - though I am now filled with doubt. I do not advocate either outcome over the other, but the trial must be fair."

Turning back to lord Dedron, she dips her head. "My apologies, I was carried away. I have only one thing left that I wish to say - simply that, from the accused's perspective, might one not assume that he felt he was really just protecting himself? He claims the captain hates him, he claims to have seen innocent people locked up for crimes they did not commit. If that is his reality, then he should have the right to protect himself from the dangers he perceived. It does not mean that he is right - rather, we might think him mad. But if he felt himself in mortal danger, I for one say that there is an absolute right to protect one's self. And now I shall have done."

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard shakes his hid slightly, but keeps a stoic face. The man may not have commited this crime, but he has commited others, and doesnt deserve to live in such a fine city.

Elodie's eyes glare daggers at the guard as Isobel upbraids him, but she's unsure of whether or not it's her turn to speak. So she waits, listening to the woman, her hands folded lightly in front of her.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard watches the crowd imperviously, searching for any who would dare speak out of turn.

Brev still watches Isobel dourly as though he expected her to collapse at any minute. At Lord Dedron's question he hesitates. When, in the wake of the woman's impassioned speeches, a moment of silence falls, he offers quietly, "I saw the bodies down in the decks. If there's anything you want to ask, I can answer. Not sure I can add anything Lord Girion couldn't, though." He shrugs, seemingly unconcerned with anything save keeping his features devoid of expression.

There s a silence among the Girion lords following Isobel's words, and Dedron for his part permits himself a second private smile, ere he nods gratefully. "Thank you, Lady Taurdain, for that reminder. Indeed, the thought has weighed upon my mind also. But, again, we must not be hasty with that assumption either. Did you too, wish to speak?" he asks then of Elodie, his eyes kindly.

Lorthrain, for his part, appears to catch brev's words, and he quietly steals to the foreigner's side. He leans in to whisper, even as the other high-born folk await Elodie's reply.
Lorthrain pages: I would be glad of your words, Master Brunni. Every detail that comes to light is better for the fairness of the trial, and there may be some here who would trsut your word above mine.

[Isobel(#23796)] Sighing heavily, Isobel begins to push into the crowd in an attempt to return to the back. When Brev speaks she suddenly notices him, and nods in greeting as she makes her way over there.

[Leofric(#27475)] The crowd shuffles away slightly from a man who is making quick, fertive motions to another man. This gets the guardas attention, but he can do nothing for now. They have not said anything yet.

Brev is seemingly too startled by Lorthrain's appearance at his side to respond to Isobel's nod of greeting. Instead he turns to give the Girion Lord a small grimace - that and a raised brow. Clearly the guard's repeated appeals for silence have borne fruit. He glances toward Elodie, curious.

[Isobel(#23796)] Isobel, too, turns and looks at Elodie, looking both relieved and tired.

[Elodie(#26584)] Taking a deep breath, Elodie looks around. "Well, ya asked if anyone wanted ta speak on Scampre's behalf, an' so far the only charge or question ya have leveled ta him would be tha one about tryin' ta get away from tha Watch. Scampre is a rogue, and will get away with what he can, sir, we all know that. He sells information fer money, but he sells it ta Them what's Underdecks, an' tha Blue Cloaks alike," her words are slow and careful. "My own Cousin Brue was publicly humiliated an' searched on news that he sold ta tha Blue Cloaks. I've no extra love fer the rogue, but I also haven't heard any proof he done murder. I haven't heard proof that he's done more than made money off his over active imagination. If ya please, sir, I'd like ta know exactly what evidence tha Watch claims ta have that they've been holdin' Scampre with all this long time?"

All eyes turn now to the dais and Lord Dedron himself arches a brow. "Aye," says he, looking then to Lorthrain. "That is a most pressing concern. What proof do the Watch have of this man's guilt, my Lord Lorthrain?"

The younger Girion stirs then, and with a slow nod to Elodie he steps forth back before the crowd. Faced with glares from both the noble quarter and the commoners alike, he merely shakes his head and shrugs. "Alas, my lord," says he in turn to Dedron, "I know of none. I myself have asked this question of Captain Celys, and received no answer." He eyes meet with those of Scampre, whose cheek bulges pensively, and he shrugs a second time.

"Whatever guilt may be writ across his features, my lord, none can be found in the Watchman's keeping."

Low mutterings, just below the level of speech, stir through the crowds. Clearly there are some who have no care for the lack of evidence. One man opens his mouth to speak, and is elbowed sharply in the ribs by his companion. He subsides, glaring daggers at The Accused.

[Leofric(#27475)] The man motioning before speaks up "I saw that man just before the robbery, claiming he had something big planned! He was with them other fellas who were found dead un'er the docks! I aint no man of high class, but that meens I see what you high lords cant! hes a murderer! Killed off those lads afterwards!"

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard is angered by this, but lets the man speak. He wants this ruffian to hang, and this might bring it about.

Elodie turns to face the man who spoke up. "Ya see what we can't? Mean's ya saw him with yer own eyes do in two lads? Him?" she points a finger with disdain at the accused man sitting on the dais. "If he's capable of such murder, how is it that tha Watch captured him with no men down on their side? If ya didn't see it with yer own eyes, ya saw nothin' more'n the rest o' us."

Brev arcs one eyebrow in the irate man's direction. He lets Elodie's tirade come to an end before remarking, far more quietly, "There was no sign of Scampre when the bodies were found. Robberies I can't speak of, saw nothing of those." He shrugs one shoulder.

[Leofric(#27475)] The man, angered by the woman, says "I know his kind. Your playing into his hands! Technicalities have got many a guilty man out of the noose. I know hes the type because I know him, and his buds! They were crooks, and dont deserve to live in this city. I hear rumors, and have been told facts. There is never any proof, but there are information sellers. Ask one and they will tell anyone for a price! down to the murder weapon if the man didnt use his bare hands!"

There is a stir among the pooere folk at this, and more than one surly mutter in agreement. Lorthrain, for his part, shares another glance with Dedron, ere he raises his hand for peace. "I myself saw no sign of the man when I aided Constable Korimeh in apprehending the robber. What says the Steward on the matter of proof?"

"That proof is valued above all," replies Dedron coolly, meeting the eye of the outspoken man. "Or else we become a land of accusations and rumour. However, it is also true that a pattern of previous guilt may serve us in the stead of such evidence. Has this man ever been arrested before?"

Lorthrain sniffs. "Not to my knowledge, my lord."

"That's because I don't bloody do anything wrong," snarls Scampre, seemingly angered by the words of the man in the crowd.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard stares at the man. If he cant bring any evidence worthwhile, The guard will cut his losses and try to move the case along.

[Leofric(#27475)] "Ha! the man has done everything from here to londoroth and bhur marling! He does anything for a few coins, and isnt above theivery. Hes the seedy type from the seediest crowd! Not a one person to my knowledge could ever tell you he was honest, or kind hearted, or anything other than what he was! A bad apple ruining the rest of the bushel!"

The guard's inaction in quelling the outspoken accuser has encouraged others. Murmurings are springing up all over the hall. "He did!" "No, 'e didn't!"

Brev fixes the accuser with a calm stare, "Honesty's hardly the question, is it? Just murder. It's rather late to get an innocent man out of the noose when he's hanging in it. What's in it for you if yon wretch swings?" He lifts a brow in polite query.

[Leofric(#27475)] "Because, one of those men was my brother, bad as he was, I wont let him die unavenged. Murderers are far worse than thieves!"

[Leofric(#27475)] (Before the man speaks) "Silence! let the man speak! Speak out of turn and you will be thrown out with that other one!" the guard yells, staring daggers at the crowd.

"Aye," agrees Dedron, rising then, and his hands spread out wide as if calling for peace. "That they are, and thus we deal first with the most heinous crime. On that matter, I amoved to make my judgement. No proof exists of Scampre's involvement? Then he shall not be punished for this crime, and his name remains unsullied. I proclaim him innocent..."

Lorthrain's face remains impassive then, locking eyes with Scampre, who merely beins a slow smile.

"However," adds the Steward then, "there are other matters to weigh. Specifically, the matter of evading arrest, assaulting Watchmen and ihindering their progress."

Scampre's smile fades as quickly as it came, and he scowls to Dedron.

[Leofric(#27475)] "You sully my brothers grave if you let him walk free for murder!" The man calls. "He was killed by a crook and a murderer. I went to the best informant in the city, and He said that my brother was killed by that man!"
 The gaurd's hand begins to raise the spear as the man has seemingly lost his cause. "The man will not hang it seems" thinks the guard glumly. "deserves it though"

"Guard," says Lorthrain, "please remove this fellow."

The distraught accuser's explanation to Brev is answered by one simple word: "Yes." He lets the fellow rant on, then, just before the guard muscles up to remove the disturber as threatened, he leans in close to murmur something to him.

You +whisper to Leofric, "I'd watch my mouth, were I you. After all, murderers hang."

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard motions for the man to be taken away

 But, the man sees this and, enraged at the murderer walking free, Charges through the line of soldiars with a dagger. The men were not expecting trouble from behind, and could not stop him. he breaks through the guards and stabs with a dagger at scampres chest. The guard moves to stop him, but cannot stop the first stab.

But the hand of Lorthrain is quicker than the guards, it seems, and even as the man breaks through the Girion lord rishes to meet him. Out flies his gloved hand to catch the man's wrist if he may, even as Scampre falls to a crouch; covering his aging features with his forearms.

the guards explode into action, bearing down upon the sudden duel swiftly, seeking to force the assailant down to the ground.

[Leofric(#27475)] in the flurry, the poor man is stabbed, not by Lorthrain or the men behind Scampre, but by the Guard who was telling everyone to be quiet. In the end, the man lay gasping his last breaths, with a spear rammed in his gut. Scampre unharmed, and the other guards wondering what had happened

With a dozen other men there to subdue the would-be assassin, Brev finds himself restrained by a strong hand as a blue-cloaked fellow demands of him in a growl, "Just what did you say to 'im? Put 'im up to it, eh?"

"Get him to the Healer's House!" bellows Lorthrain to the guards as they stare down in horror at the injured man, and three of them stoop at once to hoist him up. Urgently they hurry out of the Hall bearing the would-be assassin, and gasps of horror run through the crowd as they witness the spectacle before them. But standing tall then is Dedron, and with a clear, authoritative voice he cries out over the hubbub.

"Be at ease!" he urges the crowd, and his eyes are stern as they fall upon the guard with the spear. "You, remove yourself from this hall, and await your superiors at the Barracks. You shall be dealt with later."

In the meanwhile the other guards do their best to calm the crowd, a nigh-impossible task under the circumstances, though the shock does begin to fade from their eyes as it becomes clear that the violence is over. Scampre is hauled to his feet, his legs still shaking it seems, and he is turned to face Dedron.

"As for you, Master Scampre, you have admitted to your felonies against the Watch itself, and that itself incurs a penalty. Lady Taurdain has spoken much about your reasons for doing so, but they are not excused merely by your motivations, nor your indignence. We are a town of laws, Master Scampre, and assualting the Watch is against them, as is obstructing their enquiries. I hereby fine you the sum of fifty gold florins, to be paid as soon as you are able. You may now go free."

The sum seems hefty indeed, and Scampre's face falls all the more to hear of ti, though looking about, seeing the blood upon the floor he merely nods dully.

[Leofric(#27475)] The guard, face ashen at the lords /order, slowly starts walking to the barracks.

 The man being hurried to the healers suffers all the more as the group has to push through the crowd. His blood runs through the hands of those carrying him.

Steward Dedron's proclamation of Scampre's innocence brought forth a few scattered cheers and rather more groans - still, noone can deny that the evidence was ... well, lacking. Already some folk were starting to filter away, though others waited eagerly to hear what lesser punishment than death will be meted out. And then ... drama.

The crowd stands oddly quiet under Dedron's direction, and it takes a good while for even the merest whispers to emerge. Then:
"Fifty florins? That's tuppence to him. Still think they should've h-"
"Hush! You saw what happened. D'you want to be taken off in chains?"
Shuffling and muttering uneasily, the crowd begins to disperse.

Brev stares blankly back at the guardsman who's got him by the shoulder. "I told him murderers hang. Though I doubt there'll be enough left of him for that." He glances at the spots of blood marring the Hall floor. "Can I go now?"

With the trial concluded, the lord of Girion exchange another wearied glance, and Dedron slowly begins to leave, flanked by his guards just as he arrived. Lorthrain, however, spends a while watching Scampre, who also slips toward the door as quickly as possible. The rogue pases Elodie, and he pauses then to regard her, ere he nods.

"Thanks, lass," says he, ere he slips out of the hall.

Lorthrain then crosses to meet with Brev, and his gaze hardens. "Please have a care not to ruffle further the feathers of men who are bent on violence, Master Brunni. We have spoken before about your home-land, and while such a spectacle may be the way of life there, here it is not. I shall see you soon," he adds, nodding to the guard to bid him release the foreigner.

Brev turns to meet Lorthrain's stern gaze. "The intent was different from the result," he says drily. And if those final words were an order, they are accepted with a nod. "Good day, Lord Girion." He waits until Lorthrain himself is gone before joining the press of escaping bodies (and seemingly unconcerned that he is watched surreptitiously by the guard whilst doing so).

From outside the Hall come a few shouts, and the sounds of running feet. Apparently sparks from the Flagon's chimney must have set a bale of straw in the Training Yard smouldering, just as well the wind veered round or things might have got out of control and the trial been interrupted. Thankfully, that did not happen - and today Justice has been Served. Perhaps.

[Elodie(#26584)] Having stepped forward at the sudden attack on Scampre, once it was over, Elodie had headed towards the door. At Scampre's thanks, she looks at the man for a long moment. "It was what was right," she replies. "I'd appreciate it if ya'd be kind ta my cousin Brue's good name in tha future." She pulls the hood of her dark blue cloak over her head, and makes her way through the crowd and back to the Flagon.

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